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Gabriel Wilson

"Don't pretend to understand me, it'll only make your head hurt."

0 · 425 views · located in Sleepy Hollow

a character in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, as played by MañanaSeeks



Gabriel Wilson

"Don't take my word for it, but that's probably not the right way to do that."

|| Personal Information||


"Only for friends however, and don't just assume you are a friend."

"Just one year closer to the inevitable, am I right?

  • Girl 2
  • Sex
  • Ghost Stories
  • Freaking People Out
  • Fighting
  • Himself

  • Snobs
  • Girls Who Think They Are Too Good
  • Party Virgins (people who have never partied)
  • Status Quo
  • Idiots
  • Boy 2
  • Guys Who Think Brawn Is Better Than Brains
  • Inexperienced Women
  • Hard Drugs

|| Strengths and Weaknesses||


There isn't much that Gabriel has to fear, though honestly he counts his inner urges among the things he truly fears. Sometimes he gets into states of mind where he honestly doesn't know what he might do. Its worse than being drunk, and he knows that often he acts too much upon these urges and impulses, leading later to horrible situations he cannot control. In short, he fears the day he may hurt someone because of his urges.

"Who says I'm afraid of anything?"


He is good at keeping things to himself, mainly secretes, or perhaps confessions. As a general tool of his trade he also knows how to deceive people and manipulate them into doing things for him. He isn't stupid in any way, perhaps a tad to full of himself but has a way with words that could charm most anyone. Though he has been known to be caught in his act as much as its worked he takes pride in knowing he has the capabilities to get things that he wants.

Gabriel is also somewhat physically strong, not a fighter type but not a lover either. And though he would rather sit on his ass all day than help anyone he is quite handy when it comes to lifting. Not to mention his lack of will to run, but you had best be sure that if he is ever seen running its most likely something is after him and its safe to assume you should also be running.

Any other strengths he as are downplayed by the fact that he is an arrogant ass who likes to play people like games, making him a less than likable person.

"Oh come on, I'm not That bad."


As mentioned before he isn't particularly well known for his social graces. In fact most tend to avoid him for that fact, or also because he is known as a freak who enjoys studying the occult (actually people simply assume this to be true.) He does enjoy learning about the Occult, but not to a point that he knows absolutely everything about it.

Gabriel is known for his arrogance and lack of feeling when it comes to others. Sure, he would do anything to have a well maintained relationship with {Girl 2} but he isn't exactly about to admit that. He doesn't let his feelings out, and hates talking about mushy crap. He can show as much emotion as he can tell, but that isn't very much.

He is rather lazy and hates having to do anything physical. He would much rather use his brains in a situation than the brawn he doesn't exactly have.

"What can I say, I'm a couch potato, plain and simple."


Known far and wide for his arrogance and pompous nature. He believes that he is the best thing that's ever hit this place and doesn't hesitate to flaunt himself about. He may sometimes act the loner type but can't deny that he isn't exactly an outcast. Sure he's dark, and somewhat mysterious but he also will lay his life out for anyone curious enough to ask. He doesn't typically fall to peer pressure but is the one who creates it. Gabriel lives his life on that invisible cliff edge, knowing that when he falls there won't be anyone to catch him. He is madly in love with girl 2 but will pretend otherwise even around her. He doesn't like people knowing that he likes them, and has a snarky and sarcastic attitude towards most. He loves easy but also trusts easy, wich makes him a target for getting hurt easy.

When people describe him its usually with biting words and a mention that he is into occult type things. He isn't really that invested in dark things but doesn't mind going along with the stereotype every once in a while, and its not like he's clueless either. In his teenagebyears he was heavy into demonic and witch type things. Often he would scare the life out of his friends with the help of a well placed pentagram (even though most wouldn't know its a protection symbol.) Or a magnetized Ouija board. Despite most misgivings about him he isn't as heavy into drugs or alcohol as many would like to say he is.

In fact he is simply a social drinker, and hasn't touched any drugs heavier than pot. However that isn't to say he will answer if asked about this. He likes to let people think what they want about him.


Gabriel grew up in Sleepy Hollow, but that doesn't mean he's lived there his whole life. Sure he practically grew up there but his middle school years were spent out of town in a state Juvinile Hall because of a particularly nasty fight he got into with another boy. Because of this he was held back a whole two grades and graduates later than the other kids of his age group. His loner nature often made him a tiny bit of a loser in his high school years, not to mention how much older he was during graduation. Most would see him as a town freak, but as high school went by and he grew into a full, not-so-awkward, aduly he found that friends were waoting for him the whole time.

He won't personally say anything about his beloved parents. He grew up in a soft home woth nothing to fear besides getting grounded. His mother and father lived the typical apple pie life and raised him the way they wanted. Nothing they did helped him out though when he started fighting, and smoking, and shacking up with girls only to leave them a day or two later. He doesn't regret this lifestyle at all.


Sleeping around With {Girl 2}
"A harmless bit of fun, its not like she expects much from me."

Strongly Dislikes {Boy 2}
"Theres really nothing to say about him."

Ex-Girlfriend is {Michelle Trachtenberg}
"Theres only two reasons I dump a pretty girl, either they or clingy, or I simply get bored of them.

So begins...

Gabriel Wilson's Story


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Katherine Van Tassel blinked at her surroundings, the cool air of the night stinging her warm flesh. Her hair whipped around her as she observed the trees of the forest in complete and utter suspicion and suprise. Her eyes were wide and alert as the town's natural fog only seemed to be murkier, more suffocating. Her chest heaved with trepidation and she tucked a few strands of hair behind her ears.

Why in the hell was she in the forest?

When did she get to the forest?

Instead of mulling the situation over, Katherine began walking, boots crunching down on dry leaves as she sought to find her way out of the forest. As she walked, she could have sworn that she heard the sound of rushing water and surmised that she was close to the water. Nodding, she quickened her pace only to hear something behind her. She turned. Nothing there. She began walking briskly, occasionally glancing behind her to make sure there was nothing behind her. Before long, Katherine was full out jogging, trying to recall if she was going the right way to the lake house -

The ground suddenly rushed up to meet her and for a second, Katherine could only lay there, raising herself up on her hands and feeling like one of those idiot girls in a horror movie.
Such a dumbass, she thought with a hint of disgust before her eyes widened and a chill trickled down her spine. Before her was the same burial site of the Hessian's head, freshly dug up. Katherine reached over to it for some reason, a strange impulse to check make sure.

A horse's cry shattered her concentration and she suck up air, a strangled gasp escaping her lips. She turned over her shoulder and her heart nearly stopped. The horse's angry red eyes glared down at her with malice, causing her entire body to freeze with paralyzing fear. She gulped but could not move. The rider...the rider with the axe...his head...

There was no head.


Katherine Van Tassel's head shot up out of sleep and she blinked a few times, mind and body not processing anything at the moment. For a second, she forgot where she was before she blinked that last time and the plane jerked for a moment.

"Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking. We are experiencing a little turbulence at the moment because of the light storm, but we will be touching down in Massachusetts in about roughly fifteen minutes." Kat calmed herself then and settled back in her seat, ignoring the slight shaking of the plane and gazed out the window. She was on her way back...back to Sleepy Hollow.


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#, as written by merthur
Charlie could honestly say that she did not believe in love. That sort of implied that she had also never been in love, but she usually felt the need to clarify that point. Love was fictitious, it was something that weak people relied on for some sense of comfort or stability. Though she supposed if she had to be in love with someone, or fall in love with someone, she wouldn't mind falling for Gabriel. Anytime she mentioned him to someone, they always asked Who's Gabriel?, and usually it was because everyone called him Gabe- which she refused to do -, or they honestly just didn't know who he was. Anyways, she supposed that answer probably should have been [FC: Zac Efron], but she just didn't feel it with him. Sure, he was attractive, and probably really easy for naive girls to fall in love with, but she couldn't really get past how he was just so happy sleeping around with her and not caring about anything else. Not that she was much better, actually she was probably worse, she was sleeping with two people. Oh well, it wasn't like she was in a relationship with either. First she'd slept with [FC: Zac Efron], whom had apparently been waiting awhile for her to give it up to him- and she had, before him she'd never actually slept with a guy. And then awhile after, she met Gabriel and just sort of slept with him for the hell of it. He was hot, and she sort of liked him. No way could she stop what she was doing with [FC: Zac Efron] though, Gabriel would think she wanted him to be committed to her or something. So now she was involved in this huge clusterfuck and had no idea what was happening.

So, in some odd sort of way, that's how she ended up where she was now; picking through clothes on the floor and trying to find her clothes. Eventually she just settled for one of his shirts, giving up on finding the dress she'd been wearing last night- though she guessed it was a bit ripped now anyways. When she was ten, if someone had asked her what she would be doing in five years, this definitely would not have been her answer. Yet here she was, twenty years old in her second year of med school, hoping to escape from some guys room half-naked without waking him up. Of course, that's when her phone decided to start screaming.

-- She can be leaving Josh's or Gabe's, whoever feels like it. cx --


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Gabriel Wilson

Gabe was drifting between that space of sleep and alert. His eyes running wild beneath his eyelids, while colors painted a world in his mind. He couldn't tell if he was in the stages of being awake yet, but understood that he still had his eyes closed. He wants to stay in this space, this warm, soft, place where nothing ever goes wrong and the stresses of daily life can't reach him. But it seems there are other, greater plans for Gabe that day. A phones shrill ring awakens him fully, bringing a groan from his lips.

The first thing he realizes is A) he is still naked. Which means B) Charlie was over last night and is probably still here. He wouldn't mind of course if she were still here. She always seemed to disappear after sex - or otherwise - which left Gabe to ponder exactly what made her leave in the first place. He blinks open his eyes to see her, half dressed in one of his shirts, and looking much like a deer caught in the headlights. He doesn't ponder the meaning of her surprise. "Charlie?" He asks, though he knows its her, its the first thing that seems to flow from his mouth.

"Not trying to sneak out on me are you?" He smirks. He knows they aren't exactly committed to each other, though he's not sure what they are to each other. He knows he could and probably does love Charlie, and could fall in love with her if the chance ever arose. He knows he likes her a lot, that she's not only hot but has a firecracker of a personality that resonates well him. But he also knows he isn't quite ready to be so exclusive yet, and to be giving up the carefree lifestyle he has thus far lived.


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#, as written by merthur

Don't get her wrong, she didn't blame either of the boys for her being afraid of a real relationship. After all, it wasn't like they were making her sleep with them. Actually, she didn't really blame anyone. She didn't really want a relationship right then, seemed like too much drama, too much work. Mostly what she was concerned with right now was school, she hardly even drank or partied anymore. Didn't stop her from acting drunk when she met up with Josh or Gabe, but that was mostly because she didn't want either to think she actually wanted to sleep with them. Or something like that. Okay, she was a girl, and she was allowed to be complicated.

Her phone was still ringing, and she was still staring at Gabe. Without thinking, she took a few steps towards the dresser and grabbed her phone, not even looking at the screen as she shut it up. On the ground she found her dress, finally, and sort of frowned at it. There was a little tear in the back, and she didn't even pick it up. He could throw it out, or maybe he wouldn't even see it and it'd get kicked under the dresser and live there forever.

He's smirking when she looks up at him, hearing him speak again. It took her a minute to swallow around the lump in her throat, but eventually she was able to talk. "No, of course not- um." She was lost for words, and picked her way back to the bed and leaned back on it, sitting on her knees. "I was cold." Pathetic excuse, they both knew she always tried to escape before he woke up. Having sex with someone was okay, waking up with someone wasn't.