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Yun Wei

"Come on guys lighten up"

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a character in “The Legend of Korra: The Vigil”, as played by Love of a Samurai


Name: Yun WÊi
Codename: Koi
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Yun is a short and petite girl that is often mistaken for being much younger when she is viewed from a distance or behind, it is only when one gets close that you realize that she is indeed a very well endowed teenage girl .This often can make her angry when someone mistakes her for a young girl, and can raise a temper that most don't expect from this happy go lucky girl. She has shoulder length choppy cut hair that flips and moves freely when she moves, her eyes are a deep milk chocolate color that sparkle when she is excited. Her skin is a creamy white that is not typical of someone from the southern water tribe.
Clothing: Once again this is an area that Yun differs from a typical member of the southern water tribe. She typically wears short and reveling clothing made in much of the same manner as her tribes, with the use of pelts and skins of animals. But it is lacking the fur and protection from the elements needed in the cold tundra of the Southern Pole. Dyed in beautiful blues and deep browns she prefers this style as opposed to the much more modest and less revealing clothes of her people and being in the Republic City she doesn't need all the fur.

Personality: Yun is very outgoing and is typically a happy person, but when someone she cares for is threatened she becomes very defensive and protective. She is know to have a temper at times especially when someone thinks she is younger then what she is, or if she is made fun of for being short. Yun is very loyal to her friends and family and would give her life if need be to protect them.

Water Skin
Golden bracelets given to her by her mother

* Swimming
* Fish
* Being outside
* Having fun
* Candy
* Jewelry

* Someone thinking she's a little girl
* Someone calling her short
* Someone Hurting her friends or family
* Being away from the water for too long
* Sour food

Yun is very outgoing.
Shes carefree and easy going.
Can sometime be easily angered.

Yun can be a little ditsy sometimes.
She has a bad sense of direction, but thinks she knows where shes going.
She can be very hyper sometimes.

Being abandoned.
Being alone

Yun was born into a small family in the Southern water tribe, her mother was a bender her father a fisherman. When things got hard they moved to the Republic City in hopes of something better. Her father unfortunately got into the wrong crowd and was killed by a gang not long after the death of the Avatar. In a race to flee Yun was separated from her mother and hasn't seen her since then.

Theme Song/Songs:
Ed in a Nutshell- Cowboy Bebop

Bending Type:
Bending Style/Fighting Style:
Yun is typically very fluid and moves with the water she bends. But when angered it can become a torrential none stop anger filled deluge of water.

So begins...

Yun Wei's Story


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Midnight in Republic city. It was almost as beautiful as it was dangerous. Tao stood and the far side of a large room, lavishly furnished, with expensive flooring and elegant lights that seemed to set a calm mood. He stood at the large window, observing the incredible view that the penthouse apartment provided, with one hand on the glass, deep in thought.

It had been almost six months since he had decided to do something about the state of he city. Six months since he had put together a group of mismatched vagabonds in attempt to take the safety of Republic City into his own hands, and he was actually starting to see a change. The streets were now a bit more alive at night, as people were less afraid to come out, and they had taken the first swing at the city's organised crime underworld, but it still wasn't enough. Crimes were still being committed, and many innocent people were still dying, or living in fear because of it.

He took his hand off of the crystal clear glass, and made his way over to the telephone, picking the set up, and clicking a hidden button on the bottom. This would emit a frequency that would trigger the other crime fighter's pagers, and let them know, that wherever they were, he needed to speak to them at the penthouse.