Alexander Pinto

Well, this could all be worse.

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a character in “The Madness of Count Nox”, as played by KingFi$h


Name: Alexander Pinto
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Race: Fallen Angel
Social class: Peasant
personality: Risky, dangerous, and rebellious, he was cast unto the streets and grew up forged by them.
Bio: His Mother had died, killed by his father, and when all the trials were done, his father was killed, as were his brothers. But the harmless 6 year old was thrown from heaven, and lost to the streets. When life couldn't get worse, he became possed by a demon. He can over power it but sometimes you see the true evil inside.
description: Average height and weight, Medium length Black hair, and icy blue eyes. The Boy may seem frail but has endured more pain and hardship then most would ever see.

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So begins...

Alexander Pinto's Story