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The Making of Legends

Shannia Region


a part of The Making of Legends, by LostRiver.


LostRiver holds sovereignty over Shannia Region, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Shannia Region is a part of The Making of Legends.

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Luke Cardwell [6] "Adventure!"
Damia Dantz [6] "Well, well, well. This looks like it's gonna be fun."
Faye Sterling Greyson [6] "Why should I care?"
Reagan Chase Maverik [6] "U-umm... h... hello..."
Felix McCoy [6] "Might as well."
Liana Amber Hale [6] "Meh. Apparently just living the dream, aren't we?"
Mr. Brian DeMaro [1] "You may call me nothing else but 'Mr. DeMaro' or 'Boss'."

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”It’s not long now Boss,” the black-clad man spoke so quietly that the small Mincinno that was trembling on his shoulder could barely hear him. He tried to stand up tall so as to look less cowardly, but he flinched involuntarily as the shadowy figure across the room growled lowly at him.

”You’ve been saying that since we stole the damn thing.” The Boss, Mr. Brian DeMaro, was clearly attempting to not show his anger at his employee, but his voice betrayed his fury. He turned from staring out the large, floor-to-ceiling window and strode toward the other man. As he came closer, the grunt felt the need to back away, but he stopped himself, knowing that if he did, the Boss would become even more angry as his cowardice.

”I-It’s taking longer than expected Boss,” the shorter man spoke, now breathing through his mouth in an attempt to calm himself down. The Boss was now standing directly in front of him, looking down at his employee. The Boss’s expression was one of steely uninterest, but anger and menace seemed to radiate off of him in waves, making his employee wince once again.

”Well if this isn’t the last time that I hear the words ‘not long now’, there are going to be consequences for you and everyone one else working alongside you.” The Boss paused momentarily and a crackle was heard behind him in a darker corner of the room. Unable to stop himself, the smaller man and his Mincinno jumped with fright. Everyone on Team Nightfall knew what that electrical crack meant. The grunt opened his mouth to reply to the Boss’s statement when DeMaro's Emolga glided from out of the dark and landed on the Boss’s shoulder. Her eyes gave off a faint yellowish glow and sparks gathered around the pouches on her cheeks. The Boss grinned at the other man's fear. ”Do I make myself clear?”

The grunt nodded profusely and his voice trembled as he answered the man. ”Y-yes. C-crysal, Boss.”

The Boss gave the other man a wide smirk. ”Good. Now go tell the others.” The grunt was gone before DeMaro had even finished his sentence. As the steel, moss-covered door slammed behind the man, the Boss turned to look back out of the large window. When they had first gotten there, vines had been covering this window. DeMaro had been quick to cut those vines down, revealing a window that peered out through the peaks of two immense trees, looking over a large portion of the island. Between this room that had been deemed "The Boss's Office", and the room across the hall, DeMaro could look out over the entirety of the small island. He remembered when they had docked on the island. The first thing that they had seen was what appeared to be a pillar of fog in the center of the island. On DeMaro's order, every member of Nightfall had trekked through the dense forest toward the pillar of mist. The fog had been so thick at the center of the island that the team had not seen the building until the leading administrators had literally walked face-first into one of its steel doors. DeMaro had been the only one on the entire team that had not been bothered by the strangeness of this building. He had quickly ordered for the doors to be pried open and for camp to be set up both inside and just outside of the fog that shrouded the building. The odd thing was that once inside the building, looking out of it was like looking through glass. The fog that so well hid the building, seemed to not exist when looking out from inside the building. The pyramid-like structure was one made of stone with steel doors and glass windows. It was the only structure on the island and it seemed to hold more mystery than the island itself.

As DeMaro finally came back to the present from his memories of their first days on the island, his fist hit the wall beside the window so suddenly that the Emolga on his shoulder jumped and hovered above him for a moment before deciding that it was safe to land on his shoulder once more. She gave a worried chirp and rubbed the top of her head along his cheek. DeMaro quickly composed himself and smoothed his hair back with one hand, using the other to reach over and stroke his Pokemon’s fur. The creature emitted a soft, loving purr, nuzzling his hand with her small nose. The Boss chuckled at his small squirrel-like creature. ”I’m sorry, Sparks. I didn’t mean to startle you. I’m just frustrated.” He paused and gave a heavy sigh, straightening his suit jacket and looked back out the window. ”Those damn kids are leaving Orrene today and if we don’t wake this thing up soon, they may just be able to stop us.”

Sparks gave another soft, reassuring purr to which DeMaro smiled over at her. The Emolga was not his strongest Pokemon, but she was by far the Boss’s oldest and most prized and she always knew how to get him to relax and smile. ”Don’t worry, Sparks. We won’t let a bunch of kids ruin our dreams. I promise that I won’t let anyone stop us this time.”


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Faye had awoken that day to the glorious smell of store-bought coffee, breakfast foods, and her father’s exceedingly annoying voice saying, ”Wake up, Ryn. Today is the day.”

Faye hadn’t particularly wanted to wake up and go on a long, exciting journey with five perfect strangers, but that wasn’t really up to her. It was up to the Shannia government. A government full of superstitious men and women that had called them all to Orrene to tell them that they would be leaving in only two weeks time to journey to this mysterious “Fog Island”. In Faye’s mind, sending six, untrained, barely prepared teenagers on a length journey along to stop an impending darkness, was not a good idea. However, the smell of hot coffee and bacon mixed together had coaxed Faye and her small, grey companion out of their cocoon of hotel blankets.

After showering and getting dressed, Faye and Eona had sat across the small, round hotel kitchen table from Faye’s father and he had told her about all of the safety precautions that he wanted her to take. Faye had heard every single one of these on their trip from Ram's Town to Orrene and now she was too busy thinking about the journey to listen to her father reiterate every single caution that he was telling her to take. As Faye picked at the eggs on her plate, she thought about the trip that she was about to take. She was excited to leave home and see the region -without her father- but she was also nervous. As was typical for Faye, she would not let anyone see that she was nervous, but she didn’t really think that she was ready for a long, dangerous trip like this. Her only hope was that she would somehow be able to get in touch with her best friend, Joanna, along the way. In any case, Faye nodded along as she fed Eona a second strip of bacon while her father repeated that she had to look out for those poison types.

After breakfast, Faye had glanced over at the clock. 12:15. The Six were supposed to meet at the northern gate of Orrene at 12:30 sharp to meet with Shannia’s Secretaries of Regional Activity. The Shannia President had been at the meeting two weeks ago and he had wished each of them good luck, but he had gone back to Edgecliff in order to make a public address about the situation at hand. He would not tell the people about the Six’s journey for fear that someone might go after them; however, there was no doubt that the public knew their names. After all, a beam of light had streamed down from the sky into their bodies. Surely, an event like that was hard to keep secret.

Seeing her father rise from the table, Faye had done the same. Eona climbed up onto her shoulder and nudged her small, wet nose into Faye’s neck, telling her that it was finally time to leave behind their lives. Faye sighed, grabbed her already packed satchel from the bed and headed out, closing the door behind her father who had been too nervous and jittery to remember to lock the hotel room.

Now, Faye stood at the coffee cart about a block from the hotel, waiting for her second cup of coffee that day. She knew that she would not be able to have coffee on this journey until they stopped in another town or city, so she was loading up now. In truth, it wasn't the smartest idea. She probably should have been weening herself off of caffeine the past two weeks, but she figured that she would need it, especially when she was meeting up with these other five trainers and had to pretend like she was excited for the coming journey. They had all met each other at the meeting two weeks prior, but Faye had had next to no contact with the other trainers since that day. Another bad idea on her part. She probably should have made an effort to get to know them before their journey actually began, but there was no chance of her being able to go back and redo that.

Faye's father glanced at his watch and looked around like he was in a hurry. "C'mon, Ryn. It's already 12:32. You were supposed to be at the gate at 12:30."

Faye chuckled at her father's worry. She took her coffee from the vendor, nodding a quick thank you, and moved to put sugar in it. "It's fine, Dad. What're they gonna do? Not let me go on this godforsaken journey?" Faye smirked up at her father as she stirred her coffee with a stick and placed the top back on the cup. Her father seemed less amused with Faye than she was with herself and he squinted at her through his black, wire-rimmed glasses. Faye only seemed to be more amused at her father's annoyance and she couldn't help but snicker a bit along with the Eevee on her shoulder. Seeing that her father was not easily amused, Faye sighed, a small grin still playing on her features. "Alright, alright, let's get going."

As they strolled in the direction of Orrene's Northern gate, Faye couldn't help but think once more about what she was about to do. She was normally strong and steadfast in her emotions, but for some reason the danger of going on this journey had gotten her nerves a bit frayed and she had begun to question herself. What if she ended up the weakest of the group? What if Eona got hurt? What if she didn't return? What would her father do? Numerous what-ifs ran through her head and Faye's palms began to sweat a bit, making her coffee cup slip slightly from her hands. Her father caught sight of this out of the corner of his eye and placed on large hand on her shoulder -the shoulder that was not being occupied by a ball of grey fur. "Don't worry, Ryn," he said in a soft, reassuring tone. His words caught Faye slightly off guard and she snapped her head to give him a questioning look. When she finally realized what he was talking about, she smiled graciously up at him. He always knew her emotions whether she verbalized them or not. She nodded and spoke a soft, "Thank you" to him before going silent once more. Nothing else was said as the father and daughter pair strode through the city.

Moments later, the Northern gate finally came into view and Faye shook herself mentally as she looked upon the small group of official-looking people. She put on her normal, uninterested, blank mask of emotionlessness, tossed her empty coffee cup into a nearby trashcan, and continued toward them. It was 12:45 when Faye and her father finally stood in front of the four male and five female Secretaries of Regional Activities. One of the female secretaries, a woman with short, red hair stepped out of the group and gave Faye and her father a quick, stern look as if to tell them that they were late. Faye looked around and noticed that the other five trainers and their Pokemon were there along with their parent or guardian to see them off. Faye swallowed the lump in her throat and kept her expression steely. Was she the last one there? Had she already shown that she was lesser than these new trainers? Faye was snapped out of her thoughts as the redheaded woman began to speak to the group. "You five are about to embark on a journey that will save all of Shannia. This is a task that is not easy and will require strong character and determination. You will each be given a map of the Shannia Region." The woman signaled to one of her colleagues, a black-haired man who proceeded to pass a folded paper to each of the six trainers. "And five of the latest version of the Pokeball." The woman then signaled to another one of her colleagues, a grumpy-looking, brunette woman, who then began to give a bag of five red and white Pokeballs to each of the six. The redheaded woman watched these being passes around and then continued speaking once each of the Six had gotten their items. "On behalf of the entire Shannia Region, we wish you all the best of luck." The woman paused and her colleagues began to turn when Faye heard her whisper under her breathe, "The fate of Shannia is on you." She spoke so quietly that Faye would not have heard it had she been standing only a few feet farther away and she doubted that most of the people in the group had heard it.

Instead of hanging on the woman's words, Faye shook off her nerves and placed the items she had received inside her satchel as the Secretaries turned and strode away from the lingering group of trainers. As they left, Faye turned back toward her father and without a word, hugged him tightly. She pulled away from him and looked up at his face. She could see that tears were welling in his eyes and Faye gave him a half-smile. "Don't worry, Dad." she said softly. Her father returned the smile and and held her at arms length. "Just be safe, alright?" Faye nodded and all her father could say without his voice cracking was, "See you soon, Ryn." Faye gave him a small smile and nodded again. "See ya soon, Dad."

With that, Faye's father wiped the tears from his eyes, gave her a quick once over, and turned on his heels, wandering back into the crowds of Orrene City without looking back. Once he was out of sight, Faye turned to look at the other five trainers. They were a very mixed group and Faye was once again unsure of how this was going to work out, but she kept on her emotionless features, taking one last glance in the direction her father had gone. As Faye stepped back toward the other five and, their Pokemon she spoke in a sarcastic, joking manner in order to hide her hyped nerves. "Well then, looks like it’s time for the merry band of misfits to shove off, eh?”


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Reagan Maverik

Rea stared at the quiet, sleeping city before her. Her gray gaze swept from left to right very quickly as she took in her surroundings. Dom, her older brother, trotted along next to her as the two simply walked around, just trying to adjust to the sounds and smells of Orrene. Rea nervously tugged at her dark purple flannel as she nibbled on her bottom lip out of force of habit. Her jeans were new, so they felt tight and restricting. Most of the clothes she was taking on the trip was new, actually, except for a few small things. She got to wear her usual black combat boots she got as a present for her last birthday. Her necklace dangled and bounced on her chest as she walked along.

“I really do hate this place." Rea muttered spitefully, meaning every word. Dom sighed and shook his head, staring at the pavement below his feet.

“Well, its a good thing you won’t be staying here too long then, eh?” He responded, snickering slightly. He shifted his gaze and stared at the sun that was just on the horizon. The two were up early almost every day, so waking up wasn’t really a problem for them. Now their biggest problem was killing almost eight hours until Rea was supposed to meet up with the other trainers she was supposedly going to save the world with. She uttered a deep, long sigh as her pace slowed and her shoulders drooped.

Rea and Dom spent quite a few hours wandering around, marveling at the large structures and different people around them. Not too long after the two first began walking, Cerberus woke up and sprang from his pokeball to accompany his trainer. He padded along beside her, occasionally rubbing his side against her calf just so she knew that he was there for her.

Rea’s legs were tired from all of the walking so they sat down at a small cafe. She sighed for what was probably the fiftieth time. Her eyes were dark and distant as her eyes focused on absolutely nothing. Dom stared at her, worry in his eyes. “Its ok, Rea. You’re going to be fine.” He said, pouring as much persuasion into those few words. Rea simply nodded, not once lifting her head from its slightly slumped position. Cerberus whined at her feet as he rested his chin on the toe of her boot. The girl picked at a small muffin her brother had bought her, popping small pieces of it into her mouth. Its not that it didn't taste good, it was just that every times she opened her mouth she thought she would let out a strangled cry of helplessness. She finally gave up on her pitiful attempt to eat and gave the rest of her muffin to Cerberus, who ate it quickly, not once taking his eyes off of his trainer.

More aimless wandering ensued, and Rea’s miserable, gloomy attitude did not pick up. Her feet practically dragged as she walked along the increasingly-crowding sidewalk. Cerberus and Dom’s worry grew very quickly as they saw the state Rea was in.

After another few hours of doing nothing productive, Dom realized it was almost time for the meeting. He knew he had to dig her out of this melancholic mood of hers before she met up with the other trainers.

“Geezum Rea-Rea, stop acting so depressed. Its not like the world is ending.” His familiar grin spread across his face as Rea groaned loudly, rolling your eyes.

“You did not just…”

“Oh but I did. Now come on, you need to perk up a bit. I don’t like seeing you like this. I don’t think your pokemon doesn’t either.” Dom told her, his voice still gentle and even a bit playful. He gestured to Cerberus, who whimpered and looked up at Rea, his eyes pleading.

“I’m sorry, you guys… its just… difficult.” Rea’s voice broke slightly as she finished speaking. Dom nodded, understanding.

A few minutes passed, time dragging on as they made their way to the Orrene’s Nothern Gates. Dom suddenly smirked.
“You know what I noticed about you, Rea?” He said, making her look up to face him. “You really like singing in the shower.” Rea’s face flushed a bright pink and her eyes widened.

“Dom, I swear-”

Dom didn’t even let her finish. He suddenly began walking much faster. You and I go hard at each other like we're going to war! He sprinted away from Rea, his voice loud and singing. You and I go rough, we keep throwing things and slamming the door! Rea raced after him, her eyes flaring with anger and embarrassment.

“You’re dead!” Rea snarled and she sprinted full force. Dom stopped singing and focused more and running away from his enraged sister who was quickly gaining on him. He huffed and ran as fast as he could, but Rea was faster than him, and the fact that Cerberus was nipping at his heels didn’t help. She latched onto the back of his jacket and tugged on it, slowing him down. Rea had just enough time to leap forwards and grab onto Dom, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Dom stumbled forward but kept his balance. Smiling devilishly, he hooked his hands under the crook of her knees.

“Free piggy back ride!” He trotted along, Rea helplessly holding onto him so she would fall off.

“Oi, let my go you jerk!” She shouted, glad they were in a more calm part of the city. People still stared though, and Rea blushed with embarrassment. Rea pounded her little fists into his broad shoulder blades, barely fazing him. Dom just hummed and kept walking along, his little sister trapped on his back. Cerberus just walked alongside, somehow knowing that this was what was best for his trainer.
Rea had finally given up, and was now resting her chin on his shoulders, huffing angrily, muttering to herself. Her captor/brother was as cheerful as ever as he gleefully jogged to the Northern gates.

Upon their arrival, Rea immediately regretted not being the first ones there. Those who had made it before them had to watch as the tall, blonde Dom strutted in with his younger, smaller sister on his back. He let Rea down, her cheeks a bright red. She glared at Dom all the way until the last of the trainers had arrived. Cerberus sat at Rea’s feet, his chest puffed out proudly. He stared at all of those around him, his eyes narrowed and questioning.

One of the officials spoke, but most of it was drowned out by the sound of Rea’s rapid heartbeat. She shuffled on her feet, staring at the ground. They handed her things, which she took and put away into her bag quickly and robotically. She stared blankly ahead, her eyes clouded with thoughts and worries. When the officials finally left, Rea began to sway unsteadily on her feet. Cerberus whined loudly and Dom walked in front of her and gripped her shoulders tightly. He gazed into her blank, clouded eyes.

“You are not doing this now. Rea, stop it.” His voice was no longer caring and gentle. He spoke sternly, his eyes hard and cold. He then shook her roughly, making Rea’s entire body jolt into awareness. She looked up at Dom, her eyes wide with fright. Her entire frame shook as tears welled up and began dripping down her cheeks. Dom, without a word, wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly, squeezing her small, shaking body against his as she stifled sobs. He pulled away as Rea rubbed her eyes, trying to dry her tears.

“Don’t worry, Rea-Rea, you’re going to be fine. We’ll keep in touch, somehow, I promise. Remember, we all love you and know you’re going to do great. See you soon.” He bent forwards and kissed his little sister’s forehead tenderly, which surprised her. Rea blushed again and stared at the floor as Dom walked off, his hands in his pockets.
Rea turned and faced the others, still sniffling slightly. She kept looking at her boots, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. She was ashamed of being such a coward.

"Well then, looks like it’s time for the merry band of misfits to shove off, eh?”
The girl’s sarcasm made Rea’s eye twitch. “P… perhaps we should get to know each other more... somehow. We only met breifly before… right?” Her voice was quiet, but loud enough for all of them to hear. She finally raised her gaze, small tears in the corners of her eyes.


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#, as written by Damioa

Damia woke up as the train stopped. "Now arriving at Orrene City. Please make sure you have everyone of your carry on items before you you depart the vassal." The conductor called through the loud speakers.
Giving a yawn and smacking his lips, Damia turned to Sneaks, who was sleeping, curled into a ball, beside him. "Hey. Hey Sneaks, wake up." He quietly said while nudging the Sneasel. Sneaks open one eye and glanced at the boy before closing it and returning to his slumber. "Really?" Damia groaned. "Geez. You better be glad I'm not the type to put my best friend into a ball. Not that you'd stay in it anyway."

Picking him up and holding Sneaks against his chest like a baby, Damia used his other hand to grab his bag. Exciting the train he watched as the other people and some with their pokémon walked out towards the exit of the station. They all looked so happy. He wished he could be as naive and happy as them. Sure he was stocked to finally be able to start a legit journey, but he had wished it had been on better circumstances. The timing wasn't all that bad though. Before the light dawned on him, he had already finished a tour around Shania and had seen his mom afterwards.

That's right. I should look on the bright side. This'll be fun.

"Um. Excuse me." Someone called from behind him.
Damia turned around to look at the young boy, probably just a little younger than him. "Yeah?" He said back.
"I was wondering if you could sign this poster for me... I mean my sister. She loves your band. I really think it's cool how you're helping out Shania in this crisis too."
Dami gave an eager smile. "Sure thing dude. Anything for a fan. Oh, and don't worry. I'm sure me and the other guys will have this mission done quick enough so that the band will be able to hold a celebration concert."

After signing the autograph he took a phone picture with the kid and waved as he left. "You see Sneaks," He said to his sleeping friend. "We're doing this so that people can keep those smiles on their faces. No worries right? This is just the same as going on tour. The only difference is our dream is finally about to become a reality."

Walking to the meeting place he began to realize that there was still a half hour before everyone was supposed to be there. He hoped someone would be there just as early as he was so that he could talk to them, but it seemed that once again he was too early. It didn't bother him much though because he was use to it. His band would always oversleep and leave him with the duty of setting up alone so he just got in the habit of going places early. It wasn't that bad considering he had a few people stop buy and ask him how he felt about the journey ahead and if they could take a picture with him. Still, he was eager to meet his partners for the journey. He didn't get to talk to them much and thought that maybe it would be good to talk to them. Thinking about it he really didn't know what they would talk about. They were on a mission and not only was it a mission, but it was a mission to save the world. Obviously there would have to be a pretty big ice-breaker for something like that. As the people started walking in he decided it would be best to keep quiet for the time being. He would have to wait for someone else to take the initiative.

As one of the girls came in on someones back he looked to see that she was pretty embarrassed at something. That or she had a fever that was causing her face to glow. He watched as she had a pretty weird exchange of conversation with the person who was carrying her before he kissed her on the forehead and left. He tried to show her a smile, to let her know that he was also nervous, but it seemed her level of nervousness was too high. He petted Sneak's head as he gently snored in his arms and turned to face the last person who came.
Now, with everyone there, they were finally able to start their briefing. He was pretty excited about getting free pokéballs too. The thought of catching pokémon with him almost made him explode with joy.

"Well then, looks like it’s time for the merry band of misfits to shove off, eh?” One of the girls said in a seemingly friendly tone.
In response he smile and nodded his head.
“P… perhaps we should get to know each other more... somehow. We only met briefly before… right?” The nervous girl suggested.

This was his chance. He could finally get on friendly terms with everyone. "I agree. My name is Damia. Nice to meet you all." He said still holding his smile. Looking down towards Sneaks he once again spoke. "This little guy here is Sneaks. He's basically like my brother. We're really happy to be able to travel with you guys."


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#, as written by Renmiri

'Mmhmm. What a fitting morning to a day like this. Clear skies, an ungodly hour, thirty pounds of fur on my face...' Smothered under an ecstatic, insufferable (yet affectionately named) nuisance, Amber could only sigh, roll over, and burrow deeper under her bedsheets. She had, after all, been having a perfectly good dream --something about snowmen, reindeer, and peace--, and no amount of rude awakenings would cut short her last proper morning/sleep at home. Or so it would have been, theoretically.

"Nope, nope, nope, Sherlock, stop it. I'm not getting up at six in the morning I swear to -- god damn it stop jumping on my face do you know how much you weigh-- FINE."

And so it was: Amber, six-thirty at dusk, with a mug of tea and news on her TV; completely ignoring some conspicuous dejected mass on her floor. At no point in her life had she ever been a morning person, the early hours being one of the only times when she was especially gloomy, or a bit crabby. But honestly, Amber was annoyed at more than just Sherlock's over-excited prancing there-- just as she'd finally gotten her life worked out to no strings attached, some mysterious light had claimed her for a journey, of all things. It was unfair, totally out of her control, and the concept of that responsibility always made her shiver-- 'Man, I was not this bad yesterday. Really got to lay off on the sunrise wake up calls.' As much as she'd always wanted to leave, home was always infinitely less depressing on the day of.

And speaking of which, wallowing in self-pity was exactly what her psychiatrist told her not to do. 'Old habits die hard, I guess. But I should probably...' Nudging a small bowl of grapes towards the sulking Psyduck-Zorua, Amber crouched down next to her peace offering; watching as her pokemon, after a moment of hesitancy, take the bait. Not that it was anything new, she'd used this exact tactic more times than she could count (which she discovered only after flailing repeatedly in the face of Sherlock's downtrodden face). It wasn't long before he was back to his old (and real) self in the presence of his favourite food.

He was affectionately nuzzling her after, and she dutifully settled into messing up his fur; as she was always obliged to be doing, in much the sisterly fashion. "You know, I don't really get why you're so excited over this whole quest thing. But I never figured out why you wanted to be my pokemon either. If it'll turn out like how this did, maybe I don't need to know." Then, as if to ruin the mildly sentimental moment, the news channel turned to a segment on the Fog Island; detailing the stolen tablet, strange lights, and the journey about to pass. And while Sherlock stood entranced, Amber sighed, stood, and stretched out her arms-- heading for her bedroom.

"Right, and I should probably pack now."

By the time noon rolled around, Amber had double and triple-checked her apartment for things, bought a quick coffee, and cooked breakfast (she's weirdly efficient when she stops procrastinating). Now, she was awkwardly waiting by the entrance of her buildings' complex-- with Sherlock in his pokeball and the urge to just ditch her late father and leave. But Alan had insisted, and 'this might as well be the last time that they'd ever see each other, so if she'd just give him one more chance...' She suddenly wished that she hadn't, 'when have I ever wanted to see his face?'

"Liana! Over here!"

'Whelp. Too late.' She turned to see the large frame of her father some ways away, bulky next to the Yamask at his shoulder. She managed a smile at that little guy, but gave and said nothing to his master. As always. And by then they were just silently walking along to the Northern Gate, Alan discouraged by his shot-down attempts to start a conversation. It was depressing, how little he had ever connected with his daughters. So depressing that it made him want to reach for the flask of vodka that he'd left at home, knowing that that Zorua of hers would sniff it out like a bloodhound. He reasoned that she was being kind, keeping Sherlock away from him-- considering, last time, he had tried to bit off Alan's face.

The two had said nothing substantial from the point of leaving to their arrival, only cursory words. You could almost cut the tension with a knife, quite discouraging to anyone that might want to approach. And, as Alan was determined to at least see her off, they were alone on a bench until dignitaries came to speak.

He was less anxious as he thought he would be, knowing that Amber was tough and could handle herself. He could see that she was beyond the point of needing him, and in that point decided to leave her be; there was no use in forcing her to be in his presence, seeing as how all of his attempts always ended in awkward conversations or outright arguments. Thus, when the speech was over, Alan mustered up the courage to give his daughter a half hug-handshake, an escape rope, and a hasty "Take care, call Ali if you need anything. She'll find you." -- and in a moment of truth, "I don't know if I would." And then he left, in her momentary surprise.

'Well, that was new.' Amber expressionlessly watched her father's back for a second, then absentmindedly released Sherlock and put away her new pokeballs. He was, apparently, a Growlithe now-- when he realized where he was, the bugger scampered off to run under the other travellers' feet. 'Well, if there's any way to make an impression, that's it.' Amber was feeling, surprisingly, pretty good; perhaps because of the fresh air.

"Well then, looks like it’s time for the merry band of misfits to shove off, eh?” The girl's sarcasm made Amber smile. She crouched down to grab Sherlock-Growlithe as the introductions came on, momentarily reining in his dog-like tendency to smother strangers. 'God knows if he's scared anyone already.'

"This little guy here is Sneaks. He's basically like my brother. We're really happy to be able to travel with you guys."

With a naturally friendly tone (and mildly fond smile), Amber continued. "Nice to meet you. I'm Liana, but Amber or Hale is fine. This here is Sherlock--", she thought back to his tendencies towards illusion, "--sometimes. He's really energetic, sorry about that. If he's being a bully, just give me a shout--" A paw swiped at her head. "See what I mean? But anyways, hi."


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I hate this time of year. The weather broils and bakes all the slime and filth on the streets and sends them wafting into every orifice of your senses, until your swimming in it. But then, that's what this city is all about. Names Felix McCoy, Private Eye. Ive spent my life in this concrete merry go-round, watching the same crimes play out year after year. Like a jukebox with only one sad song. It's a city with no one to trust, no one to love. Where cigarette butts are the only ass you get. OOF!!


In a dark motel room, the sounds of a bed creaking under the pressure of Felix being pounced on by a 130 pound metal armored pokemon could be heard. It was calling out to the seemingly sleeping man. More of a boy really, but he had the eyes of man at least twice his age. Though, they were currently beneath very dark rimmed eyelids, determined to keep shut. The Aron on it, lovingly named Mouse, was looking very annoyed. It seemed that Mouse had been attempting to wake Felix up for a awhile now, but to no avail. It seemed Felix was even stubborn in his sleep. Mouse gave up as he noticed the intense light streaming in through the closed blinds. The sun was already high in the sky. If Mouse didn't act decisively, Felix was going to miss the appointment of a lifetime, and damned if Mouse was going to have that on his conscience. Mouse grabbed a hold of Felix's pant leg, and with a freakish amount of strength for a Pokemon that small, He began to drag Felix out of bed, and to his destiny.


Sorry about that. Sometimes my partner can be a little overzealous. OH, that was Mouse by the way, he's my partner. We've been through a lot together, it started with me saving his life. So far, he's repaid me 100 times over. I don't know how it will end, but you can bet it won't be boring. We run the Mouse & McCoy Detective Agency together. Got cards and an office and everything. Anyway, where was I?

OH yeah, the City. Well.....actually, all those things are true......if we were in the right city. I had forgotten where we were currently, most likely due to the fact that I'm asleep right now. Anyway, I was talking about Morick City, where I'm from. Currently, Mouse and I are staying in a dingy yet safe Motel in Orrene City proper.

It's been difficult for me to cope living here the past few days. I'm use to the hustle and bustle of the city, ambient noise, ya know? But even though this is a big place, it's freaking quiet. It's unsettling. Peaceful.......but unsettling.

Maybe because it was peaceful that I'm unsettled by it. Conflict has been most of my life. I can't help but wonder sometimes if there's something wrong with me....then I push that deep down and get a coffee and get over it.

.........why do I feel like I'm moving?


With an amazing feat of dexterity and cunning, Mouse had managed to dress Felix, get him on old wagon, and was now pulling him tot he meeting spot. The spike on his back through the hole for the handle on the wagon bar.

Mouse made his way through the streets like he lived there. Mouse&Felix always had the tendencies to walk to known locations thoroughly, finding alleyways and possible escape routes, just in case. Their line of work was dangerous. Danger came from all sides, whether it be from the wrong side of the law.....or the right side.

Either way, Mouse was confident where he was going.

By the time Mouse had arrived at the predetermined meeting spot, it was about 12:25 pm. Just in time. Mouse sort of looked like he acknowledged the other trainers as he pulled his in on a damn wagon, sleeping the day away. Mouse stopped the wagon in front of one of the benches, then grabbed his collar with his teeth, and with his enormous strength, began to pull him out of the wagon and onto the bench.

Mouse sat Felix up and even made sure his Fedora was on properly, He then looked around for something to wake him up. He smelled it before he saw it, a coffee stand. There were very few things in this world that Felix enjoyed more than coffee. He knew what he had to do.

Getting on a very determined face, Mouse dug around in Felix's pocket until he found what he was looking for. He then walked over to the coffee stand with his wallet in his mouth. Mouse walked right up tot he legs of the attendant and nudged his legs. The man looked down confused at the Aron. Mouse dropped the wallet and pointed with his tony leg at the coffee machine, then, back at Felix.

The clerk just raised an eyebrow. "What the hell? You want a coffee little guy?"

Mouse nodded impatiently at the man, giving him a look as if he were a child.

The clerk reached down to the wallet and picked it up. He then seemed to take all the money of Felix's wallet. At this sight, Mouse began to glow with a silvery light and growl at him. The man jumped and immediately put the money back. "Jeez, OK little guy." The man then removed the correct amount and gave the wallet back. Mouse stopped growling and gave him a look that said 'Damn right you did.'

After dealing the coffee man, Mouse walked back over to Felix with the coffee sleeve secured around his spike on the cream cups balanced on the cup.


Eh, doesn't matter. What I'm trying to get to say'in is that I believe the reason I'm still conked out right now is my reluctance to go on this, I guess you could call it if you're feeling dramatic. The point is I don't really know what the hell is going on, and I don't like not knowing things, especially if they could be as dangerous as tangoing with Team Nightfall. Any Team that used pokemon as artillery was freaking dangerous....though, I guess if someone was to stand up to them.....might as well be me. I'm just the right amount of lucky and stupid to pull it off. Besides, Ive got help, five other people. I hear most of them are legit Pokemon Trainers, never made it their myself. Too much of a creature of habit. But...maybe I can change that, here and now.

Holy shit, is that coffee? Did Mouse suddenly learn how to make coffee? Or did he go and get it for me. Either way, I guess I should wake up now, if he went to all the trouble. See ya on the other side!


Felix's eyes creaked open enough to see Mouse with coffee. He stretched lazily and plucked it from his spike and began mixing three cream packets into the coffee. He then rubbed Mouse's head. "Thanks, Chrome Dome. 'ppreciate it." He stated while popping a cigarette into his mouth and lighting it. He then took a sip of the heavenly mana and his body shivered.

He had apparently woken up just in time to get handed some paper and five brand spanking new pokeballs........neat. A women said some things about their journey and wished them luck. She seemed pretty serious. Felix looked at her a little harder.....or less through a pile of sleep and saw that she looked worried. Huh, maybe he should take this a little more seriously.

It then came for all of his new traveling companions parents to say bye to them. Felix felt a bit of twinge in his chest, but he quickly squashed it. Mouse must sensed it and gave him a knowing look. Felix just gave him a smile and patted his head. As he stood up, he saw they were getting ready to go. He then noticed that he was dressed fully in his trademark suit and that his travel bag was in a wagon next to him. Go Mouse.

He finally got a look at who the other five were.

The first girl to speak started of with snark, brownie point to Eevee girl. The next girl witht he Houndour spoke incredibly softly and was obviously nervous, though she had some gumption to muscle past that and suggest getting to know one another. The next to speak was guy with freaking crazy ass hair and a lot of leather. Though, his smile was genuine, so Felix reminded himself not to judge him on looks. The guy only introduced his Sneasel, though. Not himself....odd. The next girl offered three names for herself. She also had a Growlithe named Sherlock who seemed very playful. He guessed it was his turn.

Felix stuck his hand into his coat pocket and pulled out five cards and handed them to each othem. He then spoke through his cigarette, making sure not to exhale on any of them. "Mouse & McCoy Detective Agency. That's Mouse,"Mouse trotted up next to him and nodded. "and I'm McCoy. Felix if ya like, I'm pretty easy. I'm a Private Eye and the walking piece of metal next to me is my partner. Pleasures all around." Felix stated casually in his thick Morick accent.


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The others answered one by one and Faye stood in her place, gnawing methodically at the cinnamon flavored toothpick in between her teeth. She felt something rub against her leg and she looked down to see a Growlithe scampering around their feet. Eona seemed pleased by this and nearly leaped from Faye's shoulder to play along with him. However, by the time she had gotten prepared to make the quick leap, the Growlithe had pattered back to his trainer's side and the other trainers had begun to speak. Faye nodded as each of the other five spoke; however, she barely listened to them, only catching words or phrases that they said. Instead, she was mentally noting -as she often did- each person, the expression they wore and their Pokemon as they spoke one by one.

First to speak after Faye was a nervous-looking girl whose eye twitched as Faye spoke and when Faye looked again, she looked as if she were about to cry. She suggested with a stutter that they get to know each other first and Faye would have rolled her eyes had she not been trying to make nice with these people. The girl had a Houndour at her side and Eona -who had never liked Houdours that much- seemed to jump when she noticed the dog-like Pokemon. R- something with an "R"? Faye thought to herself, trying to remember the girl's name. Reagan! Faye remembered suddenly. Her shoulder must have made a sudden move because Eona shuffled on her shoulder and gave her a curious look, as if questioning what Faye was thinking.

The next person to speak, reminding everyone of his name: Damia, said that he and his Sneasel were glad to be traveling with everyone and Faye let out a nearly inaudible snort. Why would anyone be happy to travel with some perfect strangers to a dangerous island to stop a terrorist attack on Shannia? At least to Faye, that wasn't her idea of a good time, but she once again reminded herself to be more friendly than she would normally be and she kept her snarky comments to herself. Maybe it was just too early in the morning for niceties.

The third to speak was the owner of the Growlithe who Eona still seemed almost infatuated with. The small grey Eevee gave the Pokemon a cute smile and wiggled her long ears -her own way of saying hello. The owner of the Growlithe spoke her name once more and Faye thought that she might have been one of the people whose name she remembered from the meeting. The girl, Liana -Or Amber? Which one? Faye thought to herself- said something about her Pokemon being a bully and Faye gave her a short, questioning glance as the Growlithe swiped at Amber's head. What an odd little guy Faye thought to herself. She never much liked Growlithes, but they were powerful and cute little creatures.

Next came a boy with a cigarette in between his lips and an Aaron standing near him. Faye did not remember his name, but before he actually spoke, she remembered that she instantly knew him to be from Morick due to his accent. She remembered meeting him briefly and his accent had brought back bad memories of the people that lived in the filthy city. Now, he produced business cards from his pocket and handed them to each of the trainers. Faye furrowed her brow as she took one and looked at it, nearly laughing out loud at the fact that this guy was a real life detective. Is this guy for real? Faye thought to herself as she suppressed a chuckle and stuck the card in the pocket of her shorts.

Once everyone had re-introduced themselves, Faye recognized a slightly awkward silence and thought to herself, Maybe they don't remember my name... I sure didn't remember theirs. Faye cleared her throat and sighed. "So... I guess if y'all don't remember," Faye paused to move the tooth pick to the right side of her mouth and gave a quick flash of a smile before continuing, ""Cause I don't think I remembered most of your names... I'm Faye." Another silence passed through the group and Faye looked around, almost feeling awkward -and Faryn Greyson never feels awkward. She wondered whether she should say something or let someone else speak first, but when no one else did, Faye let out a chuckle. "So, was that enough 'getting to know each other'?" Faye paused here and moment before adding, "Or did you also want to know that my favorite color is green and that I hate citrus fruits?"