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Lydia Jolie Harris

"I know life was never meant to be easy, but I never thought it would be this hard."

0 · 219 views · located in Agate, Colorado

a character in “The Life of an Ordinary Teenage Wizard”, as played by IdkILikeFood~kh


My Name's: Lydia Jolie Harris

But, Please, Call me: Lydia

Age: 16

Power: Light, She can control light to make it reflect off her making her seem invisible. Plus, she can make herself glow, literally. She can make stuff change colors by making it reflect a different color. She can go without eating if she is outside and gets light from the sun. Like solar powered, but she can still get energy source from food too. Also, when the stars are out, they speak to her. The stars give her advice and talk to her.

Personality: Lydia is very shy and rarely talks to anyone. She doesn't really like being around people. She doesn't trust anybody. It would take a lot to get Lydia to trust you and knock down the wall she built to keep people out. If you are able to get her to trust you, it takes the slightest thing for her to lose it again. Since Lydia is quiet, she is a good listener. She learns fast and is very intelligent. Lydia sees herself as worthless and ugly. She doesn't think anybody would ever like her. She believes this because her foster dad always told her she was worthless and ugly. She hates herself and wishes she was someone else. Lydia tends to stay by herself and avoid people. She just does what she can to keep herself from being hurt.

I've got the Powa!: Learns fast, easily avoids people, moves fast, good at ignoring people, good liar

My Kryptonite: shy, doesn't trust people, a loner, quiet, insecure

I love it: most music, peace and quiet, being alone, talking to the stars, sleeping outside, laying in her hammock

Yuck: bullies, most people, arrogance, know-it-alls, when people use money to get what they want, death, pictures of herself

History/Bio: Lydia never knew her real parents. An orphanage found her in the woods when she was a baby. She has always been able to talk to the stars. They talked to her, gave her advice, and comforted her. They always seemed like guardians to her. She always imagined the stars as being her real parents. She never told anybody. The stars are the ones who told her about her powers. They told her never to tell anyone of these powers. When she was seven she got a foster dad. He always abused her mentally and physically. He told her if she ever told anybody, he would kill her. So, she lived her life dealing with the abuse. She never told anyone. She never talked to anyone really. She became distant and never talked to anyone, except the stars. The stars were the only ones that kept her from having a breakdown. Soon, Lydia turned to cutting. The stars were very upset and begged her to stop. She never did. When she was fifteen she ran away. The stars told her of an abandoned cabin near Colorado. It was still a very nice cabin and nobody used it. So, she went there. When she moved in and got settled the stars told her of a school for wizards she could go to. So, she applied for the school and was accepted. The stars are the only reason she hasn't killed herself yet.

Anything Else?: She rarely sleeps, but when she does she sleep talks.

Appearance: Lydia has pretty light blonde hair. It is fairly long and reaches down to her waist. Her eyes are normally a dark grey color. Lydia is very slim and slender. She is fairly short at the size of 4'11''. Her skin is pale, but her cheeks normally have a pinkish tint to them. Lydia normally wears plain t-shirts and jeans. She prefers not to wear anything that'll stand out.

Oh look, there's me!: ... l.jpg.html ... d.jpg?=123

Theme Song: Welcome To my Life- Simple Plan

So begins...

Lydia Jolie Harris's Story


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Agate, Colorado: The most boring place on earth. Or at least that is what Wren Mosley would say. And just because of that, most people around her would say that too.

Wren got a letter from Miss Montgomery about two weeks before, but she had known for about two years that she could control other's emotions. Although that was a cool power, she had no control over it. That's why she had to run away.

Miss Mosley sat on her porch in a light jacket, sipping down a Monster. She wore her pink hair behind her in a braid and had a blue tee shirt on with lighter colored pair of jean shorts. She was wearing a little more makeup than most people, but it actually looked good on her. She felt completely bored.

A jogger running by stopped in front of her house and scratched her head. "This is so boring," she groaned as she pulled her iPod out of her pocket and changed the song. Wren tried to hide her face, which was radiating her embarrassment. The runner looked up at Wren and blushed, then quickly ran off. Wren tried not to groan.

Wren took another sip of her Monster, then tossed the can into her yard, green-ish yellow liquid spilling into the yard. She frustratedly yanked her hood up and decided to go to the park. She either had to hide of make herself in a better mood, or else she'd practically infect all of Colorado. So, she began to walk towards the park.

As she walked, she watched as people completely changed to fit her bored mood. And once they were far enough away, they'd snap back. Having zip-o control over her power completely stunk. She had never met another wizard, but she figured most others would have learned to control their ability. But, she tried to stay cheery, because she didn't want to drag anyone down. '

When she reached the park, she immaturely ran to the swings and leaped on, crashing into them, looking quite stupid. But, she didn't really mind. She was having fun, probably making some others happy too.