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"Even the strongest Malachai can't beat the Deveraux."

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a character in “The Malachai: Reborn”, as played by ElMystery


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[color=purple]Kitsune Kai Takashi
[/color] Image
Type: Deveraux
Age: 29
Abillities: Can detect any thrown objects speed, this can help him catch whatever is being shot or thrown at him.
Appearance: Kitsune has black and white, wild hair, brown eyes, Caucasian skin, a black assassin robe, stealth gloves, and an axe made from his victims.
Weaknesses: Kitsune isn't the strongest leader, and he usually stinks at hand to hand combat.
Personallity: Kitsune is very serious, and isn't intrested in activities, and hanging out. Many people call him "Lone Ranger" because of his battle strategie; he battles the enemy alone, and his clan comes right when Kitsune gets weary. He focuses more on his studies, and likes to write haikous. He always tells the foolish to Shut Up, and Get To Work. Many people think of him as mean, but all he wants is peace, and quiet.
Weapons: Skull Axe, Tiger Tooth Dagger
Martial Art Skill: The Crane
History: Kitsune was an orphan, who lived in a crate by the streets of Pewter. He always felt miserable and devistated. One day, he found a slip of paper on the ground. It was a Kung Fu Training Advertisement. It said it offered free lessons, and free shelter. Kitsune dashed to the dojo. He met his sensei, Arlu
Arlu trained Kitsune, and they bonded, like father and son. Arlu took Kitsune everywhere he went.

Once Kitsune was old enough to leave the home, he started his own dojo. He trained many teenagers martial arts. One day, he heard strange beings were coming over. Kenitsu dismissed the class and prepared himself. Then he realized after researching, he couldn't beat them by himself.

Kitsune formed a clan called Deveraux. He worked with them, and trained them.

So begins...

Kitsune's Story


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Kitsune sat at his desk in his personal dojo. He already hung up forms about joining the Deveraux, but no one came yet. He perked up his head and read the newspaper. "Really... A murder.." he thought. He grew frustrated hearing about violence. He grabbed a katana hanging off the wall. Then he slid his finger across it. "Still sharp.." he mummbled. Kitsune walked outside. He needed to help stop all this crime. Kitsune leaped on a building and dashed building to building, searching for any odd sights.
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