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Kali Markandeya
I am not the Devil.
Merely a fledging doing his work.


{Full Name}
Kali Markandeya

Liah: Used to be called like that by her familymembers.
Red Witch: A code name, known in the criminal underworld and by her clients.

24 | 248

{Sexuality and Romantic Interest}
Genderfluid | Had a fiance back on Aurum; currently single.

Thunder District

Manhattan, New York

Aurum Color Earth Color
Quintessence Force : Ability to generate whitish-blue lightning that also contains pure life energy. User can generate their own energy instead of always depending on the energy around them. Kali prefers to use it on herself to enhance her own mental or sometimes physical attributes.
On Aurum, Kali didn't use it as much, only because she could use every other skill she has.
On Earth, she relies on it perhaps too often, but then again, Kali has to use it in utmost secrecy.

Electrokinesis: Controlling, generating or absorbing electric fields and shooting lighting bolts in the shape of spheres.
It was defenetly one of the main powers to use, if she was in bad position and with the help of this power, Kali escaped many times.
On Earth she just uses this to manipulate electricity minimal and uses it sometimes on the same purpose as before.

Black Lightning Manipulation: Power to manipulate dark/destructive aspects of lightning, which damages, destroys and/or consumes anything/everything they come across.
Her usage of Black Lightning was blocked by her father, who discovered that it does more evil than good for their purpose and for Kali herself.
Although, still blocked, after arriving to Earth, Kali has found that she can use it in very minimal porportions, but it can drain her heavily.

Lightning Calling: The user has the power to send lightning from the sky that could be used to blind, stun and/or severly burn their opponents, but when it comes to Kali, she doesn't have full control over it.
This ability was often used by her own will and thus she tried to use it as little as possible.
But on Earth she has found that it is kind of useful in getting what she wants. In limitated use, of course.

Other Abilities: Kali has been teached hand-in-hand combat, and all of the basic and higher level spy-skills by her very strict and malicious father.

Weaknesses | Limits:
For Quintessence Force, she may need rest to stabilize the mind. The more she uses, the more mad she can grow.
Food and rest may be needed if too much energy is used at once.
Her everchanging temper makes it sometimes hard to keep herself at using her powers.
Has to wear certain materials, so she wouldn't get affected by her own powers.


Kali stands on 178 cm and weighs around 58 kg, often looking rather thin and fragile, but there is a lot thougher person hidden within.

She likes to change her haircolor between dark brown to blonde and sometimes toss some red in there as well.

The style that Kali prefers is usually luxury brands and fast cars. With the salary she earns now, it can allow herself to pamper the way she never had the chance back home.

Has a birthmark under her left eye, which she often covers up and hides.

After coming to Earth, she has found small addiction in having tattoos, so she has small ones here and there.

Kali bears a signature tattoo or emblem on her right hip-bone, given to her by her family after she turned five, just like everyone before her. It is the mark of Markandeya Clan and while being on Earth, it has become just another tattoo, but back at Aurum it often caused a lot of extra problems for her, when she just tried to live her life or have a fun night out.


Image Kali is pure evil deep within and holds a very deep and disgusted hatred towards most of the things in life, but most particularly - towards humans and their kind. Still bitter from being sent to this riddicolous place, she has learned of how to use nature of a human against themselves and she finds quite a lot of twisted fun in it, without knowing of how much like her father she has become.

Keen in planning out her games carefully, and placing a lot of detail in back-up plans, she takes her tactical play seriously and will show her true nature if something doesn't play out the way she needed it to; this often taking the turn of someone else getting hurt in the process or just getting reckless and demolishing anything in her path. Anything can get on her nerves, if she is in the mood for it, yet the next moment Kali could be the cutest little kitten begging for cuddles.

Likes to pretend of being innocent or naive to strangers, looking them over first if they are even worth of her time or not; but one should never deem her as stupid or useless. Manipulation and acting according to it has always been one of her strong suits, and if she puts her mind on something, it generally gets done - but if she doesn't gain anything from it, then she won't even bother.


Image At Aurum, she was the only child of Markandeya family - a line that was told to have been died out many generations ago, but in reality were hiding in the depths of Aurum' filth. Although they did their duties like it was expected from them, never revealing their last name to anyone and eventually, when the civil war errupted, they could offer their talent and services to those going against the Royals, becoming the assassins, the spies and/or soldiers.

Her father, Malcum, was expecting a lot from Kali and as much as she managed to lay low, her own aspirations came to light during all the distress. Having become engaged behind her father's back to one of their rivals, she had changed her sides, but in the end it came to the mere fact that she betrayed anyone for someone, who was able to pay more than her previous contractor.

Malcum had enough, and somehow he managed to get Kali on one of the leaving ships, against her own will. She was living the high life on her own, nearly managing to cut her father off of her life, but instead Kali got drugged and woke up in Central Park of New York. From there on, she used all of her charms to get what she wanted, just so she could live as normal life on Earth as best.

Eventually going through the law school and starting to work for the filth of the Earth, yet never leaving behind the plan of somehow getting back to Aurum and kill her father, Malcum...

...if there is anything to go back to.



{Face Claim}
Hyuna Kim

{Dialogue Color}

So begins...

Kali Markandeya's Story


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Fingers were moving fast on the keyboard, biting down to the lower lip, her concentration was on the highest peak. In the middle of the raid, where she had been thousands of times before, but that evening she was not streaming and just helping out other players with this difficult boss. Her international group of players were conversing among themselves and suddenly, someone just ever so casually asked what does "lux in tenebris, aureum cordibus" mean. Without realizing herself, speaking into the microphone, Phia answered: "Light in the dark, golden heart... and you pronounced it wrong..." Suddenly, the dark haired female froze, barely breathing. Everyone yelling at her for getting knocked out or what is she doing, but Phia just sat there, staring at the screen, her dark eyes flashing into bright blue for a mere second. Without thinking twice, she just took her headphones off and stood up, walking behind the table as if in daze and simply pulling plug off, that leaving her standing in complete darkness. Slowly, but surely, the koi-fish symbol started to glow in faint blue, lightning Phia's face up.

Face, where tears were just rolling over her cheeks; bare feet, which headed over to the open porch; trail of clothes left behind, the ever so hopeful Phia Qualu Cortana submerged under the water of a small pool behind her house. Eyes closed, lips sealed, fragile hands locked around knees - she was shivering, crying desperately into the fresh water. Home, she missed her home and her mother and everything she knew that Aurum used to be. All these years, there had been this craving desire to go back, to make everything allright, and now... there was this chance. After Jayden released this song with familiar tunes, Phia had been too scared to contact him, to reach out, but now... she couldn't hide anymore, she had to go! She had to go and find Jay, Eli and hopefully there is a way back home.

------------ ✩ ✩ ✩ ------------

Having locked down her little household, which had been her home only past couple of years, yet it had still come dear to her heart. I had a lot of fountains, tiny waterfalls, ponds and nature, making it look as if it was a house out of fantasy movie. Holding her hand against the wooden gate for a mere moment, she turned and sat into the back of her manager's car. "When will you be back, Hinata-chan?" he asked, eyeing her over his shoulder. "I don't know. There are some urgent family matters I need to take care of. You can have your vacation at Florida as you have always spoken about." There was a bright smile on her lips, assuring him that it was alright, which he replied to by driving off and towards the new future.

They had been to America many times during her career and she was often welcomed by many big gaming companies, thus getting through airports was always the same. It happened that some of the workers were her fans, and guess this is why she always got that VIP-service that many were jealous about. Generally Phia refused of it, but during this trip she gladly took the chance. Taking her step out of the airport without her manager, whom soon started his flight towards Florida, Phia took a deep breath in. Sure, she loved to have someone beside her whom would do all the things she tried to avoid - calling a cab or buying a coffee were one of these few in long list. As much as she loved to be among people, Phia always felt safer to be alone. Until today... Although her different look turned many heads, she really didn't care, thus rose her hand and called for a cab. Sitting in, she told the address and settled in, starting the drive towards Demi Tempala's household, with excited yet nervous heart. It was hard...

...it was hard to keep her tears at bay.

"Whatever it is, I don't care. You were told to keep up on your end, this is your last chance. Don't forget what happened to your brother and his family," Kali mused to herself, standing beside some politician' table and looked over the room filled with important crimebosses and their fledgings, then added: "I know you hold your own babymama and these brats close to your heart. Wouldn't want nothing to happen to them, would you?"

With satisfied smile, Kali ended the call and turned towards the politician, who managed to ask from her: "And how will we know that he won't turn on us?" She leaned closer to him, so those bright red lips would nearly touch his ear and hissed through her teeth: "First: I had to do the job that one of those," nods towards the room full of criminals, "wasn't able to do, myself. Second: your dear cousin saw how I turned his brother into ashes. Do you think after that particular reminder he will try to do anything to threat your position again?" Pulling herself away from him, the man looked up at her with certain glare. Kali smirked, crossed hands over her chest and marked: "Figured so."

Walking around the big, wooden desk, dark haired female grabbed her purse and headed towards the door. Whole room made a path for her, stepping away from Red Witch' path. They knew better, they knew better not to mess with her if they didn't want to get... well, fried. Before opening the door and vanishing from this scene for a little while, she turned around and spoke: "I am done here. All of you know how it is done - I contact you, never the opposite. I will let you know, when I am ready to play." Walking off, she knew most of her talk was in code, but all of those men and women understood this clearly. There had been moments before, when she took the time off for her own pleasure, although there was always some pleasure in her business. One just needed to know how to use it for themselves.

Heading towards her luxurious car, Kali looked like she meant business from head to toe. There was something she was curious about, and knowing that there were other survivors on Earth as she had met with Demi occasionally, although Kali had always acted as if they were strangers to each other. One person wasn't the help she needed to get back Aurum and end her own father, but after the comet and call for arms, she knew there had to be others. Thus, she entered Demi's given aadress into her car and took off, heading towards the estate, in the hopes of seeing Leo again.


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Generally this dark haired female loved to blast heavy techno music in her car, but that day she drove in complete silence, only the soft humming of her luxury vehicle accompanying her short distance travel. She didn't really know, why she had chosen not to seek out if Leo was anywhere on this volatile planet or not nor did she know, why she had chosen to live the way she had been on Earth.

Kali knew, there was a change in her, bubbling and craving for attention, but she just couldn't stop being herself. Kindness had always been something weak for her, specially around here... or was that just a silly excuse, eliminating any possible memory of her past with Leonardo and his mother or the memories made with her fiance, whom she met thanks to this gorgeous woman, who also had become as if her substitute mother. These had always been the best moments of her life, and just falling back into the trail of those memories, she had breakdowns. Alone, in her own home, with wine bottle in one hand and a cigarette after cigarette in the other. Indeed, it had always been so unlike her, but it was the only way to keep her head cool and demenour cold.

Reaching to the mansion, she stopped behind a tall young man, whom she didn't recognize at first, but as Kali walked out of the car and looked up after locking the doors, she froze. She could recognize his back at any point, at any form, at any age. She remembered that day so clearly, when she first had been taken to his family, and told to become his bodyguard, although they both were just so young, only children. Against her father's plans, instead of becoming the spy Malcum had wanted from her, she had become as if his sister, his best friend.

Although Kali wanted to be her own self, it was impossible to speak, as if having lost her voice suddenly. Finally, she managed to press out very soft and tender nickname for the young man in front of her: "TayTay..." Pulling her eyes away for a moment, she coughed and tried to hold her composure. It was extremely rare for Kali to be this shaken up and to be shedding tears, although she felt like she wanted to in his arms, but there were just too many eyes everywhere at that moment.

Walking beside him, she just mused looking over all the people arriving in intervals, then looked up at him and spoke: "Did you actually wait for me or are you just enjoying the show?" There was a sparkle of sadness and happiness mixed in her dark eyes, and a small, almost warm smile on her lips. Kali didn't mind the hug at that moment, and she was willing to take this in front of others, just not tears...

Her fingers sparked with electricity for a mere moment, but she pulled them into a fist. This meteorite had done something to her powers, and although they were still immensely unbalanced, they somehow had become stronger. With all the familiar sensations and all these strong energies building up, one by one, around that estate where they were all gathering, it was going to be dangerous. Hopefully it didn't turn into a bloodbath, not until she had found out if there was actually a way to get back home...


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{ demetria tempala }


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Eventually we run out of time, so spend it wisely

All the worries that Demetria had regarding bringing strangers into her home instantly vanished the moment Eilian wrapped his arms around her. She did not know what to expect when that message sent out, but she was beyond grateful that he had seen it and came. Demi did not know the whereabouts of her family. When she landed on Earth, she didn't even know where to begin looking. All traces of home vanished when she landed on this foreign planet and she did not know where to begin to look. Before finding Vivi, she thought that she was alone. Demi assumed that most people did not make it and that she would never see anyone she once loved again. But seeing, Eli brought hope that she did not think she still had. Demi didn’t want to let go, but only did so when he pulled away.

The redness coated her cheeks and the tip of her nose as he went on about how well she was doing for herself. Other humans with her position and wealth, seem to have the same home. Demi only purchased this place in order to fit in. She didn’t want people to think she was different or weird and snoop around. If they did, they would realize that her existence on this Earth was not normal. Many of the people she worked for had homes bigger than hers. ”I just got lucky..” she said in response to the size of her home. If she hadn’t met that politician that fateful day, she wouldn’t be where she was now.

Demi melted into the second hug, holding him even tighter. Holding him, made him real. She couldn’t materialize how warm and inviting his hugs are in her dreams. Eli was really standing before her, alive and well. She had to keep herself from crying even more. This time, Demetria pulled from the hug, wiping the few tears that lingered on her cheeks. ”I am so happy to see you again. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have missed you.” Demi ran her fingers through her hair. ”Please tell me you have been taking care of yourself and doing well?” And just like that, her big sister and motherly nature kicked in. He has been around this whole time and she hadn’t been able to make sure that he was okay. It would kill her inside if she thought that even for a second Eli was struggling and she wasn’t there to help.

{ leonardo magnus }


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I never cared for power

Leo remained at the tree, working each side of the fidget cube in his hand. He kept his eyes on the front door and glanced around ever so often to watch more people arrive to the mansion. There were more people around than he thought. He didn’t recognize a lot of them and at the moment he could not tell if that was good or bad. Part of him was hoping that he would not be recognized. Even if no one recognized him as a Magnus, they would recognize his thunder emblem. At the moment it was hidden beneath his jeans, but he couldn’t hide it for long. Finally, the front door opened up and a dark-haired girl was standing there. He couldn’t hear what she said, but everyone was showing her different parts of their body. Leo assumed it was their emblems. ”This will be interesting.” He muttered, mostly to himself. He shoved the cube back into his pocket and pushed himself off the tree ready to head inside.


Only one person in the universe calls him that. Leonardo turned around, eyes wide as he took a moment to process Kali’s presence. He wasn’t expecting much from this impromptu call for all Aurumians, but he was definitely wasn’t expecting his sister. He was at a loss for words. Shock and relief written all over his face. ”Liah...when did you..?” When did you get to earth? Where were you on the planet? How did you make it out? Have you seen mom? Many questions, but at the moment he was just happy to see she was alive. He managed to crack a smirk. ”If I knew you were coming, I would have waited for you.” He was mostly enjoying the show. Without warning, Leonardo quickly pulled her into a hug. He was reunited with family again. He was alone for so long. He can take care of himself and he has been for a while, but being so far from home without knowing if there was ever a place he could truly call home again. It was lonely. His heart was tired. The hug did not last long, there were too many people around and Leo can only show so much affection at once. He pulled from her and gestured for the two of them to head inside. ”Let’s see if anyone will even let us in.”

He got up to the front door with Kali at his side and stared down the guard. Leo recognized the dark-haired girl as a guard from the castle. Her name was escaping him, but she was important. She demanded I.D and for a moment he just stared, showing no emotion. Leo then pulled up the right pant leg and flashed her the Thunder District emblem that was on his ankle. She seemed to approve and he walked by her. Leo waited for Kali to do the same thing and join him. He was getting bad vibes from being inside. ”If this starts to go south, we are leaving.” Leo wasn’t going to wait around if this entire situation was a waste of time. He also wasn’t going to leave without Kali. Not again.