The Light is Dead

The Light is Dead


In the universe of Dying Light, the city of Harran is under widespread chaos do to the “Harran Virus”. It takes many shapes, can you adapt with the virus to survive?

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This role play will start after the Harran quarantine is set in effect and the wall is constructed.

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Character sheet:
Starter weapons,
(Optional) brief bio.

No godmoding,
No OP starter weapons (Excluding pistols and machetes),
Limit of 3 characters (babies and such do not count),
No whining if your character dies,
If you die, you’re dead.

Normal, shambling corpse.
Recently deceased infected.
Large infected, wields heavy rebar or sledgehammer.
Very large and muscular infected, usually sports armor of some kind, charged at you to deal massive damage.
Human sized infected, very deadly, UV radiation is their weakness and will stun them, only appears at night or in dark areas.
Extremely deadly infected, runs very fast and jumps incredibly high, has rope like appendages that serve as grappling hooks, UV radiation will stun it, and safe zones will kill it.

If you are Infected:
3 hours to turn into viral,
If you consume antizen, it will postpone your infection,
If you wish, you can continue after turning as a Viral or Volitile, try to kill the remaining living.

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Harran by Solos Ka


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Character Portrait: Derek Gonzalez


Character Portrait: Derek Gonzalez
Derek Gonzalez

If the world evolves, you have gotta evolve with it


Character Portrait: Derek Gonzalez
Derek Gonzalez

If the world evolves, you have gotta evolve with it

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Character Portrait: Derek Gonzalez
Derek Gonzalez

If the world evolves, you have gotta evolve with it

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