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Allana Volkov

Ice in my veins, fire in my heart

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a character in “The Lost Planet”, as played by LawfulAnnon





{Full Name}
Allana Volkov

Lana | Used often on Aurum and Earth, usually close friends | likes
Ice Queen | nickname given to her by her spouse and enemies | hates

Earth Age 24
Actual Age 240

{Sexuality and Romantic Interest}
Pansexual | Spouse on Aurum; secretly fond of Jayden

Ice District

Moscow, Russia

Cryokinesis: The ability to create, shape and manipulate ice, water frozen into a solid state and its' natural forms. On Aurum, Allana was one of the strongest controllers in her district, although it wasn't very well known. She could create ice out of thin air and bend it to whatever state she wanted

Subzero Physiology: Being from the ice district, Rose could stay in the subzero temperatures without it affecting her for months. Clothing didn't matter, due to the temperatures having no effect.

Blizzard Creation: A rare ability to create a snowstorm out of nothing. It's a very uncommon ability among the district, but having it is a sign of good fortune. Allana was gifted with the ability when she was young, but she was told to kept it hidden by her family so she would practice in secret.

Freeze Manipulation: a form of temperature manipulation, but only cold temperatures. Allana can change the temperature if she chooses and with enough concentration, she could manipulate a person's internal temperature, but the ability makes her very weak.

Having been on Earth for a while, her abilities have been mostly lost. She retains very low levels of some of her abilities. Blizzard Creation is gone and despite her best efforts, she can do a light snow at best but it causes her to lose consciousness for several days. She is able to deal with cold temperatures well, but not to level she once was. She can spend a few hours in the cold without bother, but she needs to be properly dressed. Freeze Manipulation is slowly slipping away as she's noticed she can only lower the weather by a few degrees at a time. On a person takes a lot more effort. Her cryokinesis is still usable, she can still make create, shape and manipulate ice and change water into snow, but only a few minutes before it stops.


Back on Aurum, Allana's features fit that of a typical of Ice District resident. White blonde hair, icy blue eyes, and ivory skin, that on earth would cause concern but is normal where she is from, were her features. She stands at five foot seven inches, a tall height for her home, and weighing one hundred thirty-five pounds, slender in frame without being sickly looking. Allana was considered very beautiful in her district and her mother would dress her in ways to highlight her beauty, in a traditional way, without her input. She constantly wore a silver pendant with a pear-shaped sapphire, a family heirloom. Allana would maintain a cool expression of neutrality, as to not let her emotions disgrace her family.

Being on earth, her features have begun to darken. Allana's hair has become more of a light blonde hair and her skin has a warmer ivory hue. Despite the cold climate where she is living, it is hotter than her former home so she believes she is 'tanning' as the Earthlings call it. Her eyes are the only thing that remains the same from before. Allana's attire is much more modern compared to how she used to dress, allowing skin to be shown which would've been disgraceful back home. She maintains her expressionless face, but a smile is known to grace her face occasionally, showing that there is something beneath her cool exterior.


Unfortunately, Allana was dubbed the Ice Queen for a reason. Allana is reserved in nature, not speaking unless she deems it necessary. She has always been apathetic, a common Ice District trait, and it works in favor how well she can control her feelings, not to give anything away. She keeps a level head in situations, not letting other factors have control. It can make her quite bossy with those around her, wanting to have complete control of what is going on around her.

Expressing her true feelings is even more challenging. When she tries, it comes off rude and stiff. She has made strides on Earth in being more open, but it still comes off as socially awkward. Allana will become irritated at herself, causing her to turn irritated and unapproachable by the party involved. She doesn't come off warm, but takes social rejection personally. Allana strives to be someone others would be proud to call a friend, but she either tries too hard or not hard enough. She often feels isolated despite having friends around, something that's always confused her.

Loyalty has been a difficult for Allana in the past. She is loyal to those who've shown loyalty to her, or those she believes is worthy of her trust. Allana has been burned by trusting the wrong people so she is careful about where she places her loyalty. Her loyalty is difficult to earn, but once won, even more difficult to lose. She will be with you until the end, to the point of her own destruction if needed. When her ally begins to turn on her, it can be difficult for her to stay away. Her loyalty combined with her trustworthiness makes her a valuable asset to her team.

Allana has always had a very curious mind. She is fascinated by what she has found on Earth and wants to learn as much as she can about her new home. Allana's inquisitive nature wasn't appreciated on Aurum so she tends to show her interest vaguely, asking hinting questions before feeling comfortable. Despite her intelligence, she often plays dumb to get what she wants. It helps her when she's attempting to get information. She is calculating, always considering the next step and what her best course of action should be. Allana has a quick wit about her and isn't afraid to back down from a challenge. She's grown into a spitfire when she wants to be.


ImageIn the Ice District, the Volkov family is a minor nobility household. Well-known for their great abilities, the men of the household are sought out for such. With four older brothers, a female being born into their line is uncommon.

Raised mostly in isolation by her mother, Allana was raised to be a properly lady. She was taught to speak when spoken to and to not cause problems for her family. She saw her brothers when they would practice with their abilities and the difference between their upbringings was obvious to Allana. Her abilities were more powerful than her brothers, but her mother demanded she try not to show off, not wanting her abilities to scare off a potential match. Her brothers were more amazed than embarrassed so they would train her in secret when mother wasn't around. Their father was mostly away and didn't get involved in family issues.

As the tensions began to brew, Allana's mother married her off to a more powerful family within the Ice District. A young bride, she didn't understand what would be required for her. Her husband found her quiet and submissive nature to be annoying and would lash out at her often. Occasional verbal lashings began to turn physical, but Allana wouldn't leave. Her family needed this alliance and she wouldn't abandon them, some part of her clinging to her spouse.

When the chance to escape this awful civil war came, Allana tried to leave, having been chosen along with her husband. He wanted to stay on Aurum and keep Allana with him, but she used her abilities to freeze him in place, powers he didn't realize were as powerful as they were. She left him as rebels approached, not knowing his fate. Watching her planet disappear and herself being separated from those on board, she felt sad yet hopeful. A fresh start is just what she needed.

Landing in Moscow, Russia, Allana was taken in by a family who were a lot friendly than her mother ever was, despite how serious and blunt they are. It was reassuring and familiar which was comforting. She went to school and became a scientist, wanting to learn more about this new planet she has become fond of.

After hearing about the golden meteor, Allana and her team were sent to go examine the meteor. A part of her wants to know if her planet still exists and if her family is still alive, despite their treatment of her. However, Allana prefers her current life and doesn't want to go back to what once was.

{Face Claim}
Brooke Perry
{Dialogue Color}

So begins...

Allana Volkov's Story


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XXXXXXXice| hex #b2c9f4 | outfit |
The sounds of celebration and the clinking glasses filled the laboratory. A team of Russian astrophysicists had been invited by United States to come study the golden meteor. It was a sign of good faith between the two countries, who's turmoil had been growing within recent years. Out of the five scientists, Allana kept herself away from the celebration. She sat herself outside of the small circle, listening and nodding along to whatever they were speaking about. Only Lenya, her best friend and fellow scientist, sat beside her, keeping her in the loop. Allana frowned at the mention of the glory if they could find out where the meteor came from. If only they knew...

"Arrre you not happy? Ve arrre going to Америка! Imagine what vill happen when ve solve тайна of метеор." The team's English is very poor, Allana usually being the translator, but they've been practicing.
"Just nervous is all."
"Nerrrvous? I vill never underrrstand yourrr highness."
"... You really wouldn't."

Lenya changed the subject, suggesting they turn on the radio to hear the impossible theories people are coming up with. Allana thought she'd left her Ice Queen status behind on Aurum, but it stays with her. A forever title to remind her of life back there. Aurum was the first thing she thought when the meteor had landed. She wanted to stay away, but after her team was invited, refusing would've been detrimental to her career and suspicious because she had no valid reason to not go. Allana liked what she was doing here on Earth and she wasn't going to let Aurum ruin things. Maybe, it was time to face what happened, not that she was brave enough to do so.

"Lux in tenebris, aureum cordibus." Allana sprung out of her seat after hearing those words through the radio. She moved frantically, attempting to find a piece of paper to write down the address and date following. She hadn't heard Dicere or that phrase in years. Her team was looking at her strangely, not understanding the multiple emotions acrossing her usually blank face. Allana felt hands on her shoulders, one from Lenya and another from a colleague, both looking at her with concern.

"Ты в порядке?"(Are you okay?) Lenya asked.
"Я не знаю." (I don't know.)

After arriving in the United States, Allana's team bid her a farewell, although it was one of confusion and suspicion. She didn't give them much of an explanation either. Allana hailed a cab to take to the meeting point. Other survivors must've heard it too. Allana sighed, resting her hand on her palm as she gazed out the window. The few friends she had may be there and she wouldn't know how to react. Would they even recognize her? She wasn't the submissive mouse her mother raised her to be anymore. It felt like that's what she'd revert to when she arrived. Allana began to tug at her top. Her mother would've frozen her in place before giving her a lecture about modesty if she saw her now.

Upon her arrival, she continue to tug at her top, hiding what skin she could. Allana's eyes widened as she took note of her surroundings. She wasn't expecting a mansion in a wealthy neighborhood, more of an abandoned warehouse kind of thing. The woman allowing people into the mansion was none other than Viviannah Bellum from the Fire District. Her mother encouraged her to play nice with the future leader of the Fire District, but like the Earthings say 'fire and ice.' She wordlessly showed her the symbol on wrist, she would've covered it up ages ago if it wasn't a reminder of how far she come.

Stepping into the house was equally impressive, Viviannah had obviously done well for herself on Earth. The many people standing around were familiar, but the sight of Eli was the only thing she could focus on. Her dear friend and confidant was still alive. She made her way to him, stopping a few feet before him. It's been many years and things may changed, but she wants nothing more than to embrace her friend.


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As her cab dropped her off near to the mansion, Phia became more and more anxious. It felt as if her heart was going to stop beating, and it was hard to concentrate. Standing beside her luggage, among which was small yet a bit steampunkish looking suitcase, which held a surprising piece from their home; a piece, which she had stumbled upon by accident, a piece that could embark their journey back home, but Phia wasn't sure if she was going to show it to everyone right there and then, she didn't know what or how to act around her own people... it felt so strange, and she had been locking herself indoors and away from people for a long time, and if she even got outside, there was always this bubble around her, which kept the gamer-girl safely away from others. It had become clear that she had grown socially awkward.

Suddenly, she dropped on down, crouching among her little belongings - embracing her knees, hiding her face into her own embrace. "No... Mimi, don't cry... you can do it! We can do it!" she kept repeating in her head. Yet, why was it so hard to move inside. Phia felt like she needed someone to help her get inside, but finally she found the hidden courage and stood up, gathering her belongings and walked towards the household and towards the main door, but just couple of meters away, she had yet another meltdown. Everything got foggy, and the tears were piling up inside her throat. Curling up into the same position in the middle of the driveway as before, she was completely lost and out of her own element.

ImageImage ImageImage 

Hex: #2acec2

Jayden sighed as he told the cab driver to let him out about ½ a mile from his destination. Traffic had been horrible since leaving the airport and his nervousness combined with the sudden urge of energy he felt upon arriving wasn’t making this ride any easier. When he saw the wind suddenly began to pick up he knew that he needed to be out in it. Hopping on to his board he began to ride feeling the most free he has felt in a breeze in a long time.

A few minutes later he arrived to the driveway of his intended destination. Taking a deep breathe Jayden got off the skateboard and began walking up. He wasn’t far along when he noticed someone crouching down. Jayden began to slowly approach the person. Normally Jayden would avoid situations like this, mainly because growing up his abilities were ruled by his emotions so he became accustomed to staying away from sadness. That being said something about the crouching individual called him to them.

As he got closer the appearance of the crying girl began to trigger a memory. “Mi-Mimi? Mimi is that you?” After hearing someone calling out her precious nickname, which she hadn't heard for so long, which she had longed to hear for all these years, Phia looked up, but blinded by the sudden light, she covered her eyes and cheeks, which had thin trails of black liner. Jay is shocked from seeing how her hand slowly started to slowly morph into water, becoming more and more transparent by the second. 

“Jayden…..” A faint whisper, filled with embarrassment, filled with joy, filled with nervousness and sadness and love for her best friend, but through all of that echoed emotion of guilt. Tears began to escape his eyes as he quickly bent down and began to talk to her, hoping to calm her down. As her hand slowly begin to reappear he helped the small figure up. “Come on, Mimi, let’s get you inside.”

Phia nods as she clings to him with her face in his chest and moves along with him as he goes to knock on the door, but before they were about to get to the two guards on the stairs of the front door, she stopped. Releasing herself from Jayden' arms, and although she was still sniffling, she went to grab her luggage. No way was she going to leave her precious items on the road for someone to drive over them… besides, one of the cases contained something important for all of them, item she hoped someone could help her with. After reaching back to Jayden, she leaned her cheek against him, gently and taking in his scent, in case he was going to disappear again.

The woman who answers stares at the two for a split second before saying “ID please.". Jay smiled nervously and then shifts Phia a bit so he could adjust his shirt to show his emblem. The woman stares at it for a split second before looking down at Phia. When Phia made no move to show her emblem Jay whispered:  “Come on Mimi. We can’t go inside if you don’t show your emblem.” There was a moment of hesitation, where she looked up at the same height, yet gorgeous woman in front of her. Who was she and why was she making Phia feel all strange? With the blush creeping under her tears and on her cheeks, in between keeping close to Jayden and her luggage, she lifted some of her hair and showed the Water District emblem behind her left ear. Why was the other woman… so… hot, Phia thought in her mind briefly, and as they both headed inside, she took a quick peek at Viviannah over her shoulder.

Once the two made it inside, Jay scanned the group of people that had already arrived. There were many people he didn’t know and a couple he did. When his eyes landed on Eli a smile broke out as he nodded toward the man he had met through Phia. His attention was only on the man for a second until he saw the flash of blonde near him. Jay was about to say something when Phia suddenly noticed Eli and Allana as well, after having set her luggage somewhere nearby. It was enough for her to start crying again and hiding herself against Jayden' chest. 

Jay knew to take what he could get with her so leaned over and whispered, “Hey Mimi…..did you know that I’m staring at Eli and Allana right now?" The weeping girl jumped a little at the sound of her friends names and nodded, before she turned to look in the direction where Jayden was looking at. Suddenly, she mumbled very quiet: "Im sorry, Jay," and walked over to Eli, crying even more now. She was indeed a mess, but Phia wasn't the only one. "Vinny…. Eli…," she managed to squeak out, all kinds of emotions going through her as she was standing there and as her right hand was starting to turn transparent once more. Jayden, who only shook his head, knowing Phia very well, followed her and stood behind her, offering yet another bright, watery-eyed smile to Eli.