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The Legend of Korra: The Vigil

Republic City


a part of The Legend of Korra: The Vigil, by Methodical.


Methodical holds sovereignty over Republic City, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Republic City is a part of The Legend of Korra: The Vigil.

6 Characters Here

Jingfei Sun [3] "Oh come now, what's the harm of adding a little fun into your life?"
Yamamoto Tani [2] "Tao, can I kill this mofo?"
Kaiko (Codename: Polar Leopard) [1] His motive to be strong is his willingness to protect.
Anka Jinn [1] "Loosen up, have a smoke, burn off a little steam."
Yun Wei [1] "Come on guys lighten up"
Tao Liang [1] "It's our responsibility to protect the city. No one else will."

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6 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jingfei Sun Character Portrait: Kaiko (Codename: Polar Leopard) Character Portrait: Anka Jinn Character Portrait: Tao Liang Character Portrait: Yun Wei Character Portrait: Yamamoto Tani
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Midnight in Republic city. It was almost as beautiful as it was dangerous. Tao stood and the far side of a large room, lavishly furnished, with expensive flooring and elegant lights that seemed to set a calm mood. He stood at the large window, observing the incredible view that the penthouse apartment provided, with one hand on the glass, deep in thought.

It had been almost six months since he had decided to do something about the state of he city. Six months since he had put together a group of mismatched vagabonds in attempt to take the safety of Republic City into his own hands, and he was actually starting to see a change. The streets were now a bit more alive at night, as people were less afraid to come out, and they had taken the first swing at the city's organised crime underworld, but it still wasn't enough. Crimes were still being committed, and many innocent people were still dying, or living in fear because of it.

He took his hand off of the crystal clear glass, and made his way over to the telephone, picking the set up, and clicking a hidden button on the bottom. This would emit a frequency that would trigger the other crime fighter's pagers, and let them know, that wherever they were, he needed to speak to them at the penthouse.


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Character Portrait: Jingfei Sun
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Jingfei relished in having the night off. Sure she loved stopping crime, gave her a sense of self worth, but she liked being able to just sit around waiting for unsuspecting victims to her pranks. Tonight was a good one too, in her mind, took her weeks to come up with and organize to perfection. The plan was simple and classic, she was actually surprised that it took her so long to think of such a beloved prank, she set up a bag of coins on the ground tied to a string and when someone came along to grab it, she would pull it until they were in the right spot, then she was going to dump a bucket of sewer sludge on them. She had set up the dumping spot that was in a very busy area, right outside a put and there was a steady flow of people going in and out, so there would be witnesses.

As she waited, she spotted her unsuspecting victim. It was a woman, of high prestige; she was in the latest fashion of a small tight dress and a fur scarf around her neck. Jingfei smiled deviously, she loved nothing more than messing with rich people, making them look like fools in front of everyone. The woman had spotted the little bag of coins and was about to pick it up. It's go time, Jingfei thought. She tugged on the string a little bit, making the coin bag jump a little towards the bar, the woman looked around surprised at having seen the coin jumped, she bent down to try again, only to have the same thing happen. Jingfei stifled a laugh as the woman continued falling into her trap, for the actual definition of idiocy, this woman was a perfect example. Finally the woman was in position to be covered in sludge. That's when her pager went off, it buzzed in her pocket, breaking her fun.

"Oh, come on," Jingfei said to herself, she looked to the woman then her pager and sighed. She looked at it, "Kestrel: Come now". She sighed frustrated as her night off and perfect prank was going to be interrupted. Then a thought came to her, she took out her katana and ran from her hiding spot, surprising the woman. On her way out, Jingfei cut the rope holding the bucket, dumping it on the woman and grabbed the purse of coins. She stopped for a second to look at her handy work and laughed as the woman stood yelling at her, because a lady never cussed.

"Enjoy your night miss," Jingfei saluted to her and then she ran off to the penthouse.

Inside the penthouse she saw Tao by the window looking out over the city. One thing Jingfei never got used to was the fact that their penthouse was over lavished in its decorum, which in turn always made her feel under-dressed in her baggy and worn clothes.

She leaned against the wall, next to the door in a very casual fashion, "So boss, what is so important that you need to cut my fun short?" she asked, a slight tone of annoyance in her voice.


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#, as written by Varanus
"Haha, I can’t believe we’ve been in the restaurant long enough that they had to kick us out.” Kaiko said cheerfully as he exited Daiyu’s Delight, a popular restaurant chain within the United Republic that serves classic Omashu-styled dishes. In his suit and top hat he walked down the sidewalk with his water-filled cane in one hand and the other hand wrapped around the arms of a beautiful young woman in a long green and tan jacket and a cloche hat.

“Time flies when you’re having fun.” Her green eyes looked up to him with a smile.

He smiled back, “Well, that sure takes a load off to know that you had a good time.”

“I did,” she replied. “I’m so glad you suggested going out to eat. And to think that you were going to head to the library.”

The two stopped at an intersection waiting for the light signal to walk. Even at this time of night, Satomobiles were bustling through the brightly lit streets.

“First off, Mingxia,” Kiako said. “As much as it might bruise my dignity, you pretty much asked me out for a date. And secondly, I actually was taking advantage of leaving work early. It meant I had time to continue reading up on recent research on immunity. You know doctors had established that we are all made up of these tiny cells. Well there’s a recent discovery of certain cells in our blood that may help in fighting diseases. Ever since this finding, healers all over the United Republic are figuring out possible techniques to boast these immune cells to better fight diseases.”

Mingxia raised a brow at him, “You really are passionate with what you do, doctor.”

“Not a doctor yet, but I’m flattered.” The walk signal came on and the two started crossing the street.

“So that’s why I actually caught you clocking out. You were leaving earlier than usual.” Mingxia said.

“That’s right. I’m normally working with patients until 11 at night, which is why I hardly see you when you’re ending your shift.” Kaiko said. Mingxia works as a receptionist at the front desk of the hospital where Kaiko works. Kaiko continued, “I guess there weren’t that many people who broke bones today.”

“Well, I’m glad people were more careful, otherwise we wouldn't have had such a nice time.” They looked at each other’s eyes. Their paced slowed down. She leaned over to his side. Their gaze was bringing their eyes closer together.

Mingxia’s eyes suddenly widened and she pulled back when she felt a humming vibration between the two of them. Kaiko sighed. His pager, clipped on the side of his hip, was going off. He grabbed it from his belt and looked at the message.

“Is…that a pager?” Mingxia looked at it curiously. “I thought only super-wealthy businessmen owned those. They must really like you at the hospital. Is everything alright?”

“Uh, yeah. It’s actually...from a friend.” He looked up at her. “He’s the wealthy one. Anyway, I actually have to go…” he didn’t want to give any more details. But he didn’t want to lie to her. Of course…there’s no shame in ambiguity.

“I should actually go make sure my friend’s alright. With it being late and all. Of course, let us continue to your place.”

“Oh, well, no problem. My apartment is actually just down this street.” Mingxia said.

The two walked quickly together. “I’m sorry,” Kaiko said to her. “Once I check up on him, I should actually head home soon. I have actually have to get up early for waterbending. The dojo master usually expects me early because I always help him train youngsters.” The truth was he actually does get up early to participate and train at a local waterbending dojo, especially when he’s not catching sleep from nightly crime-fighting.

Mingxia sighted, “To say the least, Kai, I’m impressed you do so much in 24 hours.”

Kiako chuckled, “Oh you have no idea.”

The two arrived at the front of Mingxia’s apartment. A single window was lit up. She pointed out that it was most likely her brother and sister-in-law up waiting for Mingxia. “And no worries, I had called them from the hospital to know that I’d be out late…with a gentleman.” She noted the bit the eagerness in his smirk, so she quickly gave Kaiko a peck on his cheek.”

“Thank you for the night out, Kaiko. I’ll see you at the hospital tomorrow evening.”

“Heheh, looking forward to it. Though I can’t promise that I’ll have free time.” She rolled her eyes sarcastically as she headed up the stairs and entered the building. "Good night."

Just as the door closed, Kaiko paced to the nearest intersection and waved for a taxi.


Kaiko tipped the taxi driver and exited the vehicle. In the north central part of the city the apartment buildings housed upper-middle to upper class citizens. You normally could tell when you saw buildings with a green lawn in front of their entrances. Walking to the entrance of one of these tall apartments the security guard gave Kaiko the okay to enter with a nod. The guard was plenty familiar with him. Kiako entered and elevator. He pressed the button for the highest floor – Tao’s penthouse.


Tao opened the door to the meeting room. There he saw Tao near the windows. Looking to his side he saw Jingfei as well. He walked to arm chair as he greeted his friends, “Good evening.” He looked at Jingfei, “How are you doing, Jingfei? Are you staying out of trouble?” He knew Jinfei to be a bit of an instigator and prankster on her spare time. He then looked to Tao as he sat on the seat, still holding his cane to his side. “Tao how are you? Any news?” He anticipated Tao to him at least a synopsis until everyone else arrived.


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Character Portrait: Yamamoto Tani
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Yamamoto's lamp like grin was the only thing seen in the alley as he eyed the product he was buying from a heavily disguised man behind a fruit market.

"You got the money?" The man asked.
"Hell yeah I got the money! 25 Yuan right?" Yami asked.
"Make it 35 and I'll give you that good shit."
"... Let me smell it."

The mysterious dealer gave Yamamoto the baggie but kept an eye out incase Yami decided to run. Yamamoto plunged his nose into the bag and inhaled the aroma from the herb in the pouch. He pulled his head up and sighed in pleasure.

"You got a deal." Yami said, his grin somehow getting bigger. He slapped a couple of bills in the Man's outstretched hand with a smack. The man nodded and walked off. Yamamoto pulled a 180 and walked in way of his apartment. "I can't wait to use you up when I get home hee hee hee, damn you smell good!" Yamamoto said to his new treasure as he took another whiff of it. He jogged up the steps to his apartment and opened the door he sat on his couch and took out his herb. He rolled it in paper and set it aside. He got a match from a drawer and sat on the couch. He lit what was needed to be lit he got everything ready to be used. He raised the 'awesomeness' as Yami calls it to his lips and... bzzzz and spilled the tea all over himself. For once Yamamoto's smile dropped. "DAMN IT!" Yamamoto yelled as he chucked the empty teacup against the wall shattering it.

He jumped out his open window and softened the earth where he landed. He took off on earth skates through the city to the penthouse building. Yami uppercut a fist in the air and eartbended an earth column to shoot him through the air. He grabbed a windowsill and opened a window to get in. He stomped over to Tao and said, "It better be attempted murder or something tonight or I'm gonna kick your ass!"


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Character Portrait: Jingfei Sun
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Jingfei smiled at Kaiko as he walked in, looking spiffier than normal, "As if," she said answering his second question, "There's too much fun in getting in trouble to give it up. Go on a date?" she asked knowing that what he was wearing was fancy even for him. She guessed it was that receptionist from the hospital he worked at, remembering that last week it seemed he couldn't stop talking about her, but that was just a guess.

That's when Yamamoto burst in, in an angry rage that was off the charts. Jingfei whistled lowly, "Oh, you done it now boss," she said adding a little commentary onto the newly tense situation. She wasn't sure why Yamamoto was yelling at Tao this time, but from the looks of it, it was pretty serious. Maybe he was on a date too, she thought, Of course that would be weird....well why not, I know next to nothing about his life outside of here. I guess he could be considered quite the ladies man to those hard working girls. Why not? This thought process went on for a while before eventually she just shook it off and came back to reality.

"So why did you call us here?" she inquired to Tao, "You said we would have the night off and I was enjoying the satisfaction of dowsing a rich lady in sewer sludge. Why must you cut that kind of entertainment short?"