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Jingfei Sun

"Oh come now, what's the harm of adding a little fun into your life?"

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a character in “The Legend of Korra: The Vigil”, originally authored by Fredalice, as played by Danica Pearce


Name: Jingfei Sun
Codename: Rat Snake
Age: 18
Gender: female

Physical Description: Jingfei is 5' 8" and has a slender body that yet is solid looking. She has waist long, sleek brown hair that is either kept down or in a loose ponytail. Her face is oval shaped with thin lips turned in a cocky smile and a long nose. She has thin, vibrant blue eyes that are always smiling and mischievous. Her skin tone is tan, but on the paler end of the spectrum. She has plenty of scars all over, but what sticks with people is the rat tattoo that's on the inside of her wrist.
Clothing: Jingfei is a very casual type of girl, for everyday she usually wears loose brown and dirty pants, a cream color tunic that is clearly two sizes too big with a loose black vest over top of that, a pair of sandals that are falling apart, and her signature headband. Her formal, which is arrogantly dramatic, a bright red dress with a long red robe with gold trimmings that is tied in the front with a gold ribbon. When on the job Jingfei wears is a white tunic that is loose, but fits better than her everyday wear, loose white pants that are tucked into knee-high leather boots, and of course her head band.

Personality: Jingfei is one of those people that are always arrogant, sometimes it's worse sometimes better, and cocky and thinks she could pull off just about anything; though, if she has been proven wrong she won't go pout she'll just laugh at herself along with everybody else at how big an ass she was. She's more insightful than people give her credit for, she does know that she is arrogant, an ass at times, and has very good thoughts on what to do though you rarely see this side. She is also very mischievous, pulling pranks on whoever crosses her path and along with this she is what she calls an "expert liar". Her pranks don't hurt people, though they are meant to make them embarrassed and other laugh. Jingfei, which by the way means "quiet not", is also very loud and obnoxious at times, which make people walk into a different room without her. She likes to be dramatic and attract attention, which comes in handy when using her as "bait" or a distraction on jobs. She loves danger finding it fun, and when she refers to fun she really means danger. So she'll go looking for it, especially when she is bored. Whenever she gets hurt she just shrugs it off and laughs as if it tickled rather than drew blood. By herself she's more calm and likes to do creative things, such as paint or draw, she'll dive into her own world forgetting everything else around her. She'll sit still and not talk as long as she is alone, or thinks she is alone, finding content in the quietness.

Equipment: Her katana, lots of bandages, and a slingshot in case she gets too bored while on duty.

Likes: -danger
-'do now, think later'
-making others laugh and smile

Dislikes: -people crying
-people who are so nice they seem fake
-'think now, do later'

Traits: She is very spontaneous, doing something the moment she thinks of it, she makes decisions on how she feels about it instead of consequences, she has bad manners, she lies very well though not all the time and only sometimes with her team mates, and isn't the most polite to people.

Quirks: -starts humming random things when it gets too quiet
-can't sit still
-tends to wander
-babbles about nothing

Fears: -losing her friends in any way, shape, or form

History: Jingfei was born with a waterbending mother and an eartbending father. She grew up in the Earth Kingdom on the poor side of town, this is how she learned to take care of herself. She didn't have very many friends, but the few she did would take her on adventures, dangerous adventures that would later get her in trouble. After a while, when she was 14, she and her parents had a bad fight causing her to runaway to the city. There she learned how to slum, she lived on a rooftop and gave herself a pretty decent life. Soon after arriving she started noticing other street urchins getting beat up for the food they carried or for entirely different reasons, so she helped them out knocking out the perp while the kid ran. Then that same year she heard that her village was attacked by some raider, her parents were among the dead. Because of this she regretted her decision of running away and that her last words to her parents were those of anger. This is her one regret in life. When she turned 17 she found a Vigil that helped others, she joined up immediately and though she's been with them for only a year she doesn't feel like she's apart of the group, she still kind of feels like the black sheep.

Theme Song/Songs: Original Prankster-The Offspring
I know, you know-The Friendly Indians
Bending Type: non-bender
Bending Style/Fighting Style: Dirty, no rules, hitting any weak points that gets the job done. She'll attack with gusto, catching her target off guard in some way or another. She fights street, which she learned when she came to Republic City. She also has the strong attacks that she learned from her city, the earthbending style of fighting with cheap shots.

So begins...

Jingfei Sun's Story


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Midnight in Republic city. It was almost as beautiful as it was dangerous. Tao stood and the far side of a large room, lavishly furnished, with expensive flooring and elegant lights that seemed to set a calm mood. He stood at the large window, observing the incredible view that the penthouse apartment provided, with one hand on the glass, deep in thought.

It had been almost six months since he had decided to do something about the state of he city. Six months since he had put together a group of mismatched vagabonds in attempt to take the safety of Republic City into his own hands, and he was actually starting to see a change. The streets were now a bit more alive at night, as people were less afraid to come out, and they had taken the first swing at the city's organised crime underworld, but it still wasn't enough. Crimes were still being committed, and many innocent people were still dying, or living in fear because of it.

He took his hand off of the crystal clear glass, and made his way over to the telephone, picking the set up, and clicking a hidden button on the bottom. This would emit a frequency that would trigger the other crime fighter's pagers, and let them know, that wherever they were, he needed to speak to them at the penthouse.


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Jingfei relished in having the night off. Sure she loved stopping crime, gave her a sense of self worth, but she liked being able to just sit around waiting for unsuspecting victims to her pranks. Tonight was a good one too, in her mind, took her weeks to come up with and organize to perfection. The plan was simple and classic, she was actually surprised that it took her so long to think of such a beloved prank, she set up a bag of coins on the ground tied to a string and when someone came along to grab it, she would pull it until they were in the right spot, then she was going to dump a bucket of sewer sludge on them. She had set up the dumping spot that was in a very busy area, right outside a put and there was a steady flow of people going in and out, so there would be witnesses.

As she waited, she spotted her unsuspecting victim. It was a woman, of high prestige; she was in the latest fashion of a small tight dress and a fur scarf around her neck. Jingfei smiled deviously, she loved nothing more than messing with rich people, making them look like fools in front of everyone. The woman had spotted the little bag of coins and was about to pick it up. It's go time, Jingfei thought. She tugged on the string a little bit, making the coin bag jump a little towards the bar, the woman looked around surprised at having seen the coin jumped, she bent down to try again, only to have the same thing happen. Jingfei stifled a laugh as the woman continued falling into her trap, for the actual definition of idiocy, this woman was a perfect example. Finally the woman was in position to be covered in sludge. That's when her pager went off, it buzzed in her pocket, breaking her fun.

"Oh, come on," Jingfei said to herself, she looked to the woman then her pager and sighed. She looked at it, "Kestrel: Come now". She sighed frustrated as her night off and perfect prank was going to be interrupted. Then a thought came to her, she took out her katana and ran from her hiding spot, surprising the woman. On her way out, Jingfei cut the rope holding the bucket, dumping it on the woman and grabbed the purse of coins. She stopped for a second to look at her handy work and laughed as the woman stood yelling at her, because a lady never cussed.

"Enjoy your night miss," Jingfei saluted to her and then she ran off to the penthouse.

Inside the penthouse she saw Tao by the window looking out over the city. One thing Jingfei never got used to was the fact that their penthouse was over lavished in its decorum, which in turn always made her feel under-dressed in her baggy and worn clothes.

She leaned against the wall, next to the door in a very casual fashion, "So boss, what is so important that you need to cut my fun short?" she asked, a slight tone of annoyance in her voice.


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Jingfei smiled at Kaiko as he walked in, looking spiffier than normal, "As if," she said answering his second question, "There's too much fun in getting in trouble to give it up. Go on a date?" she asked knowing that what he was wearing was fancy even for him. She guessed it was that receptionist from the hospital he worked at, remembering that last week it seemed he couldn't stop talking about her, but that was just a guess.

That's when Yamamoto burst in, in an angry rage that was off the charts. Jingfei whistled lowly, "Oh, you done it now boss," she said adding a little commentary onto the newly tense situation. She wasn't sure why Yamamoto was yelling at Tao this time, but from the looks of it, it was pretty serious. Maybe he was on a date too, she thought, Of course that would be weird....well why not, I know next to nothing about his life outside of here. I guess he could be considered quite the ladies man to those hard working girls. Why not? This thought process went on for a while before eventually she just shook it off and came back to reality.

"So why did you call us here?" she inquired to Tao, "You said we would have the night off and I was enjoying the satisfaction of dowsing a rich lady in sewer sludge. Why must you cut that kind of entertainment short?"