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Wolf at heart.

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a character in “The Magic Hunters of Valderia”, as played by Serf


What's wrong with a little friendly competition?


Name: Heryth
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race: Kindred (Wolf)

Physical Description: Ryth looks like the pic but shorter hair and less pretty, and with a cloak on and without the make up and with darker eyes and... Okay, maybe I just picked it because of the background. Ignore it if you like. Really she is 5'7" and is thickly built naturally, though hunger has made her thin. She's usually wearing a strange conglomeration of cloak over bits of mismatched armor over tight clothes, with some random bracelets thrown on, because they look shiny. She has many scars, but they're all shallow - more deep scratches that went untreated than battle wounds, though there are some of those, too. She has unusually hard nails and sharp, long teeth, and her hair is more like fur, even divided into a coarse upper coat and downy undercoat which thickens or thins with the weather - yes, she sheds. She has normal human ears, though they are somewhat pointed.

Skin color: Deep tan
Hair color: Light brown
Eye Color: Dark brown

Occupation: Wanderer

Bio: Ryth's father left his clan for some reason he never told her, and went to live in the wilderness, as far from any people as he could get. Their "clan" became the wolf pack there, and Ryth's father raised her as if all sentient beings were evil - the simplicity of the animal mind was to be treasured above all. Under her father's stewardship, the wolf pack flourished, and he was content with that life. But Ryth had a fascination with all things shiny and manufactured, so when her father died - the wilderness is not kind to an old man - she and a few of the young wolves left the now overgrown pack and went traveling, wandering dangerously close to inhabited lands.
But even those wolves had to settle eventually, so she parted from her family and finally entered the place she had always dreamed of visiting - a city. Not that it actually was a city, just a small Wood Elf town, but it felt like a city to her. She spent some time there relearning languages, but moved on because of the deep mistrust the people there had for someone so obviously a foreigner.
She worked her way closer to Solarian slowly, exploring everything as much as she could and learning about machines and magic - her father had never explained that there were different types, or that not everyone had equal ability.

Hometown: Wilderness
Home country: Sylvania

Personality: Heryth is inquisitive and generally unserious. Although she didn't wholely agree with her father's philosophy, she does prefer the relative simplicity in relationships and interactions, and she rarely tries to deceive anyone. She is fiercely loyal, and honorable as well. She prefers to obey laws, when she knows them, but more out of deference for being in another's territory than actually being law-abiding. Ryth at the moment is lonely, having left both her packs.

Likes: Lots of space, people, machines, teachers
Dislikes: confinement, contradictions and hypocrisy

Skills and Abilities: Ryth is strong and tireless, more so than being wolf-kin could explain, because of her upbringing. She has a particular talent for understanding animals, particularly predators and canines, at the trade off of being slow on the uptake in unfamiliar human/sentient race customs.

Equipment & Weapons:
Poorly made leather armor slapped on almost at random - and often incorrectly - along with a well made cloak that has suffered from her romping about in the woods. Boots - well, more like leather socks, really.
She has a knife, but she prefers to be as non-lethal as possible when not hunting.

Magic: Spiritual medium is, surprise surprise, a wolf spirit. She has a very strong bond with him, as he is in fact the ancestor spirit of her wolf pack, and chose to journey with her and leave his mate to watch over the pack. At the moment he only helps her by providing energy and his unique brand of wolffish wisdom - occasionally aided by his mate - but he has the potential to let her take on a wolf's shape and possibly manifest himself within a nearby wolf and maybe - just maybe - summon a wolf pack a long while from now (but we'll see what the GM says).

So begins...

Heryth's Story


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#, as written by Legate
Valar could only watch, stunned as the scene unfolded before him. He had never before seen such use of magic, so much and so potent. However as soon as the mages vanished he realized that the cultists were still there and they were butchering civilians. He got up on the fountain.

"ALRIGH! LISTEN UP! Those of you with medical expertise or healing power stay by the fountain we'll set up a casualty collection point right here. MARKSMEN! Get some height. You can take out targets and call out points of contact to everyone else. EVERYONE ELSE! Pair up, if you can't fight, find someone who can, or stay here and help the wounded. This is not a drill, lets get it right the first time."

People seemed to snap out of their daze and started to jump to what he told them. He stabbed his finger at the girl with the red scar f and her friend because they seemed to be the only two with rifles. "You two, sharpshooters? With me." He said and started moving towards the tower of a nearby tower. "One of you up there, point and call the shots." Myself and the other will be down on the rooves relaying that to the other parties."

He moved off to his own rooftops. Squeezing off shots as he ran. All of a sudden he was blindsided by a huge hit. He rolled losing his rifle and wound up with a cultist on top of him. They rolled through the street Valar holding a knife away from his face while the slavering cultist tried to plunge it into his eye. He snapped the cultists arm out to the side and headbutted him breaking his nose. After that the cultists insane strength seemed to ebb and Valar picked him up and threw him against a post breaking his spine. What the hell was that?! No way a cultist that small should have been able to over power him, they had the strength of 3 men having been empowered from the magi's.

He got onto his roof and started directing the magic hunters to target clusters.


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After giving a bit more of thoughts, Adris had enough about the GMHO. From what he heard and from what he thought, he wasn’t quite convinced to give into a suicidal activity. Besides, he already had something to occupy himself. His job won’t do it itself. Despite that, he decided to enjoy more of the summer solstice festival. He did enjoy it so far; the scent, the colors, the joy in the air and all made his somewhat happy.

He would walk down the streets a bit blindly, but with a small smile on his face. When he found himself down to a plaza. He saw a fountain and walked up to it. He cupped his hand into the water, and bring it close to his face. He needed to hydrate himself after all. Once he threw his head back from this, he heard screams of terror. He looked around as the people looked all at the same direction and pointed up. He did the same. He could no feel the blast of chilled air and the three dark purple pillars of light. He didn’t like this at all.

He turned to the civilians: “Run away! For Sele’s sake, Run!” The civilians look at him in terror first, completely frozen, but it is when he pulled out his gun that they started to run away. Adris sighed, looking back at the spires, then the fountain. He knew something wasn’t right. However, he waited for a bit, making sure it wasn’t just a show the solstice put up.

His confirmation came when some people got out of the streets and some cultist went to feed on them. Adris’ eyes widened a bit, but stayed calm. He looked up at the fountain and bit his lips. He then draw his gun to the cultist and in a swift movement he would press on the trigger, a bullet went direction into the cultist’s head. The mother of the group looked terrified to the deaths of her husband as she held her children close. Adris noticed her to move away, which she did.

Once it was clear, he would bring back his attention to the water. He rose his hands from it. “May my actions won’t be looked upon.” He soon gathered all the water into a giant mass of water. It almost covered all the plaza. He let out a scream of pain as it was hard to keep it in control. He soon threw it towards the spires, which in consequence made waves into the streets. He hoped that his actions would wipe any or those creatures out of the place, and eventually die of drowning. He felt lighter and tired. He reached for his water bottle, which he drank from it. He wasn’t sure what his attack caused for damage.

Afterward, he decided to see if there anybody left around. He started to walk fast since it is the most he could do now. He still heard screams of terror and pain in which helped him to know where they might be. He soon gave up and climbed on some boxes, which stacked to a roof top. From there he would take one of his gun and aim down towards the mass of noise. His vision was a bit blurred and his aim wasn’t very good. Despite that, he still took the risk as he shoot towards the mass of cultist, noticing that he wasn’t sure if any of his shoots reached them. After he emptied his magazines, he would fall unconscious there with his exhaustion finally reaching him.