Lisia Hallowell

"Go away. Now. Just go. Please go. No, no. GO! Ugh..."

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a character in “The Liberation Front”, as played by Felilla


"We choose who we are and who we're going to be."

Full Name:
Lisia Hallowell
Nicknames and Aliases:
Lis~ Friends
Lissie~ Reserved for her younger brother, if you call her that, be ready to be punched.
Sexual Orientation:

Her scythe belonged to her mother, who possessed the same abilities as Lisia. When she has the scythe, her Majik is slightly magnified, increasing her range. She can also use it as a very efficient weapon when needed. The scythe is built of a metal that is no longer found naturally called allium, which is stronger and sharper than steel.

Mental Majik
Unlike many types of Majik, Mental Majik must be perfected in order for one to use it correctly and without harming their body. It is usually heredity and deals with the mind. Lisia inherited the Majik from her mother Caprice.

Telepathy: Lisia is able to talk to people, gain flashes of memory, and read people's minds; she is only able to do this with people she has had physical contact with and is not able to see any memories other than what has happened in the recent past.

Temporary Control: Lisia is able to temporarily control a person's body. However, when she does this, she loses consciousness and if something happens to her body, the connection will be severed. To actually accomplish this task, she has to make physical contact with the person. Furthermore, she cannot be more than three miles away from said person. With her scythe, she can be five miles away.

Truth: It is a skill her mother used often. Lisia is able to discern if someone is telling the truth or if they are lying; she is quite literally never wrong about it, even if the person is the best liar in the world.

Pain: By activating the parietal lobe of a person's brain, Lisia can make them feel intense pain without actually hurting them. However, they would've had to feel a pain like that before.

Fear: Similar to her Pain technique, Lisia can also make people feel irrational fear, but she has to know what they fear.

Hair Color:
Dark Brown
Eye Color:
5 feet or... 150 cm
120 lbs
A long scar running down her right arm from when she tripped the night of the escape.
Slanted Pupils: For some reason, Lisia's pupils are slightly slanted, this makes her eyes more sensitive to light.
Plaits: Lisia has two plaits on either side of her hair, she always wears them because her mother did them for her when she was young.

{Distanced, Temperamental, Loyal, Compassionate, Fragile}
Lisia is a very complicated girl. She seems like the stereotypical "I don't care" girl who puts up a strong front. To be honest, she kind of is in a way. She is cold to people she doesn't know well, either completely ignoring them or only making blunt and rude comments the entire time. The only people she's really let in are her brother Elliot, Lucia, and Atticus, and that's only because she has known all three of them most of her life. She is not very kind to others and is sometimes snappy even to her friends. Lisia has a short temper that snaps much more easily than most people and she has a low tolerance for annoying things. It makes her an unlikable person.

She is, however, the perfect older sister. She listens to her brother's problems and deeply cares about him. Her loyalty to him and the two servants runs so deep that she would lay down her life to help them. This goes the same for anyone that can get close enough to her to break away that outer shell. Underneath that mask of anger, annoyance, and coldness is a kind and caring girl. She is more compassionate than most people, even if she doesn't show it. It is strange, but she is able to get to people a way many others can't. Lisia doesn't understand it herself because she tries to distance herself from people, but somehow people always come into her life.

Unbeknownst to anyone but her servant, Lisia has an alter ego. Not even Lisia herself is aware of this. If pushed too far, Lisia will become what her servant calls Halloween. Halloween is a cruel person with no mercy for anyone but Elliot. She kills without hesitation and is quite psychotic. Her servant believes this is because Lisia was there when her parents were murdered, and she hated the feeling of being helpless. Halloween is almost impossible to stop unless she can be knocked unconscious. Halloween is very sadistic, usually laughing while she kills.
~Reading: It is quiet and people usually leave her alone when she does it. It isn't unlike her to tell stories to her little brother. Her favorite things to read are usually legends about long ago.
~Cooking: Despite having a servant to cook for her, Lisia is still an amazing cook. She loves to cook for other people, mostly because she love praise.
~Eavesdropping: Lisia is very good at eavesdropping on other people's conversations; she likes to learn as much about people as possible through this process, but does not gossip.
~Flexing: When anxious, Lisia will often flex her fingers.
~Nails: Because she tends to get angry easily, Lisia will often dig her fingernails into her palm; she breaks the skin often and has many scars from doing so.
~Tapping: She only does this when she's really impatient, but will wither tap her fingers against something or tap her foot against the ground.
  • Elliot
  • Food
  • Sweets
  • Rabbits
  • Telling Stories

  • Annoyance
  • Loud Noises
  • Blood
  • Jonathon
  • Tea

Speed: Lisia is incredibly fast; she also has very quick reflexes
Strength: Lisia possesses an amazing amount of strength, able to swing a scythe twice her size and carry over 220 pounds with little effort.
Mental Majik: Because she has been using it from a young age, Lisia is able to use her Mental Majik to it's fullest capacity.
Scythe-wielding: A skill that Lisia inherited from her mother, Lisia is able to wield a scythe with strangely good accuracy and quickness.

Mental Instability: Trauma has led Lisia to be incredibly unstable mentally; if that stability is snapped, she will become her alter ego, Halloween.
Allergies: Lisia is very allergic to cauliflower and cannot breath if she eats it.
Acrophobia: Lisia has a severe fear of heights and refuses to be any higher than twenty feet off the ground.
Elliot: If something were to happen to Elliot, it is possible that Lisia could lose the will to go on.
Hemophobia: Lisia is also terrified of blood. The sight of too much of it makes her faints, she can handle small things like little cuts and scratches.


Lisia Hallowell was born to Leonardo and Caprice Hallowell, King and Queen of Deamore. The moment she was born, her birthright was given to her. She would one day become Queen of Deamore. Only a year later, her younger brother Elliot was born. The Hallowells lived a happy and short four years together with Lisia and Elliot making several appearances in public. The citizens of Deamore adored the two children and everything was at peace. The King and Queen couldn't ask for any better children. Lisia was an obedient daughter and despite her young age, it was obvious she would make a fine ruler. She was already gracious and kind, speaking several languages fluently. For the small royal family, everything was perfect.
Then, disaster struck. Lisia awoke from a nightmare in the middle of the night and made her way to her parents room for comfort. She had her head down, wiping her eyes. By the time she had made it to her parent's room, it was too late. She saw her mother and father cornered against a wall, a man looming in front of them, one hand gripping some kind of crystal, the other a sword. Her mother caught a glimpse of the young girl and mouthed run. The young girl watched as Jonathon Kenneth, her parent's most trusted adviser, beheaded her parents in front of her. She then followed her mother's orders and ran.
Instead of heading towards her own room, Lisia hurried to her brother's. Sounds of an attack rang loudly from outside, but she couldn't hear anything over her own heartbeat. She found Elliot already awake with Lucia, Atticus, and Lucia's mother. They left through the servant's quarters, met by a carriage.
Lucia's mother took them to the town where she had been born. For the past twelve years, the five of them have lived in a small cottage. No one suspects who they are, thinking that Lucia's mother simply moved back after the attack on the palace, housing some of the orphan servant children. Lisia has locked the memory of her parent's death away after telling Lucia about what happened.
Lisia was nine when she first slipped into her alter ego Halloween. She has no recollection of the event. She was in town when she and Lucia had almost been kidnapped by some sleazy men. Lucia was screaming a crying when Lisia just snapped. She suddenly lashed out at the men with a strength most young girls don't possess. Laughing all the while, she snapped the men's neck and would've killed Lucia if the servant girl hadn't knock her out.

Face Claim:
Alice Baskerville~Pandora Hearts

So begins...

Lisia Hallowell's Story


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#, as written by Felilla

What was it about the town square that made Lisia feel so exposed? To her, it was as if someone was parading her around, screaming her name at the top of their lungs. Not her alias, the name given to her the day she escaped the clutches of the "king". No, her real name. The name of Deamore's Crown Princess. Lisia was positive that her fake name did not suit her. Lis Mirakel made her sound as though she was just another face in the crowd. On the other hand, Lisia Hallowell made her sound regal and unique. She was not entirely sure if sounding regal is what she wanted though. Maybe the sleepy town life was the way she should spend her years. Surely whoever took the throne after Jonathon died would be a much more gracious king. Lisia did not know that for sure though.

So, for the time being, she would wait for the opportunity to kick that phony king off his oh-so-high throne. She had to win against him. Lisia looked up from the book she was pretending to read to watch the people passing by outside. Her face was shadowed over by her cloak, but she was still terrified that someone would notice them. Sonia didn't even know that Lisia and her servant Lucia were out of the house. She was happy that Elliot agreed to cover for her; she couldn't spend another moment cooped up.

Now that she was in town though, she wondered if it was worth it. If one of Jonathon's forces found out who she was, they would have her head then and there. Lisia put the book back on the shelf, wondering where Lucia was with their coffee. She wanted to leave town soon so she could spend a quiet day reading at her favorite spot by the cliffsides. Absently, the brunette girl ran her hands along the spine of the books.

She loved the feeling of their leather binding beneath her fingertips. It reminded her of her late mother in a way. Caprice had been so fond of reading. Lisia felt as though it brought her closer to her parents. Her memories of them were few and far between, but the emotions that came with thoughts of them were too much to not love. Warmth, kindness, love... Lisia shook her head as if it would clear the thoughts away. It worked for a moment when she pulled a heavy volume off the shelf. She flipped through it. It was well-written, constructed with an artistic grace.

With a sigh, Lisia sat herself down on one of the many provided chair. She turned to the first page, her eyes hungrily eating up the words. What is fate? Is it the abstract thought that governs our lives or is it nothing more than a romantic notion that was created by man long ago?

Lisia sometimes wondered that herself.


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ImageJade smiled at his surroundings. His small team was in place, he was in place, and he certainly wasn't about to waste the best and most amazing opportunity to make fun of his most hated friend, not really a friend in any way, king. He wouldn't bow or call him a king ever, just because he hated the lunatic.

Jade was about to give the signal to move when he caught sight of something, someone, that he never thought he'd see again. Was this really happening? How could it be? Maybe Jade was going crazy, but was that the princess down there? The one person that he had searched for for years? The one person that could truly save the kingdom.

Jade left his place of hiding, not concerned about being caught or reocgnized though he knew he should be. He even walked past his wanted poster, the one word he could read. He smiled slightly as he yanked the paper down and continued walking towards the girl. Only then did he give be signal, giving a flourish of his right hand as he didn't pause.

Rather suddenly, a group of ten, fifteen maybe, of his group appeared in the square, chasing down guards that were being cruel or harsh to the people of the small town. This was the fifteenth one that month Jade had personally visited to assist with. He was recognized by a guard and when charged, ducked under the man to throw him over his shoulder without so much as pausing his stride towards the red haired girl.

"Hey, hey girl, we gotta talk if only for a moment," Jade sakes to her as he approached. He removed his hat as he approached, looking at the girl closely. "Listen, you look like someone I know, please, please, swing by this tavern towards the edge of town tonight at midnight if only for ten minutes. I just have to ask you some things if you don't mind," Jade says with a smile of disbelief. If this was who he thought it was, the kingdom was saved, if she wasn't, then he could very well die tonight.

Jade just stared at the girl for a moment. Did she know who he was in any way? Did she know where he came from or who his parents were or why he was having a pretty horrible life so far? He doubted it, but he really hoped she did, even if it wasn't very probable.

"Midnight my friend, lest I must seek you out. May we someday meet again should you choose to avoid me my dead," Jade says with a smile as he gives a slight bow in a more polite way than respect or anything, before dodging another soldier to throw over his shoulder and into a nearby fountain.

"You men must realize, running at me doesn't do anything, it is only when you know how to fight do you have a chance of actually doing any damage whatsoever to my ego, ideals, or body," Jade says as if putting the soldiers who couldn't match Jade with their rather pathetically basic fighting styles.

"Jade!" the familiar voice of the head guard rings out. Jade smiles at him with a smile some people would describe as a lunatics smile. "Eduardo, hello, I'm sorry, but I'm off to go have a drink, let's fight another day when you have more men and might be a challenge," Jade says waving in a friendly way, "Until then my doomed friend whom I hate."

Jade turns to walk off, the square no longer being filled with guards searching for The Liberation Front or the royals. The head of guards moves to charge forward though Jade already is gone, dissapearing through the sense crowd, almost as if he was never even there...


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#, as written by Lufia

~Another day sneaking out with Lisia from the rather cramp house. It was rather normal now and Lucia knew it, and her mother Sonia eventually found out that Lucia and Lisia had snuck out of the house and into the town. Though she never told Lisia that her mother found out. Yet today in the square Lisia was waiting for Lucia to bring her some coffee and thus she did. Having to make the coffee herself at a little shoppe. Humming a little tune that she learnt from her mother when she was younger. Smiling Lucia made the coffee and proceeded back to where Lisia was.

~Moving along with the cup of coffee, Lucia evaded the people in the square all she could, a few bumps and all from some and she was unwavering in giving Lisia her coffee, which she had made on her own using her Majik to make, because, you know she doesn't really mind doing something like that. Yet something caught her off guard which knocked her nearly off her feet, a bunch of fleeing people. Though one person had ran straight into her and took the little cup out of her hands and put it's contents onto her shirt and body, Why did I have to make this coffee so HOT?! she thought as she took out her brush and drew the symbol for her control over water and pointed her brush at the coffee scalding the left part of her chest removing the coffee and placing it in the cup. She picked up the cup and soon rushed to the square in worry.

~As she reached the square, Lucia noticed several things, and Several people, Lisia in her cloak standing near where she was earlier, on assumption she was about as confused as Lucia, then there was a man whom she saw for a second before he disappeared into the crowd along with about fifteen others, and several guards on the ground and the chief of the guard standing in the square, Lucia hastily approached Lis, having a bad feeling about the princess being found by the guard,

"Lis! Are you alright?" she asked as she got within hearing range of Lis and where Eduardo wouldn't hear, ready to move at a moment's notice. Since she was about as confused as most of the rest of the civilians in the area.