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David ???Tingle??? Nuck

A strange man easily spotted by his trademark suit, bright eyes, and fanatical love of gadgets and games.

0 · 721 views · located in Hyrule Field

a character in “The Legend of Zelda: The War for Hyrule”, originally authored by Watcher, as played by Forsaken Heart


Name: David “Tingle” Nuck
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Race: Hylian
Title: Crazy Wanderer

Appearance: Image


Gambling, gadgetry, and galumphing around; those are the three Gs that define Tingle's life of wandering and making a nuisance of himself. One who takes chances, the riskier the more he can't resist, Tingle has made quite the reputation in many towns in regards to his ability to annoy and get away with it. However, he is not entirely destructive. One look at those truly in peril, and he can do anything but assist, no matter the cost. Although, he does try to maintain his reputation as the uncaring wanderer rather than be seen as a weak-minded fool.


Bombs (Of various designs)
Miniature Hot-Air Balloon
Tinkering Tools
Various Works in Progress
“Wonder Sleeves”


Right now, David is currently in a fugue state, a rare psychiatric disorder characterized by reversible amnesia for personal identity, including the memories, personality and other identifying characteristics of individuality. As such, he has only a mixed jumble of memories that enable him to function and establish his new personality. Some of these memories are false, some true, but do to the nature of his current mental situation, he can only assume they are all true. He does not know of his own condition.

So far, this is his story.

“I woke up a year ago. It was like I imagine a child feels after being evacuated from the womb. Cold, frightening, and all to alien. I had clothes like this, but singed. Pieces of red and white canvas were strewn all around me, and it looked to be a village that had burned down. But, not a village; a circus, gone to ash from some terror that had befallen it.

“Needless to say I left that place, and traveled east. I arrived a Lake Town on the second day of the journey, exhausted and hungry. I fainted at the gate, from what I was told. Apparently, I didn't come out of the resulting coma for a full week, and since then the scouts from that town had not yet seen any others in a state like me. When I woke, I told them my short story, and they kept asking me questions. Who was I? What was I doing? To much pain, to much mystery. I left there too, in the night so none would bother me.

“After that, I traveled north to Castle Town. They examined me at the gate with some scrutiny, but I was allowed to pass in the end. There, I shacked up with a sympathetic barkeep, staying on a cot in the cellar. The next day, I asked for a job; no way I was going to freeload, I was too proud for that. It turned out, I was quite adept at serving drinks when the regular barkeep was away. I knew how to fix a great many drinks, and the jokes I could come up with were a great draw for the crowd. But the questions came again, and I ran once more from the pain they caused. Why did the pain always follow?

“I had saved up some Rupees from my work, and so I went to Seamaw Bay and stayed in a cheap inn. I heard rumors that a noted philosopher was giving a reward for whoever could create something that would allow him to send messages around the lakeside. I suddenly felt a spark of inspiration and began to draw on some spare parchment. I created a system of code that, combined with a lamp that would be opened and closed by my own design, could send the messages silently and efficiently. I won the prize. Five-Hundred Rupees! I was ecstatic!

“I then went to Kakariko, this now some five months ago, and assisted in creating mechanisms with the metals and materials that the Humans and Gorons were able to provide cheaply. I sold some, but kept the most interesting things to myself. I set up an official shop, with a policy of throwing out anyone who asked to many personal questions. This went on for two months, during which I had my ups and down. Then, the war came; following the news of war came the restlessness in my legs.

“I left the shop in the care of a young Human I had grown fond of, teaching him how to create some of my machinations and to make a good deal. Remembering the clothes I had woken up in all those months ago, I went to a tailor and specified the design. With a brow betraying his question of my fashion since, she went to work. Within the week, I had three sets.

“Getting everything else I needed for travel, I felt a mix of trepidation and relief; a curious mix, if anything. What was I running from? Or more importantly, into? I pushed those thoughts from my mind, and kept going. I adopted the role of 'Tingle.' It was the strangest name I could come up with, so it stuck. Now, I travel, doing what I want, when I want. It is a grand life, if anything. Can't wait until I can stick it to some rotting buggers when I get the chance.... Funny thing, really. Can't get that sentence out of my head.”

So begins...

David ???Tingle??? Nuck's Story