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The Living End

Inside the forest of Giant Trees


a part of The Living End, by TheXenomorph1.

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TheXenomorph1 holds sovereignty over Inside the forest of Giant Trees, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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zombies. nothing there says original.


A creepy-butt forest.

That's it.
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Inside the forest of Giant Trees

You have entered the forest


Inside the forest of Giant Trees is a part of The Living End.

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#, as written by Anraee
I walk through this forest a lot. It hides everything and everyone. It can be a good or bad thing. You can decide that. Im walking through the forest as usual but something seemed different. It was like something was following me. I pick up the pace as im walking. I hear cracks or branches behind me. "Stupid Zombie" I mumble turning around throwing my bat into the air and a few seconds later I head a sickening crack. I sigh going back seeing a dead zombie and my bat lodged into its skull. I pull my bat out and I begin making my way through the forest again...this time no distractions.