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Willa Louise Strom

"I may manipulate minds but I am not a control freak."

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a character in “The Malachai: Reborn”, as played by Thundera


”I may manipulate people but I am not a control freak.”

Full name: Willia Louise Strom
Nickname: Willa, Will
Birth date: 14th February 1995
Type: Malachi
Power: Silk speech

Physical appearance: Willa has long dark blonde-brown hair and bright blue eyes that always seem to sparkle and shine when she’s happy or amused. She has heart-shaped face and a toned thin body which she tries to keep in tack because she is a person who worried about her image.
Age: 17
Weight: 109lbs
Height: 5,7
Body build: Thin, slightly toned and athletic
Shape of face: Heart-Shaped
Eye color: Blue
Skin tone: A very pale tan.
Distinguishing marks: She has a birthmark on the back of her ear but you can’t really see it anymore.
Predominant features: She manages to retain a natural blush to her cheeks most of the time and consequently goes tomato red all over if you embarrass her or make her go all shy.
Hair color: Dark Dirty Blonde-Brown
Type of hair: Thick and Long
Hairstyle: Willa’s hairstyle varies as she loves to experiment with it however naturally it falls in cute little waves.
Usual fashion of dress: She dresses in a rock chick fashion but it’s influenced by many other styles such as your typical cutie and your standard casual jeans ect.
Favorite outfit: Her favorite outfit is mostly elaborate breath taking dresses but her favorite casual outfit would probably be her Abercrombie white flouncy vest, her dark skinny jeans and her black leather jacket and boots.
Jewellery or accessories: Willa loves Jewels and is always accompanied by a wrist full of bangles and her fingers are often littered with rings, she isn’t a fan of necklaces though. She also insists on always wearing a little silver anklet with a Greek eye on it as she tends to believe most things based on Ancient Greek religion.

Personality: Willa typically is nice and polite but at first she can come across shallow and self-centered but if you get to know her and she takes a liking to you, she’s really down to Earth and friendly despite her dark and controlling power.
She doesn’t like to take the lead and would rather follow orders and just offer her advice every now and then but if people don’t know her properly but they know of her powers they assume she’s a control freak.
She is quite humorous and has a childish sense of humor to her sometimes but when she’s hyper or out with her friends her humor might be darker and more explicit but then again isn’t everything more grown-up and immature when you’re out with your friends?
Willa however has darker side when she’s upset or angry. Her ‘recovery’ from mentally draining days and events often involve tantrums, sulking and listening to music alone. She has caused some serious trouble though before when she has these ‘break downs’.

Good personality traits:
- She’s chilled and laid back
- She’s a good listener and well mannered
- She’s very funny no matter what audience she is targeting her jokes at
- She’s friendly
Bad personality traits:
- She doesn’t give off a good first impression
- She may take amusement in someone mocking another person but she mostly doesn’t.
- She’s a bit unpredictable

Mood character is most often in: Willa is normally bright and happy but she can be shy and also sad and quite
Sense of humor: Willa is amused by dark and adult jokes but she finds silly kiddy jokes very funny too, but she’s funny for the things she does more than what she says.
Character’s greatest joy in life: Music. She is obsessed.
Character’s greatest fear: She has a fear of drowning because she had a close encounter as a young child.
Enraged when: She hate’s psychical bullying but if it’s a normal fight that both are to blame for she’ll shrug it off and watch it for amusement but if it’s a kid being picked on she tends to stick up for them one way or another.
Depressed or sad when: When someone acts cruelly to her or offends her. She doesn’t like break ups with friends or boyfriends and tends to have her ‘break downs’ over her social life more often than not.
Priorities: Music and protecting and being around her friends.
Greatest strength: She is a very fast runner and has a pretty unique singing voice.
Greatest vulnerability or weakness: She isn’t very good at talking English despite being an English speaker she often has little blonde moments when she can’t say words properly and people laugh. She isn’t very strong either.

History: She’s lived in Pewter all her life and honestly she’d rather live anywhere else. She finds it boring and average and wants to live like every other ambitious kid in the big apple.
She lived a very standard life until she discovered her unique abilities with mind manipulations. She found it out when she silently wished her brother would be polite enough that when he made himself a drink at dinner, he’d make her one too and then without her even opening her mouth her brother gave her his glass of coke and went to make another one. He even brought back the ice trays and glass mats.

She tried it again the next day and then she started trying to make him do other things like hang up her ironing but by Fifteen she realized it was kind of slavery and quit it all together but she has used it when she deemed it necessary, like when someone tried to beat her up at school she made them swing a punch at their stomach instead so she could run. After apparently 'beating up' the school bully as gossips rumoured to of happened she'd gained popularity for a while but she threw it off after a while because the popular life just didn't suit her it just wasn't very her.

She uses her power as little as possible because it makes her feel guilty and just plain she's using people against their will...which technically she is. So she made a silent vow to never use her power apart from inself defence and too this day she has kept that vow. She practices her skills little but she is a master of her trade mostly because of how she was about it before fifteen.

So begins...

Willa Louise Strom's Story


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Willa Louise Strom was less then impressed as she sat in the Principal's office explaining why she hadn't arrived until the end of her first lesson and like normal she was making up some dramatic false excuse.
"Oh, I am sorry sir, My sister's friend's frog died yesterday and we were at the funeral- and yes! It was tragic." She lied amused.
"Miss Strom, Are you lying to me?" The teacher asked. Willa shook her head in an exagerated motion.
"Why on Earth would I lie to you sir?" Willa asked with an innocent tilt to her heart-shaped face.
"Well Miss Strom, How come your sister has already been in my office today?" He asked.
"Because...she has a twin! Willa burst barely holding her laughter. I hope no one else wanted to talk to the principal this could take a while... She thought smiling.
"Ok Miss Strom! I have had enough of you talking abosolute bull to me. You do not have any other siblings other then your younger sister, lying is not appropiate in anway or form and will not be tolerated. IF your caught again you can be guarnteed a detention with me..." Willa narrowed her eyes and stared at him hard for a few seconds.
"Ok...I'll let your enough but it has to stop Miss Strom.." He gave into my powers and now she felt like absolute dung. Why do I do it? Willa asked herself silently a saddened frown controlling her lips. She was dismissed and she walked out the room. She saw a boy waiting to see the Principal and she felt sorry for him because the Principal would be absolute furious when he realized what he'd done considering Willa made a common habit of being late for school now.

Willa glided out the hallway and rooms and sulkily made her way to her second lesson...Art.


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#, as written by Guest
Eddy Kruvik

As Eddy waited, he started contemplating plans on this afternoon. He should start getting into a habit of doing this after the encounter yesterday. He didn't want any intruders watching him control the elements again.

Maybe around 4... he thought. It was right in the middle of school extracirricular activities and the ganga would also be meeting up at that time. No one will really be in the alleyways until five, so he'd have peace.

His thought process was interrupted by the previous one to talk to the principal. She was frowning as she looked at Eddy. They locked eyes for only a second. It was in that moment that a wierd sensation ran through his body. He'd had this sensation before. It was like Deja Vu, only he knew he'd never seen this girl before. His gaze turned away first, checking his watch. She moved on. He had to shake that feeling off. Luckily, the clerk had helped. "The principal would like to see you now," she called out to him. He sighed, then entered the door to the main office, then the door to the principal's office.

As he entered, the principal seemed to be muttering to himself, angrily. Eddy cocked his head slightly, obviously confused. He turned around and started rubbing his chin, a sign that he was thinking. He was puzzled, as if he had no idea what had just gone on. He spun his chair around, noticing Eddy in the room for the first time. Nothing moved. His beady black eyes told him that he was going to take his newly found rage on him.

"Sit!" he commanded. It was like being treated like a dog with these one worded commands. Eddy sat down, slumping his bag to the side. His expression showed no emotion. If even a crease formed on his forehead in this mood, it would only make it worse.

"Oh, Edward Markham've been here one too many times," he grunted, looking at his file. They both knew it contained every single thing he'd done bad. He was the criminal, despite not being in a gang himself. If he was caught, he would be punished and held up as an example. Worse, if he was innocent, he was still punished and held up as an example.

"Back-talking a teacher and her apparel...not turning in homework...not the worst you've done, but I'm tired of seeing you in my office," he snarled, as if he was the lowest form of spittle. Eddy took it wthout pain. He didn't care what the principal thought of him. No one cared what the principal thought of his students.

"Suspension! Three days! When you come back, I don't want to see you in my office anymore," He scribbled out a form as he spoke, then handed it to him. "Got it?"

"Sure thing," Dick head. He'd almost let that word out. Suspension? for backtalking a teacher. Half the school carried guns on them at all times and all they got was a damn warning. But he kept his emotions inside as he got up, taking the form and walking out of the school.

He took the slow walk home, noticing the alleyways filled with teens. A lot of kids skipped school and since the gangs all but owned the town...

He decided to start practicing a bit before he went home to show his mom. She already knew what her reaction would be. She'd made it clear the moment he turned 13. "I don't care what you do, just so long as you don't get a girl pregnant. I don't want to deal with that."

Love you too, mom...

He passed the graveyard, where commotion was going on with the gangs. He didn't want to be involved. He passed on by and went a couple of blocks down, passing through the empty alleyway and following a gravel path that led to a small clearing in the forest.

The place was a mess. There were rocks jetting out everywhere and black scorch marks all over the place: on the trees, in the ground...Eddy didn't care. He started breathing slowly, almost therapeudically, before throwing his first punch and practicing with the elements.


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As she sat on her stool in Art splattering deep purple paint onto a canvas her wrist of braclets jingling and clattering away on her wrist, she found herself thinking about the boy she'd seen coming out the office. She could of sworn she had seen him somewhere or knew him but she couldn't put a name to his face and it annoyed her. She wasn't sure how but she knew him! Or did he look someone she knew? Willa considered this her strokes on the canvas becoming more fine and slim as she changed her paint choice to gold to outline parts of the skirt on her painting.

Willa was drawing and painting an Eastern dancer dressed in a purple skirt and cropped purple silk wrap with a peice of material floating between her hands which very much like Willa's own wrists were littered with jewels. You could only see the woman stomach down but her left wrist hung stretched out in the bottom corner her finger tips vanishing off the edge of the canvas and you couldn't see the other arm at all but the stretched purple fabric floating off into the corner left evidence that the other arm was stretched out like the first. The skirt was floating and twirling giving the impression that the woman was spinning or twirling as she danced.

After nearly ten maybe fifteen minutes Willa moved on to give the painting an even darker purple for a background which was dark enough to be seperated from the dancer's clothes. Willa sighed as boredom took it's toll on her tired battered mind.


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At lunch Willa snuck out like she usually did but she didnt't return at the end of her break. She toured town her blonde hair wind swept, flying in her face whipping against her cheeks.Then wind settled for a few minutes before the next wave came. Willa smiled amused and drowned by her thick long cargo coat which came lower then her skirt- her skirt wa a normal length the coat was just fashionably long and droppcentimeters below her mid-thigh.

You couldn't see her hands they were in her pockets and she trugged around town her black boots kicking up dirt and one of her ear phones dangling abandonded so she could hear the world. Willa walked through alleys, streets and lanes for quiet a while before she spent twenty minutes listening to music perched on a swing in the local park.

When that got boring Willa wasn't sure what else she could do, so she went back to surfing the streets looking for a fiend or just something to do in general.


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#, as written by Guest
Eddy Kruvik

"I think they were here to cause trouble...for me. And Liz. Liz is my friend." the graveyard kid had said, clearing his throat. Eddy turned to find nothing where he pointed. An alert signal went through his body, as if there was truth put behind those words. Eddy began to think about it. Could it really be possible? It might. They were in a graveyard after all. But rumors pointed towards that the kid was a tiny bit mental in the head and had an imaginary friend. Lies always spread faster than the truth and the truth never caught up to a lie. It was a litany that went with his perspective on life. Could this kid talk to the dead.

It sounded absurd, but there was a tiny part of him that said it was true. He was still debating with it when they continued to speak. "She says hi, by the way. Those guys have been coming here more and more often. They like to turn over the gravestones and write on the mausoleum walls....I don't like it, and neither does anyone else here." the kid went on.

"Well, if they come back and I see it happening I’ll make sure they can’t cause you trouble again. Well, I've been fooling around long enough for today." Jason turned to Eddy as he began to speak directly to him.

“It was nice meeting you, and I hope I didn’t offend you at all.” he said with a nod. “I didn’t know if you were more of those ‘Dev’ guys looking for a fight."

"Hey, it's no problem." Eddy said, cracking a grin. Jason turned back to the other kid. "Before I go, can I get your name?.

Interesting question... Eddy thought as he decided he was going to stay after he left to talk to the kid. Maybe there was more than what was let on...and the other girl. Maybe he should talk to her later. Something was going on with these random flashes of nostalgia and he was going to get to the bottom of it.


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#, as written by Guest
Zavid Fawnton

"We have the identity of the five Malachai, sir."

Zavid Fawnton immediately stopped what he was doing, and looked up. The messenger had gotten his attention, a rarity for the young teen. He preferred to multi-task anyway and none of the news that usually came up was any trouble at all. It was something he could deal with later or send others to deal with at the moment.

However, this piece of information was different. It meant everything changed. The destiny he wanted to achieve was now right on his doorstep. And it was all thanks to the revelation of the identities of five unfortunate kids. They would help him achieve what he was meant to.

"...continue." he finally said, still maintaining his composure on the outside, showing no emotion at all.

"Well, as you know, we've know three of them from quite some time now. Kabal de Muerte, the kid from the graveyard, was the first to be discovered. You've known that for years. And then there's Willa Strom. We've witnessed her constantly using her power on the principal, the most recent being today. Indigo Moralin's scrying power isn't hard to miss, either. Rory Lewis was discovered very recently. And finally, yesterday, one of our members spotted the elemental one using his powers in a clearing not far from here. His name is Eddy Kruvik, sir." the messenger was practically out of breath when he finished. The last two sentences were all Zavid needed to hear. He knew the rest.

"Very well. You've done well." he said, almost robotically.

It was the highest praise anyone could get from the man and the messenger knew it. "Th-thank you, sir," he responded.

"And you're sure that none of the other clan know this?"

"Not at all, sir,"

"Good. Send in Jason Krane for me."


"Yes?" Zavid looked up once more, the challenge present in his voice even though it sounded the same. The messenger knew this and instantly corrected himself.

"Sorry, sir."

"Better. Now go and get Jason for me." The messenger went to do as he was told. "I've got a little bit of recruiting to do..."


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Indigo Moralin

Indigo felt cold droplets before the whole bucket of water splashed over her. Of course...It was Mr. Harley. "Girl I've been working out in the yard the whole day, and you've just been here sleeping!" he said with a fumed look. "Make use of yourself and go to the store to us some dinner!" Mr. Harley said while walking away with his dripping bucket. "Sorry." Was all Indigo could mutter in a sleepy state.

Flipping damp heavy blanket off of her, she walked to her dresser leaving a trail of droplets. It took only thirty seconds to fish out a boys outfit that fit the season. But it took five mintutes to dry her long blue hair then put it back up in a hat. Stuffing some extra change into her pocket she walked out the door.

A soothing breeze urged her as she walked through vacant street giving it the look of a gost town. Feeling a little creeped out Indigo started to hum a timid tune. 'You're so stupid this is a perfectly safe city.' She thought to herself. Turning th corner in the distance she could see the park, but it looked even scarier then the streets. Feeling chills down her back she looked for another route to the store, but there was none. Sighing heavily she continued.

After walking past a few stores she came in sight of a girl wear ear buds that seemed VERY familiar.


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Willa Louise Strom
Willa listened to the music thoughtfully her eyes crystal clear as she looked at a dress in a shop. It'd be perfect for next time she had some event pop up and the purple fabric made her smile, there it was again that awesome colour known to all man as Purple She smiled and turned to carry on walking. She was watching her little black boots displace the small flecks of pavement that had grown away with age and this was part of the reason she walked into the familiar looking stranger.

Willa looked up at the girl wide-eyed seeming very surprised and suddenly awake. She was about to apologuise when she looked at the girl's face. Did...did she know her? The girl looked freakishly familiar but Willa couldn't bring up a name. She took a neat step back as she thought then regathering the ear buds that had been tugged from her ears during the brief collision she looked up at the girl for a second time.

"Sorry about that...and don't mind me asking but..urm...Do I know you?" She asked akwardly her blonde brown hair rippling in the soft moaning wind. Willa swore she knew this girl and it was the same Deja Vu she had around the guy this morning coming out the office. Am I hormonal? Willa wondered to herself almost blushing at the thought. She mentally shook her head because she'd been fine otherwise maybe she was just tired or something...or maybe these kids she just knew from around school but didn't know properly...but then again if that was the cause why did it her so hard? Like a slap in the face. She chewed the inside of her cheek a little but not very obviously and waited for the girls reply silently calling herself an idiot.

Then it her. Could they be...special too?

There was more chance of her becoming a billionaire rock star who married Michael Jackson- who's dead so that was impossible anyway...Oh god...I'm crazy! She mentally shouted. She looked at the floor hiding her obvious embarassment wondering why she had to act like such a fool.