Koru Veran

Champion and Bard.

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a character in “The Leatus Dominionate”, as played by TheRaven&ThePawn


Name: Koru Veran.

Age: 25

Gender: Male.

A handsome pale skinned man with a strong body from his days as a warrior and bard. A fearsome majesty surrounds him and his poetry spirit silvers his words and gilds his stride with charisma. His hair is white due to a hereditary problem with it's pigment.

Personality: A fierce and passionate man who always lead away from love by war. In his days of old he was a champion of his people... and with every love his attention was lost to duty. With every victory his heart burned for affection more and more... he is a charismatic man who prefers duty to anything else. His courage is the only armor he ever needs.... his kindness makes those who would misuse his trust sick.

History: A great warrior from times only recorded in the great halls of Alexandria. A champion of the righteous he held his duty and morals as absolutes. While he was passionate about love... duty always got in the way. His heart and many a maiden's was broken on a regular basis. Over the years he fell deeper and deeper into depression... rising above it only through his affection being diverted to music... and soon it mastered it so that it matched his skill with a blade. The only difference was his sword killed men... and his music swooned maidens. It was then that a goddess presented him with a wish... and the moment he saw her he knew what he wanted. He had already acquired vast wealth and skill... his fame was beyond any other... he wished for one thing... her. He wished to be with her for eternity... to love and be loved by her.

Your animal form: A Nightmare(well... Nightstallion). A black skinned horse with a fiery mane and hooves. It's body smokes and yet holds a dark majesty even with it's dark red eyes. Quick on it's feet and agile these beast's hooves almost have razor edged hooves and has an extremely high body temperature.

Any other skills: Champion Swordsmen, Bard, Poet, Musician, and Devout to what ever he puts his mind to.

So begins...

Koru Veran's Story