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Lucas Maze

A betrayed raider with no memory of his past and granted power by an anictent weapon now turn mailman

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a character in “The Mailmen”, as played by Maze44



Name: Lucias Maze

age: 25 at least (raiders don't count high)

Alias: Maze, Desert wraith, Freak, past seeker, metal skin demon

Hair: dark blue, length as seen in image

Eyes: greenish-grey that glow slightly in dark places with a raider tattoo around his right eye

Occupation: freelance Mailman, raider hunter

Clothing: Changing day to day base on the job he doing, but the most common outfit he seen is dark cargo pant, combat boots, chest wise he wears a short sleeve skin tight nano fiber shirt and arm sleeves. One his belt he carries two small pouches on the sides and a medium pouch in the small of the back.

Weapons and Equipment: Thanks to the ARC Nanites Lucas is doesn't carry a lot of weapons as he can construct or transform his body what he needs completes the task. Lucas does carry a pair gauntlet for the time he does want use or can't use ARC's power with energy blasters and micro shield projectors installed in them. There's an energy knife stored in the left gantlet for close combat. Lucas carries several spare energy pack for his gauntlet. For transportation he use Fenirir motorbike that used to be belong to Leon.

Powers: Lucas's powers are split between his and the ARC program coming together to make a whole. On Lucian's side he born with abnormal strength and reflexes. The other half of his power comes from the ARC nanobots which allow Lucas to do things like interface creation, Exo-Armor creation, and quick regeneration are like a reflexes requiring little focus or energy almost. While morphing his limbs into weapons, hack computers and machines by touch, rapid fabrications, and breaking down matter need more energy and focus for Lucas pull off.

Weakness: Lucas biggest weakness is his greatest power ARC. ARC is still a machine with a computer brain even if it acts human it still susceptible to damage from electric based attacks and being hack which greatly weakens Lucas ability to function. A second weakness is over use of Arc's power will drain Lucas mental capacity to the point of coma and even death. A third weakness that some his powers especially healing,and rapid fabrication require matter to use ,though Lucas carries blocks of metal for this purpose, if he runs out and there is nothing around to consume the nanobot will cannibalize themselves to preform the task reducing the the effectiveness of his other abilities.

Mentality: Lucas mentality has gone through some changes but at core his mentality is strong sense of survival and mental endure harshness. though he doesn't remember it during his time a raider he was sadistic, violent, suspicious of everyone even his gang, and deranged. After his captivity however he change as he forgot almost all of his former life he now far more stable and focused has grown smarter since the bonding with the ARC program. He can be cold and off putting choosing not to allow anyone to really get close to him, but has been know to kind things (especially for children and the elderly) for no other reason then because he wanted too. He has a dark sense of humor. He not afraid to use the threat of violence and even go through with it to get what he wants but he tends to use that as a last resort. During heated combat his past violent and sadistic tendency will often reappear without him realizing it.

Lucas past is nothing more that fragments to him with no emotional ties. He remembers not the name he was born with or the faces of his parents. He knows that he born to a raider clan. He knows that his life was hard and full of danger the desire to be strong and prove he was strong drove him. He knew at a youngish age he obtain then that strength through violence and cruelty holding it over his clan. He knows he was betrayed by several people and sold to an shadowy group hiding in the wasteland for weapons and food.

It is during this time that the man who became Lucas Maze was truly born. He was kept in that place for several years subjected to countless tests and interrogations which he fought at first but as they slowly wore away the man's past the fighting stopped. Then came the injection as he called it, and everything changed. His entire body was wrap in pain that fast and seemed to last for months. It was during one particular night when pain wasn't terrible that the man open his eye to find a glimmering stranger in a lab coat standing over examining him. The man attempted to lash out at the stranger as he look like the the one who imprison him only to watch his hands go through the stranger. In fear the man flew back as he stared in horror to afraid to to call out. The stranger move closer asking if he could see him to which nodded.

"Good" replied the the stranger "Then it mean our connection is active what is the name of our host?"
Man lowered head an answered as he been taught he had no name.
"No Name." said the stranger "Unacceptable Name need for connection to grow."
The man watch the stranger disappear for a moment before returning
"We have one name archived in our data bank it is the name of our creator you are welcome to it" the man stared up at the stranger and nodded happily. "It is settled from this moment on you are Lucas Maze and shall carry on our creator's legacy now what is your name."
"My name i..." said the man standing up "Is Lucas Maze"
"I am the ARC program which stands (Advance Replicating Combat nanite) and you are my host Lucas Maze"

That night the Man became Lucas Maze and together with the program began working together to escape, even as they were still subjected to the overseers test which was now beginning to include combat test against warbots and dangerous beasts. Lucas and ARC used the tests to learn about his new powers while in secret ARC began teaching Lucas basic reading, writing, mathematics, and languages while at away from the eyes of the overseers. It took time and patience but eventuality the moment came during a combat test where Lucas took control of a warbot during a test an altered it programing to attack the overseers and fleeing during the confusion.

Once Lucas escape he faced one major problem he didn't know or more like forgot how to live in the outside world. He ended up wondering the wastelands surviving mostly thanks to ARC until even that couldn't help and collapse on the ground. When he woke up he discovered in was still in the wasteland however when he looked around he notice a man sitting nearby with fire going who introduced himself as Leon Reeve, a mailman passing by on a job and stop when notice the vultures surrounding Lucas. Leon offered Lucas a ride to his next stop which Lucas silently accepted. Leon took them to an outlying village where Lucas attempted to leave but some how ended watching in fascination as the people gathered around Leon while he handed letters and packages to the villagers.

Lucas somehow found himself hanging around Leon motorbike as the mailman prepared to leave on his next job asking the man how he can become a mailman. Leon informed he could be a mailman from any company that wanted him, but it wasn't all smile and cheer sometime mailman had to do dirty work too. Lucas reply was he didn't care, he be willing waded through muck for a moment like he just witness. Leon was speechless for a second, before he burst out laughing. When he was done he offered Lucas a ride to his company office The Iron Horse delivery service and during which he would evaluate Lucas skills to see if he had what it took.

It took talking, but with Leon's backing him, Lucas was allowed to join The Iron Horse company. There was some mistrust in the beginning but after working for them for two year the company became something of a home to Lucas. It all came to end one day Lucas return after a job to find the company office destroyed with everyone dead well all except him. Lucas blame himself and choose the become a freelance mailman offering his service to any company that want his talents.

Skills: Hand-to-hand, sword combat, stealth, close quarter combat, marksmanship, tracking, wilderness survival, driving, piloting, hacking.

Other: Lucas divides his time between mailman gig and hunting down his past looking for those that betrayed him. He tends to take jobs that that have to do with exploring the past world.

So begins...

Lucas Maze's Story

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#, as written by Maze44
A few minutes before the bombing...
Lucas sat straight and stone face in the only spare chair in the cluttered office of Dr. James Martin, the head researcher at the local research center, watching the good doctor reaction as the man stared wide eye at the two prize sitting on his desk.

"Th-this is amazing Mr. Maze." said James running a hand over a war bot hard drive, before reaching over doing the same thing to the new still working war bot power core. "I never expected both of them and in such fine conditions it almost imposs-"

"Maze" said Lucas suddenly cutting off whatever James was going to say.

"Pardon?" said James in confused tone.

"I don't care for honorifics attached to my name doctor," said Lucas calmly rising from his seat and moving to stand in front of the desk. "they annoy me so I prefer clients address me simply as Maze"

"This meeting grows tedious Lucas," came a voice to the to Lucas's left.

Lucas glanced over to see an image of a tall man in his late forties wearing glasses dressed in nice clothes and lab coat standing next to the desk arms crossed. Lucas immediately recognized the image of ARC's creator that the program like use as an avatar when he wished to talk him. Lucas focused back on James and saw no sign that the man noticed the third party now moving to stand next to him. He'd seen it every time ARC generated the avatar, an image only Lucas can see and hear him.

"Now then Dr. Martin," said Lucas choosing to ignore ARC's presence. "We should concluded our business with my payment."

"Ah yes, right you are." said James digging out a transfer pad. "You have an ID card right may I see it?"

"I never leave home without it." said Lucas pulled out his ID and handing it to James,watching the man inserting into the pad and authorizing the transfer of credit to Lucas's ID card.

"Here you go, the payment plus a bonus for collecting both samples" said James handing Lucas back his ID. "Pleasure doing business M-Maze"

"You as well, Doc" replied Lucas throwing a hooded coat on as he headed out the door. "Let me know when I can help out again."

Once Lucas left the research center he flipped up the hood of his coat as begin to make his way through the crowded streets of the city. He ran into almost no problems most because the people parted to avoid him due the raider mark on his face or his glowing green eys, but there was always a person or three who spite at him. Lucas ignored them all and continued on his way.

"I always meant to ask," came ARC voice again and Lucas glanced over to look at the avatar "You have power to alter your features why don't you fix your eyes and face."

"Two reasons, one it wouldn't be permanent making it a waste of your power and my focus to to keep it hidden and two is I don't want too I don't have a problem with either." said Lucas as he looked at all city folk trying to advert their eyes from him. "It's other people that can't deal with the mark."

"Hmm fair points." Said ARC "So what now Lucas?"

"We need supplies and fuel, however there no reason to rush it." Said Lucas thinking ignoring looks people were giving him."we have to wait for my contact to reach me with the information about raider movements."

"And that would be a lot easier if we set up base here for awhile." finished ARC

"Yeah we can use the time to gather the needed supplies and extra funds." said Lucas coming to a stop in front of a community bored near the city government building."perhaps one of the local delivery companies won't mind taking on a freelance Mail-"

Whatever Lucas meant to say was drown out by a massive explosion coming from nearby followed by screams. He turned to see a large bellow of black smoke coming from nearby. The sight suddenly brought back a flood of bad memories that had Lucas balling his hands into fist however a new sound filtered into his brain.

"Weapons fire?" He thought turning to watch a trio humanoid war bots shooting at some of the fleeing people.

Charging forward Lucas morph his hands into claws, and slashed two of the bots weapons into little metal chucks that clanged as they hit the ground. From the the way the bots reacted Lucas figured they didn't expect him which made it far more satisfying when he followed up first attack with a punch to the face to one of the now disarmed bot caving it's head in. He heard the third bot spun around to engage him as he grabbed the second disarmed bot. Instantly Lucas morphed his left arm into a large blade that cut straight through the bots weapon and hit a soft spot above the power core that safely powering it down.

"Now then," said Lucas morphing his hand back to claws and turned his attention to the bot struggling to escape his grasp. "that leaves only you tin can."

"We most eradicate targets." came the mechanical voice.

"Oh shut up," said Lucas as he used his Nano bots to hacked the bot's brain "and let me see what you know?"

Lucas's mind was suddenly filled with attack plans, list of targets, and protocols for combat. He begin flipping through the information and noticed one eerie thing, a lot of the targets were mailman or government workers. The thought of mailman being targeting didn't set well with him. He was starting to wonder when a file caught his eye, studying it he realized it was plan use heavy bots to overwhelm the square

"Well damn." said Lucas cutting the connection and dropping the now shut down bot on the ground.

Lucas turned to look in direction of the the pillar of black smoke, and could hear the sounds of fighting coming from the square. He didn't have do anything, it wasn't like he was on the hit list like the the others, And yet he found himself running towards the conflict. A part of him of know it was the right thing to do for the other mailmen and the civilians sure to be caught in the fighting.

Drawing closer to the site of the bombing he ran into more reprogrammed war bots as well as several unidentified individuals barring down on a red haired tattooed woman defending a woman and child. Lucas flung off his coat as activated his exo-skin that gave him a demon appearance and morphed arm blades on each arm to quickly cut through those blocking path. Suddenly Lucas was blindside by something that sent him flying through a building.

"Oh ow" moaned Lucas as he slowly got to his feet. "Alright anyone see what hit me?"

Looking around he saw that he was standing front the bombed building. He also noticed several pieces of broken war bot lying on the ground and standing among them was a blue haired kid of about nine he guessed, he was terrible when it came to guessing kid's age, staring at something. Shaking himself he attempt to call out to the boy, but before he could a missile flew over his head hitting a nearby building.

"Ah damn it I missed" came a voice and Lucas turned see a man wearing a heavy power armor stepping out of the hole Lucas just open. "I don't know who you are but I won't let you interfere any longer."

"Oh really" said Lucas popping his neck. "That sounds like a challenge, I accept."

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Ash was suddenly aware of the warbots and the various types of grenades going off and smoke bombs being used to disorient and distract him and the other mailmen. He noticed the three bots attacking the young boy with blue hair he'd seen earlier. He torn through them with ease it seemed. Suddenly the rooftop fell out from under his feet as a warbot blasted it with a grenade launcher. He got buried under the rubble of the building as it collapsed in on him. He didn't have the time to react and surround himself with vines like before. He was a little scratched up, but his enhanced healing fixed any injuries relatively quick.

As much as he hated to do it, Ash knew he had to leave the power cells there and come back for them after the bots and the henchmen were eliminated, provided they were still there. He surrounded the box with more rubble and marked the location on his HUD display.

"This should be exciting. It's not often someone gets the drop on me, even if they are a robot." He smirked. He looked over at the blue haired kid and saw him staring up at some guy in a hood on another rooftop in the square, they both seemed to have the same glowing hair and eyes. Momentarily he pondered if they were related based on the look on the kid's face. The red haired woman from earlier was also nearby and had just saved a lady and her young girl from the explosion. She seemed to be in shock, as she was just looking on in horror. The warbot that had blown up the building must have been distracted or had it's sensors blocked by the smoke and flames. Ash pulled out his plasma edged sword and, before the warbot had time to notice him, he cut the machine into several pieces. He cut into the machine's heavily armored casing and then reached in and pulled out a square part, ripping it away from the wires that clung to it. It was the memory core of that machine and it would have some very interesting data on it. He put the core in his backpack just as a laser blasted right next to his head, barely missing him. He ran in a serpentine pattern to avoid the laser blasts before slicing this bot right up the middle. Each side fell to the ground twitching and smoking. Out of the corner of his eye he saw anther man fighting someone in power armor right after a missile took out yet another building.

Ash couldn't see much through the smoke and flames that were spreading now and Ash couldn't see what was happening. He wanted to get to the high ground, but he knew that would make him an easy target. In the stress of the moment, Ash seemed to turn into a mutant plant creature. From head to toe he was covered with vines, bark and thorns. He looked like a monster and he could fight like one now too. He went back to hacking through warbots using his sword and plant powers in a blur of speed and agility.

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Warbots, gunmen, fire... it was chaos....

"Where are the government troops?" The mother asked voicing the very thoughts running through Samantha's head.

"I don't know but I need to get you two out of here" Samantha said as she looked on. "They seem to be busy fighting the others..."

Samantha was cut off by the girl "More bad guys down the street" she said pointing.

The new squad of enemies had seen them and opened fire. The child got behind cover but her mother was not so lucky....

"Mother!" The girl screamed as her mother's body fell lifelessly to the street.

"Stay put!" Samantha ordered the girl as she drew her gun and yelled at the gunmen "Hey bastards burn in Hell!"

A rage filled Samantha, a burning that became a red hot flame. The fire flew from Samantha like a holy light the flames so hot the attackers where burned to Ash with a single touch. But her fire blast had brought the attention of an enemy rocketman. Lucky for Samantha the rocket missed but the blast sent her flying into a wall.

Samantha looked up her body in pain and her vision a blurr. She made out the shape of a large metal man looking over her... A warbot with it's gun pointed right at her chest. The sound of a laser blast. But Samantha didn't feel the burn of a laser and the cold of death. No she saw instead a warbot with a missing head.

Seconds later the young girl shaking was handing Samantha her pistol. "Let's go avenge my mother..."
Samantha took the gun with a grim look. "What's your name kid?"
"Nora...Nora Fraiser.."
"Ok Nora...stick close and we'll get though this... together"
Gun in one hand fire in the other Samantha stood up heading once again into the fray.

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#, as written by Zaria
People calling for help, raining bullets everywhere, death comes for innocent and not so innocent. She heard it all, watched it, yet she still lied between rubble. Battle on rooftops, battle wherever you look, soon more lives will be gone, and yet she didn’t want to move at all.

"Isn’t this the best moment to do something? " Rai asked her, black sphere as always worried for lack of reaction.
"What can I do? This isn’t my field…" She started, but Rai interrupted her.
"That is a false statement"
It annoyed her a little, she got up slowly…thinking if one old command could still work.

"Rai, I believe you’ve been gathering information about location of machines and tried to get an access to them, correct? "

"Correct" Short answer, faint hope for unarmed people who are too far from mailmen or any other way of surviving through this ordeal.

"Initiate old command to all machines, hopefully some will shut down…" She watched as woman died, child crying…her reaction far too slow, she knew that at least one simple command could’ve been sent earlier, but she wanted to watch rather than interact this time.

Her choice paid in blood was, and it's bad for business...

I can be really terrible person as it seems…

She continued to watch, only to hear something new.
"AC box has been damaged just now, rooftop" Rai informed her.
"Who...died?" She asked, not caring for where exactly it was, or how exactly it happened, for it was but a needless information to her now.

If anyone died, that is…

She thought, and waited, still watching rather than acting.

OOC – considering it’s an old command she got, some robots will shut down but not all I guess, I’m curious if anyone will decide to use that fact in next post :)
P.S : Hmm Kent, I wonder who he is...anyway accidental

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Ash continued tearing through bot after bot until he burst through a wall into an ally where he spotted another warbot. He ripped through it really fast before stopping to catch his breath. He turned to see another person at the other end of the ally. It was another person with blue hair. There were a lot of them showing up today.

Ash could tell by the suspicious look on his face that the person didn't know what to think seeing a person that was covered in plant armor. However, Ash had little time to explain himself and didn't want to waist time when he could be taking out the threat. He shifted his face back to human form, smiled and pulled out his ID and flashed it at the guy. He then ran off in a blur of brown and green.

He spotted a group of hovering bots about a block away and about forty feet in the air. They locked onto him and fired nine small missiles at him. He ran straight for the bots, passing the missiles faster than they could maneuver, and jumped high against the wall of building next to the hover bots and used it to jump on top of them. He landed on top of one of them and grabbed the other two in each hand, forcing vines to jam their rotor blades and they fell to the ground and blew up ad they crashed. As he stood on the last bot, the missiles turned around were now heading back toward the bot and Ash jumped off right as the missiles collided with the bot, the explosion sending him flying up to the top of the building.

He scanned the area and saw that a lot of the bots were already defeated and for some reason a lot of them were suddenly shutting down for seemingly no reason as all. He didn't know what was causing it, but he wasn't going to argue with it either. He went back off into the direction of where he left his package. He moved away the rubble and grabbed the metal box. Things were starting to die down now so he was looking for the best way to escape the town square and get back to the Black Thorn headquarters.

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#, as written by Zaria
White told Rai to record everything that happened about AC “accident” in this mayhem situation for later, not thinking any longer about it she focused on other things. She continued to observe individuals that caught her attention, one feisty and an incredible arsonist as it seems, who also happened to save a child from death, then there was shouting child that made her laugh for the first time since it started. There were also three other individuals, one of them with weird amulet seemed to be in hurry.

“Rai do tell…where is he going?”

“Judging by the package he carries, Black Thorn service is a possibility”

She smiled, she could for fun accidentally stumble upon him. Maybe be kind and show him a shortcut, and in the meantime give information about injured people's location to security and organizations that could do something about it, some people are sill in need of help and maybe they will receive said help.

“Ahh the sewers…Rai please be so kind and tell me how to reach that young man before he gets to his destination and possibly with a shortcut for him, I’m bored of seemingly doing nothing.”
“Right away, though wouldn’t it be better for you to…” He started again with the same thing.
“No, it wouldn’t…actually fine, it will be faster and it’s simply for observation purposes” She smiled.

Hopefully he’s not that good, if he is he will notice something’s way too off about me, oh who am I trying to fool? Me? It’s so obvious this time…

“Rai I’ll shut you down for a short moment”
“Certainly, discharge would be unpleasant to say the least.”

Later in a different place, cleared of any hostiles she waited for one person.
White brought Rai back online, and soon expected person will arrive in hurry, unless there was an error...
“Rai how big chance of error is in this case?” there was no reply, it was a needless question meant to kill time and Rai knew it.

OOC- I think it may be misleading so discharge is not a reference to what Kent saw, also I hope it's alright with you all.

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0.00 INK

(I'm going to assume that Zaria meant Ash, not Kent, as Ash is the one in the city running around in the city and has an amulet, while Kent is still in the desert on his way into the city.)

Ash looked around scanning the area on all light frequencies looking for a way out of the square. It was difficult to tell the difference between the warbots and the City Security bots. Ash looked to the streets. Too many warbots blocking the exits, debris and rubble blocking alternate routes. Ash was feeling trapped. He didn't see any of the others he had earlier, and yet he still felt like he was being watched.

As he switched his goggles to tactical mode suddenly he saw an exit highlight in his HUD display. There was an entrance to one of the sewers hidden in the basement of the building across the square from him, but getting to the building and past the armed gunmen and warbots was going to be tricky part.


After a few hours of trekking and killing every wild creature that tried to kill him, Kent was finally nearing the edge of the desert. He was getting really thirsty and he pulled a canteen out of his bag. He opened the canteen and pressed it to his lips but only a dribble poured out. He saw a what looked like an oasis just at the edge of the desert as a river bordered the desert and the city. Palm trees and small plants grew along the river making the border look more distinguished from the rest of the landscape.

Kent ran up to the water and dunked his head in the running water. He pulled his head out and shook it as his hair shimmered in like a pearl in the sunlight. He felt refreshed, yet he was cautious as he heard the sounds of distant screaming coming from the city.

"That's not what I'm here for. I can't go off saving people on every job." He sighed as he tried to convince himself that he was only going to find the new crime boss and that it would be enough to save so many other people.

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0.25 INK

#, as written by Maze44
Lucas activited his armor skin as he stood watching closely what the plant creature did prepared to defend himself should he need to, however it turned out to be an over reaction as the creature’s plant feature fade around his its face to reveal a human one. The man, now that Lucas could see it, flashed up a ID badge from which Lucas could only make out the man’s first name was Ash before he fled down the road destroying mechs along the way. Lucas was stared flabbergasted at what he just witness for a while until Arc manage to gain his attention again.

“Lucas...LUCAS you in there.”

“Huh” said Lucas “what? Oh Arc sorry I didn’t mean to zone outing just...”

“Not everyday you see a mutant with that kind of power,” said Arc finishing his though.

“Yeah.” Said Lucas deactivating his armor skin and rubbing the bridge of his nose suddenly aware of just how tired he was. “Hey Arc did you manage to get the guy’s full name off his badge?”

“Afraid not.” Said Arc’s voice.

“Do you think can find out?” Asked Lucas sitting on a chuck of rubble and digging out a ration bar “you know recreate the image in the augmented reality like you do with your avatar so we can get a look again.”

“Hmm, one moment.” Said Arc and Lucas bit into his food as he felt Arc connection go quiet a moment before coming back. “Your in luck I was able to do it.”

Lucas eye glowed a soft green as his vision changed to see a digital image on the Ash’s badge floating in front of him.

“Ash Rosenior huh” said Lucas looking at the image. “Of Black Thorn Delivery”

“Perhaps you can stop by later and see about work.” Said Arc

“Yeah perhaps,” said Lucas getting up and brush off his hands. “but first we need to secure the city.”

Lucas activited the remote call program he installed in his bike, calling it to his location. It took a few moments for it to arrive and when it did he heard several people talking over each other on comm channels. Lucas placed his hand on the receiver and used his nano bots to connected to it.

“Arc filter them.” He said

“One moment,” said Arc a moment later the signals separated “here you go.”

Lucas flipped through the signals listening to them until he came across one that peck his interest. The channel had at least four people on it. The first voice sounded like a child asking how everyone’s zone were. The second voice was of an older woman going by Horus who indicated her area was clear before a terrifying sound cut her out.

“Arc tell me that wasn’t what I think was.” Said Lucas

“Afraid so” said Arc “perhaps we should stay away from that area”

“Hmm we’ll see.”

A third voice cut in, that of a woman saying that government boots were on the where she was. The first voice came back telling everyone who was listen he was investigating Horus postion. Lucas was about call in when a forth voice of another woman came on warning all mailman to be cautious about a job.

“Sound advice,” said Lucas before patching in to the channel “This is Lucas Maze my area is clean, and government agents are coming heading over to investigate a signal lost.”

“Lucas,” said Arc as Lucas tuned out of the channel and started up his bike. “This signal lost we are going to investigate wouldn’t happen the same area where an EMP would be right?”

“No comment.” Said Lucas before setting off.

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Ash had just started walking when a communication came across his goggles' built in communication system. The message was sent to all mailmen and warning them not to take any new high paying jobs. He then heard another message from a Lucas Maze saying that the area he was in was clear.

"Well if everyone is checking in on here, this is Ash Rosanoir and the south west corner of the town square is still being patrolled by warbots and there were a few guards out there too. I had to find alternate means of escape and the guards are probably listening in on this channel so giving away your positions is probably not the best idea." Ash replied before he received another message for a job with a high payout.

"Figures, best paying job I've been offered in three months and it's just a fake." He said as he looked at the box of power cells.

"And these things. Well, since I don't have a client now ...and I'm not getting paid for the delivery, I guess I'll keep these for my trouble." He muttered to himself as he continued to head toward Black Thorn Headquarters. The city had gone eerily quiet now that a lot of the people had evacuated. It was a sound that always gave Ash the shivers.


Kent remained calm as he was flooded with the people running out of the city. He simply walked through the crowd in the opposite direction as them. Kent's holographic HUD activated and he received the same messages that everyone else did. He didn't respond as Ash had made a good point about giving away locations.

Things started to fall into place in his head. The job he was on right now was most likely a distraction for something else. The reasoning behind it did seem to be a little weak and the pay was ridiculously high. He scanned the city, assessing the damages and to what buildings. He saw that a majority of the damage had been concentrated on the government buildings in the center of the town square. He scanned for warbots and found a concentration of them in the south west corner of the square.

"They must be protecting something or someone." He muttered as he jumped to the fire escape of a nearby building and climbed to the roof to get a better view. He scanned the building closest to the warbots and saw nothing inside that looked suspicious.

"Unless that's meant to be a distraction too." He quickly turned back to the farthest area from the town square looking for any signs of strange activity. Then he saw it, a single warbot that wasn't patrolling but seemed to be guarding a building. The building was out of the way from any of the evacuation routes. He tried to scan it and couldn't see through the walls using any light wavelengths. They seemed to be lined with dampening panels. What ever was in that building was the source of all this trouble.

Kent used his HUD to get onto the mailmen channel and secure it with temporary firewall that would block out anyone from tapping into it or cut off anyone who already had, but it was only for this one message.

"To any mailmen listening to this, I found the source of all of this. There's a building in the North East corner of the city that's unscannable and being guarded by a single warbot. I'm almost certain that the explosion was just a distraction for something else and it's going down in that building. No one should go there alone, I've sent my co-ordinance embedded in the message and anyone looking to figure out what's going down in that building can meet me here in the next five minutes or I'm going in on my own." He informed everyone. Now he had to wait.

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#, as written by Zaria
White heard another message, coming from mailmen, talking about the possible source of all of it. Something that caught her attention, and annoyed little.

“Rai why didn’t you…” She started.

“Too vague information gathered, possible trap or already abandoned, also there was a firewall that almost thrown us out of mailmen channel when the message was sent out. Possibly another reason to suspect trap or someone from mailmen trying desperately to hide this message.” Rai’s reply made sense, they could leave machines in form of distraction, message she won't comment.

I still want to check that…

She slowly moved from that damn spot, tired of waiting…it seemed like there was an error in earlier calculations.

Let’s just make it a quick travel from here to there…

“I’ll shut you down again Rai…” She said and shut him down without waiting for reply.

"I see, I'll be there in few minutes, please do wait till then." - Came to her mind, but it would be weird for person that isn't a mailman reply to this message, staying silent and going there also. Either choice would be bad, but she wanted to go there...

*Few minutes later*
She finally could see building that was mentioned in message, and she could see someone. Who was that silver haired person,is what made her wonder...
She waved to him or her from a distance, whoever that person was, she would soon learn.

OOC - Silver haired means Kent.

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Kent had hardly been waiting a minute before he saw a white haired woman who seemed to be around the same age as him. She was on a nearby rooftop but she didn't say a word, she only waved. This was good, less noise meant it was harder to be identified as a target. There was another noise, the sound of something bursting through the ground and growing at a crazy fast rate. Soon there was a person climbing up a large vine. It was Ash, not that Kent would have known him. Ash went up next to Kent.

"You the one who sent the message?" He asked, having already spotted the White haired woman on the next building.

"Yes, but unless those goggles of yours can penetrate dampening plating, scanning that building will be impossible."

Ash's goggles were good, but there wasn't any kind of scan that could get through dampening plating.

"And why would someone have walls plated with dampening panels unless they were trying to hide something? Something really valuable given all the work they put into that distraction. It's clear they were moving something or some one, but the real question is were they moving into or out of the city?"

"And there's the question of who or what was being moved."

Ash scanned the building himself, not trying to see inside, but rather searching to see if there were tunnels or sewer lines that could have been used to move between locations. There were no escapes leading into the sewers like in the government building earlier and there were no secret tunnels.

"There's no tunnels going in or out of the building, it's a safe. Whatever was moved, was moved into the building while everyone was distracted by the bombing."

He looked over to the white haired woman once more and motioned for her to join them on the same rooftop.

"We need to work out a plan." Ash whispered.

"We should wait for others first." Kent replied. He knew that there would be far more than just the one warbot to deal with in the building.

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0.25 INK

#, as written by Zaria
Luckily for her, whoever that person she waved to was, waved back.
Noticing that someone she was waiting for earlier joined silver haired person annoyed her a little, reminded again of error she was. She thought of bringing Rai on, but postponed it for later.

When silver haired one gave a sign to join she had to either jump to another roof or continue using something she didn’t want to use.

Jumping it is then…

Rooftop was close, so jump wasn’t hard, and fact that she traveled a lot made crossing gap even easier.

Once gap was crossed, she slowly walked towards the two.

“Hello there you two, silver is the one who sent message I presume?” When close enough she whispered , looking at Kent.

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It seemed clear that no one else was coming, or they were taking their time.

"Yeah, I'm the one. Name's Kent. It looks like it's gonna be just the three of us going in there." He sighed hoping he was wrong or that others were planning on joining them at the building.

"So what's the plan?" Ash asked in a hushed voice.

"Well it looks like there's a vent in the roof, it might be our only way in, but without knowing what's inside the best I can tell you is to be prepared for anything."

Ash nodded before conjuring a plant creature to distract the warbot while he and Kent jumped across and waited for the lady to get across too.

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Zaria
Vent as a way in, not the best plan but always something in White’s opinion.

Though why roof jumping is so needed, it’s annoying – she thought as she jumped over to Kent, and the one bonded with nature, she really should’ve just checked database, but then it would be boring for her.

Always better to get to know people face to face, they say…

“So we jump inside, and hope that there is no shredder like thingies inside? I mean that usually such places are protected in many ways, if you know what I mean…”

Inside vent could be a small self-defense mechanism, that is an alarm or worse – modified shredding tool, last time she saw someone jump into vent with it just so they can get something out...escalated to bloodbath.

“Umm, like really you don’t want to jump into shredder booby trap, it’s quite painful, but quick.”

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0.00 INK

"She has a good point." Ash said to Kent about Kali's warning.

"I'd rather not get turned into mulch."

"Yeah, I figured that might be an issue. I can take care of that." Kent grinned slyly as he released a small cloud of nanobots from his hand and it traveled down the vent. They mapped out the vent system including the shredder traps that Kali had warned about before returning to his body.

"Yup, there's a few traps in there. You might want to cover your mouths for a few minutes." He warned before using the data on the composition of the traps to create a toxic gas that would corrode the shredders without destroying the duct work. He let out a belch of the corrosive gas into the vent and it was sucked in by the fan at the other end. A few minutes later he heard the sound of the shredders falling apart and crumbling in the vent.

"We should be good to go now, but we still might want give it a minute to see if anyone else is gonna show up and help."

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Zaria
Kali’s eyebrows went up as nanobots flew from Kent’s hand into the vent. Few moments later she heard Kent saying they should be fine now, and that it may be a good idea to wait for a little longer…see if anyone else comes.

“Well, that was quick, waiting could be a good idea, though somewhat boring…” Arms crossed, she wanted to yawn.

"So we could at least talk, about anything really..."

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0.00 INK

(So there is a Discord for those who do not know:

(As for why I have not posted yet, that was because I had replied to Lloyds post and was waiting for a reply. But since things have become like this...I would like to discuss with everyone how to continue this for all characters remaining)

(My starting thought is to skip to everyone receiving new jobs in response to what happened, the ones I previously mentioned in a post of mine, and taking the dangerous route through the valley to a nearby city. Please reply as soon as possible. Sorry for taking so long to get to this point also)

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0.00 INK

Vale was currently in a bit of a mixed, complicated mood. Of course, that was only natural after what had happened.

The first thing he heard from his father was some stupid (comedic), half hearted (actually sincere), extremely irritable (he apologized a lot), nonsensical (very advanced and kinda thoughtful), and totally unreasonable (actually, that is pretty much true) situation that was followed by an actual job.

In terms of what he had imagined all the possibilities, this didn't come close to any of them.

"Isn't this just extremely unreasonable?!"

"Well, its a job, and it does pay really well".

"What reward could possibly be..."

After Vale started to question the pay for the job, he was shown an invoice with a number that nearly made his eyes fall out of his head.

"Are you serious?!"


"Wh...wh...what is with this outrageous number?!"

"And we get half of it as an advance. Well, we are not particularly greedy, but given the situation and how much this anonymous client your best, Vale-chi".

After that, with a reward and level of importance that basically made him have to accept the job no matter what, Vale took some of those funds to quickly get some new gear he had been eyeing in the market, and then began to head towards the gate while cursing in French, with a bit of German mixed in. At the time of the last world war, the superpowers had been the countries that apparently had the languages of English, French, German, Japanese, and Egyptian. Although, that was what Vale remembered. It seemed like everyone told a different story.

It was not like anyone could use maps to understand where they used to be. Several of the bombs had a terraforming affect on regions, and between that and other disasters both natural and war caused, old maps were essentially useless.

"That damned old me a job instead of an honest conversation?! Or an explanation?! And what the hell was with that last part of the conversation, about my eyes and face reminding him of mom! I do not look like a girl, was that just him irking me or reminiscing?!"

Vale continued mumbling to himself, switching between every language he knew, as he arrived at the north gate. It was supposed to be a solo job, but it was not uncommon for people to gather up to try and deal with the valley together. Vale had crossed it several times solo himself, although he was not particularly happy any of those times as it was certainly a deadly place.

But something about the way his father left the message made him think he might not be the only one who was going along with this little plan of his, whether they knew it, or more likely, didn't.

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#, as written by Zaria
There were four people, including her, it would be better to have some more…considering half usually dies.

“Poor amount of people for where we go…”

Last time she went there with about thirty people, six of them returned. She could look at the good sides of the people that are gathered here, mailmen they are…not some weak willed bounty hunters like the last time.

“I mean that thirty wouldn’t be enough, but if we had about eight skilled, and armed individuals…this trip would feel like a trip through an old park…with hordes of monsters we need to fend off.”