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Ella Caster

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a character in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, originally authored by woolenlace, as played by RolePlayGateway



Full Name: Ella Caster

Age: 18

Gender: Girl

Occupation: Works part time at the ice cream drive through on second.

Description: A young girl who looks older than she is. Her olive skin, tall stature, and lean face all lend to a very adult look, although her behaviour betrays her. She's 5'11", towering over everyone else at the high school, and solidly built. Her mannerisms are pronounced and dramatic, the result of far too many drama classes, and she tends towards dressing either in all black when she's feeling goth-ey, or in bright colors when she's trying to be a "candy kid". Like most people in their teens she tends to put out conflicted messages, still unsure of exactly who she wants to be. However, most people are beginning to move past this stage by 18, whereas Ella is still in the midst of it. Still confused and still performative and still unsure.

Personality: Ella is very outspoken and pushy, and is often prone to big displays. If she cares about something at all, then she is passionate about it, and doesn't see why you wouldn't be willing to fight and die over the things you care about. She tends to think in black and white, and is prone to influence from her friends and peers. She is very impressionable and young in her heart, and will probably always be that way to some degree.

Ella does not believe in coincidence or in accidents. To her, everything has some meaning or intention, even when it doesn't, and she will force the issue if she has to. The events in Sleepy Hollow, what little she knows of them, are what she considers omens, and other people's disbelief only fuels her own interest. She very much has something to prove, and goes about her daily life with that purpose in mind. In this way she is driven, even if it is towards silly goals.

Skills: Tenacity and stubbornness. She will pursue a goal to its very end, its last dying breath. Sensitivity to others, ability to pick up when others are upset or disturbed or happy. And her connection to the city via her father, and the information that brings, which she has been known to use to her advantage.

Weaknesses: Overreacts most of the time. Tends to lack any kind of tact. Can be quite judgemental when people don't conform to her grand ideas. Can be quite judgemental of people who don't live the same way as her. Oftens puts herself in explicit danger in pursuit of her curiousity.

History: Ella grew up something of a public figure in Sleepy Hollow thanks to her father's long standing position in local politics. It wasn't fame exactly, it was more that everyone knew her family and so she could never get away with very much. She also couldn't make very many friends because of the odd barrier that her father's position put up. By high school she was a socially awkward goth girl with not a lot going for her academically. She spent a lot of time in town hall and a lot of time in the records room and as a teenager became fascinated with Sleepy Hollow's gruesome history. She started practicing magick in Junior year and found a community in that, suddenly friend with the other outcasts in the school practicing the same thing. Although still young in her practice only just over a year at this point in her story) she believes that she has a gift, and will bring a magick to Sleepy Hollow that was previously unheard of. She wants to resurrect the dead and wants to push the boundaries, even though she's not fully aware of what that will bring. Her father and mother are hesitently supporting this phase, and trying to respect her choices, although they are both wary of what a witch for a daughter will mean for votes in a historically Christian town. This, of course, only makes Ella push harder.


So begins...

Ella Caster's Story


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Katherine Van Tassel blinked at her surroundings, the cool air of the night stinging her warm flesh. Her hair whipped around her as she observed the trees of the forest in complete and utter suspicion and suprise. Her eyes were wide and alert as the town's natural fog only seemed to be murkier, more suffocating. Her chest heaved with trepidation and she tucked a few strands of hair behind her ears.

Why in the hell was she in the forest?

When did she get to the forest?

Instead of mulling the situation over, Katherine began walking, boots crunching down on dry leaves as she sought to find her way out of the forest. As she walked, she could have sworn that she heard the sound of rushing water and surmised that she was close to the water. Nodding, she quickened her pace only to hear something behind her. She turned. Nothing there. She began walking briskly, occasionally glancing behind her to make sure there was nothing behind her. Before long, Katherine was full out jogging, trying to recall if she was going the right way to the lake house -

The ground suddenly rushed up to meet her and for a second, Katherine could only lay there, raising herself up on her hands and feeling like one of those idiot girls in a horror movie.
Such a dumbass, she thought with a hint of disgust before her eyes widened and a chill trickled down her spine. Before her was the same burial site of the Hessian's head, freshly dug up. Katherine reached over to it for some reason, a strange impulse to check make sure.

A horse's cry shattered her concentration and she suck up air, a strangled gasp escaping her lips. She turned over her shoulder and her heart nearly stopped. The horse's angry red eyes glared down at her with malice, causing her entire body to freeze with paralyzing fear. She gulped but could not move. The rider...the rider with the axe...his head...

There was no head.


Katherine Van Tassel's head shot up out of sleep and she blinked a few times, mind and body not processing anything at the moment. For a second, she forgot where she was before she blinked that last time and the plane jerked for a moment.

"Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking. We are experiencing a little turbulence at the moment because of the light storm, but we will be touching down in Massachusetts in about roughly fifteen minutes." Kat calmed herself then and settled back in her seat, ignoring the slight shaking of the plane and gazed out the window. She was on her way back...back to Sleepy Hollow.


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Ella Caster

Ella's backpack dug into her shoulders, and she could feel the sweat drip down the mantle of her back. She was not built for the outdoors, and neither was the lacy black sweater she'd put on that morning. It was hot and itchy, and with every step it snagged on some new branch she hadn't seen. This was absolutely miserable.

She'd been locked out of her house just a half hour before and had decided to go exploring in the neighborhood woods. It turns out you can get quite far in a half hour, and you can also get quite turned around. She wasn't totally sure where she was or which direction was home. But she knew she was going uphill. And that seemed like a good idea, at least in theory.

The trees grew close together here, like they were actively trying to keep people out, but there were a few deer paths that she could slip through. The hill got sharper and then levelled out a few times, almost like going up steps. And it was darker the further she walked. All of a sudden she heard a whack! And then a "Son of a gun!" She swivelled around but she couldn't tell which direction it had come from. Her muscles tightened up and she kept her footsteps quiet. It might be someone who could help but it also might not. After all, what kind of weirdo hangs out in the middle of the woods anyway.

"Um, maybe someone like you?" she thought to herself, and smiled a little.

She crept from tree to tree, scanning the distance looking for any movement. Out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of smoke through the branches above her. And then light in front of her, bright sunlight. She tripped over a root in her confusion and stumbled out of the trees and into a huge clearing. Matt Brisbane, the guy who fixed her dad's cars on occasion, the guy who was presently knee deep in a hole in the ground and banging on pipes, stared back at her, as puzzled as if she had been a wild animal coming out of the woods.