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Nicolette Aberdeen

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but I'm lonely, be my friend maybe?

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a character in “The Magical Land of Ooo”, as played by laxnchill20



Full Name: Nicolette Aberdeen
Nicknames: Nici, but you better wait til she tells you
Age: 1847 but appears around 20
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Alliance: who knows?
Location of Residence: Everywhere, she roams
- Meeting new people (although she finds the weirdest ways to go about it)
- Playing the drums
- Coffee
- Playing with wolves, or well, just wolves in general, yeah she likes wolves
- PUPPIES!!!! She likes doggies too not just wolves
- Her father, Hunson, former leader of the Nightosphere, she overthrew him 150 years ago, and then vacated, she doesn't know who the new leaders is. He is deceased.
- Her sister, Marceline, they got in a fight over Nicolette's actions regarding their father, they haven't spoke in 150 years.
- Responsibility, she likes to just live life. Responsibility is boring.
- The sun, it doesn't harm her or anything but it does suck. She likes nighttime.

Appearance: She typically wears jeans and black or grey tops that are either sleeveless or short sleeved. She enjoys wearing knee high boots her favorite pair is red (shown). She has long black hair which she takes care of and puts much effort into. Her hair is very important to her and she maintains it as best she can in this world. Her skin, like most vampires, is a pale blue that borders on grey. Furthermore she has two bite marks on her neck.

On the out side Nicolette is relaxed and laid back, she roams through life just looking to have fun. She had a rough past and has been through a lot so she feels like she has earned the right to just chill out and relax for a hundred years or so. She never talks about her sister or her dad and whenever she encounters someone from the Nightosphere she does all she can to hide her identity. She does not know where her sister is, but she knows she doesn't want to find out. She is rather suave and can be very persuasive if she were to find a man she fancied she would find it rather easy to woo him and even though she's a lady she has no qualms about asking a guy out. She prefers to float instead of walk anywhere, it's a habit Nici and Marcy developed when they were young and for both girls it has stuck around.
She is the eldest of the two daughters of Hunson Abedeer. Her sister Marceline has been missing in land of OOO since the Mushroom War, and under her father's orders she is in the land of OOO searching for her sister, whom she does not wish to find. Also she has no desire to be with him at the moment, he has been grooming Marcy to take over the Nightosphere since they days she was born, he never once asked Nicolette to take over the Nightosphere. She doesn't want the job but she often wonders why he doesn't think she is good enough for it. After leaving the Nightosphere she immediately went in search of friends to make, she doesn't care if her sister is found. She's almost thousand years old now (appears 14ish) she can handle herself. 150 years ago she found Marceline and the two of them returned to the Nightosphere where their dad proceeded to give Marceline the title Ruler of the Nightosphere, Nicolette knew Marceline didn't want the job either and she was still upset that their dad never offered her the job, so she attacked him. DETAILS WITHHELD BECAUSE THEY ARE GRAPHIC Ultimately Hunson passed away and in the drama of the attack Marceline fled and Nicolette was the only one left with the right to claim leadership. She didn't want it so she left notice that the members were to decide their new leader however they saw fit as she didn't care and she left. She has no idea how they decided. She has spent the last 150 years roaming OOO looking for friends making many. She has had fun but now she is looking for a place to settle down, she hasn't had a home since she left the Nightosphere and she hopes to meet someone (friend? more? who knows?) who will convince her to stay in one place for a while.
Powers and Abilities
Levitation, instantaneous self-healing, can feed on shades of red, and the ability to shape shift into a wolf. Minor magical talents, nothing combative but she did spend a short period of time at a magic university, ask her about it sometime ;P
The Nightosphere, mentioning it will throw her completely off her train of the thought and it will take a minute for her to regain her composure, despite the events being 150 years old, they still bother her. Also cats, she doesn't like them at all.
Miscellaneous crap, she doesn't have much or want much, material things aren't important. (the exception being clothes, she LOVES clothes.)

*Companion: You? maybe? no seriously she wants to find a traveling companion or perhaps roommate? again someone to bring some structure to her life.
*Companion Description: N/A
*Theme Song:

1. Nothing Left to Say by Imagine Dragons, this song was chosen because it describes Nicolette's state of mind. Showing how despite her age she doesn't know if her actions from her past were the correct ones, and she constantly haunted by them. She has lost site of what's right and what's wrong, so she just moves forward trying to live her life.
"Who knows how long
I've been awake now?
The shadows on my wall don't sleep
They keep calling me
Who knows what's right?
The lines keep getting thinner
My age has never made me wise
But I keep pushing on and on and on and on"

2. Smile Smile Smile by Pinkie Pie, This song represents Nicolette's drive to force herself to be happy, despite her internal battles. When she remembers the actions of her past that haunt her she just puts on a strong face and smiles. Despite the past she can be a positive influence on the land of OOO.
"It's true some days are dark and lonely
And maybe you feel sad
But Pinkie will be there to show you that it isn't that bad"

3. People by Awolnation, this song describes how Nicolette is trying to move forward in her life.
"I was born to rage
For my father's pain
With m brother's size
For my mother's rain
We could use some hope
We must learn to cope."


(it says it in the pic at the top, I swear)

also cause I'm a rebel, here's what I say to password rules:

Ok sorry I MIGHT have had a little too much fun but come on it's adventure time!!!

So begins...

Nicolette Aberdeen's Story


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Nicolette was floating the Grasslands looking for a place to sleep for the day, it was already mid-morning and she was getting tired. She came across a small little shack. "Oh this'll work, no one will notice if I borrow a dump like this for the day." She thought as she mad her way down to the door and went to open it. But it was locked, "Weird, who'd lock up a dump like this?" She thought as she grabbed a hair pin from her hair and proceeded to pick the lock and get in, in no time at all. When she opened the door she was surprised by a spiral staircase that led deep underground, upon reaching the bottom she was welcomed by a foyer indicating the true entrance to the house.

She walked around the house finding it to contain two bedrooms, a study, a library, kitchen, a living room and a rather empty treasure room. The house was well furnished however, in fact there was a very large couch and a few chairs in the living room. "The only thing this living room is missing is a pinball machine." she thought and then she remembered she had one. She reached into her small purse and pulled out a pinball machine the size of her palm and set it on the ground. She then uttered a quick little spell and it grew in size reaching it's normal size in a few seconds. "That's better." She said with a yawn. "Guess I should probably get some sleep." She said to herself. She made her way to the smaller of the two bedroom but stopped by the treasure room on the way. There wasn't much in there, she assumed whomever owned this place spent a large sum of their treasure on the furnishings and construction of this shack. A small ornate jewelry box on the top shelf in the room caught her attention. She opened it up and saw a gold locket. She opened it up and saw a picture of a young woman, human, and her child. When Nicolette looked closer she was overcome with a mixture of sorrow and nostalgia. She recognized the woman, she was the granddaughter of an old friend of hers. "I haven't seen you in almost fifty years. And now you've grown up and had a kid of your own." She whispered to the locket before setting down on the shelf next to the jewelry box. She proceeded to the bed room and lay on the bed. Within minutes she was asleep.

While she slept, she dreamed.

She was talking with her sister. "Marcy we gotta go, Dad is calling us back to the Nightosphere." She said. "But we both know why he's calling us home and I don't wanna hear it. I'm staying here." Her sister replied. They argued back and forth for a few minutes and eventually Nicolette convinced her sister to accompany her.

They arrived in the Nightosphere and their father welcomed them. He told Marceline that she would accept the amulet and he was to retire. She argued with him and Nicolette just sat there, until Marceline suggested she lead, which their father very quickly responded with "Her? No, she can't do this job, you were the one I groomed for it Marceline and you'll do as I say." Before Nicolette could thinks he had transformed into her wolf form and attacked her father for his rude words. Violence was not uncommon in their family, but it was never bad enough for any serious harm to any of them, but her father didn't fight back. When she came to her senses, Marceline was gone. She went to check on her father - .

Nicolette awoke with a jolt. "That damn dream again, ugh I need to go play some music." she said as she got up and made the bed. She made her way back to the living room where she found an empty corner. She placed a small paino on the floor and uttered the same spell as before. Seconds later there was a beautiful baby grand piano in the once empty corner. "That'll do nicely." She said. Focusing on keeping a smile on her face she began to play the piano. She played so long she didn't even notice the time when she got around to looking at a clock it was around 6 in the evening. "Well I suppose I should take a shower." she thought and made her way to the bathroom. She turned on the water and was in the shower for quite some time. Spending as much time simply enjoying the water as anything else.


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Jo-Jo woke as he usually did; with the sun. He yawned and stretched; his customary greeting to the morning. He smiled dully as he slid out of bed, his feet finding warm slippers. Normally, Jo-Jo would have ignored the slippers altogether, but one does not simply ignore the cold of wooden floorboards on his feet. Most especially if one lives underground. Yes, Jo-Jo was quite pleased with his new house, or so he thought to himself as he slipped on his bathrobe over his pajamas. The only thing he really didn't like was how cold the floors were in the morning. Otherwise it was perfect, his rooms were all completely furnished, though they lacked the cozy feeling of his old place. Jo-Jo suspected that it was because the house was new, therefore nothing had settled in quite right just yet. Jo-Jo padded through his house, making his way to the kitchen. Though the floors were cold, his central air system spewed warm air, heated by geothermal vents in the ground. Jo-Jo found the effect quite comfortable. Soon it would be just the right temperature and Jo-Jo could turn off the heat and enjoy the ambience of his new home. At least, that would do for lesser adventurers. Jo-Jo took two eggs, a potato, cheese, and an onion from his cellar and brought his supplies to the kitchen. There wasn't any meat in the house, or Jo-Jo would have loved to eat some ham with his breakfast, but that could get worked on later. Instead, Jo-Jo cracked the eggs into a large mixing bowl and began stirring them with a spoon. When the yolks and the whites were completely mixed, Jo-Jo sliced up the onion and potato and tossed them into the bowl as well. He grated some cheese next and put the mixture into a casserole dish. He then set it to bake while he put away his other supplies and clean up the mess he'd made. By the time he was done, his breakfast was finished and he slipped on an ovenmitt before opening his stove and removing the casserole. His egg bake was perfect. Jo-Jo brought his breakfast over to the counter and set his casserole down on a hot pad, so as to not damage the new marble counter tops. Jo-Jo smiled as he ate his breakfast, looking around at the kitchen. His stove, toaster, and cellar/freezer door were all stainless steel. His cabinets and other shelves were a fantastic dark wood. He believed it was called Mahoghany. His floors were a cream colored tile, and his marble counter tops sat on the same Mahoghany counters. The appliances surrounded a central island counter that held all his cooking utensils. The cabinets held all his silverware, and the general ambience was very cozy. The only room he liked better was his library. After cleaning up, Jo-Jo headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower before getting dressed in his usual garb for the day. He pulled on his gauntlet, his bracelet, his goggles and his back pack and headed out the door, making sure to lock the place up before he went his way. Though the entrance to his home appeared to be a dumpy old shack, it was actually a ruse. If people found out that the Falcon lived in the Grasslands, where anyone could come get him while he slept... well, Jo-Jo didn't like to think about it.

Jo-Jo made his way to the Candy Kingdom. He crossed the grasslands without incident, though he did notice the smoke of a small campfire, or so it seemed, Jo-Jo made a note to visit it later. There wasn't much time now. Jo-Jo had spent most of his treasure on his home, making a deal he wasn't the surest about with Tinrei, the Water Nymph. Jo-Jo liked the Nymph well enough, but he always felt just a little cheated whenever he left her place. Jo-Jo smiled as he made his way through the crowded streets of the Candy Kingdom. He didn't know why, but Jo-Jo always felt at home here. It was such a lively place, so bright and colorful. Soon enough, Jo-Jo had made his way to the Local quest board. Other adventurers were crowded around it as well, each considering the pros and cons of taking any of the quests. Jo-Jo smirked. "Alrighty Lightweights, move your hams!" Jo-Jo called out brazenly. He reached up with his gauntlet covered hand and took one of the harder quests. Something about Lub Glubs. Jo-Jo remembered he had something about them in his guidebook, but he'd have to read up about them when he got home, just to double check. As he took the piece of paper, some of the adventurers recognized him. They whispered to each other with bated breath. "It's him." Jo-Jo heard one say. "Jo-Jo the Falcon." Jo-Jo smirked his trademark smirk as he turned to the voice. It was a small candy child, he happened to be passing by with his mother. "Hey there little man." Jo-Jo said, as he walked over to the boy. He kneeled when he reached him. "What's your name champ?" Jo-Jo asked, a big smile on his face. "Gerald." The boy said shyly. Jo-Jo smiled, placing his gloved hand on top of his head and tousling his hair. "We'll Gerald, I'm sure you'll grow up to be an adventurer yourself one day, but you know what that means, right? It means you've got to eat all the food on your plate so you grow up big and strong. You've also gotta exercise lots too. It's a rough job, but if you really try, I promise you, there's nothing you can't do." Jo-Jo smiled as the little boy's eyes lit up. "Now run along champ, I'll bet your mommy's taking you somewhere important, yeah?" Jo-Jo said, and sent the boy back to his mother, who smiled at him and thanked him wordlessly. Jo-Jo nodded his head and smiled. He loved doing that. Little kids were the best, their eyes wide with wonder, their imaginations full to bursting. It was wonderful.

Jo-Jo left the quest board and started making his way back to the grasslands. He wanted to check on that fire and see what was up. After that, he'd probably head home and start reading up on Lub Glubs. Jo-Jo left the Candy kingdom with some hesitation. He always felt so sad when he was leaving. He didn't know why. There was something about the way that the Candy Palace seemed to look over him. It felt like it was begging him to stay. Jo-Jo turned and left, heading home. As he walked a ways, he looked at the quest paper he'd taken. It was rather simple really. Jo-Jo had to fight his way through Beautopia, watch out for whatever these Lub Glubs were, and relight the City's Heart with a flame. It'd be simple enough, once that heart was within 500 feet, Jo-Jo considered the Job done. As he came closer, roughly 100 yards or so from the fire, Jo-Jo stopped and climbed a tree. He then zoomed in with his goggles to see what was up. Jo-Jo almost wished he hadn't. Arcadia the Theif and Cantus Amator were the ones holding the party. Jo-Jo knew deep within his heart that they were up to no good, but Cantus was neutral. Unless he expressly saw Cantus doing something evil, Jo-Jo couldn't touch him. Arcadia, on the other hand, was another story. She was a known thief, and while Jo-Jo would have loved to shove her into the Candy Kingdom's prisons, he knew she'd be out again as soon as he turned around. Sighing, Jo-Jo instead took a minute to charge up his Gauntlet with icy and electrified energy and blasted the supercharged bolt up over the heads of Arcadia and Cantus, roughly 160 feet in the air. The result was a magnificent explosion that would put ordinary fireworks to shame. If Jo-Jo knew Cantus like he thought he did, Jo-Jo knew that he'd think twice about ripping someone off now. Not while Jo-Jo was watching. His warning sent, Jo-Jo hopped down from the tree and made his way back home.

Upon reaching the shack that served as his disguised entrance, Jo-Jo was shocked to find the door opened. He was one of, maybe, two people who knew about the place. Jo-Jo began charging a bolt with all three types of elemental energy. He didn't take kindly to intruders. Jo-Jo stepped gingerly inside and locked the door behind him. He threaded softly, his gauntlet held at face level. Jo-Jo didn't know who was here, but most inhabitants of Ooo didn't like it when you shot them between the eyes. Jo-Jo crept almost silently around the rooms of his house. He made his way through every room, finding a piano and a pinball machine that weren't there before. "I dunno who decided to move in, but I hope they know that breaking and entering is against the roommate agreement..." Jo-Jo quipped to himself. As he made his way through the house, he heard noises coming from the bathroom. Jo-Jo smirked. He was about to catch whoever was here with their pants down, quite literally. Jo-Jo waited for a second by the door. His back against the wall. He nodded to himself then pushed the door open, hard. "Hands in the air monkey-brain!" Jo-Jo yelled. "I dunno who you think you are but your hams are-" Jo-Jo cut himself off. Standing before him was a very pretty girl who was almost completely naked, besides of course, the towel wrapped around her body. "N-n-n-n-na-k-ked..." Jo-Jo stuttered. He slammed the door shut, himself back outside of the bathroom. Jo-Jo slapped himself on the face twice before starting up again. "Once you're d-d-decent, we'll have a chat, ok? Because this is my house." Jo-Jo stuttered and stumbled, bringing himself to the living room with much more difficulty than it used to take. His face was bright red.


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Nicolette finished her shower and toweled herself off. When she was dry she looked around, "Crap." She muttered to herself realizing she had left her clothes in the guest bedroom. Even though she was fairly certain she was the only one in the house she thought it would be best if she covered herself and she wrapped her body in a towel. Mere seconds after the towel was covering her body she heard a voice from the other side of the door. ""Hands in the air monkey-brain!" the voice scream and the door flung open. There was a young boy, probably around 16 or 17 standing in the doorway, "I dunno who you think you are but your hams are-" the boy started to stay before blushing bright red and stuttering "N-n-n-n-na-k-ked..." and stumbling out of the bathroom and shutting the door behind himself. "How cute." Nicolette thought to herself, and then she heard the boys voice again, "Once you're d-d-decent, we'll have a chat, ok? Because this is my house." Nicolette smiled, "Well then you best walk away from the door, cause my clothes aren't in here. And we wouldn't want to embarrass you again now would we?" she said with a light chuckle. She grabbed her hair dryer, which she had remembered to bring with her and turned it on. She didnt wait for the boy to confirm if he was still there before opening the door and floating outside.

She frowned a fake frown as she noticed the boy wasn't there. "Oh well, I'll tease him more later I guess." She said quietly to herself as she made her way to the guest bedroom drying her hair and wrapped in only a towel. Once she made it to the bedroom she opened her purse, which thanks to her shrinking magic contained all of her clothes. "Now, what to wear." She thought out loud as she sifted through her purse, ultimately deciding to wear a black skirt, with red highlights, that was probably a touch shorter than it should be, but hey she thought it was cute, and a simple black tank. She then opened her purse back up and pulled out her red knee high boots that matched quite well with the skirt and tank. She took a quick glance at the mirror in the room and smiled, "This'll work." she thought with a smile gracing her face.

She floated through the house looking for the boy and found him, still red faced, in the living room. She sat down on one of the comfortable looking chairs, although she didn't sit in a traditional fashion, she sat with her legs over one arm of the chair and letting her head and hair flow back over the other. "So, let's start off with introductions, I'm Nicolette, and I'm a vampire. I was not breaking into your home, and I meant no harm, I just needed a place to sleep for the day. I have no home you see, I'm constantly traveling so I figure it'd be a waste if I bought a home I never used." She said explaining everything like it was all a misunderstanding and her being there was no big deal. "And you are a human, but that's all I can figure out, so tell me, who are you? You have a quite lovely home." she said buttering him up.