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Zaza Banks

"You know nothing about me, so don't pretend you do. That will only result in bloody noses, and we wouldn't like that, would we?"

0 · 299 views · located in Ulin

a character in “The Legend of The Demon Lord”, as played by Angelika Petrova


Name: Elouiza Banks
Age: 156
Race: Ash Elf mother, Noble Elf father.
Personality: Not extremely sociable, she doesn't trust people very easily, and finds it very hard to relax. When caught in a tricky situation, she always has at least three good lies prepared in her head, and doesn't do anything without a plan. She's mostly sarcastic and doesn't take many others seriously. She doesn't like to rely ion others for support at all. She also dislikes the damp.
Skills/Equipment: Can use very agressive magic such as telikinesis, and pyromancy, but only uses it as a last resort. She's very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, but mostly prefers to pick enemies off with well-aimed shots.
History: She was raised by her mother, with a tiny bit of assistance from her father. But she was never completely 'in touch' with the other elvin children of the village. She knew her parentage was different to theirs from a very early age. While other elves talked about what they would do when they were older, Zaza could never really relate. Because of her parents being two different species of elves, she doesn't know what her life span will be. It could range as far as 600, but she doubts it, and think that she will die when she reaches 200.
She had a baby brother who was a full-blood ash elf, and gave her the nickname Zaza. He was visiting a friend in the orphanage that burned down, and he died in the blaze. This is most definitely an act of vengeance from Zaza.

So begins...

Zaza Banks's Story