Asher Johnson

If they see me they're already dead.

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a character in “The Legend of Zelda: Reincarnate”, as played by eman447



Age: 23

Race: Human

-Quiet Assassinations.
-Parkour (Free running).
-Not being seen.
-Obeying orders.
-Working in a small squad.
-Using a silenced SMG (his main weapon).
-Using a blade (Like a small blade for sneakin' up on the enemies).

-Using a large gun.
-Using magic (mainly cause, well, he cant use it).
-Killing innocent people.
-Hurting women.

Personality: Asher is one of those soldiers who likes to crack a smart ass remark every 60 seconds. And someone who is also good at following order (yeah I know that seems like it would clash but somehow he pulls it off). But he absolutely loves stealth. Pulling off a mission without alerting the enemies or digging his knife into the back of an enemies neck always makes his day.

So begins...

Asher Johnson's Story