Simon Lane

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a character in “The Magical Hole”, as played by AdmireAtStuff


Name: Simon Lane
Super power: Pyrokinesis
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Height: 5'2''
Role: Simon


Personality: Simon is quiet, yet cheerful, humurous, friendly and outgoing. He's kind, caring, intelligent, but also very naive, easy to be fooled and oblivious. He would never notice if there's something wrong with his friends by himself. He almost never gets any hints, no matter how obvious they are. However, that doesn't mean he doesn't care. Once you tell him very clearly what's the issue, he would do everything in order to help you, or at least make you feel better. Sometimes he can be unintentionally self-centered, but otherwise he's very altruistic and generous.
The feeling of anger is such a rare case for Simon, it feels new and dissolving for him every time that happens.

History: Simon grew up with his mother only. His father left the pregnant mother at the altar, because he got scared of the marriage. Simon has never seen his father. Despite of growing up as an only child, he's completely aware that he might currently have half siblings.

Despite of this, Simon had a relatively happy childhood. He was neither from the kids who got bullied, nor from the bullies themselves. He was from the kids, who stood up for the bullied ones, even though he has never successfully thaught them to stand up for themselves.
Simon has been studying in the boarding school for three years. His mother currently isn't alone, as she now has a serious relationship. Simon would be happy to have a new father.

So begins...

Simon Lane's Story