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Airalet Hunts

A small town cop looking for a little more out of life

0 · 186 views · located in The Cruise Ship Long Grain

a character in “The Long Grain's First and Last Voyage”, as played by LadyAiralana


Appearance: Long light brown hair, bright brown eyes under long lashes. Petite with average built and larger bust.

Name: Airalet Hunts
Type: Passenger
Age: 22
Sex: female
Sexuality: Straight/single

Bad Trait 1: Sticking her nose in others business, thus getting herself into predicaments/trouble.

Bad Trait 2: Spaces out sometimes in her own thoughts,which leaves her lousing track of time.

Major Skill: Excellent at hand eye coordination with her fast reflexes thanks to her petite height of 5'1. (Which One? Good Hand-Eye or Fast Reflexs?)

Minor Skill: She's a very quick leaner, she can see someone do something once and then copy it. (This isn't exactly a minor skill; perhaps she just learns things faster?)

Bio: From a unhappy home, a mother who died when Airalet was very young,and a father who worked himself into the ground. She grew up fast and always looking to learn new life skills to better herself. Miss Hunts felt she was always looking for a meaning in her life. Always feeling like nothing was every quiet what she wanted, including with men. So she found herself becoming a cop just entering her twenty's. She summed it up to that, if she couldn't fix her own problems she would try fixing others. She liked the rush of the job, the thrill of the chase. Besides helping other innocent people, that was the mane thing keeping her going now days.

Personality: She's a fire cracker when she gets excited or sees a good challenge. Looking past her always present scorn on her round face, she can get quiet flustered and red when dealing to personally with people. Despite her police job she can be antisocial, being the more quiet and observant person she is. She always says what comes to mind when asked a question and her expressions always shows her emotions.

Special Trait:

Username: LadyAiralana

So begins...

Airalet Hunts's Story

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With all of its passengers finally on board, the ship slowly starts to pull away from the dock. The sea here is warm, something the ship is grateful for as it forges on into deeper waters. The sky is clear, and the scents of the sea fill the air. The PA system crackles and a low gruff voice fills the air.

"Hello, everyone, this is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard the Long Grain, the largest cruise ship in the world. As you may know this ship is built for your entertainment; there's a pool on the deck and a bar for those of you who like the taste of whiskey. Down below we have the large Gambling Hall and the Gym. If you head down even lower you'll notice what I like to call the moving aquarium; a large portion of the hull completely made of glass with lights so you can see deep into the depths. There are hundreds of cabins so go ahead and take your pick. However, if none of that sounds appealing then let me tell just what you'll see on this trip."

For a few moments it is silence, but then there's another crackle and the voice continues, " ... do I look like I'm stupid? Mind your station Jerry or I'll have you mopping the deck with the janitors ... again. Oh crap, I pressed the button ... don't give me that look!"

The PA goes silent again and then the voice came back with a small laugh. More laughter can be heard in the background as the captain continues, "As you may know, we'll be making a complete circuit of the world. On our travels we'll see waters that are brighter than the night sky, because of the glowing jellyfish that hang out near the surface of the water. We'll be escorted by humpback whales and, thanks to some incredible patronage a few of you will get the chance to swim with the dolphins. We'll be making a stop in waters so clear, that you can see into the pristine depths to the bottom of the ocean. For the next 156 days, you won't step on land but I can assure you that you'll remember this trip for the rest of your lives."

There was another slight pause before the captain came on again, a bit more serious this time, "However, before we can get to all that fun, I'd like to call everyone to the deck so that we can go over some safety procedures. When you get to the deck, please find your nearest hostess and they will explain the lifeboats and what to do in case of emergency. I hope you all enjoy your ship and ... for the love of god Jerry! What did I tell you about putting gum on the bottom of my desk!?"

The PA system cuts out and people begin to make their way to the deck.

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She had been robed! Some little punk, who had knocked into her as she boarded the ship. She had felt the swipe of her shield from her right pocket, but he had disappeared into the crowd of people. She steamed, chucking her bag onto her bed. Her friend Meloney, who was a maid on the ship, told her all she could do was report it, she did what what really could they do? Meloney had also told her she would tell the other maids to look out for it too. She sighed and got back up, she was going to look over the ship. She would be spending a lot of time here mine as well know where everything was. She thought to herself, tossing her hair back and walking out the door.

She walks out of the hall entering out onto one of many decks. Her eyebrow twitches. This place was even bigger then she thought. How could you not get lost?! She sees some stairs to her right and decides to climb them. Before she knew it she was at a very hi point on the ship, looking over the railing, she could see for miles. She smiled this time feeling her brows unknit. Maybe this wont be so bad she thinks, holding her hair back as it catches in the nice breeze.

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#, as written by Waldo

Egecatl Quispe sees a woman lost in thought at the railing, and wonders if she has not heard the Captain's order for life boat drill. He understands reverie and does not want to startle her out of some trance or commune with whatever spirits guide her. Still, everyone must do the drill. It is the law.

"El mar, es muy hermoso." He says. "Beautiful." His Spanish and English both are accented with the lilt of his native language, Quechua. "The Lady should go to her life boat now, however." He smiles.

His eyes are deep brown, like fine chocolates, and his long black hair is barely tamed by braids and pulled back into an elastic. His uniform is not like that of the ships officers, instead he wears white duck trousers and a white tee shirt with the cruise line's colors decorating the left sleeve. The name tag on his left breast reads, "Egecatl, Peru" and under that it says, "cleaner." Lean and muscled he is nearly the same height as the woman at the railing.

He touches the brim of his extremely non-uniform hat, and nods.