Egecatl Quispe

Far away eyes and a quiet manner he often sings to himself

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a character in “The Long Grain's First and Last Voyage”, as played by Waldo


Name: Egecatl Quispe
Type: Crew (maintenance)
Age: 30ish
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Spiritual. We transcend our bodies. Male and female are blunt incomplete definitions of what is engendered in the human spirit.

Bad Trait 1: Coca leaf chewing
Bad Trait 2: forgets unimportant details, and so seems lazy.
Major Skill: Chopec Spiritualism
Minor Skill: Rumi Runa (an ancient Inca martial art)

Bio: One day while chewing coca his spirit guide, the wind serpent (which is what his first name means) told him to get on the Long Grain. So he did.
( Speaks Quechua, Spanish and English; 5' 3" tall; Practices Chopec spiritualism and Rumi Runa an ancient form of Incan martial arts.)

So begins...

Egecatl Quispe's Story

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#, as written by Waldo

Egecatl Quispe sees a woman lost in thought at the railing, and wonders if she has not heard the Captain's order for life boat drill. He understands reverie and does not want to startle her out of some trance or commune with whatever spirits guide her. Still, everyone must do the drill. It is the law.

"El mar, es muy hermoso." He says. "Beautiful." His Spanish and English both are accented with the lilt of his native language, Quechua. "The Lady should go to her life boat now, however." He smiles.

His eyes are deep brown, like fine chocolates, and his long black hair is barely tamed by braids and pulled back into an elastic. His uniform is not like that of the ships officers, instead he wears white duck trousers and a white tee shirt with the cruise line's colors decorating the left sleeve. The name tag on his left breast reads, "Egecatl, Peru" and under that it says, "cleaner." Lean and muscled he is nearly the same height as the woman at the railing.

He touches the brim of his extremely non-uniform hat, and nods.