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Adris Dasul

"If I'm questioning you, that means you're in trouble"

0 · 313 views · located in Valderia

a character in “The Magic Hunters of Valderia”, as played by Dementedness


「Elementals (Mizuchi) | Male | 27 years old」
I do not own this image. All rights are reserved to their respective owner.

“If you see me inspecting you, it mostly means that you’re in great trouble.”

[font=Batang]General Info


Detective of the southern district.

「Equipment & Weapons」
.45mm calibre Glock pistols [Usually charged](2);
.45mm chargers [Contains 13 bullets each](2);
A pack of cigarette, never opened;
A lighter, brand new;
A pocket watch with a bit of rust on it, but still working perfectly;
His detective badge;
A small notebook with a small pencil;
A pouch of water.

Physical Description

「Skin Color」
Lightly tan

「Hair Color」

「Eye color」
Blue sky

Standing at around 6’, Adris weights around 152 lbs. While his hair is short, it is usually in a big mess and as in a result being very thick. His body is a bit slender; skinny, but lacks of muscular mass. There is noticeable marks on his neck that resembles like gills, which is why he earned the nickname of shark around the workplace and school. Thos marks are believed to be birth marks. It is a shade redder than his skin as if it was only burned on him. He usually wears an all-black outfit which includes the suit and tie, pants, shoes and coat. There is also holsters on each of his sides, between his arm and chest. His other equipment is hidden in his various pocket, often changing of places in the course of the day.

When comes to his true form, Adris becomes a serpentine dragon. His long and stretched body reaches around 70 ft. in length. His back side scales are of a deep blue color while his larger belly side scales are of a white color. Despite from his serpentine body, he has very small hands and feet that acts as articulated fins, helping him to swim his massive body. His eyes are still of the same color, though his pupils are more slit like a lizard. He has gills that helps him to breathe underwater


On duty, Adris is a much lifeless as the rest of his peers. He won’t be much friendly with people, especially with those who are the suspect of some case that he is assigned for. On his time off, it seems that he looks the world in a new way. He has this kind of awe of the world that is around him as if he was still a child in his mind. However, he doesn’t go about and cause trouble. He’s the more of the passive thinker kind. Adris is a very serious guy and often don’t get a joke, no matter how obvious the latter is. Another thing is that he always seem to be a collected and calm person, but he it is easily noticeable when he is angry even if his facial expression doesn’t change much. It will be in his gestures and way of talking that changes the most. In example, if he is angry, his tone will get a bit harsher and he will move more rudely.

+Chocolate chips cookies (esp. the soft-baked kind)


Skill & Abilities

[Arcane] Elementalist: as part of the Mizuchi family, Adris is able to do such abilities:
[Active/Ability] Hydrokinesis: The manipulation of water. It includes moving and lifting water mass, solidification, vaporization, condensation and sublimation of water. It also works on other liquids.
Weakness: The more water mass he uses, the more it is tiring.

[Active/Ability] Shapeshifting: under the right conditions, Adris can shift between his human form and his serpentine dragon form.
Weakness: The shapeshifting can only take place in order that he is in the right environment. He can’t just shape back into his humanoid form in the middle of the ocean nor can he go in his serpentine dragon on land.

[Passive/Ability] Serpentine Dragon: As it is said, under this creature form Adris is able to explore the deeps of oceans thanks to collapsible organs. He can also adapt his vision to the very low light and use a passive electrolocation to detect other live forms that might be out of his field of view or during complete darkness.
Weakness: This ability doesn’t work under his human form. Like human eyes, it takes a bit to adapt his eyes to light variance. Electrolocation is useless if the electricity is contained such as the pulse can’t travel to him. He can only use it inside of a water mass. The inhibition of electric currents can also confuse him to think it is a being.

[Active/Ability] Breath weapon – Water: As a serpentine dragon, Adris’ breath weapon is literally water. Although it sounds useless, the stream that Adris can create is such that it can punch through steel easily as it creates an amount of psi above 100000 psi. The stream is continuous in water, reaches up to 25 meters (80 feet) and has a radius of only 1.5 meters (5 feet)
Weakness: The stream’s power decreases over distance. Such as if you’re right up his nose, you’ll take the full blast of the stream, but if you’re in the safe 25 meters radius, you’ll feel almost nothing. On land, this weapon can only be used for 10 seconds and he would need to rehydrate himself afterward unless if he wants to die from severe dehydration. This ability can be only used in his serpentine form.

[Training] Detective: As a member of the police force in the south district, Adris received a good training to serve his people. Through his training he developed such skills:
[Passive/Skills] Gunmanship: He has been trained to multiple firing weapons. And such, his aiming is precise and the manipulation of most guns are correct.
Weakness: It doesn’t include explosive-based weapons (in example: Grenade launcher, bazooka, etc…)

[Passive/Skills] Investigation & Interrogation: Adris has an acute sense of finding evidences on a crime scene and find himself to be persuasive during questioning.
Weakness: It doesn’t mean that the information that he’ll gather will be truthful.

[Passive/Ability] Stamina: through hard physical training, he had shown to be able to keep his endurance longer than a normal being of his physical.
Weakness: Despite that, lifting over 30 lbs reveals to be a chore for him.

「Other weakness」

Due to his affinity to water, he dehydrate quicker than a normal human.



「Home Country」
The United Teker States

「Home Town」
Katren; This small town near the coast of an ocean. It is known for its port since it is the only place where people can freely trade in The United Tekers State.

Adris’ birth isn’t known to people, and he doesn’t know himself. When he asked about it, he always pointed towards the ocean. People didn’t quite believe him since most of them doesn’t believe that someone could be born in water. It also had been proven that there was nothing special in the ocean so far. People supposed that he was only a lost child and so posters and notices popped up in the known land, but nobody answered to the call. He was soon given to a foster family whom welcomed the kid warmly.

Despite that minor detail, Adris had a normal childhood. He got to go to the public school and hang out with beings of his age. He was first picked on because of his gills marking, calling all sort of names related to fishes. It wasn’t until he shows signs of violence, and more specifically when he beat up a kid that he earned the nickname of shark. Like a shark, he was feared to strangers that didn’t know him, but people that learned who he is started to get more friendly and close to him. He did got suspended for it, though, but it never happened afterward. He was known to be a bit shy as well, but he was always nice to people that was nice to him.

Unlike Tekers, Adris wasn’t huge on technology. He liked to look around in his world in awe – being very curious –, but he couldn’t be smart enough to learn about all the little details that makes up this world of his. It didn’t bothered him much since there was other things to do in Katren. He enrolled to become a detective in which he was accepted due to his overall good marks in school.

Adris used to go swim alone when there was an opportunity to do so. He often did it in the day, but when the rumours got around about a monster living in the depth of the ocean and it is said to look to destroy ships, Adris started to do it at night. He like to swim a lot, and especially in his serpentine form. He thought that he would get questioned if they knew that he could do it. He tried to be secretive about his abilities, which is why he go swim alone. If he needs to go in a group, he would avoid to transform at any cost. The rumours never caught on to actually survey the waters near the town more regularly as it is now.

Adris had been at his profession since the first day after his school time. He wasn’t a full-time detective at first. As any beginner, he was assigned with a more experimented detective until he learned the real drills and bits of the job. Unlike his colleague, Adris is more of the quiet thinker. He spends more of his time outside of the office to think of the case. If he had anything interesting in his mind, he would write down in the little notepad he carries around everything. The thoughts that are written range from theories about the case to how good the coffee was this morning. It is almost like a personal book for himself to write. The profession slowly hardened his feelings, but keeps having the awe of a child about the world.

So begins...

Adris Dasul's Story


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It was late at night. Adris was still working on a case back at the office. He was sat there, in the lone light coming from his lamp with only the sound of the clock ticking to make him remember that time have passed. He was looking at the files, thinking about the murder that just happened. The cause of it was still not confirmed, but people have hypnotised that someone probably stabbed through the body with katars. Adris wasn’t of the same thinking way since he has yet to see someone using katars. It was mostly because of the invention of the guns that those weapons have stopped to be common. Yet, it could be plausible, but he still think there was something more about the case…

“Working hard, Shark?” The old but rough voice of his superior was heard. Adris raised his eyes up to see his boss. He was about 50 years or so, but was still in a good shape despite his age.

“You never know when there is a clue.” Adris responded as he stood up, putting his coat on. “It is getting late. I’ll probably work on it some more tomorrow.”

“You know, you should get some rest sometimes.” This sentence surprised Adris who he looked at his boss like if it was a joke. His boss shook his head, smiling faintly. “You’re always working. It depresses me to see you working so hard, unlike others. I think you need it as well. It has been months since you took a day off.”

“I’m always at my job b-“ He was cut off as the boss wiggled his finger around.

“Tomorrow, I don’t want to see you here. Understood?” He asked in a first voice. Adris only nodded. His boss patted his shoulder. “I’m doing this for your good, okay? If you really have nothing to be done, just pass to Solaria. They have their annual summer fair. I’m sure you’ll like it. ”

“Thank you boss.” Adris said, only showing a small smile. They both made their way out of the office. The old man locked the door and gave a last small wave at Adris. Adris did the same.

The sun was unbelievably bright this morning. He never seen the sun that bright, but it is maybe due to the sun is mostly hidden with clouds from where he is due to the industrial activity. Either way, it was magnificent. Adris could only feel the child inside of him just wanting to skip around in the streets. Although, as an adult, he didn’t want to appear childish in front of everyone.

He finally stepped out of the air boat that transported him. Despite the rumors that he heard the Tekers said, he always wanted to see Solaria from his own eyes. And he wasn’t so displeased. Due to the summer festival, everything looked so colorful. He walked down the streets, looking around with his small smile. He didn’t want to stop at all. However, want made him stop is when he stumbled upon the GMHO stand.

He heard many things of the GMHO, but never actually saw one of their recruiting stand. He always thought that they were adventuring in dangerous places. And it shows by how people say that most of them die trying to get rich. What bothers him is that they are magic hunters. Being an elemental, he felt it was somehow messing with the course of things. However, he had to agree that they already done it with the Tekers industrialisation. Either way, he said down far from the stand, but near enough to listen to what they have to say. He looked up into the sky, still admiring on how beautiful it was.


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A train comes rolling into a station, slowly grinding to a stop. with a hiss, the train’s doors slide open. “Kiergestein, Kiergestein station. Please watch your step when getting of the train.” the message repeats itself a few times more as the passengers stream out of the train and onto the station. As the train empties out., a metallic figure hops out of the exit, landing onto platform with a thud. “Wow, that was a long train ride. Almost succumbed to boredom on the way here.” The figure said. “Now, how do i get to the central square?” With that question in mind, he went asking around, but many were reluctant to mention anything at all, besides a friendly elderly lady whom he suspected had a case of bad eyesight. Nonetheless, she detailed him the exact way to get to the centre from where he was. Thanking the elderly lady, he made his way there, stopping briefly to buy a newspaper.

“Hey, didja hear? Some nutter fired a few shots at a cat in central square.””Yeah yeah, heard that already. get with the times rog my buddy.” Is what a middle aged men said to another. “Reading this newspaper will have to wait.”Gainsboro said as he tucked the newspaper under his right arm, and continued on his way towards the centrum. Each step fast and with purpose, The click-clacking sound his metal feet made upon the cobblestone street audible enough to attract numerous looks during his brisk walk. When he finally made it to the square He noticed three glaringly obvious things.

One: The very flamboyant performer on stage who looked highly annoyed by the rabbit kindred next to him.
Two: The most diverse group of all time was gathered around one spot.
Three: The Grey, gargantuan women who held a sign which looked small in her hands, up in the air which had "Super Awesome Magic Hunters Recruitment." crudely written on it. “Truly, a toddler could have done a better job of writing it”. Is what he thought.

He but away his still unread newspaper in his slingbag and retrieved his Proof of assignment letter from the main United Keter States GMHO branch. He made his way to the extraordinary group, his foot falls ever audible as walked around the group until he saw the person next to the giant of a women, a relatively tall, well built man who wore his hair in a tail, who he just saw slamming two stacks of paper on the table, giving the shortest disclaimer he ever heard and introducing himself as Hugo and his feline companion as Felix.

"The party will be acting as an official expedition party that will act on the behalf of the GMHO and because of this I cannot divulge the details of the expedition in public or to non party members. If the circumstances were different I would be free to tell everything, but the GMHO doesn't like people knowing everything about what they do and I'd like to keep my license and my life. You are also required to sign either a two month or four month contract to join the party so that you will be able to receive the necessary visas. So who wants to get rich or die a horrendous and painful death trying?" After he finished talking, and after letting various people including the bunnygirl respond to Hugo, Gainsboro addressed the man.

“Sir. I have been newly assigned to you by the main Teker GMHO branch.” He says as he holds out his assignment letter. “My name is Variable Proto System, Grand Walker Frame III; “Gainsboro Twelve”. You may call me Gainsboro Twelve. Am i also required to fill in these forms, and is there anything i can assist you with at the moment, sir?” He asked, his voice somewhat altered through the voice box behind his faceplate, and slightly muffled by the faceplate itself.


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June 21--10:35 AM
Kergstien, Solarian Empire

By the time the Huntsmaster-to-be had finished speaking and sent confetti flying everywhere, Michael was staring at him with a confounded look. This man did...not seem quite right in the head. He was rather spontaneous, and as far as Michael could see, not entirely trustworthy. And just what was he doing, talking to his cat?

But one thing was clear: Hugo would not be giving him any more information. Combing the confetti and streamers out of his short, pink hair, Michael turned around and started walking away without giving much of a farewell at all. As soon as he was sure he was out of eyesight of the crowd at the booth, however, he glanced backwards, and for a fraction of a second, his eye flashed orange once more, allowing him to see the magic signatures of everyone at that stand.

And good heavens, there were plenty of tremendously powerful people there! The "statue" lady, the Huntsmaster, a young lady with white hair, even a man in a black suit who sat a small distance from the booth...actually, whether the man in the suit was involved, Michael didn't know, but that wasn't the any case, he could see that the power flowing through their bodies exceeded both his and Thomas' at normal levels.

Just as Michael was wondering why so many powerful people had come to this Hunting Party in particular, his thought process was interrupted by metallic clanking--and he looked up barely in time to see what appeared to be a robotic suit walking past. For a few moments, Michael continued to stare in awe while it marched to the booth--and then, he made up his mind about something.

Rushing into a dark alley, he raised a hand to his bracelet and made a short yet urgent conversation with someone else. "...Yes. I understand. I'll tell him right away." After that was over, he made another call, this time to Thomas.


Thomas, meanwhile, was bowing to his audience with a triumphant smile on his face. The show had gone with no further distractions, and his fans were very pleased--though Thomas himself had panicked internally when the loud robotic suit had gone past, but thankfully his Fan Service had not been ignored.

The people around him were now shouting for an encore performance, and Thomas was about to reply when he noticed the violet gem on his bracelet flashing. Although rather annoyed, this time, he knew something important was going on. "Ah, hold on a moment, my fans. Your encore will begin shortly." Raising a hand one more time, he packed the puppets into the dark violet box and rushed away, where he could continue his conversation in peace. "What is it, Michael? I need to do an encore!"

"Well, I'm sorry, but your Fan Service must wait a bit longer," his younger brother's voice retorted. "Listen, Thomas. There was a booth next to your show--remember it? Where that crazy man shot at his cat?"

"Yes, what about it?" Thomas asked impatiently.

There was a pause on the other side of the line. Then, "We would like you to join that man's Hunting Party."

"Pfft, I'm too busy for-" Thomas suddenly stopped dead in his tracks and stared at the bracelet as though it had turned into a jellyfish. "Wait, WHAT?! Why would I need to do that?!"

Michael's voice continued, but the voices were getting louder around his end, so he probably was re-entering the main square. "Most of the people looking to be in that Hunting Party are extremely strong. That level of strength is exactly what Fath..." The words suddenly halted, and in that moment, Thomas bowed his head rather miserably while Michael resumed speaking in a shakier voice. "...what we are looking for. So...he asked you to join."

"Well, why not you? I've got work to do!" Even though what Michael almost said had dampened his spirits, Thomas was still rather determined not to go.

"There's still one week of classes left, so I can't go. And, well, you...know why we can't send Christopher.'" Another silence fell between the brothers before Michael finally resumed talking. "Well, in any case, you're the only one out of us that can go. So, I'll ask the Huntsmaster if you can enter. Get back to the square, alright? You can do your encore after we're finished."

Finally, Thomas reluctantly agreed and headed back towards the center of the city.


Right. This should work out fine. Michael, at this point, had reached the booth again, and raised a hand to call attention to himself. "Excuse me, sir," he called to Hugo. "I will not be joining your Hunting Party myself just yet, but could I reserve a spot for someone else?"


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Hugo quickly leafed through the contracts. After seeing that everything was in order Hugo straightened out the pile with a few quick taps. “A good days work, and nice bundle of fresh heads.” Hugo smiled and let out a deep sigh. From the depths of his pockets Hugo pulled out his bronze pocket watch and flipped it open, 10:45. Hugo quickly snapped it shut and addressed the troll, “You shouldn’t worry about leaving today. I have to run these contracts to the local GMHO office to create the party roster and register everyone here under my jurisdiction and leadership. Now if I can get these contracts in before they close early,we should be able to leave tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon at the latest.”

A loud canon of a laugh boomed across the crowd from the back. “Ah but the office is already closed! We decided not to open at all today, after all it is the summer solstice festival!” A large, dark skinned man made his way up to the front. “I could smell the fear and eradicated fantasies from across the city and I knew only one magic hunter could destroy so many hopes and dreams with a few introductory remarks. How the hell have you been?”

The large man grabbed Hugo, hugging, lifting and crushing all at the same time, “You’re crushing me,” the Huntsmaster groaned.

The man released Hugo from his bear hug, “Sorry ‘bout that, I sometimes don’t know my own strength.” Hugo wheezed for air and coughed, “It’s nice to see you too, I see you haven’t lost your touch.”

The large man picked up the stack of contracts and weighed it in his palm. “My, my, I have to say this a larger stack than usual, have you gone soft or have you just lost your touch?”

Hugo avoided the larger man’s inquisitive look and joking smile, “No, I’m just … working with different terms.”

A jovial “Ha” was blasted into the air and the man slapped Hugo across the back, “So what you mean is that HQ decided that you were being too morbid and gave you a recruitment quota. It’s a shame really, it was always entertaining seeing you widdle an entire crowd down to a few candidates.”

The man began looking over the contracts and signed the top contract, “Hey, what the hell are you doing?”

“I’m giving you and your party a speed boost.”

Hugo stared at the man, “I don’t think your signature can threaten to beat people up.” “Well the being the chairman of the Southern Solarian District does add some important weight to my name.” Hugo looked at his friend with shock, “That’s right; gaze upon Chairman Brutus of the GMHO!"

“Wait, your last name is Brutus?”

“No, Brutus is my given name and only name.” Brutus handed back the contracts, “Bring the contracts first thing tomorrow morning and I can guarantee that the office will get the party roster registered within the hour. So enjoy yourself and try to catch the parade. They’re trying make a big show for one of the magi, so it will be fantastic. See ya soon!”

“Fill in all the blanks that ask for your information.” Hugo gave the line jumper a contract and moved her aside, “Hey Morgan, I see you found Felix, I hope he hasn’t tapped anything he shouldn’t have.” Hugo pulled out the remaining contracts, “So I’m assuming you and your friend are here for the sign ups. Cool stuff, just fill out the required spots and we will be —” Hugo was suddenly interrupted by a blast of chilled air as three dark purple pillars of light that came from an expanding pitch black cloud struck the ground a few near the Kriegstein senate. Hugo drew his revolver and scowled, “You have to be shitting me.”

The streets were on fire with black and green flames that flickered from the impact site. The city guards encircled the mass of robed madmen and their ironclad leader. A simple and hollow command echoed from the suit of armor, “Kill them.” A deathly howl rang out from the mass and the mob descended upon the guards like a wave of madness. “Kill them all, kill them in the name of the devourer.” Civilians ran away from the blood thirsty cultists who easily cut them down with their twisted and grotesque blades. “The spell casters and the blood circle is ready. She shall truly have a feast tonight. But, my liege, are you sure they will be able to spill enough blood in order to force the contract?”

A simple and chilling laugh rang from the blackened helm, “If they cannot spill enough, I’m sure that the hot blooded fool will be able to compensate for what will be needed.” “I heard you were talking shit. Dreadlord Ezekiel, it is time for you to atone for your sins against the creations of the life walkers.” The dreadlord turned to face the challenger, “I figured you would show yourself, you sorry excuse for a magi.”

The magi’s face turned crimson red with rage, “This ends now. May your soul burn for all of eternity. Gergamel, GIVE ME STRENGTH!” The magi charged at the dreadlord with a loud and piercing battle cry. After a few minutes of intense fighting the dreadlord jumped back. “Face it Ezechiel, it’s over, you’ve lost!”

A faint chuckle echoed from the dreadlord’s helm, “I would beg to differ; it’s you who has lost.”

The magi stared at the dreadlord in bewilderment, and then it him, he was standing right in the middle of a blood circle. “No, how did you—”

“I’m very careful at spilling my own blood. Well it was fun while it lasted but I’m afraid it's time for you to die. ENCASE!” The magi was suddenly surrounded by ribbons of blood that encircled and bound his body. “May your soul bring nourishment to her body. CRUCIFY!” a large metal spike rose from the ground empaling the magi.

“Damn you Ezech—,” From the sides of the spike shot out two arms that formed the bloody crucifix. The magi’s body squirmed and then exploded into a shower of blood that covered the dreadlord and his spellcasters.

From the mangled corpse emerged the great spirit Gergamel. The spellcasters slammed their staffs into the ground, as the murmured their incantations. Five scarlet ribbons of blood emerged from the bloodied streets and bound the fearful spirit. The dreadlord drew his sword and cut off his right hand. With mock grandeur, he waved the bleeding arm as if he was signing his name on a large sheet of paper. “FORCE CONTRACT!” the spirit howled in pain as its form was being absorbed by the stump of the dreadlord. In a bright flash of light the spirit was gone and the body of the dreadlord was restored. The dreadlord unleashed a maniacal laugh, “I can feel its power course through my veins, my god does this feel wonderful.”

“My liege, would you like to lead the eradication of the city?”

“I have finished my business in this petty sacrifice. Spell casters, we return to our fortress. Message the rest of the group; tell them that they may stay and feast upon the flesh of innocents.” The spell casters nodded and launched a glowing red projectile into the air. The dreadlord raised his sword into the air and they disappeared into the smoky haze, while his minions bore down on city, leaving trails of blood and half eaten corpses.


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June 21--10:45 AM
Kergstien, Solarian Empire

Watching the two men bicker with each other, Thomas sighed and looked around; it was still morning, so the hours would go by slowly. "Well, we'll have plenty of time to kill, eh?" he murmured. "Well. I'll be over there, giving my Fans the encore they wanted. If you need me, please wait until the show's over." And he began to walk away, back to where the box of puppets was waiting.

Immediately, the fans cheered, but there were still questions running around about his joining the Magic Hunters. Would they ever give him a rest about it? Thomas sighed and raised his hands to obtain his fans' attention. "I have only decided to seek out the Magic for the good of our Solarian Empire, my friends, as well as our allies across Valderia. That is the best Fan, the best service at all I could give to this land." Of course, it sounded rather hollow to him, but he tried to ignore that.

However, the puppets had barely risen out of his box when a cold wind burst past him and his fans, causing some to lose their footing--even Thomas had to grab onto the edge of the box to steady himself. Looking up, he saw three pillars of dark purple pillars of light emitting from further down the street, as black clouds swirled high above the city. "What the hell--?"

His bracelet flashed, and he raised it to hear Michael's voice. Most of his fans were looking in the other direction, pointing and gasping in horror at this new spectacle, so he was in no danger of being observed by them. "Thomas, I don't know what's going on, but a great quantity of powerful magic signatures dropped into that area. Something big and bad is happening."

"I can see that, Michael," the puppeteer hissed. Pointing at the puppets, he gestured towards the box, and they flew towards it--but instead of putting themselves away, they instead picked up swords, shields, and spears. "You can do whatever you want--I'm going to ensure my fans are safe," Thomas declared firmly.

Pointing in the other direction, he ordered the crowd of his admirers to head off, and turned back towards the pillars of dark light, as his puppets began to assemble themselves in front of him in defensive postures. "But, man...this is terrifying. It's like a freaking apocalypse right now..." Suddenly, Thomas thought he could see figures clad in dark robes murdering and mutilating all who were unfortunate enough to get caught up in the chaos. Cold sweat dripped down the back of his neck; it now seemed apparent that he was about to be swept up into something terrible.


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After giving a bit more of thoughts, Adris had enough about the GMHO. From what he heard and from what he thought, he wasn’t quite convinced to give into a suicidal activity. Besides, he already had something to occupy himself. His job won’t do it itself. Despite that, he decided to enjoy more of the summer solstice festival. He did enjoy it so far; the scent, the colors, the joy in the air and all made his somewhat happy.

He would walk down the streets a bit blindly, but with a small smile on his face. When he found himself down to a plaza. He saw a fountain and walked up to it. He cupped his hand into the water, and bring it close to his face. He needed to hydrate himself after all. Once he threw his head back from this, he heard screams of terror. He looked around as the people looked all at the same direction and pointed up. He did the same. He could no feel the blast of chilled air and the three dark purple pillars of light. He didn’t like this at all.

He turned to the civilians: “Run away! For Sele’s sake, Run!” The civilians look at him in terror first, completely frozen, but it is when he pulled out his gun that they started to run away. Adris sighed, looking back at the spires, then the fountain. He knew something wasn’t right. However, he waited for a bit, making sure it wasn’t just a show the solstice put up.

His confirmation came when some people got out of the streets and some cultist went to feed on them. Adris’ eyes widened a bit, but stayed calm. He looked up at the fountain and bit his lips. He then draw his gun to the cultist and in a swift movement he would press on the trigger, a bullet went direction into the cultist’s head. The mother of the group looked terrified to the deaths of her husband as she held her children close. Adris noticed her to move away, which she did.

Once it was clear, he would bring back his attention to the water. He rose his hands from it. “May my actions won’t be looked upon.” He soon gathered all the water into a giant mass of water. It almost covered all the plaza. He let out a scream of pain as it was hard to keep it in control. He soon threw it towards the spires, which in consequence made waves into the streets. He hoped that his actions would wipe any or those creatures out of the place, and eventually die of drowning. He felt lighter and tired. He reached for his water bottle, which he drank from it. He wasn’t sure what his attack caused for damage.

Afterward, he decided to see if there anybody left around. He started to walk fast since it is the most he could do now. He still heard screams of terror and pain in which helped him to know where they might be. He soon gave up and climbed on some boxes, which stacked to a roof top. From there he would take one of his gun and aim down towards the mass of noise. His vision was a bit blurred and his aim wasn’t very good. Despite that, he still took the risk as he shoot towards the mass of cultist, noticing that he wasn’t sure if any of his shoots reached them. After he emptied his magazines, he would fall unconscious there with his exhaustion finally reaching him.


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June 21--10:50 AM
Kergstien, Solarian Empire

The red strings in the air let out sharp noises as the puppets struck at the cultists, whose robes were soaked in the blood of their victims. "Come on! Keep pushing!" Thomas shouted, hands continuing to wave. "Don't let them get through!" His violet left eye was flashing with the magic augmentation, and the puppets were able to dodge the attacks and strike back more easily.

Two puppets flew back as Michael's rock golem punched at one of the cultists, who quickly dodged and got ready to counterattack--but Michael's hand thrust upwards, and the earth beneath the cultist responded, skewering the area where the cultist would have been had he not dodged again. By this time, however, it was impossible for him to dodge so many things at once, and the puppets surged back, driving both their weapons into him. "Another one down," Thomas murmured, raising his bracelet--

--but he had spoken far too soon, for the cultist suddenly let out a cackle and abruptly stood up, with the weapons still inside him. Terrified, the brothers quickly called their minions back, but too late--the blood all around the cultist, whether it was his or not, suddenly flashed bright red, and iron spears burst all around him, stabbing through the rock golem and destroying it, as well as the two puppets. With a murderous look, the cultist raised his twin sai and leaped towards the brothers.

After recovering a bit from his initial shock, Michael vaulted backwards and caused the stones in front of them to rise, impeding the cultist's movement enough for Thomas to command what was left of the two destroyed puppets and hurl them at the cultist, while triggering the magic inside them to explode. With a violet flash, the cultist's body was no more.

"Tch, we could have absorbed the magic in that guy's body if he had been left intact," Thomas muttered angrily. "And, time for the rest of you bastards..." Glaring at the three remaining cultists, he raised a hand, and the puppets brandished their weapons, seeming to burn brighter with violet...and at the same time, they seemed to look more malevolent and frightening. "You cost me two of my puppets, you know. I hope you're prepared to take on my true Fan Service!"

Michael, meanwhile, was preparing to summon another rock golem, when a bullet suddenly whizzed past his head and into one of the cultist's chests (unfortunately, said cultist did not die, and instead began to cackle and go on an insane rampage). Looking up to see where the bullet had come from, he noticed a black-haired man on a rooftop firing guns at the cultists...but his aim really was terrible, Michael thought, as he saw the bullets fire into the stones that made up the street, rather than the cultists.

Looking a bit further, he saw the man seemed rather exhausted...and there were cultists approaching the building he was standing upon. Oh, no. Raising a hand, Michael pointed at the ground directly in front of him, and another golem--of a different shape, and green-gray stone this time--burst from the rocks, immediately charging at the cultists and raising a fist. It punched the ground, sending a shockwave through the earth that delayed the cultists long enough for Michael and his golem to catch up. Hopefully it didn't knock the black-haired man with the guns off the rooftop, though.


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“I kind of regret buying this now.” Was what he thought, as Gainsboro came to the back page of the newspaper he had so casually been reading. It didn’t contain much interesting news aside from one particular article. It was about about a man who refused to come out of his neighbour’s dog kennel. At first the owner was under the impression that the man had gotten himself stuck in there for some reason, but it wasn’t until the neighbour refused not only his help, but also refused to get out, that the owner called the local law enforcers to have the neighbour removed from his kennel. It was afterwards that they found out the dog kennel was exponentially bigger on the inside than it was on the outside.

Gainsboro rummaged through his slingbag, looking for a pen. When he found it, he flipped his newspaper around and started to do a crossword puzzle. If one were to ask if he enjoyed doing them, he’d answer with “no” every time. However, he thought he’d at least be able to pass time while doing them, since he hated doing nothing more than anything. As Gainsboro got halfway through his puzzle, he noted that a young man in garish clothes and pink hair, similar to the performer on stage, had seated himself next to him. Neither of the two made an effort to communicate to the other, merely waiting for either one to start a conversation. It made Gainsboro feel somewhat on edge. Eventually he got enough of it and he was about to ask the fellow for a thirteen letter word that meant miscellaneous articles. He knew it was the word “paraphernalia”, but he wanted to ask the man beside him just to break the ice.

A sudden blast of air jerked the newspaper out of his left hand and blew it right into his faceplate. The mildly humorous sight of it would have made a great way to start a conversation, but not in this situation. Not under the oppressive, and grim atmosphere that even penetrated his frame to the core. No, such a malicious aura demanded the attention of all, and one could not help but oblige. Throwing the newspaper that obstructed his sight into the wind, he directed his attention towards the conspicuous group occupying the centre of the plaza. the figure in the middle, the one he’d personally refer to as “Head Honcho”, gave a simple but resolute, order: “Kill them.” And as if to add to that he said: “Kill them all, kill them in the name of the devourer.”

It was as if he had found himself amidst pandemonium; the screams of the innocent and of their assailants. Gainsboro wasted no time and dug a box full of bullets out of his bag, and dumped them into his left pocket. Taking his revolver out of his holster, he cocked back the hammer and marched towards a sizeable group of madmen, about 12 large. In the mere moments it took Gainsboro to prepare and approach them, they had already slaughtered and feasted upon their victims. Disgusted, he aimed his revolver at the savages and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit the nearest savage, whom subsequently collapsed onto the floor, most likely dead. Four more shots were fired, and an equal amount of cultists dropped. Unloading the empty shells, he rapidly loaded five new bullets into the cylinder. Even though Gainsboro had expected the group to rush him as he reloaded, he however, was surprised they did it while he was still reloading. And they did it seemingly without fear or hesitation. It didn’t matter though, he wasn’t frightened either. He felt completely safe in his mechanical frame.

He grasped the hilt of his second leftmost sword in anticipation to the brute who rushed him, and shot down the two who were behind him. The brute in front had finally closed the distance and attempted a wild overhead slash. It was then that Gainsboro, drew his sword, and with an arc, cleaved through his assailants sword arm and neck like butter, decapitating them.
As the body dropped to the ground, the four that remained continued their rush towards him.
Gainsboro deflected a sword with his own, while trying to shoot a particularly nasty cultist wielding a hammer. The first shot missed it’s target, as the last two cultists tried to body check him to the ground, but he absorbed the blow well due to his weight, and managed to hit the hammer wielding cultist with the second shot, downing him.

Quickly taking a few steps back, He holstered his gun, and smacked the sword of the leftmost brute out of his hand. The other two didn’t sit still and swung at Gainsboro again, one which was quickly blocked with his wrist guard and the last impacted onto his forearm, leaving a minor indentation. Kicking back the cultist that marred his forearm, He rammed the second one away and plunged his sword into the cultist he had disarmed. Kicking him of his sword, he quickly slashed behind him, cleaving a cultist from the shoulder down to his collarbone. Gainsboro tried to pull out his sword, but was interrupted by a sword thrust at his left flank, which didn’t puncture, grazing the steel, and cutting through the fabric of his coat. Angered by this, he grasped the man’s head with his right hand, and gave him a solid punch with his left, knocking him down, but not unconscious. As he tried to stand back up, Gainsboro already loomed over him. He stomped down on his head numerous times, until his head no longer resembled one.

With his assailants dead, he retrieved his sword and reloaded his revolver. He had no time to reflect on his rendezvous with the cultists however, as he heard gunshots going off behind him. Turning towards the sound, Gainsboro saw a in the distance, man standing on top of a roof. He discharged his gun into a crowd of cultists, before promptly collapsing. Some shots hit their intended target, however, many went wide. Witnessing that, and the large group of cultists drawing closer to the man, he felt he needed to help him. He however thought it wouldn’t be wise to fight that group- one which was far larger than the previous he had fought- alone. That, and he didn’t know the condition the collapsed man was in. He then decided he’d use his trump card to hinder the cultists, grab the man and get them to a safe distance from them.

Gainsboro had quite the distance to run. The slits in his faceplate lit up a violent red, as he directed a stronger current through his legs and, sped off towards the group, kicking up broken tiles with every step. As he got close enough, Gainsboro skidded to a rumbling halt, sliding in front of the group. With a twist of the body and flourish, he crossed his hands in front of him like a fan. He shot an electrical bolt, emitting an actinic glow, from each finger. Before the bolts could hit, he crossed his hands again, shooting another actinic barrage. The bolts impacted into numerous places, near instantly paralysing whatever body part it hit, and caused all of the cultists in that group to fall down.

Gainsboro never expected this to work as well as it did just now, and was still wondering why everything shuddered so much. It was then that he noticed the earthen construct a few meters behind the cultists, whose fist was planted into the ground, as if he had just struck it.


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Fear, blood, flesh, and chaos. Truly this effigy and orgy of violence should appease her. The three cultists relished themselves in the moment as they approached the closing gates. The guardsmen unleashed a hail of gunfire to slow their advance as they desperately moved to close the massive gates. With a loud clang the gates were sealed and the remaining guards men beckoned their comrades on the top of the gates to let down the escape lines. Panic quickly turned to desperation as the three cultist showed no signs of stopping, even though they should have been very dead. The center cultists smiled and stopped his brethren, “Leave these pathetic mortals to me.” The other two stepped back and smiled as they watched the blubbering guards screamed for their comrades to save them.

The cultist’s eyes began glowing a deep red as the flesh under his skin began squirming. The pain from his bones realigning themselves was gut wrenching and he could feel the skin strain to contain the rapidly growing muscle. The cultist unleashed an ear piercing cry which was drowned out by rising blood as the skin burst open to make way for his new and terrifying body. He was now a large and bulky testament to limitless strength and raw flesh with arms that were twice their original size. The guards trembled in terror as the crimson mass charged through their new hail of bullets unscathed. The hulking beast tore them apart as if they were made of soggy tissues and disposed of their mutilated bodies in his gaping mouth.

The behemoth wiped the blood from his mouth and turned to face the massive steel crucifix that occupied the center of the city, “Do you think there is more flesh to consume near the ground zero?” “Of course, now lets get there before the others eat more than their own share.”

They were oh so close, but the pack must have caught their scent. Just one more block to the crucifix and to the rendezvous point. Brutus shoved the shotgun into the cultist's mouth and unloaded both rounds. The cultist's head exploded, releasing a torrent of blood and brains. Brutus reached into the opened head cavity and ripped out a strange throbbing organ. Brutus stared at it for a short while and crushed it in his hand. The body of the cultist suddenly burst into harmless green fire and all remnants of the cultist vanished without a trace. Brutus smirked and turned turned to his personal kill team, "Make sure you destroy their synapse or they won’t stay dead for long.”

Brutus ejected the two shell as he walked up to the cold and bloody steel crucifix that towered above him. “It’s a damn shame, he was the better man. He deserved better than this.” One of the remaining veteran hunters ran up to him, “Sir the city has been sealed and word is that the purge squads are already on their way.” Brutus scowled as he reloaded,

“Well is the train company holding true to their word?” The veteran nodded, “The Eleven O’clock will be fifteen minutes late, but it will it still arrive. They said that the longer we can hold the station the longer the train will wait. But chairman, are you sure about the deal with the governor, he could use go back on his word and prevent the train from leaving the city.” Brutus smiled, “I doubt he will, after all he will want us alive to fulfill our end of the bargain. Where’s Tellus? We need to hook up to the city broadcasting system.” The veteran hung his head, “He’s dead, got nailed by a bone spike.” Brutus’s eyes widened, “They’re already shifting? Well god damn, they’re getting better at mutating themselves. Well is the radio still intact?”

The veteran nodded and handed Brutus the microphone, “Tellus hooked it all up before he bled out, he said that we needed to get the message out.” Brutus sighed, “Let’s not let his death be in vain,” Brutus turned to face the remaining Hunters with him, “Remember guys the survivors won’t be the only ones hearing it, so lets be prepared for the worst.” Brutus raised the microphone to his mouth and waited for the operator to give him the go ahead, “Attention all living members of the intelligent races,” Brutus paused to listen his voice being echoed and projected by the city.

“Due to the presence of a dark cult the city has been sealed off and placed under quarantine. All gates have been sealed and a magical barrier has been placed around the city preventing any other means of conventional escape. That being said there will be an escape vessel arriving at the central train station within thirty minutes. Due to the violent nature of the cult the train will not be able to stay for very long, that is why we recommend that all survivors make their way to the central station as quickly as possible. To all hunters and contractees, protocol twenty-four has been invoked and the Solarians will be handling the extermination. Utmost caution is recommended against all cultists and it is best to avoid to engagement. And remember, it isn’t dead if the body is still there.”

Hugo quickly gathered his things and hung the heating mechanism on his waist. Felix hopped off Morgan’s shoulder and stared at Hugo, “So what’s the plan?” Hugo inserted a mana canister into the the heater and slung his duffle bag over his shoulder. “The main goal is to get out of the city and not die.”

Hugo pulled out his grenade pistol and picked up one of the supposed corpse. Hugo shoved the pistol into the mouth of the cultist and fired, completely destroying the head. The body soon dissolved into a green flame and Hugo put his away the pistol,

“Hope you folks were paying attention, cause shit just got real. For those who aren't familiar with the concept of quarantine and or the significance of protocol twenty-four allow me to explain. It means that the whole of the designated area will be sealed off and due to protocol twenty-four, the entire hazard area will be deemed a dead zone and all living organisms within the dead zone will be made dead.”

“Usually the GMHO takes care of the extermination, but unluckily for us the Solarians are taking charge. Which means we have to get the hell out of this city. Of course you can test your luck and stay. But in the end you will have make a choice. Do want to be eaten alive or do you want to be incinerated. But hey if dying a horrible death is really your thing then fine by me, I ain’t gonna judge. But for those of you who want to live I recommend that you listen to my every direction. The central train station is about ten blocks from where we stand, we will be able to get there before the train arrives if we don’t attract too much attention. It’s best to leave now this area now while the cultists divert their attention. Gather your things and make sure we’re not leaving anyone behind, after all there is safety in numbers.”


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June 21--10:52 AM
Kergstien, Solarian Empire

“Attention, all living members of the intelligent races!" In the midst of the heated fighting, Thomas diverted just a small amount of his attention to hear the message. "Due to the presence of a dark cult, the city has been sealed off and placed under quarantine. All gates have been sealed, and a magical barrier has been placed around the city, preventing any other means of conventional escape. That being said, there will be an escape vessel arriving at the central train station within thirty minutes. Due to the violent nature of the cult, the train will not be able to stay for very long; therefore, we recommend that all survivors make their way to the central station as quickly as possible."

The puppeteer was about to just make a mental note to get to the station as quickly as possible and return to battle, but then another part of the message came: "To all hunters and contractees, protocol twenty-four has been invoked and the Solarians will be handling the extermination. Utmost caution is recommended against all cultists, and it is best to avoid to engagement. And remember, it isn't dead if the body is still there.”

Thomas froze. Immediately, his eyes darted back to the streets that he and Michael had cleared of cultists. They were now empty. The cultists had went off to find more targets! "Shit," Thomas growled, before glancing back at the cultists he was fighting--and stepped back in horror, for they were starting to mutate, and doubled their size and muscle build in a grotesque fashion. Now, they were towering over Thomas!

Out of options at the moment, the puppeteer turned on his heel and ran away, his puppets following him while flying backwards to defend him. The least he could do was check back on where his fans had gone.


At the same time, Michael was still running towards the cultists approaching the building upon which the exhausted man with the guns was standing, when arcs of lightning burst through the crowd and downed the entire hoard. Looking up in surprise, Michael saw the robot which he had been sitting next to before the chaos happened towering above them.

First, though, the cultists had to be dealt with. Calling the greenish-gray golem closer, Michael commanded him to smash through the cultists' bodies while they were paralyzed, and he himself began lifting the stones around them and pelting the cultists with them. In a short time--the robot may or may not have been involved in killing them, but Michael hadn't had any attention to spare--the hoard was slain. "We survived it," Michael sighed, mopping his forehead.

He was about to try speaking to the robot, when suddenly, the broadcast played throughout the city. "Wait...we didn't actually-?!" As Michael was saying this, the cultists were standing up all around them with malevolent grins, and brandished their weapons with even greater fervor. And this time, he and the robot were caught in the middle of the storm, so they were in a much worse position than before. Worse, some cultists were entering the building, licking their lips hungrily...

Michael himself was gazing at the building, wondering if he could scale it properly. But it's so's not likely I'll be able to get there before the cultists do. However, he had to try to reach the man with the guns. "Listen!" he told the robot. "I'm going up there to try and save the man up there. Please, hold your own here, or get to safety; this golem shall help you."

With those words said, he took one step forward and caused the stones under his feet to abruptly shoot upwards, like a compressed spring, launching himself at the face of the building. Carefully timing, he grasped one of the stones that made up the building and manipulated it to elongate outwards, giving himself enough of a handhold to keep climbing.


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Soon enough, Adris would be woken up by all the noise. Even the weak couldn’t have a rest. It is still better than him being unconscious and eaten alive. Although, before he could really function, he had only one thing in his mind; water. What living on land taught him is that he’ll have a greater thirst than many, many beings would have. In the ocean it wasn’t that bad, since he was surrounded with water, but on land, it is harder to live. Fortunately, he always had his pouch of water. He would take it out of his belt as he stood up, taking a good sip of it. He felt the liquid running down from his mouth, feeling a regain in his senses.

His joy was abruptly stopped with a mass that hold him down to the ground. His pouch was throw back near the edge of the roof. The cultist that pounced on Adris would then take a deep bite into Shark’s shoulder, ripping off a huge chunk of his coat and his skin. Adris let out a scream of pain just by that. He would quickly took out his second gun and place it in the cultist’s mouth as it was taking a second bite, and pulled the trigger. Fortunately enough, the bullet made the spinal cord amongst with a chuck of the flesh of the cultist fly off. The cultist would soon fell down to the ground, burning in a green flame.

Adris panted as he felt his own warm blood flow down of his shoulder. He would quickly retrieve both of his other gun and the pouch, taking the few last drops of the liquid to sip it and concentrate to heal his skin back on his shoulder. It left a big bruise still, but it was better than nothing. When he was done, he noticed that more cultist was on top of the roof. He quickly draw his guns at them, both of them staying still.

He was in a dilemma. Adris was now standing on the very edge of the roof, with the cultists in his firing range. He wondered why him better than the others. Maybe it was because he was still on the ground, unconscious, or that he was the last meal available in town. However, it crossed in his mind that they didn’t attack yet. They weren’t as dumb as he would thought of. However, why they wait him to let his guard down? He had no idea. He would then thought they would ruin his flesh by being crushed down. They also could die with him, right?

He would swallow hard. He hard enough bullets for every single one of them, but he didn’t take the risk. He would quickly turn; there was no way around. He had to jump despite the height of the building. And he let his body fall down, only to notice a young boy vaulting the building. He shouted at him, trying to catch his attention. With his increasing falling speed, he wondered if the boy would will be able to help him. If anything, he was in a good position to land.


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June 21--10:53 AM
Kergstien, Solarian Empire

The situation really was getting no better, no matter where Thomas ran. The behemoth cultists were still following him, so he couldn't check up on where his fans were taking refuge. And the train station was equally off-limits, because endangering that many people was just stupid. He glanced back to make sure he was a safe distance away.

Really, there was nothing Thomas could do now. He had one last weapon in store, inside his puppet box...If I use THAT puppet, though, the terror and destruction I'd cause... Gritting his teeth, he decided to buy more time to plan a counterattack, and darted into a back alley, hoping the monster cultists would lose him.

But he could tell a moment later that it was a useless endeavor, for a goblin was conveniently rushing across the roof of one of the buildings right next to him. And, as it turned out, the cultists were glancing hungrily towards him AND the goblin.


Michael had hardly climbed for more than a minute before he suddenly saw, with absolute confusion and shock, that the man with the guns was hurling himself off the building. Wha...WHAT?! I don't even...

The man let out a shout that Michael could not hear properly, but he knew it was directed at him. Bracing his feet against the side of the building, he waited for the man to fall just half a meter above his line of vision, before launching himself through the air and catching him. His other hand extended and caught the wall of the edifice on the other side of the street--thankfully, it was concrete, so he could manipulate it in order to get a better grip. "Don't worry, sir," he told the man, trying to keep his voice calm sounding. "We'll be able to get out of this safely."

Glancing down, however, he could see his golem was not holding well against the cultists. The robot could possibly be doing better, but there were too many enemies down there for Michael to descend to street level. Was there a safe way out? He could try leaping from wall to wall, but that would put a strain on his weak muscles--already, holding this middle-aged man was rather hard for him. Hope one of you has a plan, he thought as he glanced at both of his impromptu allies.


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"Listen! I'm going up there to try and save the man up there. Please, hold your own here, or get to safety; this golem shall help you." While a nice gesture of the garish fellow, Gainsboro hadn’t a sliver of interest on running on his own. He came here to help the man he saw on the roof, and that’s what he would do, in one way or another. It was a good thing though that the majority of the mutated cultists split of the group, presumably towards the station. Which in hindsight wasn’t good at all in the long run. Rummaging in his slingbag for the upteenth time today, he retrieved two of his electro packs, leaving him with one of them left. He pressed both of the packs against the connectors on the opposite sides of his neck. The red lights coming from Gainsboro’s faceplate winked out, and were replaced by a fitful yellow light. The extraction of both charges went by fast, and the fitful lightning was quickly replaced by its prior dominant, red glow. Stuffing the now chargeless packs back in his bag, he drew a sword in each hand.”Get that man to safety comrade, i’ll try to hold off these abominations along side your golem!

The man did not wait for Gainsboro to finish talking and, through his terramancy launched himself up against the wall. Brandishing his swords, Gainsboro rapidly swung his blades at a nearby cultist, cutting through appendages. However, they reattached themselves just as fast as it took him to cut through them. The nearby cultists didn’t sit still, coming with attacks of their own aimed at Gainsboro and the golem. Fast and hard, their strikes came from unorthodox angles and rained down upon him. He blocked and parried what he could, and directed any towards his pauldrons or wristguard, or any other well armored part of him with irregular precision. However, he soon slipped up.

In an almost coordinated fashion, the cultists he had been fending off, all struck at once. Except one. That one waited till gainsboro was in the middle of blocking and struck. The axe, held upside down struck him in his upper torso in a upward arc. The blade dug deep into his chest, and was wrenched out if it subsequently, leaving a deep gouge. It was then that Gainsboro’s calm state of mind left him, and was replaced, not by fear, but by intense anger. Anger directed towards the cultists, with their fiendishly broad grins, and eyes that mocked him so.

Staccato lightning sprang from the rend as the core dispersed more energy throughout the body, giving off a thrum, becoming evermore audible. His swings came faster and faster, until they became like a blur. However, while his movements were undoubtedly faster and carried more weight, they lacked the fluidity and unnatural precision they had before. The swings were wild, and he himself was full of openings, which the abominations eagerly took advantage of. By the time Gainsboro managed to slay one of the cultists through total decimation of his head, his frame was filled with pock marks and gouges. A solid blow to the head with a rather large looking mace, caved the right side of his head in, and flung him into the wall of the building the terramancer had been climbing.

His head, due to the blow was wrenched to left, and as he tried to make sense of his surroundings and in his attempt to adjust to the loss of sight in his right, he noted something.
There was a bicycle with a carrier on the back, leaning against the building, without a lock.
Still angered, and not fully in control of his emotions he shouted towards the young fellow.
Kid, get your self and that fucker on that bicycle, and pedal as fast as you can towards the train station! Don’t worry, i’ll be able to keep up on foot. We have to make sure we get there before those cockmonglers can amass there!”


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June 21--10:56 AM
Kergstien, Solarian Empire

The puppeteer watched with an awed expression as the goblin who had been on the roof earlier ran off, getting the cultists to follow him. "Okay, I've gotta admit, that guy has guts," he muttered. Against his survival instincts, however, he decided it might be a wise idea to follow the goblin, in case he needed help.

And sure enough, he saw the goblin getting punched by one of the monstrous cultists. Oh, shit. Though Thomas panicked, he soon realized the goblin had survived and was still walking...but he hadn't gotten away completely unscathed, no. "I hope the guy can hold his own long enough for me to get there," Thomas muttered, preparing his own strategy.

Raising his hand, he pointed at his two remaining puppets, which were practically nothing but tattered cloth and scrap metal by now, and had them help him get to the rooftop. From there, Thomas sprinted along, following the incredibly fast goblin and his monstrous pursuers. As long as I have a clear view of the goblin, it'll be okay...


Michael nearly lost his grip on the stones when the robot was flung into the wall with tremendous force. At a second glance, he was horrified by how much damage the robot had taken. "Oh, no..." he whispered to himself.

Before he could feel too guilty about it, though, the robot urged him to go to the train station, bringing Michael's attention to a bicycle leaning against the very building they were hanging on. That...didn't look very welcoming, especially not with the cultists getting closer. "There's got to be a better way," Michael muttered, but he had no time to think about it, for the robot was starting to fall back towards ground level.

Scanning the area for something he could use, Michael remembered the golem, and saw that it was still working, but crippled--its torso was cracked in many places, and its leg was completely missing. "That's it!" Michael declared, a bright gleam of excitement in his eyes. It was a really strange idea, but if he did it just right...

Reaching out with his mind, he caused several parts of the concrete building and sidewalk to move at once--he blasted himself, the man with the guns, and the robot towards the crowd of cultists. Just before they could make contact, however, he willed his golem to spring off the ground and shove them out of reach with the last of its power. At the very same time, the bicycle was blasted forward, and with Michael's momentum, he managed to land right on top of it.

The robot somehow landed on his feet, just as Michael deposited the man with the guns in the carrier. "Are you really going to be able to walk like that?" Michael asked worriedly, looking over the robot's mangled body. As he pondered, he noticed the cultists were starting to move again. "Oh, dear. I don't think we have enough time to worry about this; we'll just have to wing it!"

Without warning, Michael's golem exploded in a shower of green-gray shards of stone. Meanwhile, the earth underneath the robot and the bicycle burst upwards, catapulting them forward and giving them a good headstart. Though he wasn't very athletic, Michael kept pedaling as hard as he could, looking over his shoulder every now and then to make sure the robot wasn't lagging behind too much.


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Adris was kind of surprised that the kid was able to hold him despite from his lack of apparent muscular mass. He wasn’t quite surprised of his powers to control earth since of his own being. "Don't worry, sir, we'll be able to get out of this safely." The kid said with a calm voice. Or at least, he tried. Adris knew it that it won’t be an easy task; there was cultist everywhere. From everywhere he was trying to look, he could see cultist. That, and blood, everywhere. He would then notice some kind of robot pointing out that there was a bicycle. He was right, but the attempt was quite risky. Although, he didn’t have any choice as they were catapulted by the kid’s earth powers. Adris would land into the basket and they were given another head start on the cultists. He knew, however, it wasn’t enough.

Adris looked around as he wondered what could he do to help; he had no water on him, and the only thing he could notice is blood. Blood, blood and blood. And sometimes things that was left by the people. He sighed a bit, then came an idea to his mind; he knew that blood was mostly made of water. Adris would give a thought for a second, deeming that the situation required such intervention. He lifted his hand as he would start to gather water from the blood. It dried up in front of them, but not enough to hinder the kid’s pedalling. He would then looked back at the kid, saying: “Don’t worry and continue to pedal. I’ll caught up with you soon.” He said as he jumped down from the carrier, letting the water lifting him as he quickly positioned himself behind the robot and the cultists.

He bit under his breath as he drank some of the water, flinching at the taste. It gave him more energy as he started to both gather water and use it. He would manipulate the water so it would take the form of blades as they solidify in a perfect ice. He would then throw the ice at them, often hitting in the head, which he noted was more effective than just randomly. Some of them was bright enough to dodge the hit. He made sure to gather more water than he used, keeping a mask of water over his mouth to drink from it. He noticed that it was more physically demanding that most of the time.

Soon, when he gathered enough water, he would do a second wipe, but only using one half of the gather water. Of course, it wasn’t as impressive as the last one, but it was enough to take the cultist few steps back behind, and often make them trip and lose their speed. Once he was done, he accelerated to place himself between the kid and the robot, using the other half to create a fragmented dome around them. It would be a huge stream of water flowing around in a dome like manner. It would be powerful enough to punch through flesh and even maybe muscle. The stream flowed at an incredible speed for that. He kept on gathering water, screaming to the kid despite the mask of water over his mouth.

“I don’t know where we have to go, but just take us there!”

As so, he would follow the kid, looking back to make sure that the other one wasn’t hit be the dome of water. He knew that he couldn’t hold it forever. It started to hurt his head quite a lot, and the energy gain from drinking the water wasn’t enough to compensate the energy used for the dome of water and the small jets of water helping him for his running.. He knew that soon or later, he’ll have to let everything down, and he might pass out against. For now, one thing was clear in his mind; get out of this farce.


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As he ran, Gainsboro kept looking back over his left shoulder, keeping an eye on his pursuers.
They were still following behind him and the two on the bike, but with the young lad paddling through various streets, he managed to lose a good chunk as he went through various streets. Even though it might have been excessive, he sweeped his left eye continuously back and forth, since he didn’t wanted to be blindsided by cultists.

It ended up paying off, however not in the way he had expected. As he turned his back towards the front, he saw the man, whom the young man and he himself had saved but a scant few minutes ago, hopped of the baggage carrier, and with articulate gestures, started gathering water around himself, garnered from the pools of blood, that hath flown from their previous owners.

He ran past Gainsboro, and with the water that flowed around him he created several frozen projectiles which he fired at the cultists. He followed that up with a wave of water- which rolled through the street, crashing into a great deal of their pursuers.
With the water he had left, he created a dome of fast moving water that surrounded himself, which somehow made him move a bit faster than before. However, it was still no where near the speed they were going while he sat on the bike. In contrary, the three of them had significantly slowed down to such an extent, that it wouldn't take long for the cultists to catch up with them.

This man definitely wasn't thinking clearly. Another issue was the fact that the man had fallen unconscious not that long ago, and was physically exerting himself a lot, which couldn't be good. They weren't sure what to expect at the station either, so they might need his skills then.

Weighing his options, Gainsboro came to the conclusion that he'd have to carry the man. He seemed far too prideful to listen
When told to sit on the bike, and would likely just hop off the carrier and continue walking. With a groan and mild reluctance, he had thrust both arms through the dome. He quickly wrapped an arm under his lower back, and another under his knee pits before lifting him in a tight, and secure hold, much akin to a bridal carry.

"Save your magic tricks for later, we might need them when we get to the station." He told the man. He might be feeling uncomfortable and a bit embarrassed, but Gainsboro cared not, as he ran once more, after the bycicle, through and out of various streets.


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June 21--10:52 AM
Kergstien, Solarian Empire

"I don't think I've got any time left," Thomas muttered, glancing between the goblin and the mutated titans. He could barely keep up with them, even though he was taking every shortcut he could across the skyline of Kergstien. It was evident he'd need to get the goblin out of there as quickly as possible.

With a few motions of his hands, Thomas sent his puppets towards the goblin, praying they wouldn't suddenly break into pieces. Just as one of the monsters made a strike, the puppeteer barely managed to use his minions to carry the goblin out of the way and up to the rooftops. Thomas was about to breath a sigh of relief, when he realized that indeed one of the arms of the dolls was breaking.

"Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap!" he hissed, frantically trying to make his puppets get a better grip on the goblin while bringing them closer. At the same time, the cultists noticed his actions and lunged for the puppets in midair. Horrified and out of ideas, Thomas could only watch with wide eyes and a held breath...

Perhaps he wouldn't have panicked so much if he had remembered the goblin used grappling hooks earlier to elude the titans.


When the man in the black suit jumped off the carrier, Michael looked back in confusion and shock. "Wait, what are you--?!" he demanded, hand reaching for the brake.

It wasn't long, however, before the man began to sweep their nightmarish pursuers with powerful water magic, and Michael could only watch with a dumbstruck expression. This was just getting stranger and stranger...but honestly, with the dome of water flowing around their group, that man had most of his bases covered.

Or, he would be, if he didn't look like he was going to collapse...which was probably why the robot rushed in and started carrying him, catching up to Michael quickly. The pink-haired boy smiled and nodded to them, glad they had managed to catch up. Then he turned around, and got treated to something rather embarrassing and gross.

A manhole had been uncovered, and Michael had not been paying attention at all. He and the bicycle dropped into the manhole, the pink-haired boy screaming at the top of his lungs as he did so. There was a splash, and Michael found himself in some foul-smelling water. "Ugh," he muttered, standing up and feeling incredibly foolish, not to mention disgusted by his predicament.

Up above, the cultists' feet scraped against the roads with sharp noises. Hopefully, the robot and the man with the guns had gotten away; as was, though, Michael couldn't get back to the surface with the monsters there. At least they weren't descending into the manhole. Trying to ignore the uncomfortable feeling of having wet and dirty clothes, Michael began to walk through the sewers, hoping he'd get lucky and go in the right direction. "Honestly, it's a labyrinth down here, for God's sake..."


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Adris wasn’t so sure about who or what grabbed him at first. He squirmed a bit, thinking it may be one of their enemies. However, he soon made the connection about the cold metal that he could feel. With the fact that he could now see one’s face, he was reassured. Although, he never thought once someone could held him in such position, but he didn’t doubt what this being could do. Either way, he weighed on what the robot said, feeling that it was a bit rude from him to refuse the protection he offered.

However, taking a look back of the situation, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see the facts; despite his attempts to slow down the cultist, they still gain terrain on them. With the limited dome, they couldn’t move faster than him, which was a downer since he couldn’t run faster than that kid on a bicycle. He let a small sigh of relief as all the water stopped to flow at once. The once burden to be moving that quantity of mass gone.

“I guess you’re right, after all…” He said towards him as he looked towards Michael. He knew that he probably had more chance on his own. Adris didn’t expect for him to fall into the manhole however, gasping a bit as he was about to say something towards him, but he shut himself when he saw that there were more people entering into the sewers, and even a dog. Then, it got closed. He frowned a bit as he looked back onto the robot. “Well, guess it is the two of us.” He ironized, but he was truly curious who would actually arrive first. He would let the thing carry him. He would run, but he wondered also if it didn’t have any trick up it sleeves as well.


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If Gainsboro’s face plate were to able to show emotions, this would be one of those times.
Right after he spotted the cycling lad tumble into an open manhole, a ragtag group of three and a dog also jumped into it, and promptly closed it off. He wanted to open it again and follow after them, but had no time as the pursuing group of cultists, and another group of cultists, perhaps led to them by those three, zeroed in upon the two. With considerable regret, he took off into the direction they were previously going.

“Well, guess it is the two of us.” Gainsboro grunted in affirmation. “I sincerely hope he’ll make it to the station in time, and didn’t get shanked by those three, or by cultists. Speaking of cultists, i can’t seem to shake them off.” That was not entirely true. For several blocks they had followed him, he’d manage to lose that particular group, only to later on run into another, and needing to repeat his steps a few times.

Another problem was that he no longer really knew where he was going, since he hadn’t the time to closely observe his surroundings. He began to become more and more desperate as time went on. Eventually he ran into a dead ending street, with a bunch of cultists at the end, gorging themselves on cadavers, people they had most likely slaughtered themselves. Gainsboro and the man he had been carrying all the while, still found themselves at the start of the street when the feasting cultists took note of them, and started coming for them with their bloodcrazed grins.

Gainsboro found himself at an impasse. He couldn’t go back, nor forward. He couldn’t spot any immediate alley’s either. looking into the distance he spotted a stairway to the left of him, with simple but sturdy looking railings, and a wide light pole, that was somewhat close to the brick wall of the house. Having become truly desperate, he made a run for the stairs. “Hold on tight friend, i’ll attempt to jump up on the roof of that house over there.”

As he ran, the stairs came ever closer, but so did the cultists in front of him. They weren’t fast enough however, as he was already climbing- no sprinting up the stairs as they came in reach.
He kicked of with his left feet when he hit the last tread. He pushed off the railing with his right for extra lift and momentum towards the wall of the house. With a swift kick from his left, he directed himself towards the light pole. Gainsboro pulled his legs a bit towards his chest, as he would need both his legs for the final push. He wasn’t sure if he was going to make it, but even then he’d be able to at least throw the guy up there. At last his feet touched upon the light pole, and with a twist towards the left, and with all the power he could muster, he jumped towards the roof.


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Gravity. Gravity is the reason why the apples “dropped” by the tree you were lazing under hurt so much when they landed right on your forehead. It’s also why they don’t just float around or drift off into space. Everything is bound by gravity, but there are exceptions when magic comes into the mix. Being made out of lightning does have it’s benefits in that regard. Being able to float around and fly around, free from gravity sounds nice, doesn’t it? Too bad, because when you’re powering a 264 pound automaton, you’ll just have to play by gravity's rules.

Gainsboro was almost at the end of his jump, but no where near the roof of the building he was trying to jump. Being left with no other choice. Gainsboro threw the man he had been holding all this time, over the ledge and on top of the roof. The throw itself left him in an awkward, upside down plummet to the ground, landing face first. Barely recovered from the drop, Gainsboro had no time to roll out of the way as a cultist brought down it’s great axe vertically, right through one of his blade, and digging into the metal of his back. Before his attacker could wrench his axe out of him, Gainsboro rolled to the side and drew one of his swords.

It was not needed however, as he saw an alley behind him, and quickly disappeared within, darting, yet again, in and out of various streets. He began to tire of constantly running. It’s all he had been doing for a while. He was frustrated by the fact that he had such trouble fighting these abominations, his body and armaments were build for more “conventional” enemies. Enemies that would actually die, when you cleave them apart.

Coming to a stop when he deemed the area save, he checked for any new damage done to his body. Luckily it wasn’t too bad. The multi scabbard and the shattered blade prevented the greataxe cleaving too far into his back. With some awkward bending of his arms, he managed to pull it out, and it fell to the ground with a heavy dull sound. Surprised by it, Gainsboro turned around to gaze upon the weapon, and was shocked by what he saw.

“Holy shit, the blade on that thing is huuuuuge! How did i not notice it was this big!? No, a better question would be how it stuck to my back like that when the cut was relatively shallow compared to the size of this thing… It did cleave straight through my sword though.” Gainsboro said as he turned around the hilt in his hand of said sword, before chucking it over his shoulder and grabbing the axe that lies before him.
He gave the weighty weaponry a few practice swings wielding it in two hands and in one hand, and was quite delighted when he managed to swing it in one hand without too much effort. Especially so when one would take in account the overall weight and length. Although curved, the blade of the axe would be roughly one and a half feet in length, and the backside of the axe was quite broad and blunt, lending itself as a impromptu hammer of sorts.

Eventually, Gainsboro went along the way he was traveling again, and after a bit of searching, he came around familiar space. However, as he was halfway down a particular street, his vision of a street changed into one of the sky. As he tried to orientate himself, he saw a building rushing towards him. By the time he realised it was the exact opposite, he already collided and went through what seemed to be a garage door.

Having gathered his wits, he noted that he was in a car workshop, tools and various Paraphernalia strewn about, most likely abandoned in haste, and a partially disassembled car in the middle of the room. There wasn’t anymore time too look around though, as the hole he created, widened with a screech as metal twisted and contorted as a huge figure pushed it to the sides, and set foot into the workshop. Gainsboro noted that the figure was also one of the cultists, only far taller and broader than the others he had seen up till now. Another thing he noted was that the cultist was wielding a greataxe, the exact same greataxe he had claimed his not long ago.

The looming giant approached him in a slow and tedious manner, enjoyment of the situation visible on it’s face, mainly due to it’s disgusting grin. Quickly looking around the room, he saw no other exits, only the things he spotted earlier and a barrel next to him. Acting out of desperation, he stood up and threw the barrel at the giant, trying to buy time. This was supposedly a bad idea, as the cultist immediately started running towards him, and slashed the barrel in two, spraying fluids all around him and on himself. In no time, the cultist was upon Gainsboro. He grabbed him with one hand and threw him against the car, slamming him against the frontside of the car, and onto the floor.

Holding him down by pressing one hand upon his collar, he slammed the axe right into his chest, as Gainsboro struggled in vain. His assailant dragged the axe towards him, causing it to cut through the metal, and leaving a large rent all the way down to his lower torso. He forcefully pulled out the axe and held it up high above him ready to strike. Gainsboro, having become truly desperate aimed both his hands at the cultist and fired his photon shot, just before he struck down. The cultist however, was faster. Just before the bolt could leave his hands, the axe struck him not in the chest, but cleaved it’s way into his left arm.

The impact caused his arm to explode, flinging both him and his attacker across the room, while at the same time the explosion igniting the spilled fluid. moments later, the car exploded as well. By the time Gainsboro was aware of his surroundings, the whole building was in flames, as well as the cultist. He saw it dropping the greataxe on the ground as it clawed at it’s face, all whilst screaming. With considerable difficulty he stood up and limped his way towards the axe. Grabbing it with his still functioning right arm, he steadied himself before slamming the axe repeatedly into the cultists head till it fell down, and the whole of him dispersed into ash. Having killed the abomination, he limped towards the hole before stumbling out of it, back into the street.
Somewhere near the building, he spotted his slingbag, which likely got there as it fell of his shoulder while he was thrown. He made his way towards the bag and tried to pick it up with his left arm. It was only then that he noted that he couldn’t, as his lower arm, along with most of his upper arm was simply gone. laying down the axe, he fumbled the bag open with his right arm, and pulled out a yellow poncho. With even more difficulty, he managed to put it on and close the bag, and slung the bag over his left shoulder. Picking up the axe again, he limped his way towards what he recognised as the train station in the distance.


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Ah, gravity. It is such a thing he hate. In the water, he always felt like he was floating in the water. Like a bird flying through the sky, minus that he was a giant monster. Either way, as he remebered that he had a life to live, he realisd that they were in the middle of jump, hurling toward a wall. He knew that they wouldn't make it, despite he judged the jumps was very good.

Adris was surprise as he was thrown up. He thought that both of them will make on the next roof top. He was worried about his friend that was going to pummel down to the ground, and maybe hit the wall in front of them. At last, he would reach the roof top. Unfortunately,without proper momentum, he landed roughly on his side. It scraped off his coat some more, but he already good for scrap after the chunk missing on his shoulder went away. Without any regrets, he tossed his coat away, floating through the wind. It revealed his belt with the guns and charger. He looked down upon the scene, seeing his momental friend was in a tight situation. Since his sight was now clear, he decided tyhat he would give into shooting once again.

And so he took one of his magnum out, knelling down as he rested one of his hand on the deadly trigger, and another on the butt of the charger. One of his eyes closed as he looked through the visor. He shoot once, hitting his target quite easily in the head. He learned it was the only way to defeat them. He made it look easy, but it is through rough years of practising in the art of shooting that he gained this deadly aim. Also, he had a bit of his own advantages... He would miss a shoot though, but he did cleaned up the job with the next shoot. Adris cleaned up around his friend, but he couldn't try aim for an enemy that was close to him. His taller mass made it impossible to determine if he was in danger of killing him more than his enemy. Click goes his weapon goes as he couldn't kill. He had skill some bullets left on him, but he guessed that it was better for him to go. With the noise that his shoots made, he was sure to be heard from his enemies, and his allies as well. Although, he hated to leave some behind, he would guess his friend would have preferred to be so.

" Good luck, mate. " He screamed once as he ran away from the scene.

He jumped through other roof top, having a bit more easier than his friend had since he didn't to support someone. He tried to orient himself towards where they were going before the sewer scene, but because how mouvemented the situation is, he was sure where to go. He decided with his luck, going toward the train station. After all, the gates ere probably closed so there wouldn't be, more monsters like that, and the fact it was preferrably safer to go there together instead of travelling through the town alone to get to the gates.

He would then hear a crash far away, and he hoped that his friend was okay...He ran towards the train station. He noticed an emergency staircase. He quickly ran down of them. He knew that he might not survive the fall. However, as he pulled up to the train station, he was soon aimed at with a gun. He quickly reached for his badge, which was in his pants and raised his hands in the air.

"Adris Dasul. Detective at ---"

"Yeah, yeah, can read you know? What I want to know is why you have this nasty wound of yours." The guard cut him off. Adris looked over his unfinished healed wound. As the guard said, it looked nasty.

"Long story short, one of my comarates threw me on a rooftop and I fell on my shoulder." It was true for his coat, but not the wound itself.

"Yeah, I don't buy it." He then looked over the other, screaming: "We might have a case here guys!" He then looked back at Adris. "I'm not finished with you, weither infected or not. Adris frowned, but he nodded softly, keeping a serious face