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Jeroc Eskerd

One in a line of rather prominent goldsmiths that have lived in Mille Seseau for ages.

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a character in “The Legend of Dragoons”, originally authored by Guest, as played by Discipline


Jeroc Eskerd




Jeroc has a rather heavy, muscled build for his height.

Hair Style:
Due to the demands of metalworking, Jeroc has to keep his brown hair buzz-cut. He keeps it shorn with a rough knife that's hardly useful for combat anymore, but is sharp enough to cut his hair.


Will be shown in the roleplay.


Jeroc wears an originally brown leather shirt that has since been worn, stained, and patched.

At the beginning of the adventure, he has no armour, as he's never needed it.

The only 'weapon' that Jeroc has is his trusty goldsmithing hammer. It's a hand-me-down from his father, and, unbeknowst by either of them, it has two enchantments on it. The first protects it from material harm, and the second 'guides' the strokes of the goldsmith when being used to make gold wares, allowing him or her to make finer-quality gold items. This enchantment only works when shaping gold, however.

Goldsmithing Equipment:
Jeroc is normally supplied with pure gold to work with, so he doesn't carry around a furnace. When purification of gold is needed, he uses his family's most prized possession -- their rather crude tilting furnace. [img=][/img] It's in the workshop right next to the family house, which is a large house by Mile Seseau standards, and a two-story one to boot.

However, Jeroc does bring along a large leather knapsack, which he usually slings around a shoulder. It contains all his worldly possessions (besides the hammer, which is strapped to his leather leggings), which include a change of clothes, a canteen of water, a cloth pouch filled with dried pieces of meat, his shaving knife, a couple gold coins, a nugget of gold, and a rather large leathern bag filled with a borax-silica mix (which he calls 'the magic mix') that's used to purify gold in tandem with a furnace.


Jeroc has always stayed in his tiny little village, making gold statues for the government and personal use, gold weights for merchants, etc. In fact, his family's goldsmithing business (Eskerd Gold) is rather famous throughout the region for its high-quality products. Sometimes orders will come from different countries altogether for special merchandise and such, although the flow of exports has stopped since the beginning of the war. With the reduction in sales, Jeroc's family has had to live much more frugaly, and Jeroc is actually planning to go out into the world and try to peddle his wares as a travelling goldsmith.

He has two twin brothers and a female cousin from his mother's deceased brother and his estranged wife, all younger than him. His two brothers, Ehrin and Desrin, are identical twins, aged 23. Jeroc's rather suspicious of their relationship together, as they still sleep in the same bed, live in the same room, and are very rarely seen apart. They're rather... close in public, and more than once has he seen them acting more like lovers than twins in private. Awkward as all hell, you might say.

Jeroc's cousin, a tomboy going by the name of Myrammy (although he seriously doubts that her parents really named her that) is a whole entire thing of her own. It's an ambiguous name for a rather ambiguous character. She looks around the age of sixteen, although persistently claims she's much older.

So begins...

Jeroc Eskerd's Story