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The Leaving

Jackson Tyler House


a part of The Leaving, by drampire.


drampire holds sovereignty over Jackson Tyler House, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Jackson Tyler House is a part of The Leaving.

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Jeanna [0] Just because i'm a werewolf doesn't mean i can't be related to Avalon
Michael [0] "Under my watch, the dead rise again and again around me, ready to rejoin my crusade. We shall destroy everything in our path. There is no escape. Rejoice, for we have returned, and your days are at an end."
Matty [0] "Can you hear it? The wind is whispering to us, telling us to escape and survive."
Zack Reed [0] "We are twins, hes Zack im Dean. Or is it the other way around?"
Avalon [0] When can we leave?

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Avalon whimpered as one of the doctors gave her a shot. She sat there doing nothing but whimpering. If she was to struggle they would tie her up and the shot would hurt all the more. The shots were suppose to weaken her powers for a while so she couldn't fight back. A tear slipped down her cheek as the needle pricked her skin. The doctors smiled and lead her to the lunchroom for breakfast. She sat down and waited for her cousin and the others to come.

Jeanna growled as the doctors had to pull her along to the lunchroom. Just because she was a girl didn't mean she wasn't willing to fight back. She sat down with her cousin

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(Crimson's Eyes)

I'm about to get my shot. The doctor walks in with the needle. I turn my arm into a machinegun and start shooting. The doctor's down for the count, so I turn into a fly. I fly to the lunchroom, and see more doctors. I turn back to human and say, [b]Well, it's time for me and my friends to get out of here.[b/]

I turn my arm into a machinegun and start shooting. The doctos all get hit. I turn into a rhino and hit the side of the wall. it breaks. [b]You peeps comin' or what?[b/] I ask.