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The Life of an Ordinary Teenage Wizard

The Life of an Ordinary Teenage Wizard


Being a teenager comes with it's own plethora of problems. But mix in being a wizard, having to control your powers, and keeping it all a secret from humans. Yikes! You're in for a bumpy ride! (Note: This is not a Harry Potter spinoff)

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Welcome! I am Miss Montgomery, your support and guide to being a teenager with powers. When I tell you that you are a wizard, I don't mean "Abracadabra!" wizard. You are able to harness a certain element. For example, I can harness nature, making my staff grow leaves! Mine is very broad, and since you all are very young, yours will be more specific and some of you will have very strange powers.

Moving right along, when you're hormones began to act up at high levels, it triggered these powers. For the sake of not just calling you "Superhumans!" because of your ability, we call you wizards, because it makes you feel cool, now doesn't it? As a wizard, you have lots more responsibilities.


1. (The golden rule, besides treating others how you'd want them to treat you!) You must never, EVER, tell a human you are a wizard. If you do, you could be severely punished and we don't want that.

2. You can't fall in love with a mortal! Sorry, Charlie, but that always ends up making people break rule number one.

3. You have to use your powers for good! We don't want wizards threatening to destroy the world. That is just tiring!


Sometimes, when wizards first hear this, they are afraid they are completely alone. Since wizards always seem to have human parents, they can't even tell them! Luckily, there are teen wizards everywhere! You can easily tell them apart from humans, by some sort of wizard gut instinct. They are all around your town and you interact with them on daily occasions! Don't fret. You always have someone to talk to.


Well, enough of that. You have powers to discover, worlds to explore, and probably homework you are putting off. Now, shoo.





So, basically, you're a teenage wizard living in a small town in Colorado. Things are pretty normal in Agate (Your town), but you still have to deal with your powers and keeping them a secret. If you would like, you can be a human, but that is up to you.

If you have any questions, comments, plot ideas, or anything else I didn't think to add, just send me a PM! I don't bite... usually... ;D Also, check out the OOC. I'm not very good at getting people to join my roleplays, so if you're slightly interested, feel free to let me know. :)


Alright, I'm almost done. Just copy and paste the character skeleton I have below and you're all good!


My Name's: (Full Name)

But, Please, Call me: (Nickname)


Power: (Make it something original!)

Inner Self


I've got the Powa!: (Strengths)

My Kryptonite: (Weaknesses)

I love it: (Likes)

Yuck: (Dislikes)


Anything Else?: (Other)

Outer Self


Oh look, there's me!: (Picture[s]. Preferably Anime, but if you have a problem with this, that's ok.)

Toggle Rules

These are my ten rules. Follow them and you will prosper. O_O

1. Romance is allowed, but no sex.
2. No cussing. Sure, you can use things like "crap" and "darn" but don't go any further.
3. No Mary Sues or whatever the male version of that is... ^.^
4. Don't be an attention hog, but don't whine if you don't get enough attention paid to you. Try to stay in the story. Don't lurk in the shadows, go talk to people.
5. Please be literate. My pet peeve is when people type like "she walked into the room sup she asked, nm the girl replied" I don't know if it's irrational, but as a writer, it freaks me out!
6. Be nice to each other. No fighting please!
7. Don't have short posts. 300 words minimum. But, don't have super duper long posts. Limit yourself.
8. The rules that Miss Montgomery made are not ones you must follow. Actually, it would be more interesting if you didn't. Of course, everyone can't be going and rule breaking. If you see a few people already are, don't.
9. Let me post first.
10. Have fun!!! That's the most important of them all! This is what the roleplay is about!
This isn't a rule, but if you have any questions or suggestions, PM me. Make sure to check the OOC for updates too!

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Agate, Colorado: The most boring place on earth. Or at least that is what Wren Mosley would say. And just because of that, most people around her would say that too.

Wren got a letter from Miss Montgomery about two weeks before, but she had known for about two years that she could control other's emotions. Although that was a cool power, she had no control over it. That's why she had to run away.

Miss Mosley sat on her porch in a light jacket, sipping down a Monster. She wore her pink hair behind her in a braid and had a blue tee shirt on with lighter colored pair of jean shorts. She was wearing a little more makeup than most people, but it actually looked good on her. She felt completely bored.

A jogger running by stopped in front of her house and scratched her head. "This is so boring," she groaned as she pulled her iPod out of her pocket and changed the song. Wren tried to hide her face, which was radiating her embarrassment. The runner looked up at Wren and blushed, then quickly ran off. Wren tried not to groan.

Wren took another sip of her Monster, then tossed the can into her yard, green-ish yellow liquid spilling into the yard. She frustratedly yanked her hood up and decided to go to the park. She either had to hide of make herself in a better mood, or else she'd practically infect all of Colorado. So, she began to walk towards the park.

As she walked, she watched as people completely changed to fit her bored mood. And once they were far enough away, they'd snap back. Having zip-o control over her power completely stunk. She had never met another wizard, but she figured most others would have learned to control their ability. But, she tried to stay cheery, because she didn't want to drag anyone down. '

When she reached the park, she immaturely ran to the swings and leaped on, crashing into them, looking quite stupid. But, she didn't really mind. She was having fun, probably making some others happy too.


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(OOC: Just to let everyone know, feel free to post. ;D)


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That's alright! No rush to get them done.

My mission trip wasn't too far away. We were just cleaning up some parks out of state. It was really fun. ;D

Re: The Life of an Ordinary Teenage Wizard

So, I still need to finish my characters. I've been slacking, and I'm sorry. I've had a 50 hour work week so I'm catching up with a lot of stuff. I have a couple of days off coming up (finally!) starting Sunday so I'll be able to finish and jump in, I promise! Where was your mission trip to, Comic?

Re: The Life of an Ordinary Teenage Wizard

Alright guys, I must say, I'm super duper happy! I'm going to make my first posts some day today or tomorrow since we have so many characters, which I must say, I didn't expect. What a great surprise for coming back from a mission trip! Thank you all so much!

Re: The Life of an Ordinary Teenage Wizard

Consider me interested. I will be working on a character to submit.

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Hi, can I join? I actually had a whole bio typed up and ready to hit send, then my iPad went Kamakazi and deleted it. So if I have the okay I'll re-type it tomorrow and join!

Re: The Life of an Ordinary Teenage Wizard

This looks interesting, however you may want to turn on the "Characters must be accepted" function. :)

The Life of an Ordinary Teenage Wizard

The Grand OOC for "The Life of an Ordinary Teenage Wizard"

Hey guys! TLOTW is up and ready. If you're interested at all, feel free to stop by and introduce yourself! I'll chat with ya some more later!