Valek Instrumahs

"You can't make the past go away...you can try to ignore it...but it always comes back."

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|| Seventeen || Male || Vale ||

[size=90]General Appearance
Valek Instrumahs is five feet and eleven and eight twelfth of an inch tall. He weighs about 150 pounds and is quite muscular and athletic for his age. If Valek didn't have a scar on his face, he'd be a looker. He doesn't know if he got his looks from his mother, or father (see: history).

Vale has black hair that goes past down his ears that he doesn't do anything with. Why impress when you have no one? His eyes are an unsettling blue-gray, like the sea on a stormy night. If you look into them, you could see his pain, his loneliness.

His skin is quite pale, due to being in the shadows for most of his life in Morick City.

Growing up in Morick City, (see: history) Valek has countless scars. Ranging from barely visible to still healing ones. His most prominent is the on across his back, when he was pushed onto broken glass and dragged, which goes from his left shoulder to his lower back. He has some on his chest and legs. His face also wasn't left untouched. He has a scar from the top right side of his lips down to his neck. He has a tattoo of swirls, almost like waves, on both of his hands that go up to his shoulders and then some. His only other tattoo is on his abdomen. It is of a flame.

Normal Attire
Valek usually wears a white plain, short sleeved, t-shirt under a black leather jacket and baggy jeans, with black combat boots. His carries a black messenger bag for his stuff.

-Exercising (hobby)
-Reading (hobby)
-Poker (hobby)

-Poison type Pokémon
-Most people
-Sour candy
-Glass (Unhealthy Fear)

-The Unknown
-Unknown Pokémon

Valek is somewhat lax person. He usually goes with the flow and follows orders easily. He is a loud person, but not rambunctious. He likes to make snide remarks, and is quite sarcastic to people he's just met, and to people he doesn't like. This usually keeps people away from him, which he likes. But when he says these things, his face is expressionless, like he has no feelings. He says it in an empty voice. He's always done this. He'd rather just be alone then with people. But the only feeling he's ever felt is sadness.

Even though Valek rarely gets angry, he goes the opposite from what he usually is. His eyes goes slitted in anger, but he has more clarity. He isn't loud, doesn't make snide remarks, but thinks more on what to do. This Valek has only been seen by two people and they say it's scary.

Even though people may say Valek is loyal and understanding he's actually not. He does what he does for himself. He's selfsish. And he just understands what to say to people, not that he understands them. He's learned not to trust anyone at all.

Feelings About Their Journey
What I feel about my journey? Well, my boss is going to be angry, but he can understand. I kind of have to do this. Overall, whatever. Whatever happens...happens.

But I might be worried a bit about the people...I might not be able to do it that way. I don't do well with strangers. They'll probably just shrug me the wrong way and I'll dislike them. But if they leave me be, I'll be fine. Hey, we don't need to like each other, right? We just need to work together. If they do get me to open up...I'll get to that situation when it comes. I should just worry about right now.

Valek Instrumahs is an orphan that was born in Morick City. He was found by one of the most prominent Pokémon gangs there: Fire Stacks. He was born to be the next leader of the gang if the old one was killed by a Pokémon. Ever since he was little he was trained to be strong and smart. To show nothing. That's how he got most of his scars. But he was fine with those, he was told that they came with the job. He had a sick sense of pride about them...until. Until he went on a supply run when he was ten. It was supposed to be easy, no strings attached. Go in, get out. But now. There was a Muk that was guarding the place and he was caught by it. Valek was poisoned and his face was disfigured. He came back changed into almost emotionless.

Five years later was his breaking point. He bit off more than he could chew and was seriously hurt. He was to beat some guy that messed with his gang. But, unknowingly, the guy decided it would be a good idea to get protection. When Valek came in close the bodyguard threw him into an ally and onto glass. He was then dragged, making the glass dig into his skin deeper. But, through all that, he still felt something. Anger. When the bodyguard threw Valek against a wall a sort of clarity came over Valek. He was furious, but yet calm. He couldn't feel anything but. He beat up the bodyguard and totally broke the man that went against his gang. Those were the only two that saw him like that.

After that experience, Valek came back injured and emotionless. His people patched him up and then backed off. He had a look of absolute scarcity. They were scared. And this was when his boss gave Valek his first Pokémon. For protection.

Two years after that, Valek had to go to a meeting in Orrene City to see if his gang could set up a deal and get better supplies. When he got there, everything hit the fan. He found out he was one of the six to go to Fog Island, apparently. His Pokémon is the only thing that he truly loves, naming her, catch this, "Love."

"The Boss"-Valek's Boss-The only person that Valek's has ever respected. The person that took him in and gave him a home. His name is Nathan Kane
Has no family, and barely talks to the other gang members.

Ability-Blaze, boosts fire-type moves when Pokémon is in trouble
Held Item-Charcoal, wears it as a ring. Boosts the power of fire-type moves.
Lax. Love love's her Trainer and is one of his only companions. She's quite similar to Valek, and can also get angry-but very rarely. She usually doesn't make any sounds, only putting in her input when her trainer is in trouble, or she really feels like her trainer is being stupid.
Love had always been a "lab" Pokémon. She was born at a daycare then given to the "Pokémon Professor" of that region. She grew up with other Pokémon, but usually kept to herself. Shortly after going to the lab, she was sent off to Nathan Kane, as a long, and with-held, payment. She was then given to Valek, they were best friends right off the bat. A year and a half later, she evolved into a Monferno and Valek had an unusual smile on his face. Love was the only one who could make him smile, it seemed.
Flame Wheel
Mach Punch

|| Heart of Courage || Two Steps From Hell ||

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