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The Madness of the Duke of Marcelle

The Madness of the Duke of Marcelle


A child with a scarred face yearns for love… and goes about finding it in entirely the wrong way.

684 readers have visited The Madness of the Duke of Marcelle since Everscale created it.


Note: You should know a bit about London, and all of England, in the 1800s if you are joining this RP. I expect accuracy. Your character names should also reflect the time period and place.

This Rp was inspired by this Vocaloid song, Sung by the Gakupoid. Please watch it before applying to this RP. Though the story may not end in the same way, this is the driving force behind the plot... combined with a bit too much Phantom of the Opera over the weekend.

The Plot


They say he was an ugly man once, the Lord upon the Hill, the Duke of Poisons. They say that he lived as a beggar in the streets, his mangled face hidden behind a mask to keep from frightening people away. He hated himself, and used to make himself uglier every night as he tried to tear away the horrible scars which replaced a human face. Of course, no one knows if it is true. No one really believes it. All that anyone knows it that the Lord Evelyn is no longer either ugly or poor.

Duke Evelyn Marcelle. Three years ago, he moved into the manor atop Baisley Hill, accompanied by only a single servant. A silent girl, hardly of age, who drifts behind Evelyn like a harmless shadow. From the day he arrived, Evelyn took the nearby city of London by storm. Women fawn after his dashing looks, his serious expression, his polite generosity. Men fume over how easily he can make the ladies believe that he is a gentleman. There is not a single soul in London who can not put his face to his name.

But beneath that welcoming smile, Evelyn is a madman, with venom in his blood. Driven insane by the desire to be loved, Evelyn made a deal with the devil, bartering his soul for his beautiful face. Now, women who see him fall instantly in love. There is no one immune to his beauty and his charm. A harmless enough amusement, or so one would think. But his beauty is a double-edged sword. The thing he must do to pay for his beauty is terrible indeed.

When a girl comes to him who is beautiful and sweet, who captures his heart even as he enchants hers, he must bring her down into the depths of his mansion to join his growing harem. There he must lock her away among her fellows. There he keeps them, pets to his every whim, raising them like cattle, to be slaughtered when his demon hungers for their flesh.

Evelyn enjoys the hunt, enjoys the catch. But slowly, very slowly, he is beginning to tire of the results. His mindless harem does not please him nearly so much as he had thought it would, for he does not truly understand the depth of love. In his naiveté he believed that beauty and magic would make the women love him, but it is not him that they love.

It is the demon that lives inside of him.

Now, Evelyn is trapped within a deadly cycle. He can not bear to be without his beauty, and he can not bear to be without the illusion of love which he has built, and so he can not stop. But he wants to stop. He wants true love, not the poorly-crafted mimic that his demon crafts within his heart. He wants someone to see him as he truly is, and love him for it.

And perhaps, if someone can latch on to that slight doubt, if someone can find a way to turn him from his demon, then Evelyn’s spell will be broken. His harem… freed.

The Rules

1. No god-modding/power-play. Don’t worry, Evelyn has his weaknesses too, and it is possible, if difficult, to defeat your demon guard. Non of my characters are immortal, so neither should yours be.
2. All posts must be at least 3 good paragraphs long. This is a highly literate RP, and a great deal of description and thought is expected from you.
3. Use proper English. I expect good grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and use of tenses.
4. Start with one character. You may be allowed to add more as the harem grows, but start with one.
5. If you have an idea for a significant role, suggest it to me over PM.
6. Keep this RP PG-16. Yes, romance is possible. Yes, Evelyn may take a girl to his bed, probably quite often. No, we don’t want to hear the details.
7. Your character can not resist Evelyn. So long as you can see his face, or hear his voice, you are under his spell. You can still think about hating him, but you feel love for him, and you must respond accordingly.
8. Occasionally the demon will want to feed. I will try not to kill too many of you, and only those of you with multiple characters. If you want to volunteer a character, so that you can replace it with another, please feel free.
9. Obviously Evelyn’s entertainments can have certain repercussions. If he takes your character to bed with him, I will play it by chance: I will role a die to determine whether or not your character is now with child. If you are willing to have your character carry his child, fine. If not, I’m sure the demon would be glad to help you end the pregnancy.
10. Be tolerant of one another. Sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. will not be tolerated.

The Manor

The Baisley Manor is a place of many layers. The upper floors are a private place, never seen by the public, for the use of the Duke Marcelle alone. Here he sleeps and eats and reads, when he is alone. Here he laments his decision to bond with the demon, or revels in it. Here is where he goes to do the things that he wants no one else, not even his enchanted harem, to see.

The floors below are what the nobles see when they attend his parties. Vast dining halls and ballrooms, gardens and courtyards and halls full of beautiful tapestry. Below that is the basement, where the kitchen and storage cellars are. Most manors end there. Baisely does not.

Through a trap door in the kitchen floor, down a long and unlit hallways, down a flight of spiral stairs and through a pair of arching doors, the harem waits. Here lies a vast hall, a sort of throne room, empty but for a single dark chair, cushioned in crimson velvet. Here, Evelyn sits, surrounded by the fawning eyes and stroking hands of the women he has locked away. Here, Evelyn pretends that what he has no is real: that what he has now is satisfying.


Since this RP is anime-based, you must use an anime picture for your character. You may use any anime picture you want, there are no limits. After all, my dear Evelyn has purple hair himself…

Also, you must remember that your characters are human. There will be no angels or demons in this RP, apart from the one that lives in Evelyn. Nor will there be any nekos, as much as I adore them.

taken by Everscale ~ Duke Evelyn Marcelle ~ taken

open ~ The Friend ~ epen
An old friend of Evelyn, from the days before he found his demon. She does not recognize him, at first.

open ~ The Noblewoman ~ open
A lady from a noble family.

open ~ The Commoner ~ open
A commoner girl Evelyn found on the streets, and took quite a liking to.

openo ~ The Servant Boy ~ open
A young man Evelyn took into his harem. Evelyn is not entirely attached to women.

open ~ The Prostitute ~ open
A girl forced to sell her body on the streets to feed her family. She made the mistakes of seducing Evelyn.

Remember to keep the names to the time period. For the prostitute and the servant boy, there is the option of having a character from another country. If you wish to have a foreign character, you need to look into the status of the country you want your character to be from. If they did not have an immigrant population in England in the 1800s, you will be rejected. To make your job easier, at least for some of you, India and China were immigrating, while there was not a significant Japanese population.

Character Skeleton
Name: (make sure it suits the period)


Age: (may be anywhere from 14-25)

Occupation: (keep it realistic to your rank and the period)

Appearance: (use an anime picture and describe things like height, build, and clothes. Remember, unless Evelyn gives you a present during the RP, you have only what you were wearing at the time that he took you in.)

Personality: (be descriptive and creative. Mary-Sues will not be accepted.)




Crush: (It can be someone not in the RP that was left behind when Evelyn took you. But remember, you are all currently crushing on Evelyn.)

History: (Your family, childhood, life before capture, and how they were captured, as well as how long you have been with Evelyn and what your feelings are about him.)

Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Character Portrait: Evelyn Marcelle
Character Portrait: Faith Elwind


Character Portrait: Faith Elwind
Faith Elwind

He is the only past I know...

Character Portrait: Evelyn Marcelle
Evelyn Marcelle

Give me your love.


Character Portrait: Faith Elwind
Faith Elwind

He is the only past I know...

Character Portrait: Evelyn Marcelle
Evelyn Marcelle

Give me your love.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Evelyn Marcelle
Evelyn Marcelle

Give me your love.

Character Portrait: Faith Elwind
Faith Elwind

He is the only past I know...

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Re: [OOC] The Madness of the Duke of Marcelle

Okay thanks. I'll pick what kind of char I want now. If I don't put up a profile today, I'll definitely have one up by tomorrow.

It's okay. Hope you're feeling better.

Re: [OOC] The Madness of the Duke of Marcelle

1. His friend's history is whatever you make of it. Maybe she was a beggar, maybe she was just a particularly kind noblewoman.

2. Yes, you may create a character not fitting those guidelines. Those were just ideas I had in my head, people I thought we should have in the harem.

3. It could be a servant as well.

Sorry for taking so long, everyone! I became sick shortly after putting this up!

Re: [OOC] The Madness of the Duke of Marcelle

I have several more questions, than I'll decide what kind of char I'll create.

1. Was social standing does The Friend have? If she knew Evelyn before he was cursed, than would that mean she was a begger too? People of different social classes really didn't interact, unless you had an upperclass citizen and his or her servent.

2. Is it okay to create a char not found on that list? Like say someone from the Middle Class?

3. And when you say commonor, is it strickly someone who lived in the slums or can it be a servant?


Re: [OOC] The Madness of the Duke of Marcelle

No I am not familiar with those animes, but I am familiar with the time frame since some of my favorite authors write about that era, so I am familiar with it. And just to make sure I am accurate, I'll be sure to read up on that again. Thanks.

Re: [OOC] The Madness of the Duke of Marcelle

First, we don't run out of positions. If I like your character sheet, I will always accept it. Evelyn's harem doesn't stay one size.

Second, I was thinking more around 1850s or 1860s.... anyone familiar with Kuroshitsuji or Godchild? Those are two animes that take place in that era...

Re: [OOC] The Madness of the Duke of Marcelle

I have a question, are we talking about the early, mid, or late 1800's? I want to make sure my char fits in the right time frame than I'll sent a char sheet, hopefully by than there will still be positions. If not, oh well.

Re: [OOC] The Madness of the Duke of Marcelle

Submitted a character...could you read my pm first though "^^

Re: [OOC] The Madness of the Duke of Marcelle

There will be no reservation of characters, nor is the RP first-come-first-served. In this RP, if I like your profile, you will be accepted. IF there are multiple applications for the same character, and I like both applications equally, I will accept them both and put one under a different, suitable name.

[OOC] The Madness of the Duke of Marcelle

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