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Kaiko (Codename: Polar Leopard)

His motive to be strong is his willingness to protect.

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a character in “The Legend of Korra: The Vigil”, as played by Varanus


Kaiko, age 18, is of the Water Tribe ethnicity; he has a dark skin complexion and blue eyes. His hair drops down to his shoulders which is often pulled into a "wolf tail" as he traditionally always had while growing up. He stands at a height of 5'10 and possesses a slender but built tone. During on his way to and from his clinicals at a city hospital, he sports a high-class gentleman attire; suit, top hat (covering his wolf-tail), cane, and all. At his downtime his dresses more casually with just a long shirt and vest.

Kaiko is a skilled waterbender. He learn most of his fighting while living at the north and south pole, while learning most of his healing techniques at the north pole and his schooling at Republic City.


Kaiko is generally a serious and straightforward individual. His bluntness, however is balanced with his intelligence and professional charisma when working with co-workers and patients. He is very generous and offers a hand when possible but he's always very realistic and careful not to make promises that he can't keep. He knows his limits and isn't ashamed to immediately admit that he's outnumbered or outgunned. But with his drive to protect the innocent and defenseless, he always figures an alternative to a situation. Once Kaiko is close to someone will always have their back.

Helping Others
The library

Highly indecisive people

Quirks: Prefers symmetry.


His cane is hollow and is used to store water. The top of the cane can screw off so has easy access for bending. When on "active-duty" he carries around a sling-canteen filled with water.


Kaiko was born and raised in the Southern Water tribe. Throughout his childhood he became proficient waterbender. At the age of 14 he traveled across the ocean to the Northern Water tribe with his mother where his mother's side of the family was from. Upon traveling north, however, his ship was attacked by pirates. Their ship escaped the seige, but not after several pirates boarded the ship and attacked members of the crew. The pirates left several members mortally wounded. His mother included. Unfortunately the only experienced healer on board was the first to die of blood loss. Before the ship could make it to land and seek aid, Kaiko's mother died. With the ship only 2 days away from the North Pole, Kaiko decided to continue forward. He thought it would be easiest to tell the tragic news of his mother to relatives that he never met as opposed to his father and sister. From then on, Kaiko vowed to improve on his waterbending skills. In addition, Kaiko desired to learn healing.

At the north pole, Kaiko attained top-notch waterbending training for fighting but many healers refrained to give Kaiko extended training on healing simply because he was a guy. In the Northern Water Tribe, only women learned to heal. And it wasn't so much that the women refused to teach him, but their husbands and brothers scolded them if they ever taught him. By the time Kaiko was 16, he was tired of such discrimination. He heard much of the United Republic of Nations. Te new fifth nation of the world where benders and non-benders from all over the world can live in peace. It was boasted that their were no prejudices there. On top of that technology was booming, and education was top notch. It was decided. Kaiko was to set off to Republic City to resume his healing training. This was also an opportunity to start a new life and run away from the past. (He was never very close to his dad, a non-bender who was always on naval patrol, though he did miss his sister who was 3 years younger than him).

Upon arriving at Republic City, Kaiko had a rough start. He worked at a market selling fish at the Dragon Flats borough. The area he worked at was not the safest and he witnessed many crimes; mostly theft and harassment by local triads. He occasionally committed acts of vigilante justice. It was during this time, he met Tao Liang - someone who had similar ideas and goals. They eventually decided to work as a team to fight any crime just out of the reach of police.

Just recently however, Kaiko's networking finally paid off and receives a job as a healer-in-training at a city hospital. Though he now has to juggle work with crime-fighting, he is determined keep focus in both occupations. His codename his Polar Leopard.

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So begins...

Kaiko (Codename: Polar Leopard)'s Story


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Midnight in Republic city. It was almost as beautiful as it was dangerous. Tao stood and the far side of a large room, lavishly furnished, with expensive flooring and elegant lights that seemed to set a calm mood. He stood at the large window, observing the incredible view that the penthouse apartment provided, with one hand on the glass, deep in thought.

It had been almost six months since he had decided to do something about the state of he city. Six months since he had put together a group of mismatched vagabonds in attempt to take the safety of Republic City into his own hands, and he was actually starting to see a change. The streets were now a bit more alive at night, as people were less afraid to come out, and they had taken the first swing at the city's organised crime underworld, but it still wasn't enough. Crimes were still being committed, and many innocent people were still dying, or living in fear because of it.

He took his hand off of the crystal clear glass, and made his way over to the telephone, picking the set up, and clicking a hidden button on the bottom. This would emit a frequency that would trigger the other crime fighter's pagers, and let them know, that wherever they were, he needed to speak to them at the penthouse.