Arabella Michaels

"I just like to take one day at a time"

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"Ah my name...its not that special really
Arabella Gemma Michaels

"Please please please I ask you to call me by either of my nicknames and not by my full name"
Bella, Bells, Gemma, or Gem. She loves nicknames and doesn't mind them at all.

"I just turned the perfect age!"
She just turned 21 a week ago

"I work at one of the funest stores, I mean I get to play games and talk to other that are like minded"
Game stop

I can't help who I like, girls just call to me"

Do you work at the mall?
"Didn't I just answer this? Well in case you didn't here me last time, yes I do"

If so, do you like it?
"Yes its like the best job ever!

♥Playing the guitar
♥video games
♥Hanging out with friends
♥Hot chocolate
♥Horror movies
♥The colors green and teal

✘Girly girls
✘Being klutzy
✘Judgemental people
✘The color pink
✘What happened to her twin
✘Her nervous habits-biting her nails or inside of her cheek

Thoughts on the mallrats?
"I actually think they are pretty cool and hope to be friend a couple of them, they don't seem to bad but that is just my opinion


"I am just a bunch of things put into one"
Bella is very much an introvert, she likes to keep to herself foe the most part though sometimes certain kinds of people can break her out of her shell. She loves music and often has her ipod somewhere on her and most of the time has an earbud in one of her ears and listening to music. Most od the time people dont even notice because she could be listening to music but also be carrying out a conversation with someone. She is a very multi-tasked person. She is someone that cares very deeply for her close friends and would do anything for them if asked. SHe does have bad anxiety and can get nervous very easily, anyone can tell when she gets nervous because she either bites her nails or chews the inside of her cheek.

She has a small addiction to tattoos and has many different ones on her body (see the gif above). She loves watching people and can sometimes find herself just day dreaming and watching people as she is working or on break and just sitting on a bench. She is a bit of a klutz and has been known to trip over her feet daily. She can't even count how many times shes been to the hospital because of her klutzyness.

All in all Bella is a pretty likeable girl and once she gets to know you and opens up she becomes a very good friend and is pretty fun to be around.

"Nothing special really..."
Arabella was born to two highly christian parents and was also a twin to her brother Joshua, she was four in a half minutes younger then him. They grew up as close as siblings could be and did almost everything together. She was also very close to her Aunt Elizabeth who lived just a couple streets down from them. As she grew older she found her lve in music and poured her soul into singing and playing the guitar, she even became a part of the youth choir of her church.

When she was around the age of twelve things started to change, especially for her brother. He became more insecure and started to have meltdown where he would lock himself in his room for a few days. Their Aunt Elizabeth was always one that could coax him out of his room and be able to calm him down. This happened every few months and her Aunt tried to get her parents to get professional help for Josh but they kept refusing.

As they got older Josh's breakdowns became more frequent and one day when she was fifteen her whole life had changed. Her brother had another bad breakdown a few days ago and he locked himself in his room and has refused to come out. Hwr mother started to get worried and tried to get Bella to talk to him She did talk to him and finally coaxed him out of the room and got him to take a shower and eat dinner with them. This didn't seem to calm Bella's anxiety though, it was almost too easy for her to get him out. When they all went to bed Bella laid up reading that night, her anxiety was making it so that she was having a hard time sleeping. A little past midnight she heard a thud then a few minutes later she heard a scream. She rushed from her room and found her mother crying outside of her brothers room, Bella went to go inside the room but he father stepped in her way and said "Bella you don't want to go in there. Josh is dead. He hung himself."

Bella's life crumpled before her and she felt something die inside her. A few weeks later after the funeral her parents decided it was best that they moved. So the packed and moved, Bella really didn't have any friends at her old school because she was an introvert so she didn't have to worry about leaving any friends behind. Once they were settled into their new place her parents signed her up at the nearest school. On her first day she was approached by a few people and they became her friends. Though one girl in particular stood out to her the most.

Summer Davis was an amazing girl and soon their friendship became mpre than friendship. She was in love with Summer and Summer was in love with Bella. When her parents found out they were not happy, they thought that homosexuality was a sickness and thought she needed help. SO without her consent she was sent to a place that helped people that were homosexual get better. She was devestated and hated her parents for what they were making her do, she told Summer that she would be back but that she didn't expect Summer to wait for hwr and wouldn't blame her for moving on.

So for the next two years Bella was at the prepatory school for kids that were homosexual and needed help. She never thought she had a problem or was sick. She fought against the cousilors and refused to accept that she was sick. Once she turned eighteen she left the place and went to find Summer. Though when she found Summer she found out the girl moved on. They stayed friends but Bella needed to get a fresh start. So she went to school for music and business for three years. Now that its the summer she decided that to keep busy she would get a job, so she got hired at the gamestop in the Dolphin Mall and she hopes that she could make some new friends.

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