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Karl Wiez

If intelligent people learn from their mistakes and wise ones from others. Do you really want to challenge someone that has both qualities?

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a character in “The Magefire”, as played by Magnificent.Bastard



Full Name: Karl Wiez

Nicknames/Aliases: Wise Owl, God's Eye, Wiez.

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Human with blood of the Fae running through his body.Though as far as he is concerned his eyes are the only thing he got from that side of his family

Occupation: A graduated student of the Velon's Academy of Warfare that turns out the greatest strategists and tacticians. Now he wanders playing [......](whatever the closest thing to chess is)

Description: Shoulder length dark brown hair with Violet eyes. He is 5'6" and he hopes he is still hasn't stopped growing. He is in good shape but his body couldn't take a heavy blows in any way shape or form.

Personality: Dangerously Pragmatic and a firm believer of practicality as well as repercussions for every choice made. He sees everyone as both treasure full of usefulness as well as something that can be sacrificed for whichever "greater good" he decides it will assist the most. He prefers his privacy and uses intermediaries to perform most of his duties. He keeps his thoughts to himself until it comes to actually making decisions to further his goals. He is distrustful on the verge of being paranoid. He is a shrewd business man. He uses a mix of logic and instinct in regards to most of his decisions that he's made.

Skills: He has skills in warfare, diplomacy, law, history, economics. He believes with a firm understanding of these skills will help any tribe or kingdom reign in peace at a position of irrefutable dominance.

Weaknesses: He is not skilled at combat in the least. He wishes to locate and hire many veteran warriors to instruct him and train his body for any threats that get passed his guards

Brief History: He was a servant for most of his childhood but he was lucky to work for kind people. He became friends with the child of the family and they played together. The games ranged from running around to stealing cookies for the kitchen. At the age 10 they decided it was time to grow up a bit and learned [] and began playing each other. Though Karl's friend had been acquainted to the game long before Karl himself he had an advantage but despite that, he could never beat Karl. Karl was given access to the library to read about [] but he branched out and read about all the topics that surrounded his world and shaped it. He showed promise in many fields, he was considered a prodigy even though he worked his himself ragged studying any chance he could get while playing [] with noble friends and other family matters.

He learned about economy and politics from his friends Father and how to haggle from his uncle. Having felt he had a good understanding of those things he requested to go to Daenar, Valon's Prestigious Academy of Warfare.

So begins...

Karl Wiez's Story


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"Your move, Wiez," said a voice from the other side of the table. Karl knew already, because he hadn't stared away from the Droken board even once. The one he was playing sounded annoyed. It was probably due to the fact that this was a prelude to their real game, and he was losing to Karl. It wasn't like he didn't know who he had challenged. Most people with any military background would have heard about his graduation from the Academy of Warfare and the fact that he was being scouted by many lords and even tribes.

"Right," Karl said softly as he moved his piece. "I guess I will go here then." This continued a few more moves until his opponent, Gregory Edrieck conceeded.

"I lost this one." he stated calmly with a small smile.

'Did he go easy on me to see how I played?' Karl thought to himself. The game was far from over but the fact that Gregory had conceeded at this point is that he had seen that his current loses could not recover. 'He has quite the eye for strategy and the foresight to see outcomes ahead of time. He would definitely be a difficult person to fight against in a real war.'

"You sure are as talented as the rumours say," Gregory exclaimed quite happy with the results and seeming relatively satisfied with the outcome. But I hear that you are displeased with this old fashioned game and are attempting to make a more relevant one."

"Indeed I am," responded Karl. "It represents the old capabilities of troops before magefire became so popular. And the capabilities of making a better game that also incorporates the capabilities of magefire troops shoiuld be added to the pieces of the games."

"You are talking about something similar to our holographic war room displays?"

"I am." Karl answered. "I think it would bring new depth to the game, as well as bring a realistic view of war to the people. Some people pretend that war is death when they are safe behind walls of their houses. It is also possible to find talented tacticians and strategists among the populace.

"You mean like yourself?" Gregory was aware of Karl's beginnings, most people that had the coffers as well as the influence to get questions answered could easily find out about it. It wasn't as if he was keeping it a secret.

"Maybe even more talented. You never know" Karl Wiez was seen as a genius and the thought of another genius popping up with the same background seemed so astronomically unlikely that Gregory starts to laugh softly.

"Heh heh. That would indeed be a scary opponent. You yourself are a rare talent. But I hear that you are not pleased with just being talented. You are looking to travel to the tribes and assist in quelling the small conflicts."

"You are remarkably informed, Lord Edrieck." It was true that after their War simulation he was going to depart and make his way. He just didn't like people know his whereabouts. It was good hadn't decided which way to go yet. He would decide as they were leaving. That would keep any possible people from planning anything too elaborate. Karl looked over to young yet seasoned looking woman.

He had met her while studying. He was not a few of politics and knew that one needed to get their hands dirty. He tested her capabilities by killing a few merchants that were causing problems for his adopted family. The results were splendid. He had more than enough money, due to the allowance that he was given as well as the gambling and information business he had started, to buy her services exclusively. She was hired not as an assassin but as a body guard. It was her job to look for those of her kind and deal with them accordingly should she feel it necessary. Currently Karl has been informed of no attempts on his life so far, but it is best to error on the side of caution.

Jihazi locked eyes with Karl and nodded. It was possible that there was someone within their small circle that is leaking money. That leak would have to be plugged up quickly so that worse things don't happen.

"Well shall we eat before we begin our serious duel?" Gregory said as he rubbed his stomach. Karl nodded and reminded himself that this man was not someone to underestimate.

"Sounds good to me." Karl replied with a warm smile. And with that Karl followed with Jihazi by his side continuously scanning the rooms and people.