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Callula "Callie" Dubois

Shit happens. So why not just have fun?

0 · 434 views · located in Miami, Florida

a character in “The MallRats”, as played by CuteAsKaylah




Name: Callula Dior Dubis
Nickname:"Callula is honestly a pretty ugly name, even though it means beauty,"
Age: "So I'm young? What of it?"
Store: Mallrat

Do Work At The Mall?: No
If So, Do You Like To?: "Hello, pay attention"
Being a leader
Her friends
Her sister(though she won't admit it)
The color blue "It compliments my eyes,"
Her family's wealth
Messing with her sister
Her headphones

Being told no
Being treated like a child
Being called by her first name
Speaking Spanish
Being the center of attention
Playing the Piano
Limits on her credit card
Being from a big family
Coming from a traditional Latin household
Her sleazeball of a dad

Thoughts on The Workers?: "I don't have a problem with them as long as they stay out of my way and out of my face."

Callie is... complicated. If you ask some people they'll say she's vain, bitchy, and rude. If you ask others they'll say she's confident, protective, and honest. It all depends on one thing, if Callie likes you. If she liked you she's cryptic but honest and she's loyal and protective. She won't let people pick on others because they're older or have more power. She is a bit vain but radiates confidence. She's beautiful but in an exotic and poised way. She's like a rose she's beautiful but fierce and even if you have her for a moment she will quickly move on. Callie doesn't like people getting to close. She likes to keep people at a safe range. However if you come too close, she'll cut you ff completely.

Callie has suffered from a Bulimic disorder for two years. Since her dad is Pomeranian and Latin and her mom is Columbia she has a rather curvy body. She has a lanky body. She is toned and fit but her bust is rather large and makes her disproportional. She hates her chest since it attracts alot of attention. Especially from guys, not that the evil eye from girls isn't hard to deal with too. She prefers sweet funny guys. In her opinion they're much better than stupid shallow jerks who only want to screw her. She's still a virgin and she plans to keep it that way.

History:Callie was the youngest of seven girls born to Claudius and Esmeralda Dubois. Being the baby of the family she usually got whatever she wanted . Her oldest sister Flavia (now 22) was the quite one, Nina(now 21) was the tomboy, Lilly was the rebel(now 20), Sunny was the peppy one(now 19), Octavia was the bad girl(now 18), Maria was the good one(now 17), and Callie.... was Callie. Callie wasn't really into the whole close knit family thing because unlike her sisters she saw the reality of the situation. Everybody blamed their mom when she got pregnant with Lilly and her marriage started to crumble after Callie. But the truth was her dad was a cruel, selfish man, who was extremely possessive over their mom. Callie hated her dad growing up for how he treated her mom. The sisters always said she was the moody one but Callie was just misunderstood.

Callie has always been popular and surrounded by people. At a young age her parents exploited her exotic features and had her do modeling as a little girl. Callie and Sunny didn't resemble the other sisters to much because they had more French genes than the other girls who resembled their mother. Or that's what they told them. In truth Callie and Sunny were the product of an affair their mother had with a French painter. Callie always had a distant look in her eyes, but she wasn't distant at all. People assumed she was upset because of her expression when in actuality she naturally had a dull expression. Girls were desperate to be her friends, for her to like them or even smile at them and boys wanted to see what was behind her icy gaze.Not that she wasn't used to it, the Dubois sisters always attracted attention with their curvy bodies, tanned golden skin, hazel eyes, and thick luscious hair.

Its no surprise that Callie grew up Vain. She was spoiled, always surrounded by people, and beautiful. But she also grew up with alot of insecurities. She had to be polite like Flavia, Athletic like Nina, Artistic like Lilly, Sweet as Sunny, Bold as Octavia, and Smart as Maria. She had so many expectations around her. She always hated expectations, and she resented people who wanted to be around her because she was pretty, or because she was cool, or because she was a Dubois. Callie wants to be her own person. She hates being told what to be, how to look, act or talk. She's just Callie. Take it or leave it.

Theme Song: Lana Del Ray- This is what makes us girls
Her bellybutton is pierced. She has dermals in her back dimples. Her upper cartilageis pierced

So begins...

Callula "Callie" Dubois's Story