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Kaladwen Mikoto, Daughter of Droth

Elven Princess

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a character in “The Magic Castle”, as played by xxAnimexxFreekxx


Name: Kaladwen Mikoto, Daughter of Droth
Nicknames: Miko-Chan, LaLa, Kala
Age- 15
Gender- Female
Race- Elven
Loyalty- Neutral
Hair- Blond
Eyes- Blue
Blood Type- B
Height- 5' 3"
Weight- 110 lbs.
Sexuality- Straight
Powers- Momentary blindness, Invisibility, Glamoring, Speed, controlling water (duh xD)
Element- Water
Weapons- Bow and arrows, staff, both of which she can make appear with magic
Family- Droth (Father/Dead), Alana (Mother/Dead), Ceil (Older Brother/Dead), Akemi (Younger sister/Dead)
Friends- Destiny, Calcifer, Markl, Sophi and Howell
Secrets- No one except Destiny and her parents know about her being royalty
Likes- Chocolate (she's almost always seen with chocolate), having someone care about her, animals
Dislikes- Not having anything to do, being left alone with someone she doesn't know, large groups of people
Personality- Kind, can be talked into anything easily, helps whenever she can, clumsy, outdoorsy, low self-esteem, helps when she can, when she makes a friend she sticks with them and will do anything for them, running out of her chocolate supply
Bio- She was a princess, royalty, but in a great fire her whole family died, leaving her the last of the elven royalty. Right before her fathers death he handed her the black stone, it was hope for what was to come soon with the war and all. She had pretty much always known Destiny so she just decided she'd go with her, seeing as she had nothing left at her home.
Crushes- TBA
Partner Traits- Someone who loves her no matter what she does and can help her with her low self-esteem
Fears- Being alone, being forgotten, losing her friends
Addictions/Flaws/Serious problems: When she's nervous she bites her lip, sometimes making it bleed. Always putting herself down.
Summoning Creature- A water panther
Something you always have with you- Akemi and a black stone with the character for 'peace' (和) engraved in gold on it
Pet- A small white kitten named Akemi
Appearance- Image ... pic_23.png
(Her usual form)
Image ... _anime.jpg
(Only royalty, with elves, have two forms)
Username- xxAnimexxFreekxx

So begins...

Kaladwen Mikoto, Daughter of Droth's Story