Gunter Hertz

"Take me anywhere but here. Just make it stop!"

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a character in “The Leatus Dominionate”, as played by FalloutRomanae


Name:Gunter Hertz

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Gunter is maybe 5' 3" tall and 14 years old. He has light blonde hair in a long buzz cut. His skin is pale and his eyes are bright blue. He wears usual clothes for a boy in America in the 1940s.

Personality:Gunter is quiet and determined. He was slightly traumatized by his life in the war, but he is still quite a joker, and appreciates humor and sarcasm. He is terrified of the colors red and black, but he can't seem to stop looking at them. He keeps them nearby whenever he can. Also, he has post-traumatic-stress disorder.

History: Gunter was born in Hamburg, Germany on October 12, 1931. Gunter's parents died when he was 5 in an airplane crash, and when he recieved the news of his parents' death, he did not speak for 7 years. He was sent to an orphanage, where he was taught the basics that he would have learned in school. He also obtained books on Latin, which he devoured. Many years later, when he was twelve years old, he was drafted into the Hitler Youth and then the Volkssturm. When his soon-to-be superiors came to the orphanage for him, the possibility of acceptance from these people filled him with joy. The first words Gunter said in seven years were, "Ich bin bereitwillig." ("I'm ready and willing.") However, he soon found that he didn't quite agree with their philosophies. Though his superiors indoctrinated him into the Aryan movement, he never actually believed in its teachings. He thought he did, he wanted to, but he soon realized his true mind. While in the fiercest regiment of the militaristic HJ, Gunter participated in many battles, most of which he wishes he could forget. Gunter joined the Edelwiess Piraten and, one night, they all sneaked into a "work camp" to see what was inside. He was filled with horror and disgust for his country's current regime. Fortunately, they escaped without being caught, but Gunter was overwhelmed. That night in the trenches, right before the Battle of Berlin, Gunter had the dream of Manera coming to him. His one and only wish was that he could be teleported to America, taken out of the war, and adopted by an American family. That morning he woke up in an orphanage in America, and three months later he was adopted into a middle-class family. He was the only child, and didn't recover very well from his part in the war, but he was mostly satisfied with his new life.

Your animal form: Calico cat (I thought it was fitting, since the cat is a symbol for insanity) good eyesight, good hearing, night-sight, sharpened sense of smell, very good balance, good climber.

Any other skills: Gunter speaks German and Latin natively, and he speaks English and French with a thick-ish German accent. Also, he recently found that he is very good at painting, and uses it as a form of therapy.

So begins...

Gunter Hertz's Story