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a character in “The Magic Hunters of Valderia”, originally authored by Miyer, as played by RolePlayGateway


Elemental Form
*insert quote here*

Human Form

Name: Sky
Gender: Female
Age: Looks 18
Race: Zaphaero / Voltikron

Physical Description:

Skin color: Pale
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Blue

Occupation: Super Soldier / Magic Hunter

Bio: Sky was the creation of a Teker scientist and inventor who wanted to see if it was possible to genetically fuse elemental DNA. He gathered DNA from a Zaphaero and Voltikron elemental and fused them together using his own technology.
The first 209 were fails until finally Sky was created.
With attributes from both elementals, she continued the ability to use both lightning and wind arcane at their full potential as if she was one of the two races. She was able to change between her elemental form and human form without problem however every experiment has error, her human body was physically weaker and smaller than an elementals usually was. She arrived around 5"3' in height and 93lbs in weight, with little physical strength and a weak constitution.
Shy was subjected to many trails and experiments which involved lots of pain and inhuman torture, until the scientist deemed her useless and dropped her into a small Voltikron community living in the UTS.
She was accepted into the community with easy as many of the Voltikron considered her a part of their race despite her Zaphaero DNA. She was raised well and got to know the community s they go to know her, for a period she was happy.
Until the scientist returned to reclaim her with a miniature army in tow in case of rebellion. She was taken to word as a magic hunter in the GMHO with orders that if she ver found any magic crystals she was to absorb them and become even more powerful than she already was, if she refused the whole Voltikron community would be exterminated.

Home: A Voltikron base, home to a community of Voltikron that came to the UTS because of its technology.
Home Nation: The United Teker States


+ Flying
+ Windy days
+ Technology
+ Exploring
+ Discovery
+ Books

- Needles
- The Scientist
- Following Orders
- Pessimists
- Doing Nothing
- Being Trapped

Skills and Abilities:
Equipment & Weapons:

Magic: Wind and Lighting Arcane.

So begins...

Sky's Story


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#, as written by Legate
Valar could only watch, stunned as the scene unfolded before him. He had never before seen such use of magic, so much and so potent. However as soon as the mages vanished he realized that the cultists were still there and they were butchering civilians. He got up on the fountain.

"ALRIGH! LISTEN UP! Those of you with medical expertise or healing power stay by the fountain we'll set up a casualty collection point right here. MARKSMEN! Get some height. You can take out targets and call out points of contact to everyone else. EVERYONE ELSE! Pair up, if you can't fight, find someone who can, or stay here and help the wounded. This is not a drill, lets get it right the first time."

People seemed to snap out of their daze and started to jump to what he told them. He stabbed his finger at the girl with the red scar f and her friend because they seemed to be the only two with rifles. "You two, sharpshooters? With me." He said and started moving towards the tower of a nearby tower. "One of you up there, point and call the shots." Myself and the other will be down on the rooves relaying that to the other parties."

He moved off to his own rooftops. Squeezing off shots as he ran. All of a sudden he was blindsided by a huge hit. He rolled losing his rifle and wound up with a cultist on top of him. They rolled through the street Valar holding a knife away from his face while the slavering cultist tried to plunge it into his eye. He snapped the cultists arm out to the side and headbutted him breaking his nose. After that the cultists insane strength seemed to ebb and Valar picked him up and threw him against a post breaking his spine. What the hell was that?! No way a cultist that small should have been able to over power him, they had the strength of 3 men having been empowered from the magi's.

He got onto his roof and started directing the magic hunters to target clusters.