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Tao Liang

"It's our responsibility to protect the city. No one else will."

0 · 296 views · located in Republic City

a character in “The Legend of Korra: The Vigil”, as played by Methodical


Name: Tao Liang
Codename: Kestrel
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Physical Description:
Tao is fairly tall, with neck-length chestnut brown hair, and golden yellow eyes. His face is handsome and boyish, but at the same time, burdened beyond his years. His skin is light and smooth, with a touch of olive. He has a small horizontal scar under his right eye and a burn mark on his upper left arm.

Tao's normal attire consists of black vest with yellow lining, on top of a red short-sleeve shirt and black pants with brown sandals. Formally, he wears a traditional black suit with a red button up shirt underneath, and a black tie. On the job, he wears looses black clothing, with forearm guards, shin guards and a hood.

Personality: Tao is kind and friendly, always helping when he can, and constantly looking out for his teammates and friends. He tends to put others safety before his, and will never ask for help from anyone. He also tends to be somewhat fatherly, and is the unofficial leader of the group.

An elegant, hand-crafted bow, and quiver of arrows.
A set of bolos
A ring on his left middle finger that he never takes off.

Sunny days
Calm and Serene
Helping others

Any type of crime
Underage drinking and smoking
Cocky people
Swimming and getting wet.

Tao is very honest.
He tends to have a black and white view of the world.
He is sometimes unforgiving.

Sometimes talks to plants when he's gardening
Tend to accidentally put is clothes on backwards/inside out.
Sleep talks badly.


History: Talon's parents abandoned him on the street, and he was found and taken in by a wealthy entrepreneur. He now is a member of the vigil, who's base is a penthouse owned by his father in the north side of town.

Theme Song/Songs:
The Rifle's spiral - The Shins
Love will save your soul - Grouplove
Night of the Hunter - Thirty seconds to mars.

Bending Type:

Bending Style/Fighting Style:
Tao's fighting style is fast, with fluid arm movements, and lots of kicks and leg sweeps. This, combined with constantly advancing on his oppnent, aims to knock his opponent off balance and finish them as quickly as possible.

So begins...

Tao Liang's Story


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Midnight in Republic city. It was almost as beautiful as it was dangerous. Tao stood and the far side of a large room, lavishly furnished, with expensive flooring and elegant lights that seemed to set a calm mood. He stood at the large window, observing the incredible view that the penthouse apartment provided, with one hand on the glass, deep in thought.

It had been almost six months since he had decided to do something about the state of he city. Six months since he had put together a group of mismatched vagabonds in attempt to take the safety of Republic City into his own hands, and he was actually starting to see a change. The streets were now a bit more alive at night, as people were less afraid to come out, and they had taken the first swing at the city's organised crime underworld, but it still wasn't enough. Crimes were still being committed, and many innocent people were still dying, or living in fear because of it.

He took his hand off of the crystal clear glass, and made his way over to the telephone, picking the set up, and clicking a hidden button on the bottom. This would emit a frequency that would trigger the other crime fighter's pagers, and let them know, that wherever they were, he needed to speak to them at the penthouse.