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Ellianna James

"I just act like myself and if they don't like me well then they obviously have some sort of problem"

0 · 223 views · located in Miami, Florida

a character in “The MallRats”, as played by Echo_Rose



"God I hate my name"
Ellianna Mari James

"I won't answer to my fullname"
Elli or Anna


"I don't work, Just hangout there for fun"

"I like to keep my options open"


Do you work at a store?
"Seriously didn't I just answer this..jeeze...No I don't"

♥Hanging out with her pals
♥The colors pink, purple, and black
♥Hair dye
♥Girls and boys
♥Smoking pot
♥Skinny jeans

✘Grouchy people
✘Not having caffeine during the day
✘People telling her to calm down
✘Classical music
✘Her parents
✘People talking about her behind her back
✘Being called stupid
✘The color brown

Thoughts on the workers:
"Some of em are alright but I can't stand the ones that think they're all that and their shit don't stink, truly some of them can be stuck up bitches"


"Im a pretty awesomesauce special person"
Well trying to describe Elli is a bit hard, for one thing she is a bit quirky and can be vwry random at times. Sometimes she can be overly hyper then other times she can be completely calm. When she was just a child she was diagnosed with adhd and put on medication but after she became a teen shs refused to take it. She loves skateboarding and has been skating for a few years now, when she isnt hanging around the mall she most likely could be found skating. She has a slight addiction to energy drinks and coffee, and if she doesnt have it during the day she can become a very grouchy person. The only time people really would be able to see Elli calm is after she has smoked a joint but she usually does that at night.

When it comes to friends Elli likes to really friend anyone, someone could be a complete stranger and she would go up to them and just syart having a conversation with them. She loves to be around people and is very much a huggy and touchy person, and that doesn't mean sexual either. She just is a very affectionate person at heart. Now sometimes Elli can get upset easily and sometimes she holds grudges for a few days until someone is able to talk her down from her little mood. If you talk about her behind her back and she finds out that just sets her off comepletely, she would rather have you say it to her face, whatever it might be, then speak about it to someone else and it gets back to her.

Elli is the kind of girl that can be a great friend, make people laugh, and be very random. She is just someone you don't want to piss off.

"Its actually quite boring"
Ellianna was born on a hot july day to two hippy parents. Her parents were still in the stage of honeymoon love and was very happy to have a baby girl to make their life complete. She was raised in a very natural setting and was always around music. She loved both her parents and they pretty much let her do what she wanted. When it came to school though she had a very difficult time paying attention and alwags seemed to get very hyper and often got in trouble i school. Her mother tried natural rememdies to help calm her but it really didn't help. They tolk her to the family doctor and tests were done and they diagnosed her with adhd and sent her home with medication. It seemed to help but she still was a rambunctious child.

As she got older her parents became distanct and seemed to argue more often then not. When she was twelve her parents sat her down and explained that they were no longer in love and that they were seperating. Her father moved out and she was staying to live with her mom and she would see her father on the weekends. When she was around fourteen her mother remarried to a guy that Elli really didnt like and he also had a thirteen year old daughter that would be staying with them. Elli couldn't stand Sasha, the girl was a cheerleader and very much a girly girl and got whatever she wanted from her dad.

Elli soon got into skateboarding and found herself out of the house more then she was in it. At the end of last summer she started hanging out at the mall when she wasn't skateboarding. This summer she decided it would be fun again to mess with the security and meet random people just so that she wouldn't have to deal with her step-loser father and evil step-sister.

Theme Song:

So begins...

Ellianna James's Story