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Hans Ong

"These terrorists are lesser than animals. They must be crushed!"

0 · 194 views · located in Earth, 2045

a character in “The Legion Corps”, as played by CenturionXII


20 years ago...

B A S I C • I N F O
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Role: The Director
Face Claim: Chiang Kai-Shek

W H A T ' S • I N S I D E
  • Ruthless–Hans, when confronted with enemies, will ruthlessly kill them without feeling any regrets, though that may be a good trait.
  • Dogmatic–Sometimes, he sees certain strategies as the only way to deal with the enemy... Sometimes.
  • Orderly–Sometimes, being a fascist pays off, and he gets some of the best results in the battlefield.
  • Trusting–If there's one thing Hans learned in his time in the field, it's to trust his allies.
  • Respectable–Having learned about Rommel and Patton in his time in Officer Candidate School from his other fatherland in Southeast Asia, he has followed their paths and become a respectable leader.
  • Kind–Outside of military work, he's a kind person, usually drinking and eating with his soldiers, disregarding whether they're a recruit, or if they're a high-ranking officer.
  • Machiavellian–He is, most of the time, realistic and rational.
  • Strong-willed–Does this really need explaining?
  • Order–Hans sees order as the propagator of civilization and progress.
  • Intelligence–Before Hans joined the military, one of his dream jobs was to be an intelligence officer, seeing as he believes that intelligence is the most important thing.
  • Knowledge–Knowledge is power, and Hans wants power over his foes.
  • Food–Though a strict military man, he still enjoys the finer things in life.
  • Communists–Hans sees this as the harbinger of anarchy, and, therefore, the harbinger of civilization's collapse.
  • Anarchy–Absolute chaos, the beginning of the end of civilization.
  • Druggies & Drugs–Though he approves of their medical use, he hates addicts, and tends to volunteer to execute them in his time in the police force.
  • Barbarians–He really hates uncivilized people.
  • Being a 'suit'–Though promoted to brigadier commander, Hans doesn't like staying back in a safe spot in the battlefield and telling his members what to do; he wants to be like Rommel and help his soldiers in leading the charge in his armored vehicle.
  • Machiavellian–This makes him more rational, a trait he developed in his early years.
  • Intelligent–He knows how to strategize and how to utilize gathered intelligent.
  • Respected–Like Rommel, he is respected not only by his men, but also by many others.
  • Strategist–He is known to be a skilled strategist, making up alternative strategies before an attack.
  • Budgeting Meetings–Hans' bane of existence as brigadier general, in which he plays accountant.
  • Lack of Knowledge and Intelligence–Sometimes, in his former units, he lacks proper intelligence. He makes himself feel bad, especially after he lead his team to uncertain doom the day he discovered the document asking for the creation of the Legion due to lack of intelligence.
  • Bad eyesight–Though a general, he needs military-grade prescription glasses to go about his life. Losing them meant losing the battle for him.
  • Poor Topographic Knowledge–Though a skilled general, he needs an advisor to tell him about the landscape of the area for him to work properly.
  • Time–Hans usually eats up too much time creating alternative strategies.
Personality: In the battlefield, Hans is quite strict. He quickly needs things done. He is very loyal to his cause, and his cause is to defeat the enemy. Hans hates being a 'suit,' as throughout his whole life, he's been on the field instead of working behind a computer and a bunch of radios. Instead, he likes to lead charges against the enemy lines, as he believes in the saying, 'If you want things done right, you gotta do it yourself.' He is well-respected by his soldiers, since he doesn't really wear his medals too often, choosing to wear the same uniform as his men.

W H A T ' S • O U T S I D E
Description: Being half Chinese, Hans' eyes are squinted. He is fair-skined, despite having been in the battlefield for seventeen years. His hair is always neatly-combed and short, and is very dark brown in color. His eyes are of the same color. He weighs at around a hundred thirty pounds, and stands at 5'11". Quite thin for a soldier, but he is muscly. For a forty year-old, he is also in good shape, and actually looks a bit young. He has a variety of scars, all from battle. In his early days, he received a gunshot wound to the chest. How he didn't die was a miracle. Another scar was from an enemy saber when he fought against one of the Islamists after both had expended all their resources. He managed to take off the guy's head, but he sustained a large cut across his chest, right below the gunshot wound.

T H E • P A S T
Country: Taiwan.
Former Occupation: Senator in the Philippines, then a Colonel in the Xiao LĂłng Militia.
Hans, though Taiwanese, was born to a Filipino father and a half-Chinese mother in 2000, in a big city that no longer exists. He stayed in the country, realizing how corrupt it was, and seeing as how it had no future unless a strong leader came. Hans graduated high school and began to study Law. He graduated only months before Greece's economy collapsed. By 2025, the Philippines had completely turned into a rotting chaotic hole. He joined the Senate at an early age, and gave his parents money to fly to New Zealand. His sister followed them, and his brother flew to Germany to work. His pay continued going low until he quit the government in 2026, seeing as how he wouldn't gain power without proper friends. Before the Officer Candidate School was shut down, he joined. For a few years, he had worked up the ranks, until the military was forced to scatter. The Philippines, finally, had turned into a barbaric civilization.

Hans flew to Taiwan after that, after hearing about the strong Xiao LĂłng corporation. He was allowed to work there, and he worked as the designer for armored vehicles and some howitzers and cannons. When the Xiao LĂłng constructed its own militia, he immediately joined. This was in 2030. Seeing as Hans was a first lieutenant in the OCS, he was elevated to a rank higher than that: to the position of major; two ranks higher, to be exact. He was more of a paramilitary policemen rather than an actual soldier, seeing as the whole militia just fought to retain the government's power and to keep the order, preventing Taiwan from degenerating into another uncivilized country. From 2031 up to 2034, the whole of Taiwan's military, along with the company militias all around Taiwan, attacked China. It was a long campaign, but they were met with small resistance. By 2034, this left the last remaining stronghold for the communist party, guarded by thousands of die-hard communists, and Hans' division was sent in. He commanded a large 250-man company tasked with breaking in through enemy lines.

Having been inspired by Erwin Rommel, he lead a blitzkrieg straight through the thin lines of the third enemy line, consisting only of three hundred soldiers. He lead his men with ferocity, and with several armored vehicles, reconnaissance vehicles, jeeps, and bikes with sidecars, they gained the upper hand and took the stronghold in less than an hour. The remaining communists, of course, fought back and were shot dead by Hans himself. After China was finally under Kuomintang rule, the Taiwanese government began to strengthen again, conquering uncivilized territories around it, including the Philippines. While it was hard for Hans to watch thousands of his countrymen die, he realized that it was for a good cause. Peace reigned as their economy began to grow, but in 2035, the Reds and the Caliphate declared war on the Republic of China. Because of his skill in strategy, he eventually became elevated to the rank of colonel until 2046. In a recon mission through the Gobi Desert, they were ambushed a large enemy recon force of a hundred men. And they had tanks, while Hans' recon vehicles didn't have armor, only guns that could penetrate the tanks' fronts. They fought back while retreating killing off eighty, but losing two of the three recon vehicles and five infantrymen of the ten-man platoon. They retreated as Hans took the machine guns and began mowing down more enemies until the enemies also retreated.

On his way back to China, he jumped off to sack a small home in the desert. It wasn't a poor shack, it was actually more of an old, dusty bunker. He sacked it to get some food for his men, and while he did find an abundant amount of food, he also found a military document labelled, 'CONFIDENTIAL.' Seeing as the whole place was abandoned and dusty, he took it and got back into his vehicle. He read the document on his was back, and found that it was an abandoned project labelled called, 'INTERNATIONAL MILITIA UNIT,' which shows plans for a military unit made up of people from different countries. He retyped this in a Word document in an old Microsoft computer in the military base, and edited it heavily. He called this international Militia Unit, 'Legion.' This was approved of by his superiors, who sent it to the government. This idea lead to the meeting of several important figures in the government from all around the world, and soon, Legion was established, based in England.

A B I L I T I E S • A N D • E Q U I P M E N T
Abilities and Skills:
  • Strategizing
  • Marksmanship
  • Shooting
  • Baking
  • Weapons designing
  • Tank commanding
  • A pair of binoculars
  • An old dagger from his grandfather
  • A Crucifix
  • A family photo
  • Heckler & Koch USP
  • FN Mini Mitrailleuse machine gun
  • T91 Carbine

So begins...

Hans Ong's Story