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Devin North

"You want me to get you out of that big hole? Say 'uncle' first. Saaaay it..."

0 · 203 views · located in "Henry J. Walker" boarding school

a character in “The Magical Hole”, as played by torinoko_angel


Name: Devin Landon North
Super power: Flying
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 5'4"
Role: Random kid
Appearance: (Only real life pics, please! Spent half an hour looking for the perfect anime pic, then read this. -_-)

Devin is humorous, confident, cool-headed to the point of cold, and a loner, but above all, he's extremely logical and realistic. If someone comes up with a random solution he'll point out exactly how it can't be done or why there's no way in Hell he'll do it. He's not the sort who'll act impulsively on a spur-of-the-moment problem. Instead, he'll sit there, discussing with you the little details and the obvious stuff, all casual like you're sitting down over a cup of coffee, while everyone else spazzes out as the bomb counts down. No, his power has nothing to do with his personality, it just seems to somehow fit. He's also a bit cruelly mischievous, and loves to do stuff like, say, dangle a rope only inches over your fingers as you stand in a pit with hundreds of scorpions coming at you from all directions. Just an example.
History: Devin came from a household that didn't really give a damn what he did, just as long as he got good grades and didn't end up in jail or the wanted ads. He doesn't try very hard on the latter, though, and he's had some close calls. He's an only child, but has a pet mouse named Snickers that he keeps in his hoodie pocket. The only reason he hasn't committed a crime yet is because, if he were arrested, they'd take his mouse. Devin's very attached. His parents are both still alive, though his father has a job elsewhere. He hasn't done anything of note, but he goes to Henry J. Walker with the others. They just don't know him.

So begins...

Devin North's Story