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Edward Bruno

-she sat alone, which was normal, hoping for a change in life-

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a character in “The Leatus Dominionate”, as played by valid posts


Name: Edward Bruno

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Appearance: Looks like a young male, but is female. Eyes- One gray, the other Violet. Hair- Dark brown, short-just passed her earlobes. Height- 5' 0" Weight- 27 LBS

Personality: Shy, smart, always reading, usually sad

History: Date: January 3, 1994/Residence: Apartment in Manhattan, New York with sister- Valerie Bruno/Wish: To be happy for once/Reason: Always left behind feeling bad for herself, not having fun nor lively experiences compared to her sister. [explained more in History section]

Your animal form: Animal: Sugar Glider/ Eyes, One gray, the other violet/Fur- Symmetrical stripes on left and right side- Dominant/Base fur- White/Left side- Black lines on the edge before the small claws, gray and black markings/Right side- same as left, just flipped/2" in height 2.0 oz. in weight/Glides in the air with the help of hidden extra skin under each arm. Sees well in the dark and likes tight spaces.

Any other skills: Very good at hunting, small or bigger animals, poison inside of her spit glands that paralyze the entire nervous system, blood stream and slows down heartbeat, but doesn't cause immediate death to larger animals from one bite.


"I am always the smart one, the kind of smart that gets teased and picked on. I am still caring, but I have many enemies due to how many people dislike my persona. I spend my time in the library, reading up on anything I can, hoping to find some answer on happiness. Shy is my main trait, I do not know how to approach people and so it makes me upset, sad."


"With me I carry one book called 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven', by Mitch Albom. Hopefully if I read it enough I will find a happiness exactly like this man. I also carry, in my left inside jacket pocket. Just in case it is needed."


"January 3, 1994, the day I met an angel that would change my life forever. Back in 1733, my sister, Valerie and I, were born together, but we were not twins. We were born on the same date and I was the adopted one, because I looked like a boy, just as Val did. I never hung out with her or even spoke with her.

We were trained together as one and we lived as two separate girls in a household that never was. Our parents were never home, leaving me by myself when Val wanted to leave. She was the popular, lovable, likable one and I, myself, was the teased, bullied library nerd. I stopped aging at twelve years and I kept to myself each day more and more.

New Years had come around. I stayed in my room reading my favorite book, 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven'. Being tired I remembered thinking to myself, 'I don't know when or how I will ever be happy, but I know my day will come when it happens.'

I had dozed off within some time between eight and nine in the evening, no one bothered to get me for dinner or even the next day. I dreamt that I was in this place, it was nice and cool, never once hot and never once irritably freezing. This dream was like no other dream I had ever had. Everything was a light color, like white... or even yellow and baby blue.

Then I heard a sweet voice: 'Welcome to my home.' The female had stepped into my line of sight from the left and smiled. 'My name is Manera. I am the Goddess of Love.'

My smile grew to a wide one and I asked in a sweet, quiet sense, 'You have a beautiful home. Your family must be proud.'

'Family? No one but myself is here. I am all alone with no one to share this with.'

'Tell me about it. I have this same problem only... the people I live with don't like me. They ignore me and keep me unhappy.'

'So you are alone in a mind of yours?'

'Yeah, I guess you can put it that way.' I sat in on the soft ground and kept my smile. 'I wish I could be happy for once.'

The female showed a smile and asked, 'If I can grant you that wish, would you do anything to get it?'

'Yes,' My voice was unconvinced and drowned in sorrow. 'But you can't do that.'

'Oh, but I can. See I can grant any wish for a small price to pay, it is harmless, but I can assure you for a year, no more no less, you will have infinite happiness.'

'This is a dream and you are getting me excited, when I wake, I will not be happy anymore.'

'Is that a yes to the granting of this wish?'

'Yeah, sure.' I stood up and she tapped my shoulder once with a smirk.

She leaned into my ear and whispered softly, 'Wake.' A jolt of frozen air shot through me and I fell off my bed. Looking around my room it was everything I had wanted, books and posters covering my walls and shelves, it was messy and I looked confused, but I laughed in disbelief until looking at the the date.

It was the seventh, I was scared out of my mind as my father came up. 'Are you okay? Did you fall?'

Looking even more scared my face was pale and my heart was racing. Father had never in his life came to check on me and that was enough to convince me that everything was true. For a year I was happy, I was still unconvinced that the dream had something to do with it, but I was happy.

And then... the year ended.

So begins...

Edward Bruno's Story