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Giving up hope is like giving up your heart,
and without heart we all die.



ImageImage {Full Name}
Phia Qualu Cortana | Hinata Takahashi in Japan
Phia is pronounced like 'Fia'.

Mimi - only closest to her are free to call her that without stares or growls coming from her. Yes, growls.
Q - more like a professional nickname or alias.
Bubble - used to be called tenderly by her mother, with whom she used to share strong connection.

21 | 210

{Sexuality and Romantic Interest}
Bi-curious | Has a lot of crushes, that end up being a bust.

Water District

Tokyo, Japan


On Aurum. On Earth.

Hydrokinesis: can manipulate and control liquid water and mold it into any desired shape or form.
Even though she struggled even at her homeplanet to get the necessary control, Phia managed to finally to do so... right before leaving Aurum.
At her new, hopefully temporary home, she has lost the confidence to use that ability overall, and thus tries to use it as little as possible.

Aquatic Respiration: the ability to breathe underwater.
It was as if breathing air for her, and she often enjoyed being underwater more than on land.
This power is still present, and although now there is limit to how long she can go under, she tries to enjoy it secretly and alone as much as possible.

Hydroportation: teleport across short or long distances through liquid water.
Just like breathing underwater was natural to her, this was also something she was rather skilled in.
That ability seems to be shut off on Earth nearly completely, and she can only teleport very short distances when she is on her full energy.

Water Mimicry: Phia can turn into liquid water or turn a part of herself into water.
Although she struggled to get this ability right, when she was younger, she managed to get along with this power well enough later in life, while still on Aurum.
This rarely happens on Earth, and when it does, it must be due to her being super sad or depressed or stressed.

Water Generation: the ability to generate water.
One of the most general and typical powers of her district.
This is a power she has the strongest on Earth, but even then Phia has decided not to use it much.

Water Healing: can heal others or herself by using or generating water.
This is ability that she hid even while being still at home, thus she isn't too skilled in this.
Small amount only. It is necessary that her health and energy levels are good.

Weaknesses | Limits:
Going without water too long, she will fall sick.
Sensitive to heat.
Getting serious injury can make her turn into water.
When Phia gets angry, she can easily have outbursts of her powers, specially if there is any kind of water nearby.


Image Image Height | Weight: 166 cm | 58 kg

Hair Color Before: Her natural haircolor is red with pinkish undertone. She sometimes has it on Earth too, but prefers to hide it due to being found out by humans or found by fellow citizens of Aurum. She feels like it can cause too much spotlight.

Hair Color Now: Prefers dark brown or black.

Hair Length: Usually long and wavy, but sometimes wears different wigs in different color and length.

Eyes: Naturally dark brown, but when Phia uses her powers, they sometimes turn into emerald blue or give off sparks of the same tone.

Blue Koi Fish Locker: She is wearing a certain jewelery around her neck, which she never takes off and which she treasures more than anything. It is the crest of Cortana' family-line and it used to belong to her mother, whom gave it to her right before she left Aurum. It isn't big in size, but just small enough and the chain can be adjusted depending on how Phia needs it to be. This locker gives her the hope and strength to go on and work towards going back home.



Phia is a cheerful opportunist, who manages to be equally clumsy and agile at the same time, though it often ends up her being just slow, but when it comes to working on her electronical devices, she can be rather fast. Even then, there is this cold chicness to her, that is defenetly one of her biggest charms. The time frame that she lives in is either there or non-existent, causing her to be late to meetings and other things; or just becomes distracted easily by other things. She likes to have aces in her sleeve, in case something truly goes off wrong and she is the one about losing the game.

But if it comes to climbing to sewers or do any other nasty mission that others would probably whine about, Phia will just shrug and get to it, although it used to be like that in Aurum, but now she just prefers to be surrounded by all kinds of technology and gaming, which is also her occupation.

Makes friends with ease and would be quite good listener, if she wasn't such a scatter-brain. At the same time she either tells stories which are not true about herself or half-true or just avoids the subjects falling on her own life. The less people know about her real past, the better for them and the best for Phia.

Being a bit of a trickster, Phia has a tendency to play little, harmless pranks on people from time to time, depending what mood she is in. Phia holds close those she personally knows and is willing to do anything to protect them, her loyalty holding a great strength and value. Due to her background, she tends to keep to herself now, though; mainly scared of losing anyone she truly cares about like she lost her home and her friends, family and job along with it.

Despite her being a complete goofball, Phia has the general personality traits that all of her kind tend to have; which is that she can become mysterious - does not talk about her plans, tactics nor shares about her personal life; being secretive is just one of her major parts in the persona that the female carries. And being watchful - constantly analyzing others around herself, she also hides that quite well.

Special Talents:
Phia used to have amazing talent in using different military equipment from guns to ships. That talent came from her mother' line, whom have been working side by side with many inventors in the past.


Image Aurum:
Coming from the long line of Cortana's, whom always worked in the weaponsmithery and fixing ships, Phia was the oldest child in the family, eventually becoming oldest sister to twin brother-sisters as well. Resembling much like her mother, both of them being the only redheads in their family and one of the very few in their district. From early on, her parents understood that she is probably more talented than both of their parents put together and thus honed her skills as best as possible. Although Phia preferred to be among the gunoil and mechanics, she became to value the comfort and necessity of water.

Before Phia was placed on one of the ships, she found out about her parent's plan. The Heiress of Cortana line opposed, as she preferred to stay behind and with the family to aid the royal family, but she was set up on a journey. Right before they headed to the nearest, unharmed ship, they were ambushed and it became a bloodbath instantly. Her mother was on her lap, with shivering hands the strained amulet was placed into Phia' arms and next thing she remembered was being dragged off and onto the floater, which speed off towards the destination. All she had left was hope for her mother to stay alive... just somehow... and the hope to return home.

Settling in into a small, but spacious apartment in Tokyo, Japan, Phia held dear to her name and although in Japan, she is known as Hinata Takahashi just to get by better. There she built herself up, slowly growing into fame and becoming professional gamer. This has brought her enough finances to travel around the world and not just compete, and thanks to her new profession, Phia recently bought herself a nice and cozy house.



{Face Claim}
Park Sooyoung aka Joy of Red Velvet

{Dialogue Color}
#008080 aka teal

So begins...

Phia Cortana's Story


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Fingers were moving fast on the keyboard, biting down to the lower lip, her concentration was on the highest peak. In the middle of the raid, where she had been thousands of times before, but that evening she was not streaming and just helping out other players with this difficult boss. Her international group of players were conversing among themselves and suddenly, someone just ever so casually asked what does "lux in tenebris, aureum cordibus" mean. Without realizing herself, speaking into the microphone, Phia answered: "Light in the dark, golden heart... and you pronounced it wrong..." Suddenly, the dark haired female froze, barely breathing. Everyone yelling at her for getting knocked out or what is she doing, but Phia just sat there, staring at the screen, her dark eyes flashing into bright blue for a mere second. Without thinking twice, she just took her headphones off and stood up, walking behind the table as if in daze and simply pulling plug off, that leaving her standing in complete darkness. Slowly, but surely, the koi-fish symbol started to glow in faint blue, lightning Phia's face up.

Face, where tears were just rolling over her cheeks; bare feet, which headed over to the open porch; trail of clothes left behind, the ever so hopeful Phia Qualu Cortana submerged under the water of a small pool behind her house. Eyes closed, lips sealed, fragile hands locked around knees - she was shivering, crying desperately into the fresh water. Home, she missed her home and her mother and everything she knew that Aurum used to be. All these years, there had been this craving desire to go back, to make everything allright, and now... there was this chance. After Jayden released this song with familiar tunes, Phia had been too scared to contact him, to reach out, but now... she couldn't hide anymore, she had to go! She had to go and find Jay, Eli and hopefully there is a way back home.

------------ ✩ ✩ ✩ ------------

Having locked down her little household, which had been her home only past couple of years, yet it had still come dear to her heart. I had a lot of fountains, tiny waterfalls, ponds and nature, making it look as if it was a house out of fantasy movie. Holding her hand against the wooden gate for a mere moment, she turned and sat into the back of her manager's car. "When will you be back, Hinata-chan?" he asked, eyeing her over his shoulder. "I don't know. There are some urgent family matters I need to take care of. You can have your vacation at Florida as you have always spoken about." There was a bright smile on her lips, assuring him that it was alright, which he replied to by driving off and towards the new future.

They had been to America many times during her career and she was often welcomed by many big gaming companies, thus getting through airports was always the same. It happened that some of the workers were her fans, and guess this is why she always got that VIP-service that many were jealous about. Generally Phia refused of it, but during this trip she gladly took the chance. Taking her step out of the airport without her manager, whom soon started his flight towards Florida, Phia took a deep breath in. Sure, she loved to have someone beside her whom would do all the things she tried to avoid - calling a cab or buying a coffee were one of these few in long list. As much as she loved to be among people, Phia always felt safer to be alone. Until today... Although her different look turned many heads, she really didn't care, thus rose her hand and called for a cab. Sitting in, she told the address and settled in, starting the drive towards Demi Tempala's household, with excited yet nervous heart. It was hard...

...it was hard to keep her tears at bay.

"Whatever it is, I don't care. You were told to keep up on your end, this is your last chance. Don't forget what happened to your brother and his family," Kali mused to herself, standing beside some politician' table and looked over the room filled with important crimebosses and their fledgings, then added: "I know you hold your own babymama and these brats close to your heart. Wouldn't want nothing to happen to them, would you?"

With satisfied smile, Kali ended the call and turned towards the politician, who managed to ask from her: "And how will we know that he won't turn on us?" She leaned closer to him, so those bright red lips would nearly touch his ear and hissed through her teeth: "First: I had to do the job that one of those," nods towards the room full of criminals, "wasn't able to do, myself. Second: your dear cousin saw how I turned his brother into ashes. Do you think after that particular reminder he will try to do anything to threat your position again?" Pulling herself away from him, the man looked up at her with certain glare. Kali smirked, crossed hands over her chest and marked: "Figured so."

Walking around the big, wooden desk, dark haired female grabbed her purse and headed towards the door. Whole room made a path for her, stepping away from Red Witch' path. They knew better, they knew better not to mess with her if they didn't want to get... well, fried. Before opening the door and vanishing from this scene for a little while, she turned around and spoke: "I am done here. All of you know how it is done - I contact you, never the opposite. I will let you know, when I am ready to play." Walking off, she knew most of her talk was in code, but all of those men and women understood this clearly. There had been moments before, when she took the time off for her own pleasure, although there was always some pleasure in her business. One just needed to know how to use it for themselves.

Heading towards her luxurious car, Kali looked like she meant business from head to toe. There was something she was curious about, and knowing that there were other survivors on Earth as she had met with Demi occasionally, although Kali had always acted as if they were strangers to each other. One person wasn't the help she needed to get back Aurum and end her own father, but after the comet and call for arms, she knew there had to be others. Thus, she entered Demi's given aadress into her car and took off, heading towards the estate, in the hopes of seeing Leo again.


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【 dialogue: #2acec2 】___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "If you think you're going to crash, step on the pedal harder. Never mind, never mind,
Even if it's a road of thorns, we still run." - BTS 'Never Mind'

All Jayden could feel was nervousness as he watched the news clip for what seemed like the millionth time as he waited to board his flight. Up until 6 months ago Jayden would have been on the first flight out to research anything unusual like this so called golden meteor just in hopes of finding friends and a way home, but now he was hesitant. He felt like he had to protect his heart. A year ago when he released his debut album as J.Kaze he was uncertain on whether or not 'Home' should be on it. On one hand the title track was extremely personal and never actually meant to be heard by anyone else. It held all the pain and fear of being alone that he held in for years. On the other hand the very structure of the song called forth memories of home and he hoped that someone from Aurum would hear it and try to reach out so he’d know he wasn’t alone. When that didn’t happen he broke and throw himself into his music, though he didn’t completely lose hope until 6 months ago. After that he couldn’t even bring himself to listen to his song without crying.

Jayden wanted nothing to remind him of his former home. He even thought of covering up his emblem but that was something he just couldn’t do, so he got a tattoo that incorporated his emblem. Ironically it was of the God of wind but it still helped ease the pain since his emblem wasn’t all he saw while he was sitting in the makeup chair before the concert. He even began to ignore any whispers of things that remind Aurum, like this pro garner one of his earth friends met. His friend kept describing her and all he could think of was his best friend Phia but he refused to get his hopes up and wrote it off as another dead end before looking. Even on the day of the meteor hitting, Jay was doing everything in his power to ignore the news because he couldn't bare the pain again.

That all changed when later that evening he was sitting in the makeup chair getting ready for his last concert before his break when he heard his manager say “But it’s Gold! What kind of meteor is Gold!” This led to Jay’s reluctant turn to the tv but it was just in time for him to see the message. The message that revived his hope and gave him a new destination. He stared at the TV blankly as he pondered his options ignoring every one who was calling his name in concern until finally he looked over to his manager and said, “ Hey Kimmy. I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to head to D.C during my break.”

Now here he is finally sitting on the ground at the airport in his typical off stage style waiting to do something he was convinced was impossible. He had contemplated not getting on this flight multiple times but knew this was something he had to do. He needed to see who was still alive out there and see if there was a chance of him getting home. Also he couldn't ignore that just the thought of him finding others had him feeling more like his old self than he had in a long while. Not only were his smiles no longer fake but there was this familiar warmth coming from his emblem that put his heart at ease. As the flight attendant called for first class to begin boarding Jay grabbed his carry on and skate board to proceed to board. He looked up and saw Kimmy staring at him from her flights waiting area. Waving he entered the plane ready to face the music for the good and bad. Though he was hoping this time it was good.


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As her cab dropped her off near to the mansion, Phia became more and more anxious. It felt as if her heart was going to stop beating, and it was hard to concentrate. Standing beside her luggage, among which was small yet a bit steampunkish looking suitcase, which held a surprising piece from their home; a piece, which she had stumbled upon by accident, a piece that could embark their journey back home, but Phia wasn't sure if she was going to show it to everyone right there and then, she didn't know what or how to act around her own people... it felt so strange, and she had been locking herself indoors and away from people for a long time, and if she even got outside, there was always this bubble around her, which kept the gamer-girl safely away from others. It had become clear that she had grown socially awkward.

Suddenly, she dropped on down, crouching among her little belongings - embracing her knees, hiding her face into her own embrace. "No... Mimi, don't cry... you can do it! We can do it!" she kept repeating in her head. Yet, why was it so hard to move inside. Phia felt like she needed someone to help her get inside, but finally she found the hidden courage and stood up, gathering her belongings and walked towards the household and towards the main door, but just couple of meters away, she had yet another meltdown. Everything got foggy, and the tears were piling up inside her throat. Curling up into the same position in the middle of the driveway as before, she was completely lost and out of her own element.

ImageImage ImageImage 

Hex: #2acec2

Jayden sighed as he told the cab driver to let him out about ½ a mile from his destination. Traffic had been horrible since leaving the airport and his nervousness combined with the sudden urge of energy he felt upon arriving wasn’t making this ride any easier. When he saw the wind suddenly began to pick up he knew that he needed to be out in it. Hopping on to his board he began to ride feeling the most free he has felt in a breeze in a long time.

A few minutes later he arrived to the driveway of his intended destination. Taking a deep breathe Jayden got off the skateboard and began walking up. He wasn’t far along when he noticed someone crouching down. Jayden began to slowly approach the person. Normally Jayden would avoid situations like this, mainly because growing up his abilities were ruled by his emotions so he became accustomed to staying away from sadness. That being said something about the crouching individual called him to them.

As he got closer the appearance of the crying girl began to trigger a memory. “Mi-Mimi? Mimi is that you?” After hearing someone calling out her precious nickname, which she hadn't heard for so long, which she had longed to hear for all these years, Phia looked up, but blinded by the sudden light, she covered her eyes and cheeks, which had thin trails of black liner. Jay is shocked from seeing how her hand slowly started to slowly morph into water, becoming more and more transparent by the second. 

“Jayden…..” A faint whisper, filled with embarrassment, filled with joy, filled with nervousness and sadness and love for her best friend, but through all of that echoed emotion of guilt. Tears began to escape his eyes as he quickly bent down and began to talk to her, hoping to calm her down. As her hand slowly begin to reappear he helped the small figure up. “Come on, Mimi, let’s get you inside.”

Phia nods as she clings to him with her face in his chest and moves along with him as he goes to knock on the door, but before they were about to get to the two guards on the stairs of the front door, she stopped. Releasing herself from Jayden' arms, and although she was still sniffling, she went to grab her luggage. No way was she going to leave her precious items on the road for someone to drive over them… besides, one of the cases contained something important for all of them, item she hoped someone could help her with. After reaching back to Jayden, she leaned her cheek against him, gently and taking in his scent, in case he was going to disappear again.

The woman who answers stares at the two for a split second before saying “ID please.". Jay smiled nervously and then shifts Phia a bit so he could adjust his shirt to show his emblem. The woman stares at it for a split second before looking down at Phia. When Phia made no move to show her emblem Jay whispered:  “Come on Mimi. We can’t go inside if you don’t show your emblem.” There was a moment of hesitation, where she looked up at the same height, yet gorgeous woman in front of her. Who was she and why was she making Phia feel all strange? With the blush creeping under her tears and on her cheeks, in between keeping close to Jayden and her luggage, she lifted some of her hair and showed the Water District emblem behind her left ear. Why was the other woman… so… hot, Phia thought in her mind briefly, and as they both headed inside, she took a quick peek at Viviannah over her shoulder.

Once the two made it inside, Jay scanned the group of people that had already arrived. There were many people he didn’t know and a couple he did. When his eyes landed on Eli a smile broke out as he nodded toward the man he had met through Phia. His attention was only on the man for a second until he saw the flash of blonde near him. Jay was about to say something when Phia suddenly noticed Eli and Allana as well, after having set her luggage somewhere nearby. It was enough for her to start crying again and hiding herself against Jayden' chest. 

Jay knew to take what he could get with her so leaned over and whispered, “Hey Mimi…..did you know that I’m staring at Eli and Allana right now?" The weeping girl jumped a little at the sound of her friends names and nodded, before she turned to look in the direction where Jayden was looking at. Suddenly, she mumbled very quiet: "Im sorry, Jay," and walked over to Eli, crying even more now. She was indeed a mess, but Phia wasn't the only one. "Vinny…. Eli…," she managed to squeak out, all kinds of emotions going through her as she was standing there and as her right hand was starting to turn transparent once more. Jayden, who only shook his head, knowing Phia very well, followed her and stood behind her, offering yet another bright, watery-eyed smile to Eli.