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The Liminal Academy

Room 103


a part of The Liminal Academy, by Morgan_R.

Shade and Xaven's room.

Morgan_R holds sovereignty over Room 103, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Shade and Xaven's room.
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Room 103

Shade and Xaven's room.


Room 103 is a part of The Students' Rooms.


3 Characters Present

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" Nope I haven't the slightest question ma'am.Thank you for the warmest welcome I have gotten in a long time." Shade replied with a shallow and somewhat mocking bow.Honestly you'd think Shade was going to steal the silverware by the way she was looking at him. Well he might if it came right down to it but that didn't give the woman any right to instant disapproval. Shazar growled even louder at her sensing his master's mood.

" Come on boy we got bigger fish to fry." Shade said beckoning the wolf to follow him with a wave of his left hand. Lopping over the wolf turned his head at the approach what obviously an other student. Far too childish for her own good the black haired youth could swear he heard giggling as she approached the Ice Queen herself. Shaking his head at such things the youth decided it was the old bat's problem and finished his ascent up the stairs with Shazar at his side.

It was a short climb and even a shorter walk before he stood in front of the room assigned to his and whoever this Silverkin was. Sounded like the sort of name a bloody noble would have. He didn't care for the thought of sharing a room to begin with but sharing it with a noble sounded downright awful. Hopefully the rich bastard brought something worth lifting Shade comforted himself with.

Opening the door he took in the somewhat spartan nature of the room. Well he wasn't planning on spending much time anyway so it hardly mattered. He did get a slight chuckle at the thought of his likely noble born room mate complaints at the lack of silk sheets and honeyed wine.

Realizing he was travelling light, only the armor and weapons he was wearing in fact, the thief remembered his mother and youngest sister were bringing his clothes and belongings later today. That also brought up exactly what he was suppose to be doing. Perhaps he should have asked the Ice Queen what he had the chance.