Liam Opal

A true act of heroism is when you die for the ones you love.

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a character in “The Legacy”, as played by Saito


Physical Description:

He wears medium long black hair, slightly over his eyes to the point to where he will have to swipe it out of the way of his vision occasionally. He wears a black cloak along with a black shirt and black pants underneath. His eyes are as blue as the sky. (Sky blue ;) ) He is about 5'9" and approximately 157 lbs.


He had become serious after being trained after being an orphan for so long. He now subsides his thoughts to himself though in present time, only showing feelings to those that he truly cares about in the end.

Equipment & Abilities:

He is good at almost every style of combat, specifically swords fighting. Liam is specifically good with clean cuts and fast getaways. Mainly using his 3' black steel blade.

Historical Background:

After being in the orphanage and then moved on to Aces organization. His life had taken a turn for the worst. Being trained to not care under this organization of... of assassins shall we say. Ace was the only one that could train those fellow members and Liam himself to the extent they were trained to. They broke their humane limits and fought with much strength, Liam showed some feelings towards people he met but was taught to never trust anyone. So he destroyed those feelings, well what he could destroy of them. He locked away the rest of them to one day be unlocked again. Now he waits for a possible day that their chance to fight with the skills that they have obtained could someday come. That day is today.

So begins...

Liam Opal's Story