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The Hero of Realms

0 · 259 views · located in Hyrule

a character in “The Legend of Zelda: Tetraforce”, as played by DeviousWolf




The Hero of Realms

Born in the Faron Forest, Link was homed by a father serving as a knight to Hyrule and a mother he doesn't remember. This reason is unknown, all that has ever been gathered was rumor of some battle that left his father gone and his mother near death. Taken by the people of the forest, Link was raised on the ways of swordsmanship to become a knight like his new guardian; his "Uncle." Fifteen years since his leaving with both parents, Link has gained quite some skill with the blade his Uncle forged him as well as his shield. When turning fifteen he had since then lived on his own, overlooked by the townsfolk nearby in case of emergency. But at the turning age of seventeen, dreams are beginning to shroud his mind of an evil clouding the skies... and a beautiful girl calling his name... a girl he would soon know to be Zelda. Little information is known about the triangular design that is seemingly irremovable on his right hand, but it does not bother him. Soon, however; all of this information will whirl around him because of one blade. A blade destined to be wielded, but left for him 100 years into the past...

So begins...

Link's Story