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Name: Mirabella
Age: 18
Kingdom: Second Princess from the Kingdom of Nightmare
Gender: Female
History: As the only girl in the Kingdom of Nightmare, Mirabella was often overlooked. She grew quietly, learning her dark spells dutifully and playing the piano in her spare time. One of her special talents is her ability to weave her spells into her music. The two areas are so interconnected in her soul that she can use them interchangably. Due to her Kingdom's love for violence, Mirabella has learned the art of the knife, and is fairly graceful, but she hates using or even looking at weapons.
Personality: Quiet, shy, when she really knows some one she likes to play practical jokes on them. She's sensitive and intelligent. She feels most comfortable around soft, gentle people. She often retreats into her emotional shell and needs to be brought back out by someone who is both kind and firm.
Like's: Playing the Piano, Reading, Sitting in the Garden, Ribbons in her hair
Dislikes: Same as fears... also, she despises the taste of orange jello
Fears: Parties, bright lights, fights
My hand belongs too: The second prince of Vampricia
Appearance: http://www.pureanimegallery.com/d/8121-1/yuki-cross.jpg

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