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Rayne Gray

Skilled and experienced Mailman with a penchant for murderous violence

0 · 559 views · located in A Futuristic Earth

a character in “The Mailmen”, as played by Blueshadow



Name: Rayne Gray

Age: 26

Nicknames: Ray, Gray, Graywind, "That Demon Monkey"

Eyes" One eye is a dark shade of black while the other is a distinct shade of unnatural yellow

Hair: Blond and rather short, but messy

Occupation: Assassin and Mailman for Madson's Collections and Delivery Service

Clothing: Rayne's never really bothers to put much effort into his attire. Usually his clothing options consist of nothing more than an assortment of sleeveless hoodies and pants made of lightweight, non-restrictive material. Occassioanlly however when the mood strikes him he also wears a top hat, and other fancy headgear, just for fun

Weapons and Equipment: Rayne carries with him an assortment of various weapons, mostly kept out of sight as they are carefully hidden on his person. At all times he carries no less than three sidearm pistols, at least one of which is always a revolver six shot pistol. Similarly he always carries at least three semi-large hunting knives. In addition to these weapons he also tends to carry along a briefcase containing an easily assembled sniper rifle in case a job requires a more long distance approach. He often tends to carry around a repair kit and tools in case his cybernetics require any form of maintenance, as well as a pair of goggles that provide night vision, and thermal vision. His greatest weapons and tools however remain his several cybernetic enhancements. Entirely artificial in nature his arms provide Rayne with highly increased strength, as well as slightly increased reflexes. Each arm is also equipped with retractable blades and claws. His right eye is also a cybernetic augmentation, as it is a highly advanced scanner capable of providing vitals of anyone in his field of vision. This eye is also capable of switching between thermal and night-vision modes

Powers: Rayne's mutations lay entirely on the physical side. While they don't allow him to do anything fancy like throw things with his mind or create explosions just by blinking he is gifted with enhanced speed, and agility. This enables him to preform highly difficult feats of speed and acrobatics, as well as even dodge bullets if he's focused and aware enough of the situation at hand. Perhaps his oddest and most visible mutation however is his long prehensile tail similar to that of a monkey's. This tail spans the entirety of his waist, and is covered in short brown fur. Rayne has full range of motion with this tail and he is even able to use it much like a third arm. It is fully capable of holding his whole weight or even holding a weapon, allowing him to wield three weapons at once. However when not in use or out in public he tends to have this appendage hidden in his pants and wrapped around his leg.

History: Rayne was quite literally born into the business of collecting and delivering packages for any and all who can afford the service. He was the product of a brief but fruitful union of two mail carriers. Though the relationship never lasted long Rayne's mother despite the urging of some of her coworkers within the Collections and Delivery Service carried the child to term and nine months later Rayne enterd the world. The company at first saw the pregnancy as a liability, yet they never pushed very hard for it's termination, and the moment Rayne was born the company quickly changed its tune towards the boy.

He was wholly accepted by the company and for all his life lived among the Mailmen and Mailwomen of the Collections and Delivery Service. Throughout his childhood Rayne lived among the skilled collections officers of the company, being mentored and trained in both combat, espionage, and wilderness survival, among other skills. It was only natural that Rayne would come to join the ranks of the Mailmen he so looked up to, and at the young age of 11 he was finally allowed into active service. For years Rayne had done his job with great skill and dedication. Truly neither rain nor snow kept him from preforming his duty. Over the years Rayne accumulated vast amounts of experience, and became known as a reliable and skilled Mailman whom would never falter in his duty.

However the years would not pass without taking its toll, and while Rayne had already survived numerous jobs and dangers the time would come where he would face a job far past his skill. At the age of 19 Rayne was tasked with retrieving an unknown but potentially deadly virus from the hands of a ruthless warlord and his men. No one is exactly sure what happened then, other than the fact that the mission was a total failure. Rayne was badly hurt, mutilated and near death yet somehow he managed to survive long enough to find his way back home to the Collection agency where he received the best medical care they could give him. Eventually they managed to repair the boy with the use of advanced cybernetics, after which he returned to active duty.

Mentality: Moderately unstable. Though not completely insane Rayne is hardly what one would call the picture of stability. With a penchant for the theatrical and a bloodlust acquired over years of combat and exposure to countless dangers makes Rayne look much like a psychopath especially on the field of battle. Always eager to suggest acts of violence and murder as a solution to any problem and an unwavering dedication to his job Rayne can be quite an intimidating individual to those who stand in his way. That said he is not entirely without sanity as he is more than capable of keeping up a calm, decent and even friendly composure around others, at most times. Rayne is also not without kindness and love in his heart treating those truly close to him almost like family and often utterly refusing to bring harm to others unless he feels they deserve it such as standing in the way of a delivery job, or attacking him first.

Skills: Stealth, Melee combat, skilled user of knives, expert marksman an sharpshooter, acrobatics, and maneuverability, speed, as well as some skill in engineering though just enough to preform repairs and maintenance on his cybernetics. Rayne also possess great strength thanks to his cybernetic arms, more than enough to crash through walls and lift large vehicles

So begins...

Rayne Gray's Story

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Today was a gorgeous day. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, and the breeze was gently wafting providing a cool refreshing feeling. Rayne hummed a cheerful little tune, as he walked toward that which he had been hunting all day. A single dead man, with a briefcase foolishly cuffed to his arm. The man knelt down and admired his handiwork. A perfectly placed shot to the back of the head with a sniper caliber bullet. Rayne extended one hand triumphantly towards the sky, the sun shinning on his arms reflecting off the metal, giving a subtle glow to his appendages. With an audible clang a small though sharp blade extended from the wrist. As Rayne began to remove his prize from the target the man looked around victoriously. Around him lay five other bodies, their lives brought to an end in all manner of ways. Shot, stabbed, strangled, and at least one whose head was rendered as nothing but paste between the force of his grip.

This was the work of Madson's Collection and Delivery Service. Or more accurately from one of their more capable Mailmen, Rayne Gray. The carnage wrought here was not an uncommon sight among the employees of the Collection agency especially not for Rayne. A group of killers, assassins well versed in the art of murder. There would come a time where all mailmen would be tasked with the delivery of a corpse or two, and there was no mailman more capable of such a delivery than a Madson Mailman. The Collection and Delivery Service was a respectable company, specializing in assassination deliveries, while not the largest company they were of decent size and well respected. A Madson Mailman could always be counted on to deliver your package intact, whether that be a priceless heirloom or a severed head.

Once Rayne had finished collecting his prize, he set towards his next destination, the government office. He wasn't exactly sure why they wanted this done but Rayne would be damned if he didn't see it done. And so he set off, newly detached head in one hand, still dripping blood from the neck, and a shiny silver briefcase adorned with a severed hand in the other. As e walked he paid no mind to the startled crowd still hanging about in the city streets. Though he did briefly wonder if Mr. Madson would lecture him again about such a brutal, and public acquisition of his target.

AS he walked toward the office, he hummed a cheerful tune. Cheerful enough it sharply contrasted with his grisly cargo. On his way to the building he passed a certain bright blue haired boy, not noticing the smaller child, and accidentally bumping into the boy.

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#, as written by Zaria
Slightly earlier that day.
Broker life can be entertaining, and boring when there is no one who wants information from you, such boring day occurs every now and then. Today is such day for White, each broker decides to solve boredom in their own way. She’s usually solving it with sketching, and gathering information. She was up and high, on the roof of building well known in this place, known for important office that resides inside.

Today was a normal day, except for the boring part where you have no broker deals, last thing left is sketching and waiting…

White sighed.

"Rai, look around for something interesting, and tell me if any group makes some kind of move" Black sphere reacted to her voice. She heard a reply through an old communicator in her ear.
"Of course, do you want me to update you on their movement? "
She chuckled.
"On their movement? Rai, update me on everyone’s movement, but do please start with them…"
"Certainly, as always little is known about their movement…though representative of theirs visited Darkstar Nightclub for reasons shrouded in mystery, and about your usual question, no noticeable activity "
Her body seconds ago stiff, now relaxed slightly.

"Good, update me when something changes…" She said, before returning to sketching.

*Time skip to current*

"Kali, there has been a change…"
She raised head slowly, pencil movement paused.
"Go on…"
"Darkstar Nightclub had an incident reported just now, in which club manager died…"
She laughed.
"You mean slave trader and criminal boss, good he’s dead…but there will be another in his place, anything else flying around? "
"Hired work, Mailman, payer unknown" Key words were enough for her.
She nodded, looking down at people walking in and out of the building.

Funny it is that they look up so rarely, but always look down…

She observed as two people tried to pass one another but bumped into each other instead, and she saw something else as well.

Seems like Mailmen caught someone’s attention, maybe someone I know…

Kali decided it was time to get inside building, as she stood up, one thing came to her mind - would anyone notice someone’s on the roof finally?

OOC - If I did some kind of mistake tell me :)

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The wind whipped though Samantha's hair as she raced towards the city on her motorcycle. Strapped to the back of her bike was a small black box. This box contained some very important things that a certain crime boss didn't want to see the light. Unfortunately for him Samantha had been hired to find this box and bring it to the city. The job had been simple enough.. Slip in, slip out.. but things are hardly ever simple. And now after leaving good ol Sal's Villa in flames Samantha raced for her life followed by Sal's goons.

Samantha looked behind her to see five bikers and a rather well armed and armored Humvee baring down on her. A Laser blast flew inches from her head. Samantha drew her Laser pistol and returned fire. Her shot hit the rider of one of the motorcycles causing him to fall dead and send his bike into the one next to him. Two down...

The city was close as the other three bikers pulled close. Lead and laser danced around Samantha but luckily for her the bikers where bad shots. But she knew that soon the Humvee would be in range... She knew it's guns would turn her and her bike into paste. She had to get to the city they wouldn't dare follow her there. Not within range of the city defenses....

A rocket flew past hitting just in front of Samantha. The blast threw her from her bike and soon she found herself surrounded by Sal's goons.

"Well, well looks like the end of the road for you little Ghost Rider..." Said the leader who had dumbly got out of his Humvee.

Samantha just smirked as she stood and dusted herself off. "End for you..." She said before unleashing a circle of flames. The goons where caught surprised and Samantha slipped away tossing a firebomb into the open door of the Humvee. Moments later a huge explosion came behind her but Samantha didn't even look back.

She soon found herself within the city black box still safe on her bike as she headed towards the government center. It was time to get paid.

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Ash woke to the sun shining brightly through his bedroom window. The light activated the chlorophyll in his veins causing a surge energy to course through him. He pulled himself out of bed and dragged himself to the showers. He found it was easier to live on-site with the Black Thorn delivery service and safer for his family as well.

He pressed his ID tag to the scanner and the water turned on spraying him with steamy hot water. He washed up quickly before the water turned off only five minutes later. He wrapped a towel around his waist before returning to his room where he got dressed and loaded up his gear. He holstered his sword at his side on his hip, put his goggles on his head and grabbed his backpack before going to the kitchen where the reader board with the assignments for the day. He wasn't feeling hungry after the sun hitting him, nevertheless he scanned his ID at the fridge and which promptly dispensed a type of cereal fortified with all kinds of vitamins. He ate it with a groan at the lack of flavor.

After his tasteless breakfast, he went to the door and ran his ID through one more scanner which then dispensed a piece of paper that looked like a grocery receipt. It was his assignment for the day, and all the instructions that he was expected to follow. He looked over it as he walked out to his modified motorcycle. He was being sent to the hydro-electric dam to "intercept" a new prototype power cell shipment and deliver it to the central government office for "testing".

"Snatch and deliver. Sounds simple enough." He spoke to himself as he he starter his bike up and drove out of the city in the direction of the dam a few miles away. As he drove, he was passed by a red haired woman speeding off in the opposite direction on her own motorcycle. He soon came to the smoldering wreck of a burning Humvee and maneuvered around it.

It didn't take long before he was outside the power plant at the dam. He saw the truck being loaded with the standard power cells but he didn't see the prototypes yet. From his vantage point his goggles were able to zoom in on the power cells being loaded. He saw all of them get loaded up until finally a small silver box was loaded up and it had no markings on it. He knew this had to be the prototypes. He created what looked like a gnome made out of a small tree and it crawled up out of the ground and into the back of the truck snagging the box before the truck was sealed shut. The small creature brought the box to Ash. He checked inside to make sure it was the right stuff and he saw power cells with a green liquid inside instead of the usual yellow and he sped off on his motorcycle after securing it to the back of the bike.

He got back to the city and drove up to the central government building to make the drop-off and he noticed the girl from before as well as two others, a boy with blue hair and a guy with cybernetics all with packages of their own that were delivering. Ash suddenly had a bad feeling about all of this and he was reluctant to make the delivery. He also couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched. He looked to the building rooftops nearby but saw no one so he put it out of his mind. He still was uneasy about all of this but the reward seemed too good to pass up.

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Vale checked his Armguard Multi-Tool, which not only acted as a protector but also as storage for many of his tools and devices as well as weapons, and checked the clock function as he walked forward.

"The hell...seriously?"

Vale had been walking for awhile now, and was about to make it to the Government Offices in Kelkari Square. The security there was on average a lot higher, so he thought they would make their move before then. Yet, all they did was stay at the edge of his hearing range, and remained silent and undetected in every fashion. Only Vale's hearing, which was superior to his other enhanced senses, could hear them. He had yet to catch sight of them.

As such, the only thing they were really doing was irritating him. He had to keep tabs on them, and it was technically easy, but mentally he was starting to get irritable. Enough that his eyes had started glowing a bit once more. They really had come up with the most annoying method, and judging by their movement speeds if they ran there was no guarantee he would be able to catch and lock onto them all in time. So he could not stop this either.

And as this drew his focus, the short boy ended up walking right into someone without even noticing, falling down and landing on the road with his hands stopping his back from joining his butt.

"Uwa! So..sor...Ray-nii?"

At first, Vale was going to apologize for being distracted as he walked, but noticed it was someone he knew. Rayne Gray, the older man with a tail who was a Mailman for a different company. Well, it was not like every company was rivals with another company, though there were a few who did have those, they were not typically hostile aside from exceptions.

Calling him by a nickname, Vale said this as he pushed off the ground and got back onto his own two feet.

"What are you doing here? Don't tell me you also got a job from the Government Offices?"

Jobs could come in from the Government, and those were almost the exclusive holders of people that would send out assassination deliveries. Vale took all sorts of deliveries, from normal packages to tech retrieval to a few assassinations himself. He pretty much always found himself in combat one way or the other, as it seemed to spread he was extremely proficient at combat. In fact, he was one of the few Mailmen who risked going through Reagen's Pass, a valley through a mountainous area that provided routes to many other areas and cities, but was teeming with robots and mutated creatures. Some of which had the habit of setting up traps.

"Ah, right. Still gotta drop this off. Mind if we talk and walk?"

Even though Vale asked this, he had already started walking, and he even started talking without checking to make sure Rayne was keeping up with him.

"By the way, did you hear about those missing Mailmen recently? From what I know, still completely unknown what happened to them. YOu think it is some sort of Serial Killer or something? Or you think it was something else?"

Vale noticed that the ones following him were still doing nothing, almost as if they wanted him to reach the Government District.

"It feels like strange things have been happening lately..."

He mentioned this as he finally stepped into the Kelkari Square, which was the address of the Government Office Building he was supposed to meet the man to drop the head off too. However, before he made it there, he got ambushed.

Not by the attackers though, but by some kids.

"Big bro!"

"What is it guys?"

"Andy says he could beat you in basketball!"

At those words, Vale sent a sharp glance to the kid in the back, who appeared to have a shiver go down his spine. However, since he apparently already stated as much, he decided not to back down. Vale just had what appeared to be an innocent smile, but one might be able to sense that he was not going to be nice about what happened next.

"Is that so? Then I guess we will need to play 1v1 to find out, instead of the normal 3x2..."

"Wait, now hold on Vale-niichan...we shouldn't leave the others out and....oi, wait! You guys! Why have you already retreated to the bleachers?! And when did you get that popcorn!?"

"Do your best~"

Immediately the game started, and the boy did his best. At one point, he actually began to control the earth itself using his supernatural abilities, but Vale destroyed them all and tripped him up, and then scored, without using his it seemed. With that done, Vale put back on the jacket he took off revealing his short sleeve shirt, picked up the case he had security measures activate to defend it, and then continued onto the Government building.

"Well done! Can I assume you are Vale?"

But before he could, he was intercepted. Not just by anyone though, but by the very Government Employee he was to deliver it to.

"Sorry, I just came out to get lunch from one of the stalls really quick, and I could not help but notice. Anyways, may I see the package and your idea?"

So...this got them a reaction?

As the Government Officer held out his ID, Vale opened the box and showed him the head while noticing the people in the shadows had finally made their move. Rather, they were moving a bit erratically and different from before. Realizing that this could cause an issue, Vale quickly had the official confirm the completion of the Contract, and then use his ID to register the distribution of the reward. Once that was done, Vale finally decided to ask something.

"By the way, there were less guards then usual it seemed, and there is a weird air about the city. What do you think that means?"

" not sure. To be honest, this job came in as a priority this morning. Someone wearing a hood showed us something that gave him authority, and then asked us to deliver the request to Express Blue Delivery. Ah, now that I think about it though, there was something about his almost felt like they were glowing..."

"Wait, what did you say?!"

But before the man could answer the question, a loud explosion rang through the air as a pulse of heat and force swept through the square. The children further way were fine, but Vale was knocked down again and because of his lighter body nearly sent flying. The only thing he knew for certain right now is that someone just set off a bomb, and now those people who hid in the shadows were drawing weapons and preparing to attack people.

And to think, Vale woke up wishing for a nice, peaceful day....

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Ash had been walking slower since he got the feeling he was being watched. He was glad he had fallen back a bit as the explosion went off. Out of shear instinct, he encased himself in a ball of thorny vines like a bubble as the flames flew at him. He protected himself from the majority of the blast, but the ball of thorns was pushed away like a giant tumbleweed and Ash was sent flying back. After the initial blast, the thorns withered away at his command and he examined the situation. The government building where he had been bringing the power cells was now nothing more than burning rubble.

Ash grabbed the bow of power cells and, acting only on instinct, manifested vines up the side of the nearest building. He climbed as quickly as he could and surveyed the damage. He looked all around for someone that looked suspicious who might have been responsible for the explosion. His mind started putting things together at a fast pace. Whoever blew the building up was most likely going to be going after the items being delivered and was hoping to get them while the delivery people were incapacitated.

Ash watched from the roof tops as bystanders ran away screaming and even saw a few people running out of the building still on fire. He pulled down his goggles and looked down at the surrounding buildings and saw inside. There were people running along to the windows and they had weapons. He looked to the square and there were still the three other people he had noticed as delivery people. He had no way to warn them so he manifested vines that sprouted from the floors and ripped the weapons from their hands. He knew it wouldn't stop them, but it could slow them down long enough for the others to get out of there.

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#, as written by Zaria
Slightly earlier.

Kali slowly went downstairs, wondering what will happen now.
"Warning, single ignition detected! "
"Huh? " There was no time to react, it was laud, and blast force made her lose balance, quickly she began to fall from stairs. As she was getting closer to fire and death with each stair step , walls on both sides began to crumble. Through sheer luck she fell outside, screams filled with pain of those who were dying as she fell, stuck in her mind.

Current Time.

She lied between rubble, tired and wounded with black sphere levitating nearby, close to ground.
"What a…" She hissed but never finished, instead…
"Rai what did I break? " Black sphere immediately scanned her.
"Fractured leg, pierced heart" Rai couldn’t change voice pitch, but it was obviously a joke.
"Really? " She replied smiling weakly.
" Joke, reality is that you are mostly fine, except your right leg…"
She sighted, and closed eyes for a short moment.
" So what is wrong with my leg? "
"Small wound, bone intact, possibly slower movement"
"I’m lucky for once as it seems, I’ll just lie here for a while, my head…" She gave Rai a tired look, then quickly glanced at leg.
"Judging from that, I’m supposed to take care of it"
"Well, you’re the one carrying things for pain, anyway let’s watch what happens next"
Neglecting pain Kali slowly cleared enough rubble to see everything, but at the same time leaving enough to make it harder to spot her being alive. People living torches running and screaming in agony indescribable, seemingly young man wearing leather jacket stood as only one besides living torches, for now. Focused he was on the buildings, buildings with people running inside.

One window suddenly shattered, glass falling and barrel of gun appearing, soon caught in vines. Whoever was inside had weapons, and the longer she focused on the scene, the quicker she realized vines were young man’s doing.

Beautiful, I wonder what will happen once all those lying people get up…the living ones of course.

What possibly was about to happen, was a perfect occasion for sketching in her opinion. She reached for her old sketchbook, only to find out it’s not where it’s meant to be.

"What a joke…" she hissed, finishing something she thought would never be finished. Last thing for her left, to wait and watch what will unfold.

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Samantha's contact in the government office was taking his sweet time. Samantha was growing impatient. She noted then the other mailmen all with packages...and all here about the same time... Samantha shook the thought out of her head and went back to staring at the government center.

"Your tattoos are pretty!" Came a small voice from a young girl.
"Don't bother the Lady..." The child's mother scolded her.

Samantha was about to say something when she noticed something off.... A few seconds later the government center blasted into fire and death. Without thinking Samantha quickly covered the girl and her mom. Using her powers she made the fire go harmlessly around herself, the child, and mother.

" saved us!" The mother said happy.

The young girl hugged Samantha as she looked to the burning building. Samantha knew that even with her powers there was no way for her to save anyone inside. She just stared on not sure what to do..

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0.00 INK

(Blueshadow mentioned he might not be able to post for a bit due to Christmas stuff to me in a PM, so he will get a post up when he can while we continue)

The bomb had gotten everyone's attentions. Alarms were going off everywhere, and an unclear number of attackers were now targeting people nearby. Smoke bombs were being thrown everywhere, and others were live grenades. Not just explosive, gravity grenades, pulse grenades, sonic grenades, cryo grenades. All were thrown as weapons against the people. It was an overwhelming attack, with that bomb having disrupted the minds of all the able fighters with it's loud and deafening roar, and the shockwave created from its explosive force.

Vale was not sure if he was the first one up, but he did not take much time to get back to his feet. The bomb went off right in the building he was to meet the official in, if he had not encountered him outside. And if he had not been wearing his headphones, that explosion would have seriously disoriented. Granted, he almost always wore them. But with the big explosions over, even with the minor ones, he could not afford to be lenient on his abilities. And so, he took his headphones off...

Almost instantly afterwards, his eyes shined its brightest as he picked up the sensory information. He folded up the earpieces on those headphones and put it on his head like a hairband, except a different feature activated. It wrapped around his ears without covering them, and a neural link was established into his head. A HUD projected in his sight, and his gauntlets helped synchronize with it instantainously. Even if Vale was a combat genius, that did not mean he could just beat up everyone barehanded. Tools, weapons, armor, shielding. Vale understood the importance of all of it. In the end, no matter how much of a genius he was at combat, evne with his mutation, he was still human. A bullet to the head would likely kill him without some sort of divine luck, a knife ripping his heart out would kill him, getting incinerated by a bomb would definitely kill him. He understood all that, and although it was not everything, it was his understanding of that which truly made him a combat genius. The knowledge of knowing his limits, and when he had to run away.

No matter what material used, or how softly one walked, there would always be an echo, a vibration. Hearing was actually the perception, interpretation, and receiving of those vibrations, which made hearing closer to the sense of touch then sight. No matter how silent someone was, as long as those vibrations were in play, Vale could hear them. Of course, there were limits. Softer ones were harder to hear at long distances, and if there were many noises at once, it would also be harder to interpret. With all the explosions, there was no way Vale could account for every enemy. Especially when the enemies had more then just those that hid in the shadows.

Bursting through a wall, a cargo truck nearby, and one coming right from underground, three large scale robots emerged in the square alone. The enemy was not playing around, they meant to cause a scene. To spread chaos. And to kill the people they wanted to kill. And it was clear as day to Vale. He could not account for every enemy, but even before the robots came out he could see who were the targets.

The mailmen who were responding to the enemy.
The mailmen who were trying to save the innocent bystanders.
The mailmen who were rushing to investigate the situation or seal the area and preserve order.


The robots did not wait after emerging. They did not say some corny lines, wait until after they emerged to transform or release weapons, nor did they scan for enemies and only then to wait for a kill command. The moment they emerged, the three of them fired upon Vale with rockets, lasers, and chainguns. But Vale did not wait either. In fact, he made his first move before the robots even showed up.

And the weapons that fired at, at where Vale was no longer standing, all missed. But not just missed, but they actually collided with each other instead of hurting anyone nearby or destroying a building. While they did look like Warbots, there were clear marks that showed reassembly and likely reprogramming, but even then their aim was just a little too off given the other factors of the attack. And furthermore, one of them had their optics fly off while the other had it's power circuits cut through by a holographic energy blade.

"I guess they have good reflexes after all".

In truth, Vale had aimed for the power circuits of both robots, but one detected the other getting damage and instantly evaded. Of course, it lost its main optics circuits, but neither the attackers or the original creators of the Warbots were stupid. They did not place all of the optics in just its head, and certainly not the processing core. Optics were scattered throughout the robots among other sensors, and the processing core and power core were protected in heavy metal armor. That was why Vale chose to cut through instead of using ranged attacks, so he could focus on power instead of distance.

But if that was it, Vale would not be as well known. While he missed the circuits with one blade, he had two gauntlets and managed to cut through the circuits of the second robot according to the evasion route he predicted it would take. As for the reason he aimed for the circuits and not the core, not only were the circuits easier to cut, but there was no risk of explosion.

"Haha! I probably shouldn't be saying this, but its been a long time since I had this much fun! That criminal had a disappointing amount of security! I did not even break a sweat, that security a novice could have beaten! Left me all charged up for this fight...wait, what?"

Amid his excited talk to himself, he caught onto a discrepancy. He knew that place normally had higher level of security. But when he went today, it was so much lower then what he remembered or heard. It was softer, easier to target. Had it been harder, he might have built up some fatigue already, been in trouble. If the bomb did not kill him, it would have left him in a worse state...

"...someone did soften up the security, but...why help me like that, and not just tell me in person? I mean, that job...just who did post it? Could that man have been my father?"

Of course, Vale did not let this line of thought distract him. He continued to evade the all out barrage of the final robot using everything he had to kill Vale. Of course, even if he finished with the robots, he could tell. There were others attacking all over. A number on the streets, others sniping from rooftops, and a few more hiding in the crowds, waiting for a mailmen to pass by responding to an obvious danger and missing them. Vale only noticed them because he had been monitoring the people following him from the beginning, otherwise he would have missed them. And in truth, it was likely there were some he still missed. He did not have a good read on every enemy after all.

The final robot finally launched a larger rocket from its main weapon, but Vale sent a series of sonic pulars at it and caused it to be flung into and blow up the final robot. There were a few other robots as well, but it seemed to be they sent the three most dangerous to this one location. Of course, there others were still plenty threatening. They all were capable of killing Vale. But Vale had no intention of letting himself, or other Mailmen, become victims so easily.

And also, from a rooftop nearby, Vale heard the trigger of a gun get pressed and immediately hopped back as a sniper bullet pierced through the air where his head used to be. Snipers were exceedingly annoying for Vale because if he neglected a single one, the speed of the bullet could pierce his head before he noticed it due to the speed of the shot.

He immediately looked over to see where the sniper was, but...when he looked over and used his tech to scope it out, he saw the sniper was already dead, body drooping over the side of the building, and next to him was a cloaked man. But more then that, Vale saw it. On that rooftop so far away. Blue hair, and glowing blue eyes under that hood.

"Father...why now?"

(Well, I got a bit excited and ended up typing up a lot....but, this should give everyone a good idea of what is going on. Now, I wont say which way it is or isn't, but Vale did something abnormal and assumed just because he had the same blue hair and eyes as himself, it was his father...although, given he never encountered anyone else aside from himself with those traits, you cant say its wrong too....well, I will leave it at that)

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#, as written by Maze44
A few minutes before the bombing...
Lucas sat straight and stone face in the only spare chair in the cluttered office of Dr. James Martin, the head researcher at the local research center, watching the good doctor reaction as the man stared wide eye at the two prize sitting on his desk.

"Th-this is amazing Mr. Maze." said James running a hand over a war bot hard drive, before reaching over doing the same thing to the new still working war bot power core. "I never expected both of them and in such fine conditions it almost imposs-"

"Maze" said Lucas suddenly cutting off whatever James was going to say.

"Pardon?" said James in confused tone.

"I don't care for honorifics attached to my name doctor," said Lucas calmly rising from his seat and moving to stand in front of the desk. "they annoy me so I prefer clients address me simply as Maze"

"This meeting grows tedious Lucas," came a voice to the to Lucas's left.

Lucas glanced over to see an image of a tall man in his late forties wearing glasses dressed in nice clothes and lab coat standing next to the desk arms crossed. Lucas immediately recognized the image of ARC's creator that the program like use as an avatar when he wished to talk him. Lucas focused back on James and saw no sign that the man noticed the third party now moving to stand next to him. He'd seen it every time ARC generated the avatar, an image only Lucas can see and hear him.

"Now then Dr. Martin," said Lucas choosing to ignore ARC's presence. "We should concluded our business with my payment."

"Ah yes, right you are." said James digging out a transfer pad. "You have an ID card right may I see it?"

"I never leave home without it." said Lucas pulled out his ID and handing it to James,watching the man inserting into the pad and authorizing the transfer of credit to Lucas's ID card.

"Here you go, the payment plus a bonus for collecting both samples" said James handing Lucas back his ID. "Pleasure doing business M-Maze"

"You as well, Doc" replied Lucas throwing a hooded coat on as he headed out the door. "Let me know when I can help out again."

Once Lucas left the research center he flipped up the hood of his coat as begin to make his way through the crowded streets of the city. He ran into almost no problems most because the people parted to avoid him due the raider mark on his face or his glowing green eys, but there was always a person or three who spite at him. Lucas ignored them all and continued on his way.

"I always meant to ask," came ARC voice again and Lucas glanced over to look at the avatar "You have power to alter your features why don't you fix your eyes and face."

"Two reasons, one it wouldn't be permanent making it a waste of your power and my focus to to keep it hidden and two is I don't want too I don't have a problem with either." said Lucas as he looked at all city folk trying to advert their eyes from him. "It's other people that can't deal with the mark."

"Hmm fair points." Said ARC "So what now Lucas?"

"We need supplies and fuel, however there no reason to rush it." Said Lucas thinking ignoring looks people were giving him."we have to wait for my contact to reach me with the information about raider movements."

"And that would be a lot easier if we set up base here for awhile." finished ARC

"Yeah we can use the time to gather the needed supplies and extra funds." said Lucas coming to a stop in front of a community bored near the city government building."perhaps one of the local delivery companies won't mind taking on a freelance Mail-"

Whatever Lucas meant to say was drown out by a massive explosion coming from nearby followed by screams. He turned to see a large bellow of black smoke coming from nearby. The sight suddenly brought back a flood of bad memories that had Lucas balling his hands into fist however a new sound filtered into his brain.

"Weapons fire?" He thought turning to watch a trio humanoid war bots shooting at some of the fleeing people.

Charging forward Lucas morph his hands into claws, and slashed two of the bots weapons into little metal chucks that clanged as they hit the ground. From the the way the bots reacted Lucas figured they didn't expect him which made it far more satisfying when he followed up first attack with a punch to the face to one of the now disarmed bot caving it's head in. He heard the third bot spun around to engage him as he grabbed the second disarmed bot. Instantly Lucas morphed his left arm into a large blade that cut straight through the bots weapon and hit a soft spot above the power core that safely powering it down.

"Now then," said Lucas morphing his hand back to claws and turned his attention to the bot struggling to escape his grasp. "that leaves only you tin can."

"We most eradicate targets." came the mechanical voice.

"Oh shut up," said Lucas as he used his Nano bots to hacked the bot's brain "and let me see what you know?"

Lucas's mind was suddenly filled with attack plans, list of targets, and protocols for combat. He begin flipping through the information and noticed one eerie thing, a lot of the targets were mailman or government workers. The thought of mailman being targeting didn't set well with him. He was starting to wonder when a file caught his eye, studying it he realized it was plan use heavy bots to overwhelm the square

"Well damn." said Lucas cutting the connection and dropping the now shut down bot on the ground.

Lucas turned to look in direction of the the pillar of black smoke, and could hear the sounds of fighting coming from the square. He didn't have do anything, it wasn't like he was on the hit list like the the others, And yet he found himself running towards the conflict. A part of him of know it was the right thing to do for the other mailmen and the civilians sure to be caught in the fighting.

Drawing closer to the site of the bombing he ran into more reprogrammed war bots as well as several unidentified individuals barring down on a red haired tattooed woman defending a woman and child. Lucas flung off his coat as activated his exo-skin that gave him a demon appearance and morphed arm blades on each arm to quickly cut through those blocking path. Suddenly Lucas was blindside by something that sent him flying through a building.

"Oh ow" moaned Lucas as he slowly got to his feet. "Alright anyone see what hit me?"

Looking around he saw that he was standing front the bombed building. He also noticed several pieces of broken war bot lying on the ground and standing among them was a blue haired kid of about nine he guessed, he was terrible when it came to guessing kid's age, staring at something. Shaking himself he attempt to call out to the boy, but before he could a missile flew over his head hitting a nearby building.

"Ah damn it I missed" came a voice and Lucas turned see a man wearing a heavy power armor stepping out of the hole Lucas just open. "I don't know who you are but I won't let you interfere any longer."

"Oh really" said Lucas popping his neck. "That sounds like a challenge, I accept."

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Ash was suddenly aware of the warbots and the various types of grenades going off and smoke bombs being used to disorient and distract him and the other mailmen. He noticed the three bots attacking the young boy with blue hair he'd seen earlier. He torn through them with ease it seemed. Suddenly the rooftop fell out from under his feet as a warbot blasted it with a grenade launcher. He got buried under the rubble of the building as it collapsed in on him. He didn't have the time to react and surround himself with vines like before. He was a little scratched up, but his enhanced healing fixed any injuries relatively quick.

As much as he hated to do it, Ash knew he had to leave the power cells there and come back for them after the bots and the henchmen were eliminated, provided they were still there. He surrounded the box with more rubble and marked the location on his HUD display.

"This should be exciting. It's not often someone gets the drop on me, even if they are a robot." He smirked. He looked over at the blue haired kid and saw him staring up at some guy in a hood on another rooftop in the square, they both seemed to have the same glowing hair and eyes. Momentarily he pondered if they were related based on the look on the kid's face. The red haired woman from earlier was also nearby and had just saved a lady and her young girl from the explosion. She seemed to be in shock, as she was just looking on in horror. The warbot that had blown up the building must have been distracted or had it's sensors blocked by the smoke and flames. Ash pulled out his plasma edged sword and, before the warbot had time to notice him, he cut the machine into several pieces. He cut into the machine's heavily armored casing and then reached in and pulled out a square part, ripping it away from the wires that clung to it. It was the memory core of that machine and it would have some very interesting data on it. He put the core in his backpack just as a laser blasted right next to his head, barely missing him. He ran in a serpentine pattern to avoid the laser blasts before slicing this bot right up the middle. Each side fell to the ground twitching and smoking. Out of the corner of his eye he saw anther man fighting someone in power armor right after a missile took out yet another building.

Ash couldn't see much through the smoke and flames that were spreading now and Ash couldn't see what was happening. He wanted to get to the high ground, but he knew that would make him an easy target. In the stress of the moment, Ash seemed to turn into a mutant plant creature. From head to toe he was covered with vines, bark and thorns. He looked like a monster and he could fight like one now too. He went back to hacking through warbots using his sword and plant powers in a blur of speed and agility.

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Warbots, gunmen, fire... it was chaos....

"Where are the government troops?" The mother asked voicing the very thoughts running through Samantha's head.

"I don't know but I need to get you two out of here" Samantha said as she looked on. "They seem to be busy fighting the others..."

Samantha was cut off by the girl "More bad guys down the street" she said pointing.

The new squad of enemies had seen them and opened fire. The child got behind cover but her mother was not so lucky....

"Mother!" The girl screamed as her mother's body fell lifelessly to the street.

"Stay put!" Samantha ordered the girl as she drew her gun and yelled at the gunmen "Hey bastards burn in Hell!"

A rage filled Samantha, a burning that became a red hot flame. The fire flew from Samantha like a holy light the flames so hot the attackers where burned to Ash with a single touch. But her fire blast had brought the attention of an enemy rocketman. Lucky for Samantha the rocket missed but the blast sent her flying into a wall.

Samantha looked up her body in pain and her vision a blurr. She made out the shape of a large metal man looking over her... A warbot with it's gun pointed right at her chest. The sound of a laser blast. But Samantha didn't feel the burn of a laser and the cold of death. No she saw instead a warbot with a missing head.

Seconds later the young girl shaking was handing Samantha her pistol. "Let's go avenge my mother..."
Samantha took the gun with a grim look. "What's your name kid?"
"Nora...Nora Fraiser.."
"Ok Nora...stick close and we'll get though this... together"
Gun in one hand fire in the other Samantha stood up heading once again into the fray.

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#, as written by Zaria
People calling for help, raining bullets everywhere, death comes for innocent and not so innocent. She heard it all, watched it, yet she still lied between rubble. Battle on rooftops, battle wherever you look, soon more lives will be gone, and yet she didn’t want to move at all.

"Isn’t this the best moment to do something? " Rai asked her, black sphere as always worried for lack of reaction.
"What can I do? This isn’t my field…" She started, but Rai interrupted her.
"That is a false statement"
It annoyed her a little, she got up slowly…thinking if one old command could still work.

"Rai, I believe you’ve been gathering information about location of machines and tried to get an access to them, correct? "

"Correct" Short answer, faint hope for unarmed people who are too far from mailmen or any other way of surviving through this ordeal.

"Initiate old command to all machines, hopefully some will shut down…" She watched as woman died, child crying…her reaction far too slow, she knew that at least one simple command could’ve been sent earlier, but she wanted to watch rather than interact this time.

Her choice paid in blood was, and it's bad for business...

I can be really terrible person as it seems…

She continued to watch, only to hear something new.
"AC box has been damaged just now, rooftop" Rai informed her.
"Who...died?" She asked, not caring for where exactly it was, or how exactly it happened, for it was but a needless information to her now.

If anyone died, that is…

She thought, and waited, still watching rather than acting.

OOC – considering it’s an old command she got, some robots will shut down but not all I guess, I’m curious if anyone will decide to use that fact in next post :)
P.S : Hmm Kent, I wonder who he is...anyway accidental

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#, as written by Zaria
White told Rai to record everything that happened about AC “accident” in this mayhem situation for later, not thinking any longer about it she focused on other things. She continued to observe individuals that caught her attention, one feisty and an incredible arsonist as it seems, who also happened to save a child from death, then there was shouting child that made her laugh for the first time since it started. There were also three other individuals, one of them with weird amulet seemed to be in hurry.

“Rai do tell…where is he going?”

“Judging by the package he carries, Black Thorn service is a possibility”

She smiled, she could for fun accidentally stumble upon him. Maybe be kind and show him a shortcut, and in the meantime give information about injured people's location to security and organizations that could do something about it, some people are sill in need of help and maybe they will receive said help.

“Ahh the sewers…Rai please be so kind and tell me how to reach that young man before he gets to his destination and possibly with a shortcut for him, I’m bored of seemingly doing nothing.”
“Right away, though wouldn’t it be better for you to…” He started again with the same thing.
“No, it wouldn’t…actually fine, it will be faster and it’s simply for observation purposes” She smiled.

Hopefully he’s not that good, if he is he will notice something’s way too off about me, oh who am I trying to fool? Me? It’s so obvious this time…

“Rai I’ll shut you down for a short moment”
“Certainly, discharge would be unpleasant to say the least.”

Later in a different place, cleared of any hostiles she waited for one person.
White brought Rai back online, and soon expected person will arrive in hurry, unless there was an error...
“Rai how big chance of error is in this case?” there was no reply, it was a needless question meant to kill time and Rai knew it.

OOC- I think it may be misleading so discharge is not a reference to what Kent saw, also I hope it's alright with you all.

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#, as written by Zaria
There were four people, including her, it would be better to have some more…considering half usually dies.

“Poor amount of people for where we go…”

Last time she went there with about thirty people, six of them returned. She could look at the good sides of the people that are gathered here, mailmen they are…not some weak willed bounty hunters like the last time.

“I mean that thirty wouldn’t be enough, but if we had about eight skilled, and armed individuals…this trip would feel like a trip through an old park…with hordes of monsters we need to fend off.”