"What do you want from me? Go ask your precious Peter for help."

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a character in “The Lost Girls Diary: Saving Neverland”, as played by Savier




Character’s full Name: James Richard Olsen
Lost Name: Slightly 'Soiled'
Appearance age: 19
Real Age: 182, Slightly is the second oldest of the Lost Boys.
Role: Ex-Second in command of the Lost Boys/The Fox


Abilities:(They all base around what a 'fox' can do, I just broke it up into parts.)
- Hand to Hand: Slightly is skilled in combat preferring to use a sword over a knife, but he has never been able to beat Peter.
- Clever: Clever like a Fox. Most of the coherent plans ever used by the Lost Boys were devised by Slightly, although most of his plans are tossed away by the Lost Boys in favor of more 'fun' ideas. He was also fond of joking and pranking other Lost Boys as he used to be rather mischievous.
- Agile: Fox's are notoriously quick, and Slightly is no different able to run at great speeds, and he is a contortionist.
- Heightened senses: Slightly's hearing and sense of smell are far beyond an average person's level able to smell most odd scents (Such as alcohol, perfume, even salt) and his hearing is roughly three times as great as an average humans. This comes at the loss of his sight. While he can see, his vision is very poor to the point where he looks for movement.
- Music: Slightly is a extremely skilled musician able to fashion whistles from wood and is an extremely quick learner when it comes to the musical arts.


Likes: Dislikes:
- Winning - Other people stealing the spotlight/credit
- Being acknowledged - Peter
- Having his plans come together. - Hook
- Playing music - Wendy/Porcelain
- Napping - Having to always be the responsible one
- Jokes/Pranks - His lost last name
- Shiny things - Insects
- Wendy/Porcelain - Sunsets
- Swimming
- The Stars


- Terrible vision: It is to the point where Slightly looks for movement. He heavily relies on his sense of hearing and smell.
- Heightened senses: His powerful nose and ears can work against him as an extremely powerful stench would be incredibly distracting and a loud noise, such as a hard clap, would be painful.
- Pride: Slightly is a prideful guy, and it is very easy to push his buttons and drive him into a rage where all his clever thinking goes out the window.
- Sulk: When depressed or saddened, Slightly has a tendency to sulk which never ends well. He will lash out, violently, and generally become a hindrance to whatever is being done.
- Jealousy/envy: Slightly has a long history of jealousy against Peter.

- Skilled fighter: In terms of pure skill, only Peter was greater. Although, Chubby was always stronger.
- Strategist: Slightly is very clever able to come up with complex, plausible effective plans with little effort.

Cutlass taken from one of Hook's Pirates a long time ago.
A dagger made from the fang of Ja'kon. A huge, crocodile-like beast that Slightly slayed in an attempt to match some of Peters more celebrated victories.


Personality: Slightly is a bitter guy taken to sulking alone in the darkness of the jungle. He holds a deep grudge against Wendy, Porcelain, and above all, Peter. While some would seek to avenge, or get over that grudge, Slightly can't. Instead he has opted for a 'I don't care' policy. All of it. Hook, oppression, slavery, hatred, he doesn't give a shit anymore. Despite this, Slightly is still an incredibly responsible person taking care of his small hut, cleaning, hunting, gathering, and all just as he did before. Slightly does have a tendency to slip into nostalgia when left alone thinking back on the times when he spent with his fellow Lost Boys when he took care of them like an older brother and then Peter would run in and lead them on another incredibly dangerous trip while disregarding Slightly's plans...

Slightly is an extremely proud and sensitive, although he hides it well, guy, and so it is incredibly easy to hurt his feelings or rile him to anger. When Slightly is angry, all his plans fly out the window, and honestly, he is at his weakest. Slightly's strongest point is his ability to plan and out-think his opponents not dash at them and swing wildly. Despite his proud nature, Slightly does have a low self-esteem. He was always compared to Peter. Always. Peter won everything, got the girls, while Slightly was always left behind, and because of this he tends to back down from tough situations despite his pride, but on the flip-side even now after all these years, Slightly is still trying to prove himself, to who, he is no longer sure, but he needs to feel valuable. To anyone.

Slightly tends to be a very secretive person. He always has been. He does not wear his heart on his sleeve, in fact, its very much the opposite. Nothing terrifies Slightly more then someone figuring him out. Seeing how pathetic he is on the inside, beneath his strength and bravado... Seeing the sniveling little kid begging for acknowledgment that dwells in there, in the darkest reaches of his heart.



Pre-Windy: Slightly was the second Lost Boy, and arguably, Peter's closest friend within the group. At first all was well. The two boys grew up together, played together, and Slightly never ceased to be amazed by Peter that was until the other Lost Boys started showing up. Slightly always did his best to teach them. Always did his best to take care of them, but no matter how hard he worked; it was always Peter. "Fly again Peter!", "Tell us another story Peter!", but Slightly endured because he felt glad for Peter. Glad that other people saw just how great his friend was, but even this fell away when they met Porcelain. Never before had Slightly felt it. The quick beating of his heart, the constant day dreaming, the desire to see her just for another minute, but just like everyone else, all she had eyes for was Peter. Peter. Peter. Peter. It didn't matter what he did; he would always be in the shadows.

It felt like Porcelain barely knew he existed. He was a fly on the wall. Unimportant and easily forgotten, not even worth the effort of swatting, and he had to sit there and watch them day after day. As they played together, laughed together, and all Slightly could do was smile even as his heart broke again each morning because what could he do? Peter was his best friend, and Porcelain looked so happy with him, and that was what mattered right? That she was happy. Even if it was not with him.

Windy: The day Peter brought Windy, Slightly felt his heart mend once again. Windy was kind, attentive even to him, and so beautiful. Slightly would sing and dance for her as he played her his whistles, and the smile she gave him was enough to melt his heart, in fact, she was the first person to ever compliment him by saying he had incredible talent, but Peter. Oh, Peter couldn't let him be happy. Not now. Despite having Porcelain's heart; he had to have more. He had to have Windy as well, but why? Wasn't Porcelain enough? Didn't he care what she felt? Apparently not. Once again, Slightly was forced to watch. Day after day as Windy and Peter grew closer and closer; it was like a wall had formed around them. One he could never hope to pass because, honestly, what hope did he have against Peter? He, who was just Slightly Soiled do next to the magnificent Peter who swam through the skies?

And then came the day. They were leaving, and they asked him to come with. Did they not see? How broken he was at the time? See how hard they had crushed the last whimper of strength Slightly had? And now they begged him to come along with them? To watch them grow up and fall in love? To have children? They wanted him to bare even more pain? And what about Porcelain? Was Peter's feelings for her so little he was willing to abandon her? Was all of it just one big joke that Slightly was never able to get? For the first time in his life, Slightly told Peter no, and turned his back on him. It was the last time he ever saw Peter.

Post-Windy: Slightly fell into an intense depression afterwards. He did not know where the other Lost Boys went, and he did not care. He didn't care about anything. Not Windy. Not the Lost Boys. Not Peter. Not even Porcelain. What had they ever done for him? The Lost boys had used him. He cleaned them, feed them, tended to them when they got hurt or were sick, and even bathed them! Yet, he was always nothing compared to Peter. Windy? Porcelain? Both of them forgot he existed in favor of Peter... and Peter... Peter was not a friend. Peter was a self-centered asshole who crushed the hearts of people like glass.

And so Slightly left. Deep into the forest he traveled, and built himself a hut where he lived alone and sulked... Because he was Slightly Soiled.


How they got to Neverland: Slightly, or James, was born to a refugee family fleeing from Virginia during the Nat Turner's slave rebellion. Having nothing to wear, His mother fashioned for him a tunic out of a old bag of potatoes that had a stamp stating their quality, slightly soiled. On their way to New York they hit a reef, and James was sent crashing into the ocean and into Neverland.

Theme song(s):
Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield
I don't care - Apocalyptica


So begins...

Slightly's Story